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Thursday, August 17, 2017
Industry News
Artificial sensibility reads and determines driver's emotions 7/21/2017
The kit includes cocoro SB's emotion engine, which uses a sensibility technology to recognise emotional states such as confidence or uncertainty based on the speech of the driver.
Siemens built Digitalisation Hub in Singapore 7/21/2017
Together with Singapore's Economic Development Board (EDB), Siemen's Hub will focus on the country's efforts to become "smart nation," utilising Siemen's IoT operating system MindSphere to drive digitalisation.
Qualcomm sales up despite patent entangles 7/21/2017
For the current quarter, Qualcomm expects earnings from 75 cents to 85 cents a share with $5.4 billion to $6.2 billion in revenue. Wall Street is expecting earnings of 90 cents a share on revenue of $5.48 billion.
IC Insight forecasts $419 billion semi sales 7/21/2017
"The strong annual upturn in sales is being driven almost entirely by fast-rising average selling prices (ASP. Prices for DRAM and NAND first began increasing in the second half of 2016 and continued with quarterly increases through the first half of 2017."
ZTE profit up 30% 7/20/2017
Revenue increased to 54.011 billion yuan, 13.1 percent higher, helped by growth in operations including wireless network, wireline network and bearer network, in addition to handsets, with improvements in gross profit margins.
Samsung increased production on HBM2 DRAM 7/20/2017
Samsung said it kicked off full-fledged mass production of the industry's first high-performance 8GB High Bandwidth Memory 2 (HBM) DRAM chips, applied to super computers, network solutions and graphic cards.
Researchers found quicker way to make rechargable batteries 7/20/2017
"We can make the starting materials for these electrodes in hours, rather than weeks. And that can significantly drive down the synthesis cost for making high performance supercapacitor electrodes."
ASML expects revenue growth from deep EUV 7/20/2017
The new orders for ASML, whose clients include Intel Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., brought the backlog to 27 for its newest machines, called extreme ultraviolet lithography systems or EUV.
Toshiba received court order to cancel out WD's original retraining action 7/20/2017
Toshiba allowed Western Digital partial access to shared data servers after the Superior Court of California granted a temporary restraining order earlier this month. But the Japanese company said it resumed blocking access after its petition for an appeal was accepted by the California Court of Appeal on Tuesday.
Nanya predicts continue DRAM tight supply 7/19/2017
DRAM prices would go up some 4% to 6% for the current July to September period, and the price would likely stay at such levels through the end of this year.
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