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Sunday, September 23, 2018
Memory FAQs - DRAM, SDRAM, DDR PC133, PC100, PC266 and many more memory categories
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 Memory Installation Support
Q.Installing and Removing Memory Module.
Replacing defective modules and upgrading to new modules

Q. I have just installed memory into my 486 and have a blank monitor or the system refuses to boot. What's wrong?
Q.I just installed 16MB of memory in my 486. I turned on the computer and get a message: Invalid configuration/run setup. How do I fix this error?
Q.My Pentium 100Mhz computer came with EDO memory. I installed two new EDO 60 nanosecond SIMMs and now my screen is blank when I boot the computer. Why?
Q. I want to purchase Fast Page Mode memory for my 486 computer, but the retailer only has EDO and Parity memory. What do I purchase?
Q.What is the difference between EDO memory and Fast Page Mode memory?
Q.Will EDO modules work in my 486DX2-66?
Q.How many modules do I need to upgrade my Pentium?
Q. I installed EDO memory in my Pentium system and am now encountering boot-up problems
Q.I own a Pentium 200MHz computer which has SDRAM memory. I have one memory slot available on the mainboard for upgrading. Do I have to remove the existing module and install in matching pairs to upgrade my memory?
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