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Sunday, August 19, 2018
Industry News
Toshiba Electronics Europe offers new three-phase brushless fan motor controller IC 8/3/2018
Switching from an 8-pole to 12-pole rotor achieves higher drive efficiency and reduces system noise. However, rotation control for an 8-pole rotor can also be implemented, thereby shortening the development cycle.
Tesla readying its own AI chip for autonomus driving 8/3/2018
The Tesla computer, otherwise known as “Hardware 3,” it’s a Tesla-built piece of hardware meant to be swapped into the Model S, X and 3 to do all the number crunching required to advance those cars’ self-driving capabilities.
Advance sensors are the key to IoT applications 8/3/2018
3D sensing technology can be well applied to various fields. 3D sensors are now mainly used for facial recognition, replacing touch ID for smartphone unlocking and mobile payment. Besides smartphones, long-range outdoor cameras, short-range VR (virtual reality) glasses, and low-luminance face recognition inside cars.
NAND market see oversupply 8/3/2018
Average selling price of NAND flash is expected to decline by 10 percent in the third quarter and another 10 percent in the fourth quarter.
Allegro MicroSystems signed long term foundry contract with UMC 8/2/2018
The agreement covers technical collaboration and establishes capacity at UMC for Allegro’s proprietary automotive-grade technologies, supporting the strong long-term growth of Allegro.
Samsung donates US$44.7 million to the Korea Smart Factory Foundation 8/2/2018
Samsung said it wishes to support local companies' efforts to improve their production capabilities and safety environment, regardless of their partnership with the world's largest producer of semiconductors and smartphones.
Sign of manufacturing growth slowing 8/2/2018
Manufacturing expanded in July as the PMI registered 58.1 percent, a decrease of 2.1 percentage points from the June reading of 60.2 percent. This indicates strong growth in manufacturing for the 23rd consecutive month, led by continued expansion in new orders, production and employment.
Fed left interest alone for now 8/2/2018
The Fed has already raised rates two times this year in March and June. It signaled at the June meeting that it expected to raise two more times in 2018. Many analysts believe those hikes will occur in September and December.
A new method of 3D printing battery electrodes 8/1/2018
In normal batteries, 30-50% of the total electrode volume is unutilised. The new method overcomes this issue by using 3D printing where we create a microlattice electrode architecture that allows the efficient transport of lithium through the entire electrode, which also increases the battery charging rates.
Demand for Android chip slows down 8/1/2018
Foundry houses are experiencing a slowdown in orders from Android smartphone chipmakers, who will observe sales performance of new iPhones for a while before launching new smartphone chipset solutions, according to industry sources.
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