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Friday, September 21, 2018
Industry News
Police crack down on bitcon trading operation 8/22/2018
BitConnect’s dubious multi-level marketing practices in a statement recorded by the Times of India. “They lured investors with 60% monthly interest, and incentives in the form of ‘referral interest,'” Bhatia reportedly said.
Mobile DRAM revenues hit record again 8/21/2018
Smartphone unit production increased nearly 3% sequentially. Besides, 6GB has become the mainstream storage spec for high-end smartphones, while there are more models featuring 8GB of RAM. Meanwhile, the global supply of mobile DRAM chips remained tight driving up the memory contract prices in the second quarter.
China to become a serious competitor in 3D Flash 8/21/2018
YMTC, has another approach. The company processes the circuitry on one wafer and the NAND structure on another wafer. Then, the two wafers are bonded and connected electrically using millions of metal vertical interconnect access structures. YMTC’s approach, dubbed Xtacking, reduces the manufacturing cycle time by 20% and allows for higher bit density.
T-Mobile getting rid of robotic voice customer service lines 8/21/2018
" It will stop customers from being endlessly transferred among agents, the company said. Instead, customers will work with a specific "team of experts."
Where can the U.S. stock market go next? 8/21/2018
Allocations to U.S. stocks jumped 10 percentage points this month to a net 19% overweight, the highest since January 2015. That makes America the most popular equity region for the first time in five years.
Streaming TV services grown a remarkable 58% 8/20/2018
comScore estimates these live TV services will continue to grow in the months ahead, and even forecast that newcomers like Hulu Live and YouTube TV to well exceed a million users each sometime this year.
Keysight introduced solder-in probe head for high-end oscilloscopes 8/20/2018
“Existing oscilloscope probe head solutions available today are even larger than the devices being tested in some cases. This makes signal probing access a continual challenge for modern electronic technologies,”
Oversupply drove down NAND prices 8/20/2018
Average NAND flash contract prices fell between 15% and 20% sequentially in the second quarter, but bit shipments bounced back thanks to a pick-up in demand for high-density products from China-based smartphone vendors.
SK Telecom turns to Xilinx FPGA for AI accelerator 8/20/2018
SKT is using Xilinx's Kintex UltraScale FPGAs to run its automatic speech-recognition (ASR) application to accelerate NUGU, its voice-activated assistant. According to SKT, it has been able to achieve up to five times higher performance in ASR applications when compared to GPUs
Purdue scientists combines transistor and laser on new FET 8/17/2018
The Purdue transistor and laser combination features a large on-current and a low off-current with a small subthreshold swing, which allows for increased speed and energy savings.
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