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Massive expansion at Seattle to quintuple Apple's headcount there 6/25/2019
The company announced at a Monday news conference that it would be bringing 2,000 jobs to the city by 2024 -- twice the number it initially planned. The new roles would focus on software and hardware and effectively multiply Apple's existing workforce by five.
Amazon's Prime Day sale set for July 15 6/25/2019
There will be more than 1 million deals available worldwide, which is the same number Amazon offered last year. The company had routinely amped up this figure as a way of showing the growth of Prime Day.
New Raspberry Pi 4 is indeed very powerful 6/25/2019
It has quad 1.5GHz Arm Cortex-A72 cores, Gbit Ethernet, 4Kp60 HEVC video decode and dual HDMI outputs to run twin 4K monitors – many of the changes have been made to improve consumer and industrial performance, without compromising its original educational role.
U.S. government has a punch list of companies to warn of supplying Huawei 6/25/2019
The U.S. Commerce Department said on Friday it was adding several Chinese companies and a government-owned institute involved in supercomputing with military applications to its national security “entity list” that bars them from buying U.S. parts and components without government approval.
Huawei slamming the FedEx action as a "vendetta." 6/24/2019
The smartphone in question had been sent by the U.K. office of PCMag to U.S. colleagues. The note attached to the returned parcel was unambiguous: "Parcel returned by FedEx due to U.S. Government with Huawei and China Government—return to sender."
Universal memory could solve the digital technology energy crisis 6/24/2019
With this new device, it would be possible to immediately reduce peak power consumption in data centres by as much as a fifth. It would also allow, computers which do not need to boot up and could instantaneously and imperceptibly go into an energy-saving sleep mode - even between key stokes.
Huawei ban opens opportuntiy for Taiwan suppliers 6/24/2019
Huawei has stepped up purchases of chip components from Taiwan-based companies, in the face of a ban on its purchases of US-made parts. An estimated 20-50% increase will boost the related Taiwan-based suppliers' revenues in the second half of 2019 and 2020,
Analyst warns a bad year for memory 6/24/2019
The memory chip market was initially expected to hit rock bottom in the fourth quarter of this year, but the US investor has postponed the timeline for its prediction to the second quarter of 2020. The NAND flash market will bottom out in the fourth quarter, about three months later than previously predicted,
Alexa listens to your heart and detects cardiac arrest 6/21/2019
“Researchers have developed a new tool to monitor people for cardiac arrest while they’re asleep without touching them,” the university says. “A new skill for a smart speaker — like Google Home and Amazon Alexa — or smartphone lets the device detect the gasping sound of agonal breathing and call for help.”
How to expand ways in wireless charging ? 6/21/2019
Researchers from the University of Tokyo, led by doctoral student Takuya Sasatani, Disney Research and the University of Michigan in the U.S. have created a room-sized device which uses magnetic fields to charge compatible devices inside it.
NXP Semiconductor to focus on Wi-Fi connectivity 6/21/2019
NXP plans to introduce "one-of-a-kind" products using Marvell's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips and NXP's secure microcontrollers,
HP Inc. opened its 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing Center in Barcelona 6/21/2019
The new center brings together hundreds of additive manufacturing experts in more than 150,000 square feet of innovation space – about the size of three football fields. The company notes that the goal of the center is to transform the way the world designs and manufactures products.
Central Bankers warn Facebook from forming new cryptocurrency 6/20/2019
The social network detailed plans for its virtual currency, called Libra, earlier this week, a move that almost instantly provoked a reaction from politicians and regulators alike.
Intel employs Samsung to fabricate its 14nm Rocket Lake CPU ? 6/20/2019
SeDaily quotes an insider source familiar with the situation as saying: "We know that the contract negotiations with Intel, which were only rumoured, are in the final stages".
Memory market ASP predicted to drop 40% 6/20/2019
DRAM and NAND revenues hit a record high of around $160 billion in 2018, for a CAGR of 32% between 2016 and 2018. However a hit to demand and over-capacity have hit revenues and profits.
US-headquartered companies held 52% of the total worldwide IC market in 2018 6/20/2019
With the memory market expected to show a huge 30% drop in 2019, it is likely that South Korea-based companies will go from "first to worst" regarding IC sales growth by company headquarters location this year as compared to 2018, IC Insights said.
Nvidia pledge support to ARM HPC and Super Computer 6/19/2019
At a supercomputing conference held in Germany on Monday, Nvidia said its accelerator chips will work with Arm processors by the end of the year.
Winbond to continue investment to build a 12-inch fab in Kaohsiung 6/19/2019
Winbond is to continue with its NT$355 billion (US$11.3 billion) investment to build a 12-inch fab in Kaohsiung to meet rising customer demand. Construction began in October last year. The factory is to start mass production in 2021 using 20 nanometer technology
Eye control TV for future vision 6/19/2019
The initial hope is that the system will make it easier for people with physical disabilities to enjoy television — but that’s just one part of Comcast’s bigger plan.
Samsung to ride on M&A to grow non-memory business 6/19/2019
“It’s impossible to expect organic growth to become the top player in this field,” Kang (president of the system LSI business of Samsung’s device solutions division) said. “We will consider both small and big M&As to secure talent.”
2nd day cash register blackout at Target 6/17/2019
The retail giant went down for a second day in a row. Many stores were only taking cash and gift cards. It comes after Target suffered a global point-of-sale machine outage on Saturday. Checkouts were down for more than two hours.
China is not likely to catch up in semiconductor technology soon 6/17/2019
The prospectuses of Chinese chip companies preparing to list on a new tech-focused stock exchange are blunt, characterizing the domestic industry as “relatively backward”, lacking in talent and requiring “a long time to catch up”.
Chief architect for Microsoft Xbox One jumps ship over to Intel 6/17/2019
John Sell, the chief architect of next-gen consoles system on chip (SoC) for Xbox One, Scorpio and Project Scarlett has left Microsoft and taking his talents to Intel, according to sources close to the matter and his LinkedIn profile.
Broadcom see Huawei ban as a major disturbance in global supply chain 6/17/2019
CEO Hock Tan added that Broadcom's customers are cutting inventory levels--also known as Broadcom component purchases--and being conservative for 2019.
China May Industrial Output suffers 6/14/2019
China’s industrial output growth slowed to a more than 17-year low of 5% in May, well below expectations, in the latest sign of weakening demand in the world’s second-largest economy as the United States ramps up trade pressure.
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