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Step : 1
To Test Drive the Sp3000 , Click on " POWER ON ", move the cursor to the 5 test buttons located on the bottom of  the SP3000 Tester.(Scroll down this page to view the 5 test buttons). A hand icon will appear if you move the mouse cusor over the buttons.

Step : 2
Selecting the test button corresponding to the LCD menu function will execute the routine that emulate a live testing of a SDRAM 168 pin Unbuffer Module demostration . To simulate different faults, click on "Fault Simulation" after selecting the "Auto ID" button of the tester to find out how the tester will display a result for a faulty module.

Step : 3
The Loading of the SP3000 Image may take several minute depending on your modem and PC Processor Speed,  please be patient !  

For more information on the Specification on the SP3000 - scroll down to select the "Specification" icon found at the bottom screen.

Enjoy the Test Drive!


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