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GlobalFoundries to transfer East Fishkill fab to ON Semiconductor 4/23/2019
Less than four years after GlobalFoundries assumed ownership of IBM’s East Fishkill plant, ON Semiconductor, a technology company that supplies semiconductor products, is purchasing the East Fishkill site in a $430 million deal that comes with a $720 million investment into the site over the next 10 years.
Federal judge halted Trump's plan to renew coal mining 4/23/2019
U.S. District Judge Brian Morris in Montana said Interior Department officials had wrongly avoided an environmental review of their action by describing it "as a mere policy shift." In so doing, officials ignored the environmental effects of selling huge volumes of coal from public lands, the judge said.
Chinese car buyers are attracted to new generation of Electric SUVs 4/23/2019
Two of China's biggest state-owned automakers unveiled models they said can travel 600 kilometers (370 miles) on one charge, or nearly double the range of global competitors. If that can be achieved, it would raise the standard for an industry trying to compete with gasoline models by defusing "range anxiety" or fear of being stranded with a dead battery.
U.S. will not renew sanction waivers to countries importing oil from Iran 4/23/2019
Mike Pompeo plans to announce that the administration will not renew sanctions waivers for the five countries when they expire on May 2, three U.S. officials said. It was not immediately clear if any of the five would be given additional time to wind down their purchases or if they would be subject to U.S. sanctions on May 3 if they do not immediately halt imports of Iranian oil.
Samsung postponed two launch events for folding smartphone 4/22/2019
The South Korean tech giant has said it is investigating what went wrong with the broken review units.
Many companies announced test gear for 5G related systems 4/22/2019
It seems that every day brings another test announcement. Wireless test competitors Anritsu, Keysight Technologies, and Rohde & Schwarz have each made 5G-related announcements in April.
New 802.11ax to be tested at British aerospace plant 4/22/2019
They aim to demonstrate the benefits on a handful of use cases for automating operations using 802.11ax Wi-Fi, also known as Wi-Fi 6.
Technology worker shortage hits Europe 4/22/2019
A shortage of skilled workers is the industry’s top business concern, according to IPC President and CEO John Mitchell. More than two-thirds of IPC companies indicate that a lack of skilled workers is constraining their ability to grow.
SK hynix completed the expansion of a current DRAM fab at Wuxi, China 4/19/2019
The new C2F is a single floor fab with an area of 58,000 square meters. The company has begun production of DRAMs in a part of a sector of the new cleanroom. Full operations of the entire fab will be decided later in accordance with market conditions.
Trump seeks increase in investment into "Opportunity Zones" 4/19/2019
New regulations aimed at making it easier for investors to take advantage of tax breaks for investing in "Opportunity Zones" in low-income areas.
Don't worry! AI is not gonna take your job 4/19/2019
Will AIs take over not just some jobs, but most of them? There are a lot of stories to be told about the many valid reasons to fear AI.
Semiconductor equipment sales expected to retreat 4/19/2019
After consecutive record-sales years in 2017 and 2018, SEMI expects the equipment market to come back to earth in 2019 as the end of the memory chip boom puts a damper on new equipment purchases. SEMI forecasts that chip equipment sales will decrease about 14% this year.
Qualcomm to set up 5G engineering test center 4/18/2019
KYEC will rent its existing clean-room site to Qualcomm to house the planned engineering test center and will offer related manpower and R&D resources, while Qualcomm will provide most of high-end testing facilities.
Intel dropped out of the 5G modem-making business for smartphones 4/18/2019
Intel CEO Bob Swan suggested that the company couldn’t compete “in the smartphone modem business,” saying “it has become apparent that there is no clear path to profitability and positive returns.”
U.S. industrial production index dropped 4/18/2019
The Federal Reserve says industrial output — combining production at factories, utilities and mines — slipped 0.1% in March from the previous month.
NXP and Infineon look beyond home turf for automotive radar chip developement 4/18/2019
Earlier this month, Infineon said it has broken ground on a new radar R&D site in Linz, Austria. Wednesday, NXP revealed a new investment and collaboration agreement with Hawkeye Technology Co. NXP described Hawkeye as a firm sitting at “the forefront of the Chinese automotive radar sector
The head of Foxconn Technology to run for president of Taiwan 4/17/2019
Terry Gou said he would make a decision "in a day or two" on a possible presidential bid, according to Taiwan's official Central News Agency. He said that if he decided to run, he would take part in the opposition Nationalist Party primary rather than mount an independent bid.
Dialog Semiconductor completed transfer of 300 PMIC employees to Apple 4/17/2019
This involves more than 300 Dialog staff transitioning to Apple employees, becoming part of Apple's hardware technologies team under Johny Srouji.
Samsung's EUV setup ready for 5nm production 4/17/2019
The Korean giant aims to steal some thunder from larger rival TSMC, which is scheduled to give an update on its work on a 5nm node next week. The two are racing to capture a lucrative but shrinking market for leading-edge process technology at a time when it’s becoming more complex and costly to make chips smaller and fasterT
Apple Qualcomm settles 4/17/2019
Apple and Qualcomm announced they have dropped all litigation in a multi-billion-dollar patent licensing dispute that has dragged on for more than two years across courts in China, Germany and the U.S..
Gartner predicts Intel to take back semiconductor shipment title from Samsung this year 4/16/2019
Intel's semiconductor revenues grew by 12.9% compared with 2017, despite delays in the introduction of 10nm manufacturing process and a constrained low-end CPU supply situation in the second half of 2018.
Huawei's founder and CEO talks about selling 5G chips to Apple 4/16/2019
Huawei is "open" to selling high-speed 5G chips and other silicon to rival smartphone maker Apple, marking a significant shift in the Chinese tech giant's thinking toward its own intellectual property.
China spreads influence on Eastern Europe 4/16/2019
China has already invested billions of dollars in various infrastructure projects in Central and Eastern Europe. Western leaders worry that further investment in the states that are EU members — or those hoping to join — could mean lower environmental and other standards than those in the rest of the bloc.
OEM's rush to 5G phone design predicts a blooming phone industry 4/16/2019
The prediction is surprisingly bullish given the stately pace at which U.S. carriers are setting up their 5G networks. About 10 U.S. cities now have 5G service, with another 10 coming online by the end of the year, IHS estimates.
Gartner confirms 2018 semiconductor revenue to be $474.6 billion 4/15/2019
For the majority of 2018, it was driven by increases in ASPs for DRAM . However, ASPs began to decline in the fourth quarter and this will continue through most of 2019 due to oversupply conditions.
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