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Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Industry News
In spite of failed Broadcom/Qualcomm merger, more semi M&A are coming 3/16/2018
If Broadcom bought Qualcomm the combined company could have held a 59 percent share in Wi-Fi, 46 percent in Bluetooth, 67 percent in location chips and 41 percent in RF, he estimated. Such dominance is “unheard of…[and] an unhealthy practice.
Globalfoundries now delivers 90nm silicon photonics on 300mm wafer 3/16/2018
Globalfoundries (GF) says it has qualified the first 90nm manufacturing process using 300mm wafers. The foundry has also revealed plans to move to 45nm in order to deliver higher bandwidth and better energy efficiency.
As prices drop, more Notebook incorporated SSD 3/15/2018
Solid-state drives (SSDs) will be featured in more than half of notebook PCs produced by OEMs for the first time this year as the result of falling prices
Samsung to expand NAND fab in China 3/15/2018
The South Korean tech giant plans to start the construction to expand the facilities in Xian later this month, with Kim Ki-nam, the head of Samsung's crucial chip business, participating in the groundbreaking ceremony with Chinese provincial officials.
European Union seeking compromise on Trump tarriff 3/15/2018
EU Council President Donald Tusk put it succinctly in a Twitter message: "Make trade, not war, Mr President" and added that "Instead of trade war, we should go back to EU-US trade talks now."
U.S. wholesale prices rose 0.2 percent in February 3/15/2018
The Labor Department said Wednesday that the February increase in its producer price index was half January's 0.4 percent gain. Producer prices, which show inflation before it reaches consumers, have risen 2.8 percent over the past year.
Intel now has interest in acquiring Broadcom 3/14/2018
Intel has been working with advisors since late last year to formulate an acquisition strategy to offset Broadcom's bid, which if ultimately successful would further redraw a semiconductor industry landscape already undergoing drastic changes.
Reliability is life-and-death on autonomus driving chips 3/14/2018
The landscape is rapidly changing. Traditionally, semiconductor companies designed chips for automotive electronics using older, mature technology nodes. But with the rapid rate of innovation and consumer demands, automakers are leaning to semiconductor companies that specialize in consumer electronics to accelerate innovation in this industry.
Littace outsed CEO Billerbaeck 3/14/2018
The company largely missed out on the broad run-up in tech stocks since the Great Recession. Lattice's share price rose 32 percent during Billerbeck's tenure; during the same period, an index of 30 other chip stocks (not including Lattice) rose nearly 240 percent.
Fab equipment spending to rise 5% in 2019 3/14/2018
The report said China is expected to be the main driver of fab equipment spending growth in 2018 and 2019, increasing yearly spending by 57% in 2018 and 60% in 2019 to support fab projects from both multinationals and domestic companies.
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