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Monday, January 23, 2017
Industry News
Facial Recognition to replace Touch ID ? 1/23/2017
Though it is still uncertain whether the new iPhone releases will have enhanced Touch ID capabilities, facial recognition, or a possible combination, the move aims to enhance security for Apple users.
Samsung released finding report on Note 7 batteries 1/23/2017
The main cause of the incident was deflections in the negative electrode in the first batch of batteries, while melted copper was found in the second batch, due to a short circuit that occurred during welding.
Training semiconductor engineers more difficult than it looks 1/23/2017
Tool matching, fault detection and in-line SPC are all different. And every time you experience an event, that can be propagated across more material, so the damage can be greater.
$30 Billion to build Nanjing memory fab. 1/23/2017
China is trying to reduce its annual $235 billion bill for ICs. The government has put up a $160 billion fund to help achieve that.
Apple to delay new iPad 1/20/2017
three iOS powered tablets rumored to arrive in the second quarter this year, might not show up until the second half of the year. In fact, the trio of tablets might not even be unveiled until the second half of 2017. It appears that Apple is still mulling over its plans.
China's Yangtze River Storage Technology announce intension to produce 3D NAND 1/20/2017
Yangtze River Storage and Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing (XMC), disclosed Yangtze River Storage is engaged in the development of 32-layer 3D NAND flash chips and expects to narrow its technological gap with international memory vendors in 2019.
ITC to investigate complaint on 17 chip infringements 1/20/2017
ZiiLabs Inc charged that several firms were importing products to the United States in violation of its patents on graphics processors and DDR memory controllers.
China see the the importance of memory industry 1/20/2017
On one front, three multinational companies—Intel, Samsung and SK Hynix—are expanding their memory production in fabs within China. On a second front, China hopes to get its own domestic memory sector off the ground, and for good reason.
Foxconn to build new plant in Shenzhen 1/19/2017
"Foxconn aims to better help Apple create prototypes of new products in this new campus,"
Morgan Stanley predicts lower iPhone sales 1/19/2017
"We lower iPhone revenue estimates in fiscal 2017 by 3% to reflect weak demand ahead of the supercycle," Huberty writes.
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