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China’s Huawei show another new foldable phone 2/25/2020
The company says there are improvements under the hood, including a redesigned four-layer screen and upgraded "falcon wing" hinge. It also gets Huawei's latest homegrown Kirin 990 chipset, a four-lens camera system and can be used on a wider range of high-speed 5G network bands.
Kioxia ships new PCIe 4.0 NVMe enterprise SSD 2/24/2020
Dual-ported, the CM6 Series of PCIe Gen4 (1×4, 2×2) and NVMe Enterprise SSDs delivers sequential and random performance of up to 6.9 GB/s and up to 1.4M IOPS. These represent bandwidth improvements of up to 2x over its PCIe Gen3 predecessors and are 12x faster than typical SATA drives.
UK to invest $1.5 billion in superconductor 2/24/2020
UK government today confirmed a £1.2B (around US$1.56B) investment over the next 10 years for developing state-of-the-art supercomputers to improve severe weather and climate forecasting.
Trump proposed Trillion Dollar infustructure revival plan 2/24/2020
Trump has outlined a new $1 trillion plan for spending on roads, rails, water systems and other infrastructure. This time, the president is proposing to rely fully on federal spending. That fundamental change from his first plan drew praise from some state transportation officials and industry groups, even though Trump doesn't spell out how to pay for it all.
Coronavirus did not incapacitate the semiconductor industry 2/24/2020
Despite facing logistical, packaging and test challenges related to the Covid-19 outbreak, semiconductor fabs located in China are continuing to function normally, with high capacity rates.
ST to collaborate with TSMC on development of GaN process 2/21/2020
GaN-based devices switch at speeds as much as 10X faster than silicon-based devices while operating at higher peak temperatures.
Foundry orders shifted from China to Taiwan on virus scare 2/21/2020
SMIC and Huahong, have to slow down their capacity expansions due to the coronavirus outbreak. With the global 8-inch foundry capacity already being tight, and promising demand for chips requiring 12-inch wafer fabrication services, China-based foundries may see orders shifted away if the outbreak prolongs.
Airbus to trim 2,300 defense and space division jobs 2/21/2020
The plan would eliminate 2,362 positions in all — 829 in Germany, 357 in the U.K., 630 in Spain, 404 in France and 142 elsewhere.
General Motors to get tax credit for building new battery plant 2/21/2020
Village leaders in Lordstown approved a 75% tax abatement that will extend over 15 years and allow the company to move forward with the plant.
Online food supply surged in China 2/20/2020
Demand for online food vendors has surged since China’s government told the public to stay home as part of the most sweeping anti-disease controls ever imposed.
U.S. producer price index up 0.5% in January 2/20/2020
The Labor Department said Wednesday that its producer price index, which measures inflationary pressures before they reach the consumer, jumped 0.5% in January after rising 0.2% in December. The monthly increase was much bigger than economists expected.
Government makes room to replace older planes 2/20/2020
The Air Force has announced plans to retire more than 100 planes across its bomber, airlift, tanker and drone fleets in order to make room for additional aircraft tied to its $1 billion Next Generation Air Dominance program.
Du Point replaced CEO and CFO for not meeting expectations 2/20/2020
“While we made some progress in 2019, we did not meet our own expectations and we now need to move aggressively to secure our foundation for growth.”
Tech companies in China enter into their own face mask manufacturing 2/19/2020
Close to 700 tech firms — changed their industrial and commercial registrations to producing masks? Among tech industry players crossing the line to start making masks are Foxconn and BYD.
Jeff Bezos committed to spend $10 billion to fight climate change 2/19/2020
Bezos, the world’s richest person, said in an Instagram post that he'll start giving grants this summer to scientists, activists and nonprofits working to protect Earth.
Apple watches found outsold all Swoss watch together in 2019 2/19/2020
The Apple Watch sold 31 million units last year, compared to 21 million units sold by the entire Swiss watch industry – combined.
Coronavirus to affect Apple iPhone production 2/19/2020
The Cupertino, California-based company said Monday that all of its iPhone manufacturing facilities are outside Hubei province, the epicenter of the outbreak, and all have been reopened. But the company said production is ramping up slowly.
DOJ slabs Huawei with racketeering Charges 2/18/2020
The DoJ said its “superseding indictment” levels new charges against Huawei including a legal charge of conspiracy to steal trade secrets. That the DoJ is invoking RICO, however, is what should worry Huawei.
Hyundai Motor plans to adopt ADI’s audio bus for its road noise control systems 2/18/2020
Hyundai late in 2019 unveiled its RANC system to dramatically reduce noise within the car cabin. Using an acceleration sensor, RANC calculates the vibration from the road to the car, and the control computer analyzes road noise. Computation and signal transfer speeds are optimized, making it possible to analyze in 0.002 second the noise and produce an inverted soundwave, generated by the DSP. Based on tests evaluating road surface, vehicle speed, and different seating positions, Hyundai claimed its RANC system could reduce in-cabin noise by 3dB.
Automakers in China reopen factories 2/18/2020
Local officials have orders from the ruling Communist Party to get businesses functioning again while still enforcing anti-disease curbs that shut down much of the world’s second-largest economy. “Local governments are putting their full weight behind helping businesses open,”
Michigan auto parts supplier plant to close down 2/18/2020
Keihin North America announced the decision in a news release. The company said it has not been able to expand new business as quickly as hoped, giving no other recourse but to proceed shutter Keihin Michigan Manufacturing.
Samsung Electronics’ board Chairman resigned 2/17/2020
“Samsung suffered a major setback to its bid to strengthen its board ... and it would need a fresh face to turn around,” said Park Ju-gun, head of research firm CEO Score, adding that the move was widely expected given that Lee Sang-hoon is in prison.
Tesla rides on trend to issue $2 billion more stocks 2/17/2020
The surprise sale taps into Tesla's rocketing stock price over the past eight months, but comes just two weeks after CEO Elon Musk said the company had enough cash to fund its capital programs and it didn't need to raise any more money.
U.S. manufacturing output dipped due to Boeing Manufacturing halt 2/17/2020
U.S. manufacturing has shown signs of recovering from a year-long downturn but is facing a fresh challenge from Boeing's troubles, which also affect hundreds of suppliers. Manufacturing output is down 0.8% in the past year, hurt by the U.S.-China trade war and slower global growth.
Bombardier quit commercial airplane after 30 years 2/17/2020
Snowmobile pioneer Bombardier is reportedly set to depart the commercial aircraft industry entirely amid a broad restructuring effort.
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