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DENSO Corp. and UMC Japan to collaborate on the production of power semiconductors for EV 4/27/2022
An insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) line will be installed at USJC’s wafer fab, which will be the first in Japan to produce IGBTs on 300mm wafers. DENSO will contribute its system-oriented IGBT device and process technologies while USJC will provide its 300mm wafer manufacturing capabilities to bring the 300mm IGBT process into mass production,
Intel and QuTech created the first silicon qubits for quantum logic gates using the same manufacturing facilities 4/26/2022
According to Intel, its engineers working with scientists from QuTech have successfully created the first silicon qubits at scale at Intel's D1 manufacturing factory in Hillsboro, Oregon, using a 300mm wafer similar to those the company uses to mass produce processor chips.
South Korean semiconductor firms' standing in the Chinese market has become weaker 4/26/2022
The Federation of Korean Industries(FKI) released the conclusion on Monday after analyzing market share data of relevant firms from Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the U.S. and the six member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations following Washington's sanctions on Huawei and the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation(SMIC).
The advantages of DDR5 4/26/2022
The memory bandwidth of DDR5 is twice that of DDR4. If the transfer rate is calculated at the initial 4800Mhz, it is 50% higher than the 3200Mhz of DDR4. In addition to significant improvements in performance, DDR5 memory has also made good progress in capacity, stability and power-saving efficiency.
Autonomous driving to bring changes to road systems 4/26/2022
The technology needed to enable autonomous driving goes beyond just the vehicles: The roads they operate on can also benefit from technological advancements to become safer and easier to use for such vehicles. This is an area that’s gaining increased prominence, though not from all stakeholders.
Esperanto experiments with massively parallel RISC-V AI 4/25/2022
Esperanto’s evaluation program enables users to obtain performance data from running a variety of off-the-shelf AI models including recommendation, transformer and visual networks on the ET-SoC-1 AI Inference Accelerator.
On Semiconductor shuts down Shanghai global distribution center 4/25/2022
On Semiconductor (Onsemi) has notified customers in a letter that the company has to shut down its Global Distribution Center in China, while closely managing supply-chain disruptions caused by COVID lockdowns and restrictions in Shanghai and other major Chinese cities,
US House members protested about the sale of Newport Wafer Fab to the Chinese company Wingtech 4/25/2022
“The UK is a valued ally of the United States, and we hope it will decide to change course,” the congressmen wrote in a letter to President Joe Biden, “it is in the long-term interest of our two countries to ensure the People’s Republic of China is not able to gain control of any segment of critical supply chains such as semiconductors, particularly when they are located on allied soil.
Synopsys offers most advance Neural Processor IP 4/25/2022
To accelerate application software development for the ARC NPX6 NPU IP, the new DesignWare ARC MetaWare MX Development Toolkit provides a comprehensive compilation environment with automatic neural network algorithm partitioning to maximize resource utilization.
Multiple vulnerabilities discovered in the audio decoders of Qualcomm and MediaTek chips. 4/22/2022
The discovery of these vulnerabilities was made by Check Point Research (CPR) and if left unpatched, an attacker could exploit them to remotely gain access to a device’s camera and microphone by using a malformed audio file.
Renesas offers new clock buffers and 4 new multiplexers 4/22/2022
The PCIe Gen6 standard supports data rates of 64 GT/s while requiring clock jitter performance of less than 100fs RMS.
Morris Chang, founder of TSMC commented that global rush to build new fabs might not work 4/22/2022
The lack of manufacturing talent may not be a bad thing for the US in general, but is bad for doing semiconductor manufacturing in the US, he said, when asked to comment on the country's limitations in trying to ramp up chip production.
500KW solar system installed in record 20 days 4/22/2022
Spread over 6,408 square meters, the plant has been set up to coincide with a visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the panchayat to formally launch a nationwide National Panchayati Raj Day celebrations on April 24.
US chip manufacturers ships half of the global needs 4/21/2022
The semiconductor industry with a sophisticated division of labor has seen a rapid evolution over more than 60 years, during which the global capital market also has played a key role. The industry's development is a very complicated one, from either a political or economic point of view.
Wi-Fi 6E and 6E’s to dominate smartphone shipments by 2025 4/21/2022
By 2025, the market share of smartphones supporting Wi-Fi 6 and 6E is estimated to surpass 80%.
IC unit shipments will increase by 9.2% this year 4/21/2022
The 9.2% gain anticipated this year follows the large, 22% increase experienced during the economic recovery of 2021—the largest increase in IC unit growth since the boom year of 2010.
Foxconn acquires arQana Technologies’ Wireless Telecommunications business 4/21/2022
This business transaction is a positive accomplishment for all the parties involved. It enables arQana Taiwan, arQana Belgium, and AchernarTek not only to continue developing their high-performance products for wireless telecommunications and further enhancing their 5G Sub-6GHz and mmWave product developments, but also expanding their footprints in the growing connected cars and electric vehicle (EV) market.
Israeli based medical-imaging technology company Nanox to open semiconductor fab in Korea 4/20/2022
Nanox will develop crucial semiconductor microchips – the subject of many supply issue woes – that produces digital X-rays for its 3D medical imaging system. That system, called the Nanox.ARC, reduces costs in comparison to traditional analog X-rays.
SMART Modular offers up to 2TB of Optane Memory expansion on a PCIe interface 4/20/2022
SMART’s Kestral memory AICs are ideal for hyperscale, data center, and other similar environments that run large memory applications, and would benefit from memory acceleration or system acceleration through computational storage
Broadcom announce details of five chips as part of its Wi-Fi 7 portfolio 4/20/2022
Wi-Fi 7 doubles the bandwidth of Wi-Fi 6 and 6E making it a good complement to the expanded worldwide Wi-Fi spectrum in the 6 GHz band. The theory is that Wi-Fi 7 will allow users to expect up to 2.4 times more throughput, reduced latency, and extended range, all with much higher reliability.
Microchip offers new SSD controller with AI functions 4/20/2022
This controller includes a programmable ML engine with pattern recognition and classification functions.
Russia targets to produce its own microprocessor 4/19/2022
Russia has drawn up a plan to spend $38.4 billion developing a domestic semiconductor industry, reports Cnews, with the initial target of having a 90nm process in place this year, and a long-term goal of having a domestic 28nm process by 2030.
Keysight helps SK hynix in development of memory semiconductors through express (PCIe) 5.0 test platforms 4/19/2022
Keysight’s integrated solutions for physical layer simulation, characterization and validation of PCIe 5.0 devices enable SK hynix to speed test and development of next generation dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) and PCIe devices with CXL high-speed memory interconnect technology.
Kioxia and WD finalized agreement to jointly invest in the Fab7 (Y7) manufacturing facility 4/19/2022
This marks another important milestone in the 20-year strategic joint-venture partnership between the two companies.
Top five semiconductor manufacturers produced 57% of all wafers in 2021 4/19/2022
Samsung, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), Micron, SK Hynix, and Kioxia/Western Digital (WD) increased their share of the world’s silicon wafer capacity to a total of 57% by the end of 2021, according to market watcher Knometa Research.
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