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Friday, May 25, 2018
Industry News
Foundry in U.K. to offer GaN process 5/2/2018
“Our GaN HEMT process addresses a growing UK space and defence customer base. The process developed over the last two years enables a unique UK sovereign supply,”
Toshiba might not want to sell off any more 5/2/2018
Toshiba repaid more than 40% of the debt owed to banks in a single quarter. The money owed to main lenders Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. and Mizuho Bank stood at 80 billion yen each in March, plunging by 60% over the three months. The amount owed to the other four banks dropped as well.
AMD does not want total dependance on GlobalFoundaries 5/1/2018
AMD's foundry strategy is to use both TSMC and GlobalFoundries on the first 7-nanometer product. We are using TSMC for that product and we have a very strong relationship with them.
Intel to delay 10nm volume production 5/1/2018
Intel's 10nm shrink – implementing a 2.7x density increase over the 14nm process – had been too ambitious. The industry average increase is 1.5-2x. Intel will increase density 2.4x in the 10nm-7nm transition. 7nm is when Intel will introduce EUV.
U.S. government to scrutinize informal partnerships between American and Chinese companies 5/1/2018
So far, U.S. government reviews for national security and other concerns have been limited to investment deals and corporate takeovers. This possible new expansion of the mandate - which would serve as a stop-gap measure until Congress imposes tighter restrictions on Chinese investments.
TSMC set $13.5 billion aside for R&D 5/1/2018
The proposed investment is subject to the government’s ability to procure and integrate more land into the Hsinchu science park in Taiwan, which is currently full, as well as to environmental assessments.
Class Action filed for DRAM price fixing 4/30/2018
Another class action lawsuit has been filed, alleging that Samsung, Hynix, and Micron conspired to limit the supply of memory, keeping consumer prices artificially high as a result.
Analyst said that Apple might have already lost out in China 4/30/2018
Analysts are now saying that Apple’s relegation to the ‘also ran’ stakes may be permanent. The iPhone maker’s market share in China may now be as low as 18%.
Jeff Bezos' rocket took flight 4/30/2018
The New Shepard capsule successfully detached from its booster, as planned, at an altitude of about 47 miles, and went on by itself to reach a height of 351,000 feet, or about 66.5 miles.
Samsung reach record profit from mobile chips 4/30/2018
Samsung reported record quarterly profit on Thursday thanks to strong demand for semiconductors used in servers.
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