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Friday, December 15, 2017
Industry News
Fujitsu has a small solar powered sensor with wide network wireless transmissions 12/6/2017
Fujitsu says it is the world’s smallest sensor device supporting LPWA that does not need replacement batteries. Temperature and humidity data collected by the sensor can be transmitted to a Sigfox base station over a distance of about 7 km.
Broadcom norminates 11 to the Qualcomm Board election 12/6/2017
Broadcom Ltd (AVGO.O) made its first formal move toward a hostile bid to take over Qualcomm Inc (QCOM.O) on Monday, laying out a slate of 11 nominees it wants to put on the board of the U.S. semiconductor firm.
Analysts dispute concern about Samsung and the memory industry 12/5/2017
"Excessive concerns over the cycle of memory chips in the semiconductor industry were affecting the stock price," Goldman Sachs analyst Daiki Takayama said in the report this week. "We see the current price as an attractive opportunity to buy shares. We found no factors attributing a change in our positive recommendation on Samsung Electronics."
DRAM prices up 85% on short supply 12/5/2017
Prices of the semiconductors in a wide range of digital devices have been on the rise steadily since late 2016. DRAM prices stood at US$3.59 as of end November from just $1.94 at the end of last year.
4DS collaborates with IMEC to develope fast ReRAM 12/5/2017
4DS Memory Limited announced in June it had successfully tuned its Interface Switching ReRAM cell architecture to storage class memory with read speeds comparable to DRAM without needing speed-limiting error correction.
Apple may be getting into semiconductors in an even bigger way 12/5/2017
Apple, which has designed the brains for its iPhones and iPads for years, has made moves to make even more of its components on its own.
Broadcom delays follow-up bid for Qualcomm 12/1/2017
Broadcom doesn’t anticipate increasing its $70-a-share offer until closer to Qualcomm’s board meeting in March. Broadcom plans to nominate directors to Qualcomm’s board ahead of a Dec. 8 deadline.
Qualcomm filed new infringement complaints against Apple 12/1/2017
Qualcomm said there were 16 more of its patents that Apple was using in its iPhones.
New material discovered can lead to better memories 12/1/2017
Devices tend to store that information in two ways: through electric fields, like a flash drive, or through magnetic fields, like a computer’s spinning hard disk. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Can you cross-couple these two different ways to store information? Could we use an electric field to change the magnetic properties? Then you can have a low-power, multifunctional device.
Yaskawa to invest in high-voltage gallium nitride developer 12/1/2017
The company announced in September that Yaskawa is using Transform's 650V GaN chips in its Ó-7 F servo motor, the first servo motor to make use of high-voltage GaN technology.
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