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U.S.-China trade deal rallies European stocks on the first day of 2020 trading 1/2/2020
The Stoxx 600 SXXP, +0.97% jumped 1%, along with the FTSE 100 UKX, +0.97% , while the French CAC PX1, +1.23% climbed 1.4% in early trading. The German DAX DAX, +1.00% gained 0.9% and Italy’s FTSE MIB I945, +1.30% rose 1.4% on the first morning’s trading of 2020.
Startup Rohinni JV with Chinese company to develope miniLED and microLED base video displays 1/2/2020
The joint venture will integrate Rohinni’s high-speed and high-accuracy miniLED and microLED manufacturing process with BOE’s LCD display backlights, direct-emission displays, and display-related sensors, and manufacturing capabilities to create ultra-thin, high-performance displays.
Hybrid solar system captures and store solar energy at the same time 1/2/2020
The hybrid device leverages the physics of molecular energy and the accumulation of latent heat to make the collection and storage of energy a 24/7 process, addressing a primary shortcoming of current solar products.
You can't believe there was 350 million wireless ear-bud sold 12/31/2019
Taken as a whole, the category hit 96.7 million shipments in Q3, making a 53% year over year growth. For the fourth quarter (including the holidays), the number is expected to break 100 million, pushing things to around 350 million for the full year.
New electrolye protects battery from catching fire 12/31/2019
Now, the new nonflammable liquid electrolyte will be incorporated into batteries — offering hardware manufacturers the ability also to use liquid polymer and/or gel-based cell technologies. Gel-based batteries are also suitable for wearables, particularly where puncturing may be an issue.
International Rights Advocates to sue Apple and Google for child labor and abuse 12/31/2019
Families of children killed or injured while mining for cobalt in the Congo have filed a lawsuit against the world’s largest tech companies, including Google and Apple, according to court documents.
China kicks off 352 Project to seek independence from imported CPU 12/30/2019
352 Project intends to develop a PC CPU which will replace 30% of the CPUs used inside China-based PCs within a year.
MediaTek to launch second 5G chip in Q2 12/30/2019
The announcement came as 5G chip competition is heating up: About a month ago, after MediaTek unveiled its first 5G SoC, named Dimensity 1000, for premium 5G smartphones, its bigger rival Qualcomm Inc followed with its own system one week later.
Host of new industry standardization initiatives to roll out for atonomous cars 12/30/2019
Today, neither industry nor government can assess the safety of self-driving cars. Without tools or common yardsticks, tech suppliers are working in the dark. By extension, the media and the public are told to take AV developers’ word that self-driving cars are safe.
New overtime rules New York kicks in on New Year 12/26/2019
The Labor Department rules that go into effect Jan. 1 raise to $684 per week, or $35,568 a year, the threshold at which employees are exempt from being paid overtime. That's a 50.3% increase from the previous threshold of $455 per week or $23,660 annually.
Samsung plans decade long $116 billion capital spending 12/26/2019
The South Korean company is investing heavily in the next step in miniaturizing semiconductors, a process called extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV). It’s by far the priciest manufacturing upgrade Samsung has ever attempted, a risky bid to move beyond its established business of cranking out commoditized silicon and to leapfrog the incumbent leaders in the $250 billion foundry and logic-chip industry.
Toshiba re-affirm interest bidding on NuFlare, an equipment manufacturer 12/26/2019
The extension of the offer, from the originally set Dec. 25, was requested by NuFlare to give its shareholders enough time for consideration after Hoya Corp made a counter offer for NuFlare.
Korean stock market bounced in anticipation of semiconductor industry recovery 12/26/2019
France-based financial institution BNP Paribas adjusted its rating on the South Korean market from underweight to overweight last week, saying the semiconductor market cycle has reached the bottom, and is set to start climbing next year. This signals a cyclical recovery.
Manufacturing index for durable goods fell 2% 12/25/2019
Orders for durable goods fell 2% last month, the biggest decline since May, the Commerce Department said Monday. Orders have fallen in two of the past three months. October’s number was revised down to 0.2% from a 0.6% gain.
Amazon just notify merchants a 3% increase in fulfillment 12/25/2019
Higher costs from infrastructure and programs such as one-day delivery as why the higher merchant fees are needed, with Amazon adding that it has invested more than $15 billion in 2019 in tools, infrastructure and programs to help its sellers.
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is out 12/25/2019
The departure did not come as a surprise. Kalanick recently sold more than $2.5 billion worth of shares in the company, more than 90% of his holdings.
GM cancelled its plans to announce the next EV at CES 12/25/2019
GM is blaming the recent 40-day UAW strike for delaying the project.
Etron teamed with Lattice to develope DRAM applications with AI 12/24/2019
Memory design house Etron Technology has teamed up with US-based FGPA chipmaker Lattice Semiconductor on developing new miniaturized AI+DRAM platform for applications to terminal edge computing, industrial robots, and multimedia such as AR/VR.
Boeing's CEO step down to take responsibility on recent mis-haps 12/24/2019
Dennis Muilenburg is stepping down immediately. The board's current chairman David Calhoun will become president and CEO on January 13.
Boeing space capsule safely returned after missing orbit 12/24/2019
The successful return capped a rocky start to a mission that was supposed to include a docking with the space station. Managers will review all the data before deciding whether to do another test flight or go straight to flying astronauts.
Wireless charging is rapidly becoming more common 12/24/2019
Wireless charging, involves transferring energy between two objects across an electromagnetic field. The concept, refined and applied to several small-sized applications in the mid-1970s, is making a comeback in consumer phones and EVs.
Miniaturized MLCC market to recover thanks to 5G 12/23/2019
Indicator suggesting the market for MLCCs may come back to life in 2020. According to sources at passive component equipment makers, an influx of short lead-time orders has started pulling in. The orders are mainly those for making miniaturized MLCCs, as well as power inductors.
U.S. economy grew 2.1% in Q3 12/23/2019
The Commerce Department said Friday that the gross domestic product, the economy’s total output of goods and services, grew at a moderate annual rate of 2.1% in the third quarter.
Boeing no-bid on $85 Billion Minuteman III missile project 12/23/2019
Last week marked the deadline for bid submissions for a contract to replace the military’s Minuteman III missile system. Boeing has participated in the military’s program as a Minuteman supplier since 1962, and the company was expected to bid on the project along with competitor Northrop Grumman.
Study found face-scanning and recognition has its own difficulties 12/23/2019
The report cautions biased facial recognition that has alarmed the public, but also confirms similar trends showing higher error rates for women, the youngest and oldest people, and for certain racial groups depending on which image database or software is being used.
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