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Thursday, August 17, 2017
Industry News
Renesas won infringement law suit 7/19/2017
On July 14, United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts entered final judgment in favour of Renesas and Renesas Electronics America.
Intel is about to release 6 cores Coffee Lake 7/19/2017
By putting a six-core chip into the Core i5 line, it's sending a signal to consumers that this is the new mainstream. It's not a new trick, but it's a far simpler metric for buyers to latch onto that processor speed or TDP or HyperThreading.
NOR demand up due to new display and automobile circuit requirements 7/19/2017
NOR flash memory market is reversing from a state of oversupply due partly to significantly growing adoption of AMOLED panels and touch display driver ICs (TDDI) for mobile phones, and increasing demand from the automotive electronics and industrial controllers sectors.
Qualcomm faces fine in Europe 7/18/2017
Qualcomm could be on the hook for penalties "in the range of several millions of euros" if it continues to resist the demand for the data. The company was given a deadline of June 30 to respond to questions it hadn’t already answered.
Nvidia to play important role in self-driving car market 7/18/2017
The Santa Clara-based chipmaker has racked up deals with big carmakers including Tesla, Audi, Mercedes, Toyota and Volvo and is poised to power a large portion of the burgeoning self-driving car industry.
Korean chip prices hit 30 month height 7/18/2017
The hike came amid improved exports of the information and technology industry. Exports of the mainstay dynamic random-access memory chip (DRAM) product rose 0.6 percent in June from a month earlier. DRAM chips are widely used in computers.
Samsung is agressive in keeping lead 7/18/2017
Samsung Electronics is accelerating the expansion of Pyeongtaek Line 1, the world's largest two-layer semiconductor plant, showing its will to solidify its number-one position in the global semiconductor industry by absorbing the world’s demand for NAND flash.
Apple leases equipment to its subcontractors 7/17/2017
Apple recently bought production equipment for rigid flexible printed circuit boards (RFPCBs) and is now leasing it to suppliers, hoping to secure a stable flow of parts for this fall's "iPhone 8".
Galaxy Note 8 available in September 7/17/2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be released on the market in two phases starting in September. The first countries to get the phablet in September are the United States, UK, and South Korea.
Skyworks seeks to acquire RF chip technology company in Taiwan 7/17/2017
Skyworks is evaluating the feasibility of acquiring either RF component specialist Richwave Technology or the power amplifier (PA) department of Airoha Technology, a unit of MediaTek.
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