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What kind of smart car does Apple want to build? 12/30/2020
Apple’s hardware strategy – it observes what the competition does, works out precisely what the mass-market consumer wants and then simply does it better than anyone else.
LED industry is set to rebound according to TrendForce 12/30/2020
As COVID vaccines become more widely available in 2021, long-term pent-up market demand will likely rebound from rock-bottom levels, resulting in a forecasted yearly revenue of $15.7 billion for the global LED industry next year, a 3.8% increase YoY.
Foundrybusiness to be robust in 2021 12/30/2020
First, pandemic-induced demand for networking products and from the stay-at-home economy will persist somewhat due to uncertainties in the vaccine’s efficacy and side effects. Second, the China-U.S. trade war will remain unresolved. Finally, the global economy will recover in 2021 after the yearlong downturn in 2020. The demand for components will likely rise.
Chery Automobile Co. and Huawei Technologies joined hands to develope smart cars 12/30/2020
Mobile Internet and smart cars have significantly changed more than 100 years of history of the world auto industry, Chery is planning ahead, embracing the changes of the era and accelerating the transformation from traditional vehicles into smart cars and new energy vehicles.
India on the verge of releasing its home grown COVID vaccine 12/29/2020
Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu expressed happiness that India was on the verge of releasing its own indigenous COVID vaccine and complimented the scientists who have made this possible.
Tower Semiconductor works with GMEMS to develope MEMS microphones products 12/29/2020
The ramp to mass production of GMEM’s MEMS microphones products will be on Tower’s 0.18um flow, which has been custom developed for GMEMS products.
TSMC secures a deal to produce 3nm chips for Apple 12/29/2020
Apple is the first company to contract TSMC’s initial 3 nm production capacity to produce its own M-series processors for the next generation of Mac notebooks and iPads and for A-series processors for the iPhone, according to UDN. TSMC is currently constructing its 3 nm process fab at Tainan’s Southern Taiwan Science Park.
TSMC to hire 600 new process engineers for Arizona fab 12/29/2020
The US government is said to have guaranteed to TSMC that it shall have as many US work visas as it needs to staff the fab.
DOD awards contract to keep IBM Semiconductor research alive 12/28/2020
These initiatives are intended to enable measurably secure microelectronics with lower power consumption, improved performance, reduced physical size, and enhanced reliability.
803,000 file jobless right before Christmas 12/28/2020
The job market remains under stress nine months after the coronavirus outbreak sent the U.S. economy into recession and caused millions of layoffs.
Pandemic is going to change the U.S. garment supply chain 12/28/2020
In March, as U.S. retailers cancelled or failed to pay for existing orders worth billions of dollars, the effects quickly rippled down the supply chain.
“three-Martini lunch” write off returns with virus relief bill 12/28/2020
The under-the-radar provision in the bill restores the full deductions prized by business and lobbyists for fine dining and schmoozing. It could help at least the tonier parts of the ravaged restaurant industry — eventually.
Prices on NAND controllers are on the rise 12/24/2020
The potential increases in prices of controller ICs from outsourced suppliers (IC design houses) are currently estimated to be in the range of 15-20%.
Durable goods order rises in November 12/24/2020
The strength in November included a 3.4% rise in demand for motor vehicles and parts, which represented a rebound following a 2.5% drop in October.
DOJ holds Walmart partially responsible for the Opioid crisis 12/24/2020
Civil complaint filed Tuesday points to the role Walmart’s pharmacies may have played in the crisis by filling opioid prescriptions and by unlawfully distributing controlled substances to the pharmacies during the height of the opioid crisis.
Apple is reportedly working on developing its own electric cars 12/24/2020
Tesla CEO Elon Musk says he once considered selling the electric car maker to Apple, but the iPhone maker’s CEO blew off the meeting.
Google rejects 200 antitrust complaints filed by DOJ 12/23/2020
In October the Justice Department sued Google for abusing its dominance in online search and advertising — the government’s most significant attempt to protect competition since its groundbreaking case against Microsoft more than 20 years ago.
Hybrid aircraft on the drawing board 12/23/2020
A hybrid aircraft demonstrator – which is being developed by Daher, Safran and Airbus with the support of France’s CORAC civil aviation research council – has successfully passed its Preliminary Design Review as a first key step toward validating the project’s feasibility and firming up the architecture for a first flight scheduled in 2022.
Tesla stock prices retreated 1st day on S&P 500 listing 12/23/2020
Monday was its first day of being included in the prestigious S&P 500, and it didn't go well. Shares tumbled 6.5% to $649.86 even though the index as a whole lost only 0.4%.
Vaccination required to go to work 12/23/2020
There is legal precedent for mandating vaccinations, and some companies already require employees to be vaccinated for certain diseases or viruses, including the flu.
This Russian Hack is deep and far! 12/22/2020
Imagine a computer network as a mansion you inhabit, and you are certain a serial killer as been there. “You don’t know if he’s gone. How do you get work done? You kind of just hope for the best.”
Lockheed Martin to buying rocket engine manufacturer Aerojet Rocketdyne for $4.4 billion 12/22/2020
The acquisition announced late Sunday is part of Lockheed Martin's attempt to gird for competition from recent industry entrants, SpaceX and Blue Origin.
Foxconn accepts reduction in Wisconsin state tax credits or reduced factory built out 12/22/2020
The state has been pushing Foxconn to amend the contract to reflect that the company’s construction of a smaller facility than the original contract envisioned.
Volkswagen face massive shortage of electronic parts 12/22/2020
The Wolfsburg-based carmaker said that semiconductor makers had reassigned production to consumer electronics during the worst of the COVID-19 slowdown in sales. “However, automobile markets have now recovered significantly and the industry, including the Volkswagen Group, faces a shortage of the electronic components required."
China's Communist Party called for faster technology development and economic independence 12/21/2020
President Xi Jinping’s government is showing increasing urgency about developing Chinese competitors in electric cars, telecoms, biotech and other fields as a path to prosperity and global influence. The ruling party wants to reduce reliance on foreign suppliers, which it sees as a strategic weakness.
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