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SEMI’s Industry 4.0 Readiness Assessment Model to Help Advance Smart Manufacturing Maturity in Chip Industry 11/13/2023
IRAM aids companies in identifying technology enhancements critical to scaling and sustaining their Industry 4.0 transformation.
SK Hynix bets on DRAM upturn with $7.6 bn spending; HBM in focus 11/10/2023
SK Hynix is betting on increased industry demand for advanced DRAM chips by earmarking $7.6 billion for capital spending next year, representing at least a 43% increase over this year's number. The company also reportedly plans to spend on its high-bandwidth-memory manufacturing technology known as Through Silicon Via.
Microchip Retimer Accelerates Development Path for 800G AECs 11/10/2023
Microchip has launched an accelerated development path for QSFP-DD and OSFP AEC cable products using its META-DX2C 800G retimer.
Keysight Platform Validates First Test Case for 3GPP Rel-17 Non-Terrestrial Networks Standard 11/10/2023
Keysight has validated the first protocol conformance test case for 3GPP Rel-17 standards for non-terrestrial networks using NB-IoT technology.
Qualcomm Takes On AMD, Apple, Intel with Snapdragon X Elite 11/10/2023
Designed to run Windows, Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite will provide real competition to AMD and Intel for notebook PCs.
GlobalFoundries beats Q3 earnings estimates, optimistic about Q4 11/9/2023
Excluding some items, profit was 55 cents a share in the period, the company said in a statement Tuesday. Analysts had projected 49 cents. GlobalFoundries’ earnings forecast for the fourth quarter also was higher than Wall Street expected, even as its sales outlook came in light.
Qualcomm, Samsung oppose India's TV on phones effort 11/9/2023
Qualcomm and Samsung say India's proposed mandate for ATSC 3.0 technology on smartphones for live-TV reception would raise the cost of devices, reduce battery performance and cell reception. Ericsson and Nokia joined the companies in asking the Indian communications ministry to reconsider.
STMicroelectronics supplys energy harvesting secure microcontrollers to Ellipse World Inc for card payments 11/9/2023
This innovative solution is designed to elevate both the payment experience and enhance user protection, facilitated by ST’s ST31N600 chip.
Vietnam Develops 5G Chip 11/9/2023
The first 5G DFE chip series in Vietnam belongs to the 5G product ecosystem completely designed by Viettel's engineers.
Texas Instruments begins construction on 300-mm fab in Utah 11/8/2023
In February, TI announced its $11 billion investment in Utah, marking the largest economic investment in state history. LFAB2 will create approximately 800 additional TI jobs as well as thousands of indirect jobs, with first production in 2026.
Baidu orders $61.83M in AI chips from Huawei 11/8/2023
Baidu has ordered 1,600 910B Ascend AI chips from Huawei Technologies for about $61.83 million to be delivered by the end of the year. The chips were developed as an alternative to the A100 chip from Nvidia.
NXP and Zendar Collaborate to Accelerate Development of High-resolution Radar 11/8/2023
NXP and Zendar will collaborate on enhanced high-resolution radar systems for automotive applications by leveraging Zendar's DAR technology.
Canon Litho Tool is Years behind from ASML's EUV equipment 11/8/2023
“Defectivity and alignment have been perpetual problems and limitations of nanoimprint,” Maire said. “We do applaud Canon in making excellent progress, by the relentless engineering that Japanese firms are known for, but basic technical limitations still remain.”
Siemens to invest a further $290 million (271 million euros) in the United States 11/7/2023
It will invest $140 million in two electrical-products manufacturing plants in Grande Prairie, Texas, and Pomona, California, the company said.
China’s Share in Mature Process Capacity Predicted to Climb to 33% by 2027 11/7/2023
Leading the charge are giants like SMIC, HuaHong Group, and Nexchip, while Taiwan’s share is estimated to consolidate from 49% down to 42%.
DuPont and ST Develop Smart Wearable Device Concept for Monitoring Biosignals 11/7/2023
By collaborating with others across the healthcare ecosystem—from technology developers and material suppliers to device fabricators and OEMs—DuPont is developing more patient-centric solutions that contribute to better patient outcomes.
Bluetooth: Keep finding new applications 11/7/2023
Bluetooth's spread and evolution continue and suppliers of the omnipresent tech are innovating across applications once unimagined.
NXP to implement distributed aperture radar for automated driving 11/6/2023
NXP is investing in startup Zendar's distributed aperture radar software for its automated driving ICs. NXP says the technology "fuses information from multiple radar sensors on a vehicle to create a larger effective antenna" and eliminates the need for multiple antenna channels.
China Chipmaker YMTC Spent $7 Billion to Overcome U.S. Sanctions 11/6/2023
Yangtze Memory Technologies Corp. spent $7 billion in a year's time after losing money from US sanctions against China's semiconductor industry. The company, which makes 3D NAND memory, recently secured billions of dollars in funding.
Global Shipments of Tablets and Chromebooks Continue Downtrend in 3Q 2023 11/6/2023
Worldwide tablet shipments posted a decline of 14.2% year-on-year in the third quarter of 2023 (3Q 2023), totaling 33.2 million units, according to preliminary data from the International Data Corp. (IDC)
Taiwan and Japan to Build JSMC’s First Fab in Miyagi Prefecture 11/6/2023
PSMC, SBI, Japan's Miyagi Prefecture, and JSMC signed an MoU confirming that JSMC's first fab will be selected in Japan.
Chinese Memory Maker Gets $2 Billion Govt Fund Infusion 11/3/2023
Changxin Xinqiao has received funding from the China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund.
Chipmakers likely to see revenue upswing in H2 11/3/2023
Nvidia, Advanced Micro Devices and Intel should expect a bump in revenue in the second half of 2023 as notebook/PC and server markets stabilize and demand for high-performance computing chips rises, according to estimates from DigiTimes Research analyst Eric Chen. The chipmakers are launching GPU/CPU products amid demand for AI model training.
Japan Gearing Up to Strengthen Semiconductor Industry 11/3/2023
Based on Japan’s geographical characteristics, TrendForce has identified three potential semiconductor hubs that might emerge in Japan, located in Kyushu, Tohoku, and Hokkaido respectively.
Blue Solutions and Foxconn to Collaborate on Solid-state Battery Ecosystem 11/3/2023
Blue Solutions and Foxconn will jointly develop a solid-state battery ecosystem for the electric two-wheeler market.
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