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Chief architect for Microsoft Xbox One jumps ship over to Intel 6/17/2019
John Sell, the chief architect of next-gen consoles system on chip (SoC) for Xbox One, Scorpio and Project Scarlett has left Microsoft and taking his talents to Intel, according to sources close to the matter and his LinkedIn profile.
Broadcom see Huawei ban as a major disturbance in global supply chain 6/17/2019
CEO Hock Tan added that Broadcom's customers are cutting inventory levels--also known as Broadcom component purchases--and being conservative for 2019.
China May Industrial Output suffers 6/14/2019
China’s industrial output growth slowed to a more than 17-year low of 5% in May, well below expectations, in the latest sign of weakening demand in the world’s second-largest economy as the United States ramps up trade pressure.
SEMI predicts IC industry to grow 20% by 2020 6/14/2019
Memory sector spending alone is expected to account for a disproportionate share of the 2019 falloff, dropping 45%, but should stage a strong recovery of 45% to US$28 billion in 2020, SEMI indicated.
Qualcomm to invest in Taiwan IC industry 6/14/2019
Qualcomm has made significant efforts to support academic research and has helped realize some research projects in Taiwan, Hsu said. Qualcomm's efforts will help boost the production value of Taiwan's networking/communications sector to NT$600 billion (US$19.07 billion) annually, plus an additional NT$200 billion for the foundry and back-end semiconductor sectors
Intel to turn New Mexico plant into optronics 6/14/2019
Now, the Rio Rancho site is front and center in developing new technologies that go far beyond Intel’s traditional focus on computer processing units, or CPUs, for personal computers and lap tops, Edgerly said. The local plant has become a key corporate cog in the design and production of next-generation components to immensely speed processing capacity in everything from data centers to smart buildings and cars.
OPEC Oil output fell to five-year low 6/13/2019
Production from the 14-nation producer club fell by 236,000 barrels per day last month to 29.88 million bpd, according to independent sources cited by OPEC in its monthly report. It was the first time OPEC pumped below 30 million bpd since June 2014.
Broadcom samples its first 7-nm network switch chip 6/13/2019
The Trident 4 family, which spans switches with 2- to 128-terabits-per-second aggregate bandwidth, is aimed at business networks that need a variety of management features. The 21 billion transistor chip packs up to 256 50G PAM4 SerDes and manages up to 5 billion packets per second in a single chassis.
Apple is in negotiation to buy German part of Intel's modem operation 6/13/2019
Apple is building its own internal modem unit with the intention of having its own modem ready to use in 2025.
Qualcomm has chosen Samsung Electronics to make next flagship chipset 6/13/2019
Reportedly, Samsung foundry for the Snapdragon 865 is expected to commence at the end of 2019. The chipset will be manufactured on the 7 nm ultra-violet (EUV) process. While TSMC used the manufacturing process first in 2018, Qualcomm reportedly believes that Samsung's tech is more advanced than TSMC's.
AMD's Ryzen 3000 gaming processors has 12 cores and costs less than half the price of competing chip 6/12/2019
“It’s all about gaming, because we believe that the gaming market is a phenomenal market,” Su said. “We are one of the very, very few companies that can bring what’s needed to the gaming market that we love, for every category of gaming. Gamers are some of the toughest people to please. They have extreme requirements. They want everything. They want fast framerates. They want incredible quality. They want extremely responsive. And they want it, frankly, on every platform. Do we care about gaming? We absolutely care. And we are going to win in gaming.”
Intel acquires Barefoot Networks for configurable networking technology 6/12/2019
Essentially, Barefoot Networks chips allow its customers to program whatever functionality they need on to the networking chips that Barefoot sells them.
Japan’s Tokyo Electron joins ban to supply technology equipments to China 6/12/2019
“We would not do businesses with Chinese clients with whom Applied Materials and Lam Research are barred from doing businesses,” the executive said, referring to the top U.S. chip equipment firms. “It’s crucial for us that the U.S. government and industry see us as a fair company,”
Chinese designers will likely stay away from U.S. components for decades to come 6/12/2019
Some analysts believe that it is U.S. suppliers who will feel the pain most acutely as China responds to the ban on U.S. companies selling chips and other components to Huawei by redoubling efforts to become self-reliant and placing heightened emphasis on sourcing components from suppliers based in Europe and elsewhere in Asia.
Foxconn says it can continue to manufacture iPhone outside of China 6/11/2019
Head of Foxconn’s semiconductor business group, Young Liu, said, “25 percent of our production capacity is outside of China and we can help Apple respond to its needs in the U.S. market.” “We have enough capacity to meet Apple’s demand,” Liu said at an investors’ conference.
Aspeed offers server management SoC 6/11/2019
Aspeed Technology has started delivering in small volume samples of its new baseboard management controller (BMC) chips for servers based on Intel's next-generation Whitley server platform in June, with large-scale sample delivering scheduled to kick off in the fourth quarter.
TSMC has a high revenue month of May 6/11/2019
TSMC has reported consolidated revenues of about NT$80.44 billion for May, up 7.7% sequentially but down 0.7% on year. Revenues for January through May totaled NT$373.84 billion, a decrease of 9.0% compared to the same period in 2018.
Wafer fabs likely to hold capital expansion due to trade war 6/11/2019
Whether vendors can allow buyers to flexibly honor their purchase agreements will affect the development of the silicon wafer industry. If capacity expansions by existing leading vendors and the establishment of new plants by Chinese suppliers can be put on hold, it will be a healthy development for the global silicon wafer industry in the long term.
Raytheon and United Technologies to merge 6/10/2019
Raytheon and United Technologies have a combined market value of nearly $166 billion. Raytheon shareholders will get 2.3348 shares in the new company for each Raytheon share, the firms said.
TDK offers miniaturized thin-film power inductor design 6/10/2019
The low-profile TFM201208ALD power inductor measures 2.0 x 1.25 x 0.8 mm and is available with a rated inductance of 1.0 µH. Owing to its reduced dc resistance of 79 mO, which is 12% lower than that of conventional products, the power inductor achieves low losses,
Impinj suied NXP for infringement 6/10/2019
Impinj alleges that NXP is infringing on 26 patents including a diagnostic system for checking the health of the chips and features that make them more durable and accurate when tracking items as they travel through the supply chain. In addition to the patent infringements, Impinj alleges NXP also infringed on circuit designs that allow the chips to be so small,
Analog Devices offers millimeter wave up down convertor for 5G 6/10/2019
“Millimeter-wave 5G is an emerging technology with great potential,” said Karim Hamed, general manager of Microwave Communications at Analog Devices. “It can be extremely difficult to design these systems from the ground up, balancing system-level challenges in performance, standards, and cost.
Job creation and wages hike slows 6/7/2019
Job creation decelerated strongly in May, with nonfarm payrolls up by just 75,000. The decline was the second in four months that payrolls increased by less than 100,000 as the labor market continues to show signs of weakening. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been looking for a gain of 180,000.
Applied Materials opens new plant to accelerate 10th generation display equipment production 6/7/2019
The company plans to manufacture 10th-generation LCD production equipment on a large scale at the plant, as well as and organic LED (OLED) equipment.
Marvell works with ARM on new ThunderX server processor 6/7/2019
This new agreement includes dedicated Arm support for Marvell’s R&D in the server processor technology area for at least three more years. As a result, Marvell can further expand its Arm-based server products and roadmap to enable the next generation of cloud and data centre infrastructure.
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