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Thursday, April 26, 2018
Industry News
Samsung's folding tablet technology can be a challenge to Apple 4/18/2018
There’s clearly a race amongst Android manufacturers - and Apple - to be the first to launch the next generation of smartphones. Samsung might not be the first, but it could easily be the best.
Foxconn said it will slow down M&A to focus on quality China manufacturing 4/18/2018
Foxconn said it will scale back from mergers and acquisitions and expend more energy in developing smart manufacturing opportunities in China once it completes the purchase of a domestic semiconductor and display facility builder.
China-based handset brands have ramped up Android chip orders 4/18/2018
MediaTek claimed that the issue of high inventory levels that had been plaguing the handset supply chain in China previously has been resolved.
IC sales ban to ZTE to hurt some U.S. vendors 4/18/2018
“If you look at ZTE it sells around 45 million smartphones per year globally, and almost half of them have Qualcomm chips,”
iPhone's peak sales in China might not returen any time soon 4/17/2018
"It's doubtful China returns to its 2015 peak as local brands have caught up and upgrade cycles are lengthening," analyst Steven Milunovich wrote in a note to clients Monday.
Commerce Department bans US companies from selling components to ZTE 4/17/2018
The ban lasts for seven years and comes into effect after ZTE allegedly violated the terms of a 2017 settlement.
ARM denies involvement on potential Qualcomm bid 4/17/2018
Arm said in a statement provided to CNET that CNBC's report was inaccurate. "There have been no discussions between Arm and Paul Jacobs on any potential acquisition of Qualcomm," Arm said.
IC manufacturers are racing to reach the next generation process 4/17/2018
Samsung, lagging behind TSMC by around one year in 7nm node, is fully gearing up to shorten the lead time for 7nm volume production and expand purchases of advanced equipment and materials.
Apple: No more reliance on Intel chips 4/16/2018
Media sources reported that technology giant Apple is planning to replace Intel Corp. processors in its Macs with its own chips starting in 2020.
China delays Qualcomm's bid for NXP 4/16/2018
It is understood that the turbulent trade relationship between the United States and China have been prolonging the Chinese regulatory reviews over the two negotiations.
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