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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Industry News
Commerce Department ready to tackle China Trade imbalance 9/29/2017
U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said he made it clear to Chinese officials that "we do need major change" in the U.S-China trade relationship, which he said "is too lopsided."
DRAM manufacturers slow to migrate to EUV 9/29/2017
The industry was previously anticipated to transition to EUV litho technology beyond 20nm, but the high cost of EUV litho tools has discouraged Samsung and other DRAM chipmakers from pursuing the technology for their 1xnm manufacturing lines.
Toshiba/Bain deal signed with WD not giving in 9/29/2017
Western Digital has repeatedly opposed the sale of the NAND flash-memory SanDisk joint venture, stressing it will continue with legal action. Toshiba reiterated in a statement that it will go ahead with the deal, despite any litigation.
Micron announced trim back in the midst of record profit 9/28/2017
The decision to eliminate jobs in Boise is based on a long-term strategic plan, necessary to maintain competitiveness in the market.
TrendForce predicts NAND supply to regain balance next year 9/28/2017
During 2017, NAND Flash demand continues to expand because of the increase in average memory content of smartphones and the strong server market. At the same time, the growth in NAND Flash supply has been constrained by the pace of the major suppliers’ respective technology migrations.
Micron forecast above analysts 9/28/2017
Micron said on Tuesday that average selling prices of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips, used in PCs and servers, jumped 8 percent in the fourth quarter.
For SK Hynix to invest $3.5 billion in Toshiba fab 9/28/2017
SK Hynix is part of a group led by Bain Capital Private Equity that includes several Japanese and U.S. companies.
Winbond share prices dropped on announcement to build new plant 9/27/2017
The worldfs No. 3 NOR flash memorychip supplier said it plans to start construction on an advanced 12-inch chip factory in Kaohsiung in July next year at the earliest.
Qualcomm extends its tender offer to buy NXP 9/27/2017
Qualcomm extended its tender offer for all outstanding shares of NXP Semiconductors as it continues to work toward obtaining regulatory approval of the $38 billion deal.
Cree has new CEO and is a familiar face 9/27/2017
Lowe joins Cree having previously served as the CEO of Freescale Semiconductor, a company in Austin, Texas, that makes semiconductors and employs around 17,000 employees. Before that Lowe worked for nearly 30 years at Texas Instruments.
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