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Friday, October 19, 2018
Memory Trends
Where Are We Now?

Base on the stage of the present PC down market, we have to ask the question: "Where are we now? " The answer is that the PC industry is in a major state of transition. We are at the end of the ‘Internet Boom’. During this year, we saw the Dot Com crash, coincidentally with the general economic slowdown. Many of the failure were built on false market assumptions. Does this indicate the end of an era for the PC Industry? We do not think so because we have many powerful assets to build forward.

Article Article Summary
DRAM MEMORY TRENDS 2002 5/06/02-The landscape of the memory industry has changed a what's going on for 2002.....
DDR333 - Migration to the Mainstream 2/25/02-The market has recently seen a trickle of early DDR333 platforms appear on the scene. Although the performance of these platforms has varied, there appears to be a groundswell of enthusiasm building for the new PC2700 memory standard. While we were initially uncertain how VIA’s DDR333 implementation would perform, we have been pleasantly surprised by its performance profile in several key tests.
VIA P4M266 - Mainstream Commercial P4 Platform 11/29/01-Even after the launch of Intel’s 845, the market is still searching for new platforms that precisely meet the range of price and performance demanded by this important segment. SMA has proven to be an attractive solution because of its balanced cost and performance profile for 2D business applications. Though UMA systems deliver 3D performance that gamers would describe as ‘barely tolerable’, this is precisely the functional balance sought by IT departments. VIA''s latest P4M266 has the required performance 6 months ahead of Intel. Bert McComas, the industry analyst, done a benchmark comparison. The results might surprise you.
Expanding Markets For The PC Platform 9/17/01-We will see new growth that expands upon the same foundation we have established. The focus will be on the center of the market where volume potential is highest. However, we should expect a slow and steady recovery. Not a replay of the past, or a return to the days of the Internet Boom.
The P4 Goes Mainstream with DDR 8/21/01-VIA’s new P4X266 chipset successfully leverages its popular north bridge design used for Athlon and P3 processors. With a familiar feature set and upgraded memory controller, the P4X266 should deliver the right price performance mix to allow the Pentium 4 to move into higher volume market segments.
DRAM Memories, the Soft Market in 2001 4/17/01-The traditional landscape of the memory market has shifted from being PC centric to cover broader areas. The new generation of telecom switches and routers were expected to take up a large number of memories. Net appliance will be a major consumer of memory.
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