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Friday, December 15, 2017
Industry News
Goepel Electronics offers boundary scan method for testing memory modules 11/22/2017
Using the boundary scan chain, it allows short circuits and unconnected pins in particular to be found easily.
Toshiba is inching towards a settlement with Western Digital 11/22/2017
"We are definitely advancing step by step toward a resolution." The two companies have been negotiating since October. But both sides continue haggling, and the jury remains out on whether a truce will result.
Chinese government continue to invest big into Semiconductor 11/22/2017
The National IC Investment Fund (called the "Big Fund") will mainly focus on three key sectors in the coming years, including memory, SiC/GaN compound semiconductor, and IC design with its application in IoT, 5G, AI, smart vehicles, etc.
Qualcomm put IIoT projects in Taiwan on hold 11/22/2017
Qualcomm temporarily suspend its cooperation with Taiwan-based IT players on the development of related Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications after it had decided to stop a 5G small cell collaboration project with Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) over to an antitrust ruling against it.
Samsung: "Data is new oil, 11/21/2017
“Samsung’s ultimate goal is to provide solutions for storing and managing data in an efficient manner in terms of space and power consumption,”
Founder of SMIC to establish pure play CIDM in China 11/21/2017
CIDM model will help China-based foundry houses better compete with international IDM foundry and pure-play foundry companies. The concept of CIDM is to line up several company partners with similar target markets and customers to pursue common manufacturing technology and production goals.
Samsung takes the lead followed by Intel, SK Hynix and Micron 11/21/2017
Samsung Electronics is expected to have 2017 chip sales of $65.6 billion, topping Intel's $61 billion, IC Insights estimates.
Marvell to buy rival Cavium 11/21/2017
Marvell Technology plans to purchase smaller rival Cavium for roughly $6 billion. Marvell will use $1.75 billion in debt financing to make the purchase and will pay $40 per share in cash plus 2.1757 of its shares for each Cavium share.
Major DRAM suppliers revenue up 25% 11/20/2017
The contract prices of server memory modules for the year’s final quarter are projected to increase by 6% to 10% on average compared with the third quarter. Suppliers therefore can expect to see their revenue and profit margins coming to a new high for the year.
Intel committed to provide 5G modem chip by 2019 11/20/2017
“Today’s wireless networks are the equivalent of data driving down a single-lane highway; tomorrow’s will need to serve as a multi-lane superhighway as data moves at warp speed with 5G networks,”
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