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Friday, December 15, 2017
Industry News
Fund manager holds out looking for Qualcomm to pay $135/NXP share 12/13/2017
Elliott Management, a $34 billion hedge fund that owns about 6 percent of NXP, argued on Monday that NXP was worth $135 a share on its own ó far more than the $110 a share that Qualcomm has offered for the company.
Toshiba reached settlement with Western Digital 12/13/2017
As part of the agreement, Western Digital will also be able to invest in a Japanese chip plant and will receive a supply of next-generation memory chips.
NAND flash to reach supply/demand balance by Q1 12/12/2017
Thanks to increased production and the seasonal downturn, DRAMeXchange estimates that overall demand will fall by 15 percent in Q1 2018 compared to Q4 2017. The one caveat is that demand in the server market is expected to remain relatively flat.
Apple Watch 3 drove packaging to new height 12/12/2017
The ASE group is responsible for packaging and testing radio frequency, Wi-Fi and MEMS chips for iPhone and Apple Watch devices, and is expected to score record quarterly revenues in the fourth quarter of 2017, the sources said.
Micron suit UMC for leaking DRAM technology to China 12/12/2017
The sources said Micron has filed a lawsuit with a federal court in the North California District accusing UMC and JHICC of copying its DRAM trade secrets, marking the first time for Micron to extend its legal battle across the Taiwan Straits in safeguarding its DRAM IPs.
Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, talked architecture at IEDM 12/12/2017
Su began her address by saying that it was an honor for her to be speaking at the conference 25 years after receiving an award for best student paper at IEDM in 1992 at the age of 22.
Samsung spending $26 billion to dominate the memory market 12/11/2017
Each of Samsung's top competitors now faces a difficult choice. Either they up their capital budgets to provide enough supply to maintain their market share, or give up trying to compete.
Nvidia offers graphic card for AI on desktop 12/11/2017
The Titan V promises increased performance over its predecessor, the Pascal-based Titan X, while maintaining the same power requirements. The Titan V sports 110 teraflops of raw computing capability, which is 9X that of its predecessor.
Toshiba reached agreement to settle dispute with WD 12/11/2017
The settlement under discussion calls for Western Digital to drop arbitration claims seeking to stop the sale in exchange for allowing it to invest in a new production line for advanced flash memory chips that is slated to start next year
MediaTek and Qualcomm to embrace entry level Android Go 12/11/2017
Android Go is a version of the Android Oreo operating system thatís designed to run on smartphones with either 512MB or 1GB of RAM. By comparison, flagship handsets on the market today use as much as 6GB of RAM.
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