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Google overcame antitrust argument to acquire Fitbit 1/18/2021
Google makes most of its money by selling ads based on information it collects about its billions of users’ interests and whereabouts. Privacy watchdogs feared it might exploit Fitbit to peer even deeper into people's lives. .
traffic death toll rises in the middle of lockdown 1/18/2021
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 28,190 people died in traffic crashes from January through September of last year, up from 26,941 in the same period of 2019. Final statistics for the full year won't come out until fall. Authorities blamed the increase on risky driving behavior that developed when there were few vehicles on the road early in the pandemic.
Samsung's next crop of smartphones to have more feature at lower prices 1/18/2021
Samsung's next crop of smartphones will boast bigger screens, better cameras, and longer-lasting batteries at lower prices than last year's lineup.
A MIT Technology professor caught doing nanotechnology research for Chinese government 1/18/2021
While working for MIT, Chen entered into undisclosed contracts and held appointments with Chinese entities, including acting as an "overseas expert" for the Chinese government at the request of the People's Republic of China Consulate Office in New York.
Intel CEO Swan to be replaced by industry veteran Pat Gelsinger 1/15/2021
Surprise shakeup followed several weeks of investor activism by hedge fund Third Point, which had pushed for big changes.
U.S. to block cotton and tomatoes shipment from China Uighur region citing forced labor 1/15/2021
Officials said Customs and Border Protection will use its authority to block products suspected of being produced with forced labor to keep out cotton, tomatoes and related products from the Xinjiang region of northwest China.
Machine Artificial Intelligence will get out of scientist hands one day 1/15/2021
Using theoretical calculations, an international team of researchers, including scientists from the Center for Humans and Machines at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, shows that it would not be possible to control a super-intelligent AI. The study was published in the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research.
NTSB make recommendation to first responders in the case of electric car fire 1/15/2021
There are gaps in industry safety standards and research on high-voltage lithium-ion battery fires, especially in high-speed, severe crashes, the National Transportation Safety Board said Wednesday.
Drivers for Uber, Lyft now have a compelling reason to sue their companies 1/14/2021
The lawsuit filed with the California Supreme Court said Proposition 22 is unconstitutional because it limits the power of the Legislature to grant workers the right to organize and excludes drivers from being eligible for workers' compensation.
Layoffs spiked in November 1/14/2021
Layoffs spiked in November compared with the previous month and the number of job openings slipped, signaling that the job market has stalled as the resurgent coronavirus has brought about another wave shutdowns of restaurants and bars and hobbled consumer spending.
Apple to work with Hyundai on “Project Titan” 1/14/2021
Apple expects to sign a deal with Hyundai to make its cars. The initial version of the article, according to Reuters, indicated that the companies planned to make 100,000 vehicles per year either at the automaker’s existing Kia plant in Georgia or at a new factory.
Boeing gets $1.7 billion contract from government 1/14/2021
This week the U.S. Air Force awarded Boeing a $1.7 billion contract for 12 KC-46A tanker aircraft. With this sixth production lot, Boeing is now on contract for 79 KC-46A tankers.
MediaTek revenue climbed 30.8% 1/13/2021
MediaTek contracts mainly TSMC to fabricate its 5G mobile chips, and has landed orders for major China-based brands' new models slated for launch in the first quarter.
Staples still want Office Depot after FTC rejection five years ago 1/13/2021
Staples’ parent company, USR Parent, has made a $40-per-share acquisition proposal to Office Depot’s Parent Company, ODP Corp. Valued at $2.1 billion overall, the offer is approximately 61 percent above ODP’s average share closing price over the previous 90 trading days, according to USR Parent.
Volkswagen tripled sales of battery-only cars in 2020 1/13/2021
Volkswagen said Tuesday its namesake brand sold 134,000 battery-powered cars last year, up from 45,000 in 2019.
Upstart EV company received order for its 100,000th pickup truck 1/13/2021
The light duty truck has a range of about 250 miles and is mainly being marketed to commercial customers such as utility companies and municipal governments.
Intel in talk to use outside foundries 1/12/2021
The Santa Clara, California-based chipmaker had approached Samsung Electronics and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) about a potential partnership, according to the sources. Talks with Samsung Electronics are at a more preliminary stage, the sources added.
China's top EV maker join hands with Internet company on electric cars 1/12/2021
Chinese automaker Geely says it will form an electric car venture with tech giant Baidu, adding to a flurry of corporate tie-ups in the industry to share soaring technology development costs.
New legislature shuts down foreign bribery, drug trafficking and terrorists financing 1/12/2021
For the first time, shell companies will be required to provide the names of their owners or face stiff penalties and jail sentences. The information will be stored in a confidential database accessible to federal law enforcement and shared with banks who are often unwitting accomplices to international corruption.
Semiconductor shortage is forcing major auto companies to halt production 1/12/2021
Officials at Volkswagen, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota and Nissan all say they have been hit by the shortage and been forced to delay production of some models in order to keep other factories running.
U.S. puts retalitive tariff towards French goods on hold 1/11/2021
Negotiations on a global tech tax deal at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development stalled after the Trump Administration pulled out last summer. France and others hope that the Biden Administration will be more amenable to reaching a deal.
Fiat Chrysler to build the New Grand Cherokee L SUV in Detroit factory 1/11/2021
The company invested $1.6 billion to revamp two old engine plants so they could build new versions of the popular SUV. It hired 3,850 people to work at the company's first new auto plant in Detroit in nearly three decades.
SBA to push another round of funding for small business 1/11/2021
The Small Business Administration and the Treasury Department are preparing to revive the PPP five months after its first two rounds of funding ended. In the latest round, businesses that received loans last year will be able to borrow up to $2 million as long as they have no more than 300 employees and suffered at least a 25 percent drop in quarterly revenue.
Now that the MAX is flying again, Boeing still owes $2.5 billion for the settlement 1/11/2021
The government and the company said Thursday that the settlement includes money for the crash victims’ families, airline customers and a fine.
British regulators to investigate if Nvidia's $40 billion purchase of Arm affects competition 1/8/2021
It will examine whether the deal will give Arm "an incentive to withdraw, raise prices or reduce the quality" of its services to Nvidia's chipmaking competitors.
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