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Monday, August 21, 2017
Industry News
CMOS image sensor shipment continue to grow 8/2/2017
CIS have risen on smartphone specs upgrades, such as more models coming with dual-lens cameras, autofocus functionality and high pixel density.
Lattice sells R&D Division to Invecas, a U.S. based company 8/2/2017
The transaction will include the transfer of approximately 150 research and development staff, labs and other assets from Lattice’s operations in the U.S. or Hyderabad, India as well as in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China.
Nanya to spend $1.85 billion on memory production expansion 8/2/2017
Nanya Technology said it would invest T$55.7 billion ($1.85 billion) in building new headquarters, a fabrication plant and purchasing equipment, adding the plan would help its move to 20-nanometer process technology.
Xiaomi Obtained $1 billion loan 7/31/2017
18 banks across Europe, the Middle East, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other parts of China have contributed to raise the money. "Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley served as joint global coordinator.
Motorola to integrate AI with police cameras 7/31/2017
The partnership will see Neurala integrate its AI capabilities with Motorola's software and cameras, including its Si500 body-worn camera, to create intelligent cameras that can learn “at the edge” and automatically search for persons or objects of interest.
Samsung officially taken the crown from Intel 7/31/2017
The rise is the result of the South Korean tech giant's successful developed next-generation technologies for dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) chips and NAND flash memory.
Innovation Network Corp. of Japan upgraded their offer for Toshiba Chip Business 7/31/2017
The consortium’s final bid appears to include a response to the legal wrangling with Western Digital
3D QLC NAND can be a memory game changer 7/28/2017
QLC flash works with existing 3D technology, essentially doubling the available storage. Western Digital and Toshiba have already announced their QLC BiCS flash-memory chips.
Great business with ST time-of-flight sensor 7/28/2017
ToF sensor technology is used in proximity and ranging sensors for smartphones. ST’s cumulative shipments for its FlightSense ToF technology have reached 300 million, and they are already in more than 80 smartphone models from 15 OEMs.
City of Shanghai set aside $7.4 billion to invest in chip industry 7/28/2017
The fund will provide CNY30 billion to support the development of the local manufacturing sector, CNY10 billion to help local fabless firms expand via acquisitions, and another CNY10 billion to foster the development of the local equipment and materials sector.
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