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True 168pin DRAM DIMM Tester Makes Difference

Saturday, November 5, 1994 Dallas, TX, USA While other tester manufacturers are scrambling to provide the 168pin DRAM DIMM tester, CST, Inc. is already shipping the updated version. This improved version of DIMM tester consist of a test platform and a connector board used in conjunction with the CST Eureka base tester. This tester stands out from its competition in several different features:
1. Employs a 168 pin heavy duty Yaimaichi DIMM test socket. Manufacturer life expectation is 10,000 insertion cycles. This socket is also mounted on a pin receptacle for ease of replacement.
2. True analog pin driver features. That means 3.3V and 5V testing with leakage, Vih, Vol and Voh capability.
3. True Page Mode and EDO (extended data ouput) testing feature.
4. 8 RAS/ CAS control lines and 8 PD bits available.
Since this platform is built in two pieces, it also has flexibility to test other wide bit count module simply by changing only the connector board. The EK-160Bit2-Platform is the multiplexer unit to expand from the 40bit testing of the base unit to 160bit parallel testing. The EK-168DIMM-ADP is the connector board for hosting the DIMM module. Other connector boards like the HP9000, the SGI 144bit, and the 144bit Sparc 20/10 adapters are now available.
This 168DIMM tester comes with a device library to test the 64bit module as well as the 72bit parity module and the 80 pin ECC DIMM modules. Available now, please contact our sales department for earliest delivery.

By: CST Staff
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