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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Industry News
Micron to expand Taiwan fab. 4/25/2018
The new hires are part of the US memorychip maker’s ongoing efforts to build its local operation into one of its most advanced DRAM manufacturing and 3D memorychip packaging and testing sites in the world.
SK Hynix warns on mobile chip prospect 4/25/2018
Increasing signs of a maturing global smartphone market have fueled expectations that last year’s boom in chip demand is moderating and so will earnings growth.
Regardless of heavy investment, Chinese IC companies still way behind in valuations 4/25/2018
Chinese chip makers are no match for their US counterparts at least in the stock market, even as the nation’s state media are fully charged to hype up the needs to develop its home-grown semiconductor industry.
IoT is now taking most of the 8" wafer capacity 4/25/2018
Global tech giants and telecom operators are joining IoT application markets, and governments in many countries are injecting substantial resources into IoT infrastructure construction, showing explosive demand for IoT-related chipset solutions.
China's integrated circuit industry grew 21 percent per year 4/24/2018
Growth is five times the global growth rate, bringing the country closer to becoming a first-tier vendor, especially in chip design.
Scientist claim successful integration of optical circuitry with microprocessor 4/24/2018
We have different silicon electronic technologies, and if we can just add photonics to them, it'd be a great capability for future communications and computing chips.
Toshiba sales runs into road block with Chinese regulators might change its course 4/24/2018
Toshiba Corp has decided it will cancel the planned $18.6 billion sale of its memory chip unit if it does not get approval from China’s anti-monopoly regulator by May.
Toyota laid out plans to add V2V communications in its cars 4/24/2018
Toyota laid out plans to start putting short-range communications chips in U.S. vehicles in the next three years, staking out its position in a battle to make cars safer by getting them to “talk” with one another.
Samsung expands production in Vietnam 4/23/2018
Samsung is the largest foreign investor in Vietnam and accounts for around a quarter of the country’s total export revenue.
Nexperia, now a Chinese company, managed to raise $800 million 4/23/2018
Nexperia’s two main shareholders are the Chinese investment funds JAC Capital and Wise Road Capital.
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