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Friday, October 19, 2018
Tester Articles and FAQs - What is a Memory Tester

Memory Tester Topics

What is a memory tester?
What does a memory tester test?
Memory tester vs. memory diagnostic software
Guide to selecting memory testers
Find out more about CST memory testers

Hardware Memory Tester vs. Memory Diagnostic Software

How do we choose what's right for PC service department?

Hardware Memory testers are designed for PC service professional who need to test relatively high volume of modules and not for those who test only one or two modules.

Most reputable Hardware Memory testers are able to detect the most common errors, including assembly short, open and a bad cell on the ram chips. The automatic identification features also provide benefit to memory reseller who must deal with a lot of unknown type and configuration of modules.

Majority of the low end memory tester are relatively easy to use and documentation are always provided - this means that you do not require a specially trained engineer to setup and operate the tester unit though care must be taken that the test parameters are properly setup.

Memory Diagnostic Softwares are stored on a bootable single floppy disk which allows the diagnostic program to test the base memory to the highest memory available in your system.

The main drawback of a diagnostic software is that the PC must function well enough to boot otherwise it will not be able to detect "dead module".

Memory diagnostic software typically have basic test pattern to test and stress your main memory, an error message will usually flag you to pay some attention to replace any defective memory.

One of the key feature of diagnostic software is the "burn-in mode" test feature that will provide extreme exhaustive test coverage, any memory either with "Non-permanent " failure might be detected using this mode.

Memory diagnostic software does not have the capability of most hardware memory tester such as automatic identification feature, open and short test, preheat test etc, therefore software diagnostic are targeted for only PC technicians or hobbyists that builds and upgrade PC system in small numbers.
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