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High global demand for gasoline might be gone for good 3/19/2021
Gasoline demand is unlikely to fully return because increased demand in the developing world will be offset by consumers shifting to electric vehicles, manufacturers improving fuel efficiency and businesses increasing telework while decreasing travel, the report said.
A Canadian electric car company to build 3 wheel EV's in Arizona 3/19/2021
ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp. announced Tuesday that it has selected Mesa after searching for a location for its U.S. assembly facility and engineering technical center. Once fully built, the company expects to employ between 200 and 500 workers and produce up to 20,000 SOLOs yearly.
Scratching noise from Mars rover troubles NASA engineer 3/19/2021
The driving audio contains an unexpected high-pitched scratching noise, according to NASA. Engineers are trying to figure it out.
Micron Technology ditches 3D XPoint to go for CXL memories 3/18/2021
Micron indicated it will increase investment in new memory products that leverage the Compute Express Link (CXL), the recently introduced industry standard interface that enables flexible connection between compute, memory and storage. With immediate effect, Micron will cease development of 3D XPoint.
February Industrial output fell due to the Winter storm 3/18/2021
The Federal Reserve reported Tuesday that industrial production fell 2.2% in February, reflecting a big decline in output at factories and oil and gas refineries.
Texas power company filed bankruptcy after waiver customer charges 3/18/2021
Griddy's bankruptcy plan proposes to waive claims against customers for charges they incurred from February 15 - 19, while the $9,000 per megawatt hour price for wholesale power was in effect. The Texas attorney general said Tuesday that the waiver would cover about 24,000 former customers who owe $29.1 million in unpaid bills, and that negotiations were continuing over relief for customers who paid their bills.
Ford Motors allows some employees to work at home indefinitely 3/18/2021
Ford told about 30,000 of its employees worldwide who have worked from home that they can continue to do so indefinitely, with flexible hours approved by their managers. Their schedules will become a work-office “hybrid”: They'll commute to work mainly for group meetings and projects best-suited for face-to-face interaction.
Amazon care connects you to health care services 3/18/2021
Amazon Care is an app that connects users virtually with doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses who can provide services and treatment over the phone 24 hours a day.
Nokia cuts headcount to invest in 5G development 3/17/2021
The restructuring means the number of staff is expected to fall to 80,000-85,000 employees over a period of up to two years, Nokia said on Tuesday. It should reduce costs by $715 million by 2023.
Foxconn Technology is considering the idea to make EV's in Wisconsin plant 3/17/2021
The decision will be between whether to go to Mexico or the U.S. for manufacturing electric vehicles, Foxconn Chairman Young Liu said at a news conference in Taipei, Taiwan's capital. He said the decision, which will be finalized before July 1, will hinge on business, not politics.
Toys R Us toy stores are being revived again 3/17/2021
Brand management company WHP Global has announced it has purchased a controlling interest in the operation and will manage its business and growth.
Volkswagen plans six large battery factories to support its EV cars 3/17/2021
Volkswagen said it would build on its existing battery production facilities at Salzgitter in Germany and with partner Northvolt in Skelleftea, Sweden, adding new production technology and a standardized cell that it said would cut battery costs by as much as 50%.
CEO of Ant Group resigned citing personal reasons 3/16/2021
Ant Group has come under increased scrutiny and tighter regulation as it expanded the range of financial technology services it offers. In November its planned stock market debut was suspended in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The Shanghai stock exchange cited regulatory changes in Ant’s industry and a possible failure to meet disclosure requirements but gave no details.
Dispute start to surface in Brexit deal 3/16/2021
The European Union said Monday it is starting legal action against the United Kingdom, arguing it does not respect the conditions of the Brexit withdrawal agreement and is violating international law.
LG and rival SK race to build battery factory in Georgia 3/16/2021
South Korean company LG Energy Solution is now telling some Georgia officials that it could build its own factory in the state if rival SK Innovation can't proceed.
Rioter attacks Chinese factories in Myanmar 3/16/2021
More than 100 civilians have been killed by security forces since the February 1 coup, according to a tally by the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners. Many more have been injured, and thousands have been arrested.
General Motors made progress on Lithium Metal battery development 3/15/2021
The initial prototype batteries have already completed 150,000 simulated test miles at research and development labs at GM’s Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, demonstrating real-world potential.
Biden targets vaccine available for all American adults by May 1 3/15/2021
Joe Biden used his first prime-time address Thursday night to announce his plan to make all adults vaccine-eligible by May 1 and “begin to mark our independence from this virus” by the Fourth of July.
U.K. economic output down by 3% due to Brexit 3/15/2021
Britain left the European single market on Jan. 1, ending almost half a century of free trade and triggering tariffs, increased paperwork and border delays on both sides of the English Channel. While the drop in trade was magnified by stockpiling ahead of the new rules, economists said the scale of the decline reflected the disruption caused by Brexit.
LG to joint venture with GM to build battery factory in the U.S. 3/15/2021
LG will invest more than $4.5 billion in its U.S. battery production business by 2025 as automakers ramp up production of electric vehicles. The investment will help create 10,000 jobs, including subcontractors.
OmniVision Technologies offers a smallest 0.55mm image sensor 3/12/2021
Company officials said the combination of resolution and size would allow physicians to capture quality, color images from within even the smallest organs, including cardiac and neurological procedures.
Breeze Airlines, a new carrier found by former founder of JetBlue Airways 3/12/2021
Breeze Aviation Group has up to one year to begin flights using up to 22 planes, the company said Wednesday.
Strong sales on second half keeps BMW profitable 3/12/2021
Operating profits for the second half of last year were 9.8% higher than the second half of 2019. The Munich-based company's sales were boosted by the early and strong economic recovery in China, where 2020 sales topped the year before by 7.4%.
U.S. unemployment to ease off 3/12/2021
Fewer employers are cutting jobs amid a decline in confirmed coronavirus cases and signs of an improving economy.
Vanguard International Semiconductor reached fully utilized production capacity 3/11/2021
Based on VIS' sales guidance for the first quarter of 2021, market observers expect the company to see March revenue top NT$3 billion and hit a record high,
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