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Workplace productivity has been the same or higher since moved to work-from-home 8/31/2020
94 percent of employers said workplace productivity has been the same or higher since the pandemic began, despite many workers being remote.
Kioxia Holdings (formerly Toshiba Memory) set to go public in October 8/28/2020
Kioxia Holdings Corporation is poised for listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in October, set to be Japan’s biggest initial public offering (IPO) of the year with market cap near 22 trillion won ($18.5 billion).
White House is looking for ways to ease airline furloughs 8/28/2020
President Donald Trump's chief of staff, Mark Meadows, said Wednesday that "if Congress is not going to work, this president is going to get to work and solve some problems. So hopefully we can help out the airlines and keep some of those employees from being furloughed.”
Fed to keep interest rate near zero and loosen allowance for inflation 8/28/2020
The change means the Fed is prepared to tolerate a higher level of inflation than it generally has in the past. And it means that borrowing rates for households and businesses — for everything from auto loans and home mortgages to corporate expansion — will likely remain ultra-low for years to come.
U.S. GDP shrank 31.7% in Q2 8/28/2020
The U.S. economy shrank at an alarming annual rate of 31.7% during the April-June quarter as it struggled under the weight of the viral pandemic, the government estimated Thursday. It was the sharpest quarterly drop on record.
American Airlines to cut 40,000 jobs 8/27/2020
The airline said 23,500 employees have accepted buyouts, retired early or taken long-term leaves of absence, but that was not enough to avoid involuntary cuts.
Orders for durable goods jumped in July 8/27/2020
The July increase was led by a strong advance in the volatile transportation sector, which was up 35.6%.
China is "building an economy and academic institutions with bricks stolen from others." 8/27/2020
Authorities on Sunday took a Texas A&M University professor into custody for conspiracy, making false statements and wire fraud.
A secretive data mining company going public 8/27/2020
It also indicated it is on track to exceed $1 billion in annual revenues. It cited revenues of $481 million for the first half of 2020, up 49% from the year-ago period. Its 2019 revenues of $746 million were up 25% from the previous year
Arm Holdings changes its mind on spinning two software unit to SoftBank 8/26/2020
Arm, which supplies chips for virtually all mobile devices, said on Monday it has opted to keep the two units with separate accounting structures.
U.S. consumer confidence fell 8/26/2020
The Conference Board, a New York-based research organization, reported Tuesday that its Consumer Confidence Index declined to a reading of 84.8 in August, down from 91.7 in July.
Personal finances of many Americans have in some ways have improved in pandemic 8/26/2020
45% of Americans say they’re setting aside more money than usual. Twenty-six percent are paying down debt faster than they were before the coronavirus pandemic. In total, about half of Americans say they’ve either saved more or paid down debt since the outbreak began.
EPA grant approval to use long lasting virus coating for airplane 8/26/2020
The SurfaceWise2 product is now the first long-lasting product approved by the EPA for fighting coronavirus.
Tim cook continue to carry on Steve Jobs visions 8/25/2020
Initially seen as a mere caretaker for the iconic franchise that Jobs built before his 2011 death, Cook has forged his own distinctive legacy. He will mark his ninth anniversary as Apple’s CEO Monday -- the same day the company will split its stock for the second time during his reign.
Heavy duty electric trucks are perfect for mining purpose 8/25/2020
Utility Minnesota Power has proposed a pilot project to state regulators in which it would help the region’s iron and taconite mines acquire heavy-duty electric vehicles to help shrink their carbon footprint.
Oil and Gas companies continue to fall 8/25/2020
Law firm Haynes and Boone counted nearly 500 bankruptcies among oil and gas companies since 2015, with 60 so far this year, and 18 filings in July alone.
There is not enough laptops for back-to-school 8/25/2020
The world’s three biggest computer companies, Lenovo, HP and Dell, have told school districts they have a shortage of nearly 5 million laptops, in some cases exacerbated by Trump administration sanctions on Chinese suppliers.
DRAM Capex fall for being cautious on coming market 8/24/2020
Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron Technology - are expected to make further cuts in their DRAM capital spending in 2020 as most new facilities and upgrades to current fabs are in place to handle near-term demand, IC Insights indicated. Samsung's DRAM capital expenditure budget will decline 21% to US$4.9 billion this year, while SK Hynix will trim its DRAM capex budget 38% to US$4 billion. Micron is expected to cut its DRAM capex by 16% this year to US$3.6 billion.
TSMC celebrates land mark one billionth good 7nm chips 8/24/2020
TSMC blog post, the company has manufactured 7 nm chips for over 100 products and dozens of different customers. The amount of silicon used to make those chips is enough to cover 13 Manhattan city blocks.
Turkish large natural gas discovery might turn it into a future energy hub 8/24/2020
The amount of gas discovered is 320 billion cubic meters, a sum industry analysts said was notable but not a “game-changer” that might turn the country into a regional energy hub or materially alter its financial fortunes.
China test vaccine on its Overseas mine workers 8/24/2020
Papua New Guinea blocked the arrival of a flight carrying workers from China after a Chinese mine operator said its employees were given a coronavirus vaccine in a possible unauthorized trial.
Continue demand on PC and servers boosted Q2 DRAM sales by 15.4% 8/21/2020
DRAM bit shipments for the second quarter were higher-than-expected, when ASPs rose about 10% on quarter, DRAMeXchange said. However, inventory levels at server OEMs are swelling which may discourage them from placing orders
Future of 3D printing/additive manufacturing 8/21/2020
3D printing/additive manufacturing (AM), including the possibilities around virtual inventories and on-demand manufacturing. These advantages can deliver cost-savings, increased responsiveness and flexibility to customers, without the need for huge investments.
Chinese made EV to enter into U.S. market 8/21/2020
A potential competitive advantage is NIO's service that allows owners to swap drained batteries instead of recharging them.
China hints to resume trade talk with U.S. 8/21/2020
Chinese and U.S. trade envoys will hold a meeting by phone “in the near future” to discuss an agreement aimed at resolving a tariff war.
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