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Friday, March 24, 2017
Industry News
UMC: 14nm is now in volume production 2/28/2017
UMC (Hsinchu, Taiwan) said it is shipping 14nm wafers to lead customers and has achieved “industry-competitive yields” using the process.
Toshiba to sample a 1Tbyte NAND memory component in April 2017 2/27/2017
The component will be based on 16 die in a single package with each die being a 512Gbit 64-layer 3D-NAND device with 3-bit-per-cell triple-level cell (TLC).
SoftBank and Foxconn joint venture to invest in the U.S. 2/27/2017
The move will give Foxconn, formally known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, a 54.5% stake in one of SoftBank's existing subsidiaries for $600 million and comes as both groups step up investments in the technology sector and consider expansion in the United States.
Nothing is secure in CyberSpace 2/27/2017
Researchers at the Dutch research institute CWI and Google have broken the SHA-1 internet security standard, which is widely used for digital signatures and file integrity verification, including secure credit card transactions.
Qualcomm announced VR development kit 2/27/2017
The VRDK is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2017. It is engineered to help developers attain improved VR performance and power efficiency for upcoming VR OEM devices built with the Snapdragon 835.
Toshiba samples 512Gbit 3D NAND with 64 layers 2/24/2017
Toshiba is sampling 64-layer 3-bit-per cell 512Gbit 3D NAND.
Exynos 9 is 10 core with 10nm FinFET processs 2/24/2017
Samsung said it plans to apply the new FinFET technology to Exynos 9 which is widely predicted by analysts to be installed in the tech company's next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, scheduled to be released as early as next month.
Over 100 million GPU's shipped in Q4 2/24/2017
Among the big three suppliers, AMD and Nvidia both increased shipments by 10% in the fourth quarter (sequentially), while Intel shipments were down 4%. Discrete GPUs gained market over integrated units.
SK Hynix to bid on Toshiba Semiconductors 2/24/2017
SK Hynix said earlier that it had submitted a non-binding bid for a stake in the business on Feb. 3, without specifying the size of the stake. It will consider a fresh bid should Toshiba make another offer.
Tsinghua Unigroup plans IPO 2/23/2017
Unigroup Spreadtrum RDA, China's top mobile chipmaker which supplies to Samsung Electronics, has been spearheading Beijing's ferocious efforts to cultivate its domestic semiconductor industry to reduce dependence on foreign imports due to economic and security concerns.
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