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EVs burn through tires 30% faster than combustible engine cars 5/24/2023
Bridgestone developed its first EV-specific replacement tire that protects range and improves durability.
Cadence launched new design flows to support the TSMC 3Dblox standard for 3D front-end design 5/24/2023
By using these design flows, customers can accelerate the development of advanced multi-die package designs for emerging 5G, AI, mobile, hyperscale computing and IoT applications.
NXP collaborating with TSMC to deliver the industry’s first automotive embedded MRAM 5/24/2023
MRAM can update 20MB of code in ~3s compared to flash memories that take about 1min, minimizing the downtime associated with software updates and enabling carmakers to eliminate bottlenecks that arise from long module programming times.
AT&T oppose T-Mobile and SpaceX team-up on satellite-based cellular services 5/23/2023
AT&T is demanding the companies supply more technical details to prove the system won’t cause interference with other carriers.
Microchip launched tools offering fast and affordable solutions for in-circuit debuggers/programmers 5/23/2023
Microchip's MPLAB ICD 5 and MPLAB PICkit 5 in-circuit debuggers/programmers feature remote programming capabilities for an enhanced user experience.
Infineon Technologies acquired startup Imagimob to strengthen its position in machine learning 5/23/2023
Imagimob provides an end-to-end ML toolchain that is highly flexible and easy to use with a strong focus on delivering production-grade ML-models. Infineon is acquiring 100% of the company’s shares.
ADI to invest €630 million in its European regional headquarters to build R&D and manufacturing facility 5/23/2023
The new facility will support ADI’s development of next-generation signal processing innovations designed to accelerate the digital transformation of industrial, automotive, healthcare, and other sectors. It is expected to triple ADI’s European wafer production capacity and aligns with the company’s goal of doubling its internal manufacturing capacity.
Montana Gov. y banned TikTok from operating in the state 5/22/2023
Citing concerns over intelligence gathering by "foreign adversaries," the Republican governor signed Senate Bill 419, making Montana the first US state to prohibit use of or access to the social network for everyone, not just on government-issued devices, effective Jan. 1, 2024.
18-year-old for a hack that ensnared 60,000 user accounts at sports betting site DraftKings 5/22/2023
Joseph Garrison has been charged with conspiring to drain funds from DraftKings user accounts via a "credential stuffing attack." This involves taking usernames and passwords exposed in past data breaches and using computer programs to plug the stolen credentials into other sites in an attempt to break into accounts that used the same username/password combinations.
Blue Origin a won after NASA awarded a contract to build the first lunar lander for the Artemis mission 5/22/2023
On Friday, NASA awarded Blue Origin the $3.4 billion contract to build a second lander for the Moon slated to be used in 2029 during the Artemis V mission.
Disney axing plans for a billion-dollar office complex in Orlando 5/22/2023
mTheove came with a $580 million tax break, the Los Angeles Times reported at the time, and it got final approval from the city's Development Review Committee in March. But that approval came amid a public battle between Disney and the governor, who went after the company for publicly criticizing the state's "don't say gay" bill.
650V SiC Diodes Suitable for Data Center, Industrial, Solar Applications 5/19/2023
Navitas' 650V MPS diodes integrate a unique PiN-Schottky structure to deliver 'low-built-in voltage-biasing' for the highest efficiency across all load conditions.
DigiKey update to its brand system with a refreshed logo 5/19/2023
“Our updated look and feel reflects that inspirational progress, our leadership position in the industry and our commitment to digital experiences and solutions that move goods and ideas forward.”
Infineon to work with Foxconn to develop SiC for EV's 5/19/2023
Infineon and Foxconn are collaborating on SiC development, leveraging Infineon's automotive SiC innovations and Foxconn's know-how in automotive systems, to advance the electromobility industry.
TSMC runs into too supply probem on 3nm note process 5/19/2023
The company’s tool and yield struggles have impeded the ramp to volume production with world-leading technology, according to analysts surveyed by EE Times.
Electronic system design industry revenue increased by11.3% to $3.86 billion in the fourth quarter of 2022 5/18/2023
Electronic Design Market Data (EDMD) report by the ESD Alliance, a SEMI Technology Community. The four-quarter moving average, which compares the most recent four quarters to the prior four, rose 12.6%.
Smartphone shipments in Southeast Asia’s key countries fell by 13% year-on-year 5/18/2023
All key SEA countries saw a decline in the first quarter (Q1 2023) but some more than others. Countries like Vietnam received relatively more shipments in Q4 2022 and so OEMs felt the need to reduce volumes in Q1 2023. Consumer sentiment has not completely revived in Vietnam.
Nexperia released its first Power GaN FETs in e-mode configuration for (100/150V) and (650V) voltage applications 5/18/2023
By augmenting its cascode offering with seven new e-mode devices, Nexperia now provides designers with the optimum choice of GaN FETs from a single supplier alongside its substantial portfolio of silicon-based power electronics components.
Navitas' 650V MPS diodes Suitable for Data Center, Industrial, Solar Applications 5/18/2023
Navitas' 650V MPS diodes integrate a unique PiN-Schottky structure to deliver 'low-built-in voltage-biasing' for the highest efficiency across all load conditions.
Sineng to integrate onsemi’s silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs-based high-density power integrated modules 5/17/2023
The two companies have been working together to develop optimized solutions that maximize the performance of solar inverters, energy storage and power conversion systems.
Fully integrated controller for smart chargers 5/17/2023
The ST-ONE is the world’s first digital controller embedding ARM Cortex M0+ core, an offline programmable controller with synchronous rectification, and USB PD PHY in a single package
Texas Instruments offers SiC Gate Driver to Help Maximize EV Driving Range 5/17/2023
The new UCC5880-Q1 reinforced isolated gate driver offers features that enable EV powertrain engineers to increase power density and reduce system design complexity and cost while achieving their safety and performance goals.
STM32 Summit and Fans Returns to Shenzhen 5/17/2023
STMicroelectronics hosted last week the 2023 STM32 Summit at the Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai Hotel. Held from May 12–13, the STM32 Summit is the premier technology showcase of the STM32 products and solutions. Into its 6th edition, the theme of this year’s event is “STM32 More Than Silicon
Global semiconductor revenue is projected to decline by 11.2% in 2023 5/16/2023
The short-term outlook for the semiconductor market has deteriorated further. Global semiconductor revenue is forecast to total $532 billion in 2023.
Software Testing in the Space Gold Rush 5/16/2023
Hardware and software must be durable enough to withstand the harsh environment of space and continue working as expected.
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