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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Industry News
MEMS sensors surge 9/27/2017
With smartphones requiring more MEMS sensors to enable innovative features, and self-driving cars relying on MEMS sensors such as LiDAR, MEMS sensor demand for smartphones and car electronics has been growing robustly.
French company Upmem wants to put processing units inside the DRAM 9/26/2017
Upmem combines main memory with thousands of DRAM processing units, which sit directly next to data. The specialized silicon is linked to a traditional processor, which runs an operating system and offloads tasks to the battalion of DPUs. The result is 20 times better performance without using any additional power
Samsung tape-out eMRAM test chip on FD-SOI process 9/26/2017
Samsung said that this eMRAM testchip tape-out milestone on the 28FDS process technology meant that it was well placed to offer RF and eMRAM on 28FDS and 18FDS technologies.
Nanya Technology cash in some Micron holdings 9/26/2017
In a filing with the TSE on September 15, Nanya said it sold about 1.1 million shares of Micron for about US$38.15 million. Nanya expects to recognize a gain of about US$19.09 million from the sale.
TSMC's Chang vowed to remain in Taiwan 9/26/2017
Chang said that China offers a huge market and opportunity, but added that being part of China¡¯s supply chain does not mean that most of TSMC¡¯s production will move to China.
IQE plc to build compound semiconductor foundry in Newport, South Wales 9/25/2017
LDC Ffowndri in Welsh – will be located at Newport and owned by the 10 local councils in the region. The space will initially be leased to wafer producer IQE for compound semiconductor manufacturing and applications development.
China,s Canyon Bridge to bid for Immigination 9/25/2017
The offered price of 182p per share has hardly moved the Imagination share price which was 123p before the bid and is 129p now, suggesting that the bid may fail because of regulatory issues.
Innovative lithium electrodes leads to longer lasting batteries 9/25/2017
Innovative lithium electrodes coated with indium could be the basis for more powerful, longer-lasting, rechargeable batteries
GlobalFoundries asked EU to investigate TSMC 9/25/2017
GlobalFoundries has told the European Commission that TSMC is unfairly using loyalty rebates, exclusivity clauses and bundled rebates and even penalties to discourage customers from switching to rivals.
Is 3D flash storage going to take over at data centers? 9/22/2017
Persistent memory hopes to bridge that performance gap in the enterprise data center, but in any immature market, there is a lot of hype and market confusion to be wary of.
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