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DRAM Inventor, Robert Dennard, honored at SIA annual dinner 11/11/2019
Dennard, who spent much of his career at IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, New York, was also recognized for his contribution to “scaling theory,” another of the foundations upon which the industry continues to evolve.
Dozens of former GlobalFoundries workers lost their jobs when division was sold 11/11/2019
California company Marvell Technology Group Ltd. laid off 78 employees after taking full ownership of a GlobalFoundries division on Nov. 6.
Shenzhen Global CEO Summit attendants are skiptism about China Trade settlement 11/11/2019
The prevailing sentiment is that no news is good news is fake news.
There is room for Phase Change Memory (PCRAM) 11/11/2019
Jim Handy, principal with Object Analysis, said the reason the technology continues to hold such promise is its really small crosspoint cell and its ability to be stacked. Intel, for example, is stacking two decks right now, he said, but recently revealed it can go up to four decks. “They intend on reducing costs by increasing the number of decks.”
Taiwan's top foundries hit combined quarterly record revenue 11/8/2019
The top-3 Taiwan-based foundries' sales increased 18.8% sequentially to a record high of US$10.84 billion in the third quarter of 2019.
Little Polish company has big idea on password security 11/8/2019
The name of the product is ELIotPro. It stands for Easy Lightweight Internet of Things Protection, at least the acronym is easy to say if not to type. The technology includes a lightweight encryption algorithm that solves another problem of IoT security as most encryption is to much of a memory hog to be used in small devices. It’s small size is the key to how it works.
Nvidia offers smallest size supercomputer board 11/8/2019
The Xavier NX board can achieve 14 to 21 TOPS INT8 performance at power budgets between 10W and 15W, respectively. This amount of processing power would enable running multiple neural networks in parallel, and processing data from multiple high-resolution image sensors simultaneously.
Quantum chip developed in Singapore adds security to financial computers 11/8/2019
Researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed a quantum chip 1,000 times smaller than current quantum configurations. The results offer a new opportunity for implementing quantum cryptography methods in many financial systems.
Intel now samples Stratix 10 FPGA 11/7/2019
The FPGA uses Intel’s Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB) technology. EMIB technology stitches two Stratix 10 GX FPGA core fabric die (with a capacity of 5.1 million logic elements per die) along with appropriate I/O tiles.
Backend manufacturers rush to add 5G testing capability 11/7/2019
Testing demand for high-end 5G mobile SoCs, RF chips, and diverse 5G base station chipsets including AAU (active antenna unit) has been mounting significantly from Huawei/HiSilicon, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Apple and MediaTek along with the arrival of 5G commercialization. This is expected to help boost capacity utilization rates at the backend partners in 2020.
With 50 cents SOC, Bluetooth devices are now disposable 11/7/2019
Its new DA14531 chip, which it also calls SmartBond Tiny, makes it possible to extend wireless connectivity to applications where it would have previously been prohibitive in terms of size, power or cost, especially those within the growing connected medical field. SmartBond Tiny is expected to help facilitate connectivity for inhalers, medicine dispensers, weight scales, thermometers, glucose meters and more.
Google goes for OpenTitan instead of root of trust (RoT) design 11/7/2019
"With our partners we want to spread the benefits of reliable silicon RoT chips to our customers and the rest of the industry. We believe that the best way to accomplish that is through open source silicon.”
Sony and Samsungin head-to-head competition on CMOS image sensors 11/6/2019
Sony currently accounts for over 50% of the global CIS market, buoyed by the launch of an array of 40-megapixel CIS products that have been adopted by a number of handset makers for flagship models. Sony is integrating CIS and edge AI processing technology utilizing stack architecture as it seeks to further expand its market share by exploring the applications for CIS products,
Samsung to backoff Exynos processor developement, closes related U.S. units 11/6/2019
“(Exynos) chips are not really used anywhere else and continue to lose ground in the mobile processor market, raising concerns about the company’s competitiveness,” said Park Sung-soon, an analyst at Cape Investment & Securities.
Wi-Fi 6 chip solutions to support sub-6-GHz 5G smartphones 11/6/2019
Qualcomm, MediaTek and Realtek Semiconductor have ramped up their orders for testing and certifying Wi-Fi 6 core chips with IC certification labs including Sporton International, and other IC designers such as RichWave are also showing testing demand for Wi-Fi 6 RF front-end modules.
We are entering the age of autonomous 11/6/2019
Many analysts agree—the next industrial revolution is already upon us, driven by growth in Industry 4.0 and autonomous systems. The push to more efficient use of materials and labor in this next age of industrial discovery requires that the underlying technology continue to evolve at a rapid pace
US Commerce Department getting ready to grant licenses to sell components to Huawei 11/5/2019
In an interview with Bloomberg, Ross said a US-Huawei deal was on track to be signed this month, noting that the government has received 260 requests for the licences.
South Korean semiconductor companies expect a rebound in 2020 11/5/2019
"In 2020, the global market for semiconductors is expected to expand with the introduction of 5G communication services in earnest, along with an increase in demand for personal computers and development of new industrial sectors,"
China retracks "Electronic Headband for Classrooms" 11/5/2019
Reportedly, headbands worn by school children monitor the intensity of each pupil’s concentration, while the relevant data collected by the headbands is sent to parents.
Singapore to use their huge R&D in manufacturing technologies to lead Asia in Industry 4.0… 11/5/2019
Singapore now commits 1% of GDP (S$19 billion) to R&D. With an eye on further economic growth, the RIE 2020 Plan has focused on key areas such as advanced manufacturing, biomedical sciences and urban solutions.
Sony, NTT, and Intel teams to develope 6G 11/4/2019
Fifth-generation networks are only just being switched on, but the trio wants to establish an organization for the sixth generation in the U.S. by next spring. The three partners intend to invite other major global companies to participate, including players from China.
Silicon Mitus has targets USB-Type market 11/4/2019
Energy consumption is one of the biggest challenges for the mobile technology sector. USB-C was supposed to be primarily a connectivity option, but it is increasingly finding favor because it is also a useful means of managing power in portable devices.
National Instruments has a new CEO 11/4/2019
Over the years, Starkloff has given many a presentation at NIWeek. He's always had a talent for dazzling the crowd when introducing new products or features to existing products. He'd describe a problem and pulling then pull the proverbial "rabbit out of the hat" trick showing how a new product could solve the problem.
AI startup Groq explains its no-show at AI Hardware Summit 11/4/2019
“For the AI Hardware Summit we were working on a demo but we had to divert our resources to our customer, so we weren't going to be able to demo. We had the option of going up and talking about something that we weren't going to be able to demo in that time period, or withdraw. And so we decided to withdraw.”
IDT to rebrand as Renesas Electronics America 11/1/2019
Renesas bought the San Jose analogue and mixed-signal chip maker, founded in 1980, at the end of March this year.
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