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Overheated semiconductor industry show some signs of cooling 11/1/2021
There are indications the overheated semiconductor sector may be cooling off after roughly 18 months of record-breaking demand for silicon, wafers and production gear. However, demand for chip design services remained strong during the previous quarter, registering its highest annual growth rate in a decade.
Samsung Q3 net profit up 31.3% 10/29/2021
Operating profit jumped 28 percent in the third quarter to 15.82 trillion won, the largest since the third quarter of 2018 and the second-highest ever. Sales hit a quarterly record of 73.98 trillion won, up from 66.96 trillion won from a year earlier.
China’s smartphone sales in the third quarter of 2021 declined by 9% 10/29/2021
Due to weak consumer demand and component shortages, especially 4G SoCs, the country’s smartphone market failed to see any major improvement in sales in Q3 2021.
STMicroelectronics offers price competitive automotive module design 10/29/2021
Leveraging ST’s in-house manufacturing and software-development competencies, the Teseo-VIC3DA module enables competitively priced in-car navigation, fleet-management, and insurance-monitoring applications.
Top 10 foundries to raise their quotes over 20% year-on-year 10/29/2021
The top 10 foundries’ annual revenue for 2021 is now expected to surpass $100 billion. As TSMC leads yet another round of price hikes across the industry, annual foundry revenue for 2022 will likely reach $117.69 billion, a 13.3% YoY increase.
AMD reported third-quarter sales up 54% Y-O-Y 10/28/2021
EPS: $0.73, adjusted, versus $0.67 expected, up 16% year-over-year. Revenue: $4.31 billion, versus $4.12 billion expected, up 54% year-over-year.
Global point-of-sale device (POS) shipments expected to reach 270 million units by 2025 10/28/2021
COVID-19 did have a negative impact on the global POS market as most of the retail shops were closed due to lockdowns in 2020. The hospitality sector witnessed a steep decline in shipments due to curbs on outdoor travel across the world during the pandemic. However, healthcare, warehouse and related O2O commerce saw rising POS shipments to ensure better patient and inventory management. Further, rising consumer awareness on cashless transactions, favorable government policies, and technological advancements are invigorating the POS terminals market with newer form factors and capabilities.
Infineon Technologies joins with CapitaLand Investment and Hyundai Motor to empower Asian startups 10/28/2021
“We welcome CapitaLand Investment and Hyundai Motor Group into our Asia Pacific innovation ecosystem. Together, we aim to inspire new electrification and digitalization solutions that address real-world challenges and make the world a better place for all.”
Electrical Vehicles are racing to market 10/28/2021
The electromobility race is set to get more exciting, be it in the Formula E circuits, or in the automotive market, as car makers strive to see their marques gain more market share. While the individual goals may differ, the collective goal of striving for a more sustainable future through technology remains to be achieved.
Siltronic breaks ground on i$3 billion new wafer fab 10/27/2021
Siltronic broke ground on its new wafer manufacturing facility in Singapore on Tuesday (Oct 26), providing a boost to the local semiconductor ecosystem. The new Tampines facility - a $3 billion investment - is the company's biggest and expected to create 600 jobs.
Tata Motors Ltd (TML) and TPG Rise Climate to join force in EV 10/27/2021
TPG Rise Climate along with its co-investor ADQ shall invest in a subsidiary of Tata Motors that will be newly incorporated. TPG Rise Climate along with co-investors shall invest Rs7,500 cr in compulsory convertible instruments to secure between 11% to 15 % stake in this company, translating to an equity valuation of up to $9.1 billion.
GaN solutions to reach a 52% penetration rate in the fast charge market in 2025 10/27/2021
Outlook for these high-power fast chargers appears relatively promising, as more and more companies release their own high-power fast chargers in response to consumers’ increasing energy consumption demand. Fast chargers with a peak power of 140W are the most powerful solution currently available.
Foxconn disclose self-developed EV 10/27/2021
Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) has introduced for the first time, three autonomously developed electric vehicles (EVs): the Model C recreational vehicle, the Model E sedan, and the Model T electric bus. The announcement was made during the livestreamed Hon Hai Tech Day 2021 (HHTD21) event, underlining Hon Hai’s commitment to become a global next-generation automotive manufacturer.
Seagate Technology reported first-quarter revenues growth nearly 35% year-over-year 10/26/2021
Seagate's consistent financial results, CEO Dave Mosley said on a conference call, is due in part to the growing demand for mass capacity storage.
PragmatIC Semiconductor gets funding to build flexible fab 10/26/2021
“The first fab was introduced a couple of years ago, for which demand has been good. We expect to reach capacity soon, so the new planned fab will be a larger capacity version of the existing one. The second fab will also be a template for offering a fab-on-site to customers in the future, which will be modular and low capex.”
China has emerged as a powerhouse for AI unicorns 10/26/2021
Despite the regulatory shakeups and the COVID-19 pandemic notwithstanding, China has emerged as a powerhouse for artificial intelligence (AI) unicorns, according to Thematic Research at GlobalData, a leading data, and analytics company.
Applied Materials use massive data and AI to determine semiconductor process 10/26/2021
Conventionally, chip makers have used the scribe lines separating dies on a silicon wafer as an optical proximate target for metrology and process control. But scribe lines of up to 30 microns are far out of proportion to semiconductor devices with geometries at the 5-nm node. Hence, the correlation between scribe lines and end devices has become much more complex. Critical chip dimensions are far smaller than the huge target used for optical calibration in the production process.
Nvidia announced its developer toolbox for supporting AI-powered robotics 10/25/2021
Nvidia, which is trying to assert its lead as a supplier of processors for AI applications, announced a host of “performance perception” technologies that would be part of what it will now call Isaac ROS. This includes computer vision and AI/ML functionality in ROS-based applications to support things like autonomous robots.
SEMICON Japan returns to Tokyo 10/25/2021
SEMICON Japan 2021 Hybrid will showcase opportunities for the semiconductor manufacturing and design supply chain to enable a smarter world through advances in Smart Mobility, mobile communications and other applications powering industry growth.
Texas Instruments unveiled new 3D Hall-effect position sensors for factory automation 10/25/2021
The sensor is promoted as providing integrated functions and diagnostics to maximize design flexibility and system safety while saving energy.
Planned TSMC plant in Japan expected to drive up operational cost 10/25/2021
Western nations are demanding a secure supply of semiconductors as their domestic automakers continue to idle production lines because of chip shortages. Those governments are seeking manufacturing investments from leading chip makers in Asia such as Samsung of South Korea and TSMC of Taiwan, as well as Intel.
Keysight Technologies Inc. acquired Scalable Network Technologies 10/22/2021
Keysight Technologies Inc. has acquired Scalable Network Technologies, a leader in communications network simulation and modeling solutions for design, test and analysis, as well as cyber assessment and training.
OPPO to design their own Android smartphone chips 10/22/2021
Nikkei reports that Oppo is working on a custom chip design that could debut in the brand’s smartphones as soon as 2023 or 2024, depending on the pace of development.
Electric vehicle (EV) sales up 177% 10/22/2021
Electric vehicle (EV) sales in Asia and the Middle East reached 1,802,723 units for January to August 2021, up by 177% year-on-year, according to the Worldwide Monthly BEV & PHEV Tracker from Researcher and Research LLC.
PC shipment broke record again 10/22/2021
Global PC shipments marked their sixth consecutive year-on-year (YoY) growth in the third quarter of 2021 at 84.2 million units. This came despite the ongoing component shortages and other supply constraints.
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