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Industry turns to AI amid talent shortage 5/23/2022
“Global AI Adoption Index 2022,” conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of IBM, reveal this growth was due to companies recognizing the value of AI as they emerged from the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and invested in their digital transformation, while dealing with talent and skills shortages. In fact, the study shows that AI adoption was up 4 percentage points compared with 2021.
Micron disclosed outlook and pricing strategy 5/23/2022
Micron Technology execs discussed the company’s momentum at last week’s day of investor updates, unveiling plans to ramp up manufacturing of its sixth–generation 232–layer flash by the end 2022, among other updates.
BMW and Pasqal collaborate to analyze quantum computational algorithms to metal forming modeling. 5/23/2022
The automotive industry is one of the most demanding industrial environments, and quantum computing could solve some of the key design and manufacturing issues.
Foundry revenue growth in bigger proportion than overall semiconductor growth in 2021 5/23/2022
The 31% increase in chip foundry revenue to $100.2 billion led growth in the overall semiconductor industry last year, according to market research firm Gartner. The increase in foundry sales was primarily due to an 11.5% rise in average selling prices for silicon wafers and an 18% jump in unit shipments.
Nexperia forms partnership with KYOCERA AVX Components on (GaN) automotive power modules 5/20/2022
This partnership agreement is being described as a significant next step in the long-lasting close relationship between both companies and will focus on power components with the aim of jointly developing GaN applications for electric vehicles (EV).
China-based IC production to represent 21.2% of the China market in 2025 5/20/2022
IC Insights has often stated that although China has been the largest consuming country for ICs since 2005, it does not necessarily mean that large increases in IC production within China would immediately follow, or ever follow.
Nidec to set Semiconductor Solutions Center in Kanagawa, Japan 5/20/2022
Nidec Semiconductor Solutions Center will build a strategic partnership with suppliers and a sustainable supply chain of semiconductors that is capable of responding to all risks, to secure a stable production and delivery of the company’s products.
Supply chain shortage Make GPU prices to go up 5/20/2022
GPU prices have been fluctuating significantly since the second half of last year. We have even seen GPUs listed on third–party sites for well over MSRP. Is inflation to blame for the high cost of GPUs?
Foxconn to plan new 300mm wafer fab in Malaysia 5/19/2022
Malaysia’s Dagang NeXchange Berhad (DNex) announced on Tuesday (May 17) it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Foxconn’s fully owned subsidiary Big Innovation Holding Limited (BIH) to set up a joint venture to build a 12-inch wafer plant, according to CNA. The facility is expected to produce 28 and 40-nanometer chips and have a monthly production capacity of 40,000 wafers.
Quadric and MegaChips Corp. have formed partnership to deliver ASIC and SoC IP's 5/19/2022
MegaChips announced an equity stake in Quadric in January 2022 and is also a major investor in a $21 million Series B funding round announced in March through their MegaChips LSI USA Corp. subsidiary. The round aims to help Quadric release the next version of its processor architecture, improve the performance and breadth of the Quadric software development kit (SDK), and roll out IP products to be integrated in MegaChips’ ASICs and SoCs
Sensitron Semiconductor offers latest generation GaN power modules 5/19/2022
The SPG025N035P1B from Sensitron is a high-power density 350V, 20A GaN half bridge with an integrated gate drive, optimized for stray inductance and switching performance at 500kHz. Rated at 20A, the module can be used to control over 3kW.
Hyundai Motor Group and SOSLAB to jointly develop of LiDAR for mobile robots 5/19/2022
SOSLAB is a company developing solid-state LiDAR sensors for industrial and automotive use. Compared to the conventional mechanical LiDAR, SOSLAB’s LiDAR sensors have strengths in size, weight, power consumption, price, and durability.
SK hynix to build a new wafer manufacturing base in Dalian 5/18/2022
The new manufacturing facility will promote the competitive power of its local capacity as well as secure supply in the Chinese market.
SEMICON China 2022 cancelled 5/18/2022
SEMI has cancelled SEMICON China 2022, originally scheduled for June 15-17 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) in Shanghai, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and related government control measures in the region.
Startup Axelera Unveils AI Test Chip 5/18/2022
AI chip startup Axelera has tested and validated a chip as a test vehicle for its Thetis digital in–memory compute core. The company’s tests show the 12–nm chip can achieve 39.3 TOPS with a power efficiency of 14.1 TOPS/W in an area of 9mm2.
Renesas set to restart Kofu Factory to boost its manufacturing capacity for power semiconductors 5/18/2022
As the momentum for carbon neutrality grows, demand for highly efficient power semiconductors, which supply and manage electricity, is expected to dramatically increase globally over the years. Renesas especially anticipates rapid growth in demand for electric vehicles (EVs), and therefore plans to enhance its production capacity for power semiconductors such as IGBTs,
SMIC post 67% revenue growth for Q1 5/17/2022
SMIC has reported a revenue of $1.84 billion in the first quarter of 2022 (1Q22), up by 16.6% from the previous quarter, and by 66.9% from the same period last year.
Vietnam's Viettel Group and Qualcomm Technologies Inc. collaborate to develop 5G infrastructures 5/17/2022
This focuses on helping to expedite the development and roll-out of 5G network infrastructure and services in Vietnam and globally.
SIMMTECH has officially opened its Malaysia-based subsidiary in Penang 5/17/2022
This new factory will be SIMMTECH’s first advanced manufacturing facility in Southeast Asia and the group’s eighth factory, along with its other operations in South Korea, China, and Japan.
Current semiconductor shortage affects RFID market also 5/17/2022
To better assess the maturity of the RFID technology, the current market status, and development trends, EE Times Europe engaged in a discussion with Steve Halliday, president of the RAIN Alliance.
Micron to apply new memory chip price model 5/16/2022
Chipmaker Micron Technology Inc (MU.O) on Thursday announced it was experimenting with a new pricing model for its chips called forward pricing agreements that would aim to stabilize the steep price fluctuations that plague the industry.
Salience Labs has raised a seed round of $11.5 million to develop photonics AI chips 5/16/2022
Salience Labs has raised a seed round of $11.5 million to develop an ultra high-speed multi-chip processor combining photonics and electronics to accelerate exponential advances in AI.
Software to differentiate the future EV 5/16/2022
There are of course many facets to why software is important. It allows for brand differentiation, it allows new services to be delivered over the lifetime of the car, it allows for new mobility models, and more.
EV batteries do not give zero carbon footprint 5/16/2022
The carbon footprint of mining and producing the raw materials used in batteries is comparable with that of tailpipe emissions. The e-mobility revolution has hidden expenses, including the recycling of battery components.
NAND Flash wafer prices start to slide 5/13/2022
suppliers are increasingly motivated to cut prices in exchange for sales due to weak retail demand since March, and a more conservative outlook for shipments of other end products, according to TrendForce.
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