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Closing of Commercial licensing offices can lead to more supply chain issues 4/29/2020
Recent report from the CVTA shows that 27 states have closed their State Driver Licensing Agencies, with the remaining 23 operating on a limited basis.
Tesla made another advance towards autonomous driving 4/29/2020
In a note sent to a group of Tesla owners who were picked to test the stop light and sign recognition feature, the company said it can be used with the Traffic Aware Cruise Control or Autosteer systems. The feature will slow the car whenever it detects a traffic light, including those that are green or blinking yellow. It will notify the driver of its intent to slow down and stop.
NVIDIA completes $7 billion acquisition of Mellanox Technologies 4/28/2020
The acquisition brings together two of the world’s leading companies in high performance and data centre computing, combining NVIDIA’s computing expertise with Mellanox’s high-performance networking technology.
Would micro manufacturing move into home as COVID-19 wreaks havoc on supply chains ? 4/28/2020
Many of these makers started their own companies to produce variants of these 3D printers, and people can now buy a 3D printer for US$250 to $550. Today’s 3D printers are full-fledged additive manufacturing robots, which build products one layer at a time. Additive manufacturing is infiltrating many industries.
Japanese household products manufacturer to manufacture mask in WI 4/28/2020
A Wisconsin plant is investing $10 million to manufacture 70 million masks per month. IRIS USA is adding face mask production to its 570,000-square-foot, 250-employee manufacturing plant in Pleasant Prairie, WI.
Boeing terminated $4 billion agreement with Embraer 4/28/2020
Over the past few months, the companies had “productive but ultimately unsuccessful negotiations” about the unsatisfied conditions, which was “deeply disappointing,” Marc Allen, Boeing's president of Embraer partnership and group operations, said in a news release.
China allows 200 Korean workers to continue work during coronawirus shutdown 4/23/2020
China has allowed 200 employees from South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co Ltd to enter the country to work on an expansion of the firm’s NAND memory chip factory, the company said on Wednesday.
Trump orders Chevron to back out of Venezuela oil market 4/23/2020
The Trump administration on Tuesday ordered Chevron Corp. to “wind down” operations in Venezuela by Dec. 1, barring the California-based oil giant in the meantime from drilling or exporting, as the U.S. increases pressure on President Nicolás Maduro to give up power.
As Congress set to pass $483 billion relief biill 4/23/2020
Most of the funding, $331 billion, would go to boost a small-business payroll loan program that ran out of money last week. There would be $100 billion for health care, with $75 billion to hospitals and $25 billion to boost testing for the virus, a key step in building the confidence required to reopen state economies. There is $60 billion for a small-business loans and grants.
Virgin Orbit set to launche satellites from airlines 4/23/2020
Virgin sees these the ability to launch satellites from the air, via a reusable 747 from Branson’s Virgin Atlantic fleet, as easier, less expensive, and more resilient to weather conditions than ground-based launches.
furlough to furlough 17,000 current employees. 4/22/2020
The furloughs began on Monday and are expected to continue through June 21 of this year. During that time, furloughed employees will not receive salaries, but will continue to receive health care benefits. Coca-Cola Consolidated said the company will pay 100 percent of premiums applicable to impacted employees
Volvo and Daimle to set up a joint venture to develop and produce fuel cell trucks 4/22/2020
The two firms said that they will be equal partners in the new enterprise. Daimler Truck will put all its current fuel cell activities into the joint venture, and the Volvo Group will buy a 50% stake in the venture for around 600 million euros ($652 million).
Georgia would allow some small business to reoen on Friday 4/22/2020
Georgia's timetable, one of the most aggressive in the nation, would allow gyms, hair salons, bowling alleys and tattoo parlors to reopen as long as owners follow strict social-distancing and hygiene requirements. Elective medical procedures would also resume. By Monday, movie theaters may resume selling tickets, and restaurants limited to takeout orders could return to limited dine-in service.
A French court orders Amazon to suspend non-essential sales to protect employees 4/16/2020
The ruling requires Amazon to evaluate health risks at all its facilities around France and negotiate new safety measures with worker representatives. Amazon must suspend its non-essential trade within 24 hours or face 1 million euros ($1.1 million) in fines per day. Sales of food, medicine and hygiene supplies are still allowed.
Sports apparel company Adidas to get $3 billion Euro government loan 4/16/2020
The company based in Herzogenaurach, Germany, said Tuesday that it was suspending dividends, share buybacks and 2020 executive bonuses as a condition of getting the loan “to bridge this unprecedented situation.”
American industry collapsed in March 4/16/2020
Manufacturing and overall industrial production posted the biggest declines since the United States demobilized after World War II.
48% in a recent survey prefer diversifying their supply chain 4/16/2020
Sikich, a leading industry analyst, recently published a report detailing the industrial sector’s current thoughts and future plans relating to recent and evolving market dynamics.
Imagination CEO resignation to signify China control of foreign HiTech company 4/15/2020
This is surprising given the events of last week, when British government intervention put the brakes on an emergency board meeting at which four new directors representing China Reform Holdings, the owners of Imagination Technologies, were to be appointed [China Reform is the limited partner of Canyon Bridge, who bought out Imagination in 2017].
Amazon to return shipping “non-essential” items this week 4/15/2020
Amazon spokesperson saying the company will begin to accept more products in its warehouses this week that are outside of the e-commerce giant’s definition of “essentials”. In March, Amazon told its seller members that it was temporarily prioritizing stocking and shipping medical supplies, household products and other essential categories to meet demand for them amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
IMF predicts global economy to shrink 3% 4/15/2020
The IMF said Tuesday that it expects the global economy to shrink 3% this year — far worse than its 0.1% dip in the Great Recession year of 2009 — before rebounding in 2021 with 5.8% growth. It acknowledges, though, that prospects for a rebound next year are clouded by uncertainty.
Government placed ventilator contract up to $1.4 billion 4/15/2020
>In total, combined with contracts with General Motors and Philips rated under the DPA earlier this week, HHS has finalized contracts to supply 6,190 ventilators for the Strategic National Stockpile by May 8 and 29,510 by June 1. The seven new ventilator contracts announced by HHS this month will provide a total of 137,431 ventilators by the end of 2020.
JEDEC is close to publish DDR5 memory standard 4/14/2020
Suddenly, 3200 Mhz memory isn't enough. And with data sets for AI and machine learning grower ever larger, memory was becoming a real bottleneck. DDR5 will address that. DDR5 will start at 3200 MHz and scale all the way up to 8400 MHz as time goes on.
Siemens vows no job cut due to virus pandamic 4/14/2020
So far only a small number of Siemens workers - 1,600 out of 120,000 in Germany, are on short-time work.
Demand increase in healtcare support memory components 4/14/2020
Memory device controller supplier Phison Electronics and industrial memory module specialist Innodisk have both enjoyed an influx of short lead-time orders for healthcare applications recently.
South Korea government uses electronic wristband to monitor covid-19 quarantine 4/14/2020
Under the country’s recently strengthened laws on infectious diseases, people can face up to a year in prison or fined as much as $8,200 for breaking quarantine orders.
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