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IBM and Panasonic to improve effectiveness of customers' IC manufacturing processes 10/18/2019
These new devices and methods include dry etching equipment, plasma dicers, plasma cleaners that increase metal and resin adhesion and high-accuracy bonding devices.
Kneron signed up revenue customer for its KL520 AI accelerator chip 10/18/2019
“Aaeon has used our chip and put it into a form factor that’s easy to insert into a pre-exisiting design,” said Kneron chief commercial officer Adrian Ong. “We have other customers in the commercialisation phase,” he added.
ARM opens up instructional set architecture 10/18/2019
After decades of tight control over the Arm instruction set architecture (ISA), Arm has finally decided that it can allow its licensees to build their own custom instructions, which are often useful to accelerate specialized workloads.
Taiwan start-ups aim at bringing digital healthcare technologies to the United States 10/18/2019
The forum brought nine start-ups — Reliance Biosciences; FaceHeart; Aesop Technology: Heroic-Faith Medical Sciences; Summed Taiwan; AHEAD; RiCHE Biotech; Arvin Bio-Medical Research and MTAMTech Corp. — together with venture investors, technology developers and potential end-users. The companies have created solutions that advance the digital healthcare market through AI, data analytics, and materials or manufacturing break-throughs.
Three partners to provide all ingredients for 5nm development 10/17/2019
Design-ready solutions are based on the artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced, cloud-ready Fusion Design Platform from Synopsys, along with Arm Artisan Physical IP and POP IP for Samsung Foundry's advanced 5LPE process.
Huawei reports revenue gain of 24% over 9 months 10/17/2019
Huawei, the world’s biggest maker of telecom network equipment and the No. 2 manufacturer of smartphones, was all but banned by the United States in May from doing business with American companies, significantly disrupting its ability to source key parts.
ASML reports robus profit on semi equipments sales 10/17/2019
ASML, reported on Wednesday better than expected profit of 627 million euros ($691.64 million) and strong bookings for the third quarter.
EU warns Broadcom to stop certain exclusivity deals with its customers 10/17/2019
The European Commission opened an in-depth investigation into the U.S. company in June. As part of this investigation, the Commission announced Wednesday that it’s imposing interim measures to prevent any likely “harm” to competition, for three years.
Apple said to release 5G modem by 2022 10/16/2019
According to Fast Company, Apple's 5G modem development will be led by Esin Terzioglu, a former Qualcomm executive who joined Apple in 2017, and will be based in San Diego. Apple previously announced plans to open an office in San Diego and hire up to 1,000 new employees there over the coming years.
Qualcomm broadband devices to leverage 5G networks to provide faster speeds for home broadband services 10/16/2019
Qualcomm is setting the stage for 2020 with the announcement that 34 companies have committed to using the Snapdragon X55 5G modem and RF system in commercial 5G broadband devices that will launch next year.
Can AI create arts ? 10/16/2019
Reinforcement learning is a form of unsupervised learning. During training, a second AI agent called the discriminator provides feedback on the results to allow the creating agent to learn. In an image generation context, the discriminator might compare the generated image to the training data and give feedback on whether it could tell the difference. This feedback might be a score which quantifies how difficult it was to tell the difference between the generated image and the training dataset.
Should a driver's skill test be imposed on autonomous vehicles ? 10/16/2019
Safety experts argue that giving an autonomous vehicle (AV) a driver skills test would not necessarily prove that the AV is safe.
MediaTek to benefit from the 5G rush 10/15/2019
“MediaTek’s 5G SoC development is on schedule and should pave the way for its smooth transition into the 5G era in 2020 and let it capture demand tied to the coming 5G-driven handset replacement cycle,”
Dialog Semiconductor to acquired Creative Chips of Germany 10/15/2019
Headquartered in Bingen close to Frankfurt, Germany, with an additional design center in Dresden, Creative Chips is a fabless semiconductor company that supplies a broad portfolio of industrial Ethernet and other mixed-signal products to manufacturers of industrial and building automation systems.
MEMS are getting into homes through smart home devices 10/15/2019
The MEMS market, which follows the semiconductor market, is holding up. It amounted to $11.6 billion in 2018 and is expected to exhibit an 8.2% growth in value and an 11.9% growth in units up to 2024, according to Yole Développement.
Major players support AVCC to set API Standard for autonomous vehicle (AV) hardware 10/15/2019
The consortium’s goal is to optimize semiconductor solutions by writing a standard set of common requirements for hardware.
ARM reportly had a high level meeting with Huawei last week 10/1/2019
A group photo said more about the US-China trade war than anything the three companies had actually said in four months. That snapshot served to reassure the Chinese media and the local electronics industry of the continuing cooperation among Arm, Arm China and Huawei.
Samsung Q3 profit down 60.2% 10/1/2019
According to the report by Seoul-based financial market tracker FnGuide, Samsung is expected to post 6.9 trillion won ($5.8 billion) in third-quarter operating profit, compared with a profit of 17.5 trillion won a year ago.
After 10 years in private Globalfoundries intends to IPO in 2022 10/1/2019
GloFo has a current capacity of 2.3 million wpm and has the cleanroom space to expand that to 3 million wpm at its fabs in Malta, Singapore, Munich and Burlington, Vermont.
CEA-Leti CEO Emmanuel Sabonnadière spoke of the benefits of keeping data local 10/1/2019
CEA-Leti CEO Emmanuel Sabonnadière spoke of the benefits of keeping data local and the role Edge AI will play in meeting important industrial, medical and societal challenges.
Infineon raised EUR 1.2 billion to finance Cypress acquisition 9/30/2019
Infineon Technologies has successfully launched and priced its inaugural EUR 1.2 billion dual-tranche hybrid bond, the proceeds of which will used to re-finance the proposed Cypress acquisition.
Micron stock lost big on Friday trading 9/30/2019
The company said its sales to the Chinese smartphone maker could worsen in the coming quarters if the restrictions continue and if it fails to get licenses.
Intel plans to build Optane Technology Center in New Mexico 9/30/2019
Optane is a new advanced memory technology designed to speed moving data between memory and a central or main processor, boosting performance for the user, according to sister publication Portland Business Journal. The Santa Clara, California-based tech giant said the new technology offers solutions for cloud, artificial intelligence and network edge applications.
5G to drive Flash demand in 2020 9/30/2019
Kou of Silicon Motion said that his company expects stable shipments of NAND flash storage chips in the fourth quarter of 2019 amid rising demand and is optimistic about business prospects for 2020 as demand from the smartphone and IoT segments will both be significantly stoked by 5G commercialization.
Intel to launch advance memory to its Optane platform next year 9/27/2019
Intel said it has four generations of Optane DC Persistent Memory and SSDs in the pipeline. The second generation Optane DC Persistent Memory has been dubbed the Barlow Pass, while the Optane SSD will be called the Alder Stream. Intel will also start shipping a 96-layer 3D NAND in the fourth quarter and launch a 144-layer QLC, or 4-bits per cell, 3D NAND next year,
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