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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Industry News
JEDEC to set Wide Bandgap standard 9/13/2017
JC-70 Wide Bandgap Power Electronic Conversion Semiconductors committee will focus on GaN and SiC device reliability, qualification, characterisation and testing methods
Bidding gets interesting when Bain/Hynix group offer $22.3 billion 9/12/2017
The offer by the consortium, which is led by the U.S. private equity group and the South Korean chipmaker as well as Japanese state-backed investors, was much higher than an initial offer.
AT&T throws-in free HBO to its top tier wireless customers 9/12/2017
ATT launched a free-HBO offer to subscribers on the AT&T Unlimited Plus wireless plan, its most expensive tier. Now it will include HBO for current and new customers on its speed-limited AT&T Unlimited Choice plan starting Friday, Sept. 15.
G.Skill offers 16GB DDR4-4600MHz memory kit 9/12/2017
To achieve the high frequency, G.Skill turned to hand-selected Samsung B-die IC components getting only the best performing memory chips with this kit.
Samsung foundry now offers 11nm process 9/12/2017
The 11-nanometre Low Power Plus, or 11LPP, was achieved from further scaling from the earlier generation 14-nanometre process. It offers 15 percent more performance and is 10 percent smaller, while power consumption is the same.
Production glitches may lead to iPhone supply shortfalls 9/11/2017
The iPhone, which will be unveiled on September 12 at an Apple event, experienced issues that pushed back the manufacturing process by about a month, said the report, citing people familiar with the matter.
Movandi offers RFIC design for 5G networks 9/11/2017
Its RFIC, phased array antenna and beamforming techniques will enable the next generation of 5G and multi-gigabit connectivity.
Micron to spend $2 billion a year for multiple years on Taiwan fab. 9/11/2017
Through the investment, the US memorychip maker plans to upgrade its DRAM chip manufacturing to next-generation processes and build its first 3D DRAM chip packaging operation in Taiwan over next three to five years.
Apple and Softbank back new Foxconn bid on Toshiba 9/11/2017
“We are offering something that I don’t think anyone can refuse,"
Huawei now sells more smartphones worldwide than Apple 9/8/2017
Huawei is still not a hugely popular brand in the US, but sales in China, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East helped propel it into second spot behind Samsung in July.
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