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3D machine vision advancing 1/25/2019
Machine vision for guiding robotic movement has been implemented in factory applications for many years now and is in many ways a mature technology. Smart camera systems with built-in processing and calibration capabilities, robust recognition and measurement algorithms, and proven libraries that simplify application development are widely available and continually improving.
Business worries about global uncertainty 1/24/2019
Business executives had grown more worried about "increased financial market volatility, rising short-term interest rates, falling energy prices and elevated trade and political uncertainty.
Toshiba Electronics offers Ethernet bridge IC for automotive networks 1/24/2019
The TC9562 series has been designed to provide both reliability and performance, delivering Ethernet bridging capability up to 1Gbps transfer rate. The bridge IC also supports Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) protocol for various industrial and commercial applications.
Server demand predicted to be stable 1/24/2019
The major variable is the uncertainties arising from the US-China trade war, which may force cloud service providers to adjust downward their capital expenses on the establishment of datacenters, reducing demand for servers.
TSMC to tape out 5nm first half of this year 1/24/2019
The foundry is scheduled to start taping out 5nm chip designs later in the first half of 2019. TSMC is on track to move its 5nm process incorporating EUV lithography technology to volume production in the first half of 2020, according to Wei.
EU to fund compound semiconductor development 1/23/2019
The plan unlocks €1.75bn of funding for research activities and will bring in up to €6bn in private investment and will ultimately help bring new technology innovations to market.
DRAMeXchange predicts 50% price drop for Server DRAM 1/23/2019
DRAMeXchange said the expected price drop may flirt with a 50 percent drop for the whole of 2019, though price falls are expected to ease during the third and fourth quarters should inventory problems be solved properly.
China demanded U.S. to drop charges on Huawei VP 1/23/2019
China demands that the U.S. withdraw the arrest warrant against Meng and "not make a formal extradition request to the Canadian side.
Layoffs at SpaceX 1/23/2019
Last week, SpaceX announced that it will lay off 10% of its nearly 6,000 workers in an effort to become leaner. “This action is taken only due to the extraordinarily difficult challenges ahead and would not otherwise be necessary,” the company said.
TomTom sells telematics unit to concentrade on Mapping 1/22/2019
TomTom has announced that it’s selling its telematics division to automotive giant Bridgestone Europe for €910 million ($1,033 billion).
PTI experienc boosted memory packaging business 1/22/2019
Prices for NAND flash chips had plunged by some 60% in 2018 and may fall further in 2019, but production capacities are still being expanded, with bit shipments to see an annual increase 39% in the year.
Toshiba Memory to go public sooner than later 1/22/2019
Toshiba Memory Corp advancing its IPO listing to the second half of 2019 from 2021 and enhancing cooperation with No. 3 player Western Digital (WD) to enforce capacity expansions.
U.S. manufacturer cut jobs as trade war goes on 1/22/2019
For many businesses, the tariffs are escalating costs, creating hardships and magnifying uncertainty. The Institute for Supply Management's manufacturing index plunged last month to its lowest point in more than two years partly because of the tariffs. And the Federal Reserve appears increasingly worried that damage from the trade war will undercut the economy.
JEDEC has new updated HBM Specifications 1/21/2019
Jedec Solid State Technology Association’s most recent update to the JESD235 HBM DRAM standard focuses on meeting the needs of applications in which peak bandwidth, bandwidth per watt, and capacity per area are critical metrics. Such applications include high-performance graphics, network and client applications, and high-performance computing.
7nm order increased for 5G SoC 1/21/2019
Demand for 7nm fabrication processes is being driven by flagship devices rolled out by smartphone vendors, said Digitimes Research.
Trade War slumps China's industry and jobs 1/21/2019
A tariff war with Washington over Beijing's technology ambitions is adding to anxiety over job losses and tumbling sales of cars, real estate and consumer goods.
U.K. airport to purchase anti-drone system 1/21/2019
Heathrow and Gatwick announced they will be investing millions of pounds in anti-drone systems, which can detect and jam communications between a UAV and its operator.
Rambus acquired memory assets of Diablo Technologies 1/18/2019
For over ten years, Diablo Technologies was a pioneer in the development of NVDIMM technologies for high-speed, low-power, and low-latency bridging and switching products targeted at the server and storage markets. Having developed memory buffer and software solutions leveraging an all-Flash memory sub-system, Diablo Technologies enabled an architecture to rewrite the rules of data centre performance and economics.
Trade War delays Chinese plan on entering U.S. car market 1/18/2019
Yu acknowledged GAC's "uphill battle" to entering the U.S. market but he noted the company is making "steady progress." In addition to opening the design centers in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and Detroit, he said it expects to have its North American sales company running by March. After that, GAC will start to establish a distribution network and build brand awareness in the U.S.
Photo Voltaic demand will reach a new high in India throughout 2019 1/18/2019
In 2019, China and the United States will be the top two markets in the world, while India will be the country with the third highest PV demand and Japan the fourth. After 2019, India is the most likely to foresee a larger growth in demand thanks to its favorable environment and encouraging policies made by the local government.
LCD panel prices to decline starting Q2 2019 1/18/2019
Increasing pressure from oversupply has resulted in a sharp decline in panel prices. Therefore, Samsung Display has strategically decided to allocate more capacity to QD-OLED TV production in advance. As the result, the stock-up demand for TV panels may arrive earlier than expected in 2Q19.
DRAMeXchange sets a price decline of 20% on DRAM 1/17/2019
Micron had the biggest drop in prices in 4Q18 and lowered its inventory level promptly. This price decline may continue all year.
Nvidia aims at winning back the graphic market from AMD 1/17/2019
The collapse of the cryptocurrency mining market has left graphics card vendors with high inventories, and miners have been offloading their used cards in the second-hand market, resulting in a sharp sales drop in Nvidia's new GeForce RTX 2080Ti/2080/2070 graphics card.
American envoys are due in Beijing for another round of talk 1/17/2019
The two days of meetings are aimed at carrying out the Dec. 1 truce by Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping that postponed additional tariff hikes, the Ministry of Commerce announced Friday.
Etron revealed a brand-new DRAM architecture to reduced Pin Count and cut cost… 1/17/2019
Etron Technology (Hsinchu, Taiwan) revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show that instead of following the conventional path, it's charting an alternative roadmap with a brand-new DRAM architecture called “Reduced Pin Count” (RPC) DRAM.
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