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Sunday, October 22, 2017
Industry News
Pure foundry demand in China 10/9/2017
In total, pure-play foundry sales in China are expected to jump by 16% this year to about $7.0 billion, more than double the rate of increase for the total pure-play foundry market.
It's the Foxconn train 10/6/2017
The fact that some landowners those aren't happy with the fact, hopes Foxconn will make sure that they get a fair deal for this.
MEMS to replace transistors in computer 10/6/2017
“Electromechanical systems offer a major advantage over existing technology in that they are leakage free; unlike electrical transistors, they only consume power when switched. They also require fewer gates per computing function, resulting in lower complexity, and they can be fabricated with higher integration densities."
China to take lead in Industrial robot development 10/6/2017
ABI Research projects sales of more than half a million industrial robots a year by 2020, up from about 360,000 last year. China will drive up the growth curve so sales break a million units a year in 2025
GM to build more affordable, long-range electric cars 10/6/2017
The giant automaker said that the first two vehicles will be “based off learnings from the Chevrolet Bolt EV.” The others will include coupes, sedans, crossovers, and SUVs. GM told Design News that it would also not rule out the possibility of a pickup truck.
Flash market to rebalance next year 10/5/2017
DRAMeXchange predicts that NAND flash bit growth will be about 43 percent in 2018, while bit demand growth is projected to be about 38 percent.
Silego Technology announced configurable mixed-signal ICs 10/5/2017
Programmability has been around for some time. But Silego theorized that if it could make its platform software-programmable so that it would be cost-effective enough to sell into the high-volume consumer space, other markets would open up as well.
Solar energy more promising than ever 10/5/2017
The rise was due to a boom in photovoltaic panel installations, particularly in China, thanks to a drop in costs and greater support from governments.
Manufacturing Index highest in 13 years 10/5/2017
Economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in September, and the overall economy grew for the 100th consecutive month.
"nuclear fallout" on Western Digital shares 10/4/2017
WD shares are down 3.8% today to $83.13 a share after Baird analyst Tristan Gerra downgraded the stock to a Neutral from an Outperform and slashed its target price from $120 a share to $93 a share, describing what he called the “nuclear fallout potential” on Western Digital
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