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Industry forms Chiplet Consortium 3/4/2022
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is joining with Intel and Samsung to define new industry standards for the next frontier in semiconductors: advanced chip-packaging technologies.
Cadence received TSMC Open Innovation Platform (OIP) award for design system 3/4/2022
Cadence Design Systems Inc. has received a TSMC Open Innovation Platform (OIP) Ecosystem Forum Customers’ Choice award for a paper titled, “Integrated Platform for 3D-IC Design,” which was presented during the TSMC 2021 North America OIP Ecosystem Forum.
‘Smart home goes on ambient sensing 3/4/2022
A smart home built on ambient sensing at the edge, taking thousands of different measurements of data into account for each decision, is how we facilitate such improvements. Using a combination of sensors to understand our smart home environment, and AIoT to process and implement the results, is the most realistic way of realizing the experience we want.
Italy to set aside 4 billion euros ($4.6 billion) to boost domestic chip manufacturing 3/3/2022
Rome is ready to offer Intel public money and other favourable terms to fund part of the overall investment, which is expected to be worth around 8 billion euros ($9 billion) over 10 years, Reuters reported in December.
At State of the Union Biden called on Congress to pass the CHIPS Act 3/3/2022
Intel plans to spend $100 billion to build the Ohio "megafab" over the next decade, with an eventual total of eight fabs, but the speed of that investment will depend on the US subsidy.
Nova sets new office in China 3/3/2022
Nova, a leading innovator and key provider of material, optical and chemical metrology solutions for advanced process control in semiconductor manufacturing, has established its Chinese local corporate entity and opened of a new Chinese headquarters in Shanghai.
Micron offers new consistency of performance SSD to enterprise users 3/3/2022
Micron’s 7450 SSD with NVMe and PCIe Gen4 is the first enterprise SSD to use its vertically integrated 176-layer NAND and aims to deliver quality-of-service (QoS) latency at or below 2 milliseconds (ms)
Toshiba CEO resigns 3/2/2022
CEO Satoshi Tsunakawa has resigned - a sudden departure that comes after sources said revised restructuring plans sparked opposition within the company in addition to long-standing anger from shareholders.
STMicro expect strong growth for the year 3/2/2022
STMicroelectronics has reported solid financial results for 2021, with fourth quarter net revenues reaching $3.56 billion, up 9.9% year-over-year and 11.2% sequentially.
Toshiba to build new 300mm fab for power semiconductors 3/2/2022
Construction will take place in two phases, allowing the pace of investment to be optimized against market trends, with the production start of Phase 1 scheduled for within fiscal 2024. When Phase 1 reaches full capacity, Toshiba’s power semiconductor production capacity will be 2.5 times that of fiscal 2021.
MediaTek supplies new Dimensity series SoCs for 5G smartphone 3/2/2022
The Dimensity 8100 integrates four premium Arm Cortex-A78 cores with speeds reaching 2.85GHz, and the Dimensity 8000 has four Cortex-A78 cores operating at up to 2.75GHz.
Nvidia confirms to a cyberattack case 3/1/2022
The graphics chipmaking giant had experienced a devastating cyberattack that “completely compromised” the company’s internal systems over the past two days.
99% of the U.S. semiconductor industry are fully committed to sanction Russia 3/1/2022
According to John Neuffer, president and CEO of the SIA, the U.S. semiconductor industry is fully committed to complying with the Biden Administration’s export control rules regarding technology shipments to Russia.
Kioxia enters into agreement to acquire Chubu Toshiba Engineering 3/1/2022
Specializing in semiconductor related hardware and software design, prototyping and evaluation, CTE is well-experienced in semiconductor manufacturing technologies covering areas from development to mass production while building sophisticated technical capabilities over many years.
AP Memory works with Synopsys to deliver optimized IoT chips design 3/1/2022
The solution delivers validated interoperability between the AP Memory’s IoT RAM and Synopsys’ DesignWare Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) IP.
Qualcomm chooses TSMC for 3nm process 2/28/2022
Qualcomm decided to have TSMC manufacture all of its next-generation 3nm processors instead of Samsung due to yield issues at Samsung's foundry.
India latches on additive manufacturing 2/28/2022
Minister of State for Electronics & Information Technology and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, released the India’s “National Strategy on Additive Manufacturing”.
Intel's Gelsinger lays ot strategy on investor day 2/28/2022
Animated Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger bounded around the stage, invoking the name of former CEO Andrew Grove to launch a “Grove-ian execution engine” while “getting the band back together” and “renewing [Intel’s] commitment to geeks.”
GaN Systems managed a 3X expansion in Taiwan 2/28/2022
GaN Systems is expanding its presence in Asia with a 3X increase in its operations in Taiwan. With a 3X growth in revenue from the many consumer electronics, electric vehicles (EVs), data centers, and industrial power supply producers embracing GaN Systems power transistors.
India's PC shipment hit record 14.8 million units 2/25/2022
Remote working demand coupled with better supplies were the drivers for the market.
Samsung and Keysight partners in 6G development 2/25/2022
6G is expected to be built on technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), sensing, digital twins, time-sensitive networking (TSN) and holographic communications. The two companies will work together to develop test and verification technologies for 6G wireless systems.
Season Group selected to design and manufacture IoT systems for Senior Citizen Home Safety 2/25/2022
Season Group is an international electronics design, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions provider headquartered in Hong Kong with sites in China, Malaysia, Mexico, and the U.K.
UMC to build a new 22nm fab in Singapore 2/25/2022
The first phase of this greenfield fab will have a monthly capacity of 30,000 wafers with production expected to commence in late 2024.
Russia and Ukraine situation to cause supply chain interruptions 2/24/2022
Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra said that some of Micron's inert gas for memory manufacturing comes from Ukraine, the supply chain is still in normal condition. In addition, Micron has a large inventory and multiple sources of supply, and will continue to pay attention to the follow-up development.
Horizon Quantum Computing, provides software development tools for quantum computing applications 2/24/2022
Horizon commits to supporting research and experimentation over the network that could build the foundations for a future quantum internet.
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