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Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Industry News
ARM signed JV with China 5/24/2017
China's HOPU-ARM Innovation Fund signed a memorandum of cooperation in Beijing with ARM aiming to set up a joint venture in Shenzhen and develop it into an important Chinese holding integrated circuit core intellectual property development and service platform.
Powertech's backend acquisitions in Japan 5/24/2017
gPowertechfs planned investment could help the Taiwanese firm expand its production base to Japan and grow its position there,h commission Executive Secretary Emile Chang (’£–Á•k) said by telephone.
China bets on FD-SOI process 5/24/2017
Globalfoundries and the municipality of Chengdu unveiled a plan to pump $100 million into a project to “spur innovation in China’s semiconductor industry” around FD-SOI.
MacBooks shipment rebounced 5/23/2017
Apple's notebook shipments totaled an estimated 3.4 million units in the first quarter of the 2017 calendar year, representing a year-on-year increase of 15.4 percent.
Samsung to go on technology buying spree 5/23/2017
The company says it wants to buy companies which have the technology to make Samsung’s existing product line more attractive.
Taiwan IC quarterly production to reach $19 billon 5/23/2017
The IEK said the output growth momentum for the IC industry would likely see a substantial recovery next quarter at the earliest, with production value reaching NT$696.3 billion, up 21.3 percent quarter-on-quarter and 5.6 percent year-over-year.
Applied Material announce 45% y-o-y profit growth 5/23/2017
“Applied Materials delivered the highest quarterly revenue and earnings in our history, and we’ve now set new earnings records for four quarters in a row”.
3DXPoint DIMM to replace DRAM and boost system memory 5/22/2017
Intel views current DRAM solutions as being too small, too expensive, and not stable enough to maintain its position as the top memory solution. That is where 3D XPoint could come into play. The promise of 3D XPoint DIMMs is that they'd offer more storage at a lower cost.
Chips for bike-share IoT heats up 5/22/2017
MediaTek has managed to ship its MT2503 IoT chips to the supply chain of China-based smart bike sharing firm Bluegogo, indicated the sources. The MT2503 is based around a highly integrated, ultra-small system in package (SiP) design that contains Bluetooth 3.0, multiple GNSS systems and integrated 2G modem.
Qualcomm tested rapid wireliess charging for electric cars 5/22/2017
The smartphone chipmaker said a so-called "dynamic charging" test took place on a test track in Versailles, France. It used two Renault Kangoo vehicles driving over embedded pads in the road that transferred a charge to the cars' batteries at up to 20 kilowatts at highway speeds.
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