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Sunday, September 23, 2018
Memory FAQs - DRAM, SDRAM, DDR PC133, PC100, PC266 and many more memory categories
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 Memory matters
Q.My system more than 512MB RAM. Why does Windows say I'm out of memory?
Q.I recently upgraded my 64MB memory with another strip of 64MB memory. Why did my computer slow down after I installed more RAM?
Q.What is ESD ?
Q.What is CL2 & CL3 ?
Q.Will DDR SDRAM memory work on my current PC system using PC133 memory ?
Q.What is a "Virtual Channel" or VC SDRAM Memory ?
Q.Can my PC-133 memory be backward compatible to my older PC system ?
Q.How can I tell if my PC133 memory is a 6 layer or 4 Layer PCB board ?
Q.What is OEM Memory ?
Q.Can I mix a 128MB PC100 SDRAM DIMM with a 128MB PC133 SDRAM DIMM?
Q.Can you mix and match parity and non-parity modules?
Q.My PC came with 32MB of memory. I added 32MB in the second slot. Can I add 128MB or more in the third slot ?
Q.Will adding more memory improve Web-Browsing ?
Q.What is Registered SDRAM ?
Q.Should I upgrade my PC memory to PC133 or PC100 ?
Q.I have 512MB on my system - why does it prompt "out of memory".
Q.Can my system cache memory be upgraded.
Q.Is DDR faster than SDRAM ?
Q.What is CAS Latency ?
Q.What does it mean when my memory chip is marked 8ns and 7.5 ns ?
Q.Can CAS2 and CAS3 DIMM module be mixed together?
Q.Can I used a PC133 SDRAM on a 200Mhz FSB system ?
Q.What is the difference between Ram and Virtual Memory?
Q.How do I know when its time to upgrade my system memory?
Q.Can I install an ECC DIMM on a Non-ECC motherboard?
Q.Will buffered and unbuffered DIMMs fit into the same socket?

Q.Can a PC1600 DDR DIMM be mixed with a PC2100 DIMM ?
Q.What is the difference between a PC133 vs a VC133 DIMM ?
Q.How do I know if I need parity, non-parity, or ECC memory?
Q.How many speed are there for DDR memory?
Q.What is the difference between SPD and Non-SPD DIMM?
Q.What is the difference between buffered and registered memory?

Q.What is the difference between 3.3V and 5V Memory?
Q.How can I tell if a DIMM has 2 Clock or 4 Clocks ?
Q.What is the difference between SIMMs and DIMMs?
Q.What's the difference between EDO and SDRAM?
Q.My system have both SIMM and DIMM slots, can I used them all?
Q.Norton Diagnostics' memory test fail after I installed more memory, Why ?

Q.What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous memory?
Q.What is the Rambus and SDRAM, are they similar technology ?
Q.Can you mixed ECC and Non-ECC DIMM Module ?
Q.Can I used 30pin SIMM and the 72pin SIMM together?
Q.Can you mixed and match EDO with Fast page mode (FPM)memory?
Q.What is the difference between SDRAM & SGRAM?
Q.What is EEPROM ?
Q.What is the difference between SDRAM & SRAM ?
Q.Can you mixed and match RDRAM with SDRAM?
Q.Can I use PC133 or PC100 SDRAM in my PC that has a 66MHz front side bus?
Q.What is a 2 CLK SDRAM ?
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