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Infineon signed MoU to supply SIC chips to Stellantis 12/1/2022
The potential sourcing volume and capacity reservation have a value of significantly more than €1 billion.
TI expanded its portfolio of space-grade analog semiconductor products 11/30/2022
TI developed a new device screening specification called space high-grade in plastic (SHP) for radiation-hardened products and introduced new analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) that meet the SHP qualification.
High power DC transmission lines are coming back 11/30/2022
Ohmic (resistive) losses in power-transmission lines were unavoidable. The only solution was to increase the line voltage used for power transmission, thus decreasing the line current by the same factor. Because ohmic power losses are proportional to the square of the current (P = I2R), the savings are exponential and significant.
Global semiconductor revenue is projected to decline by 3.6% in 2023 11/30/2022
“The short-term outlook for semiconductor revenue has worsened,” said Richard Gordon, Practice Vice President at Gartner. “Rapid deterioration in the global economy and weakening consumer demand will negatively impact the semiconductor market in 2023.”
EV to bring positive changes to the world 11/30/2022
EV adoption is currently increasing in the United States for several reasons—EV’s not only utilize energy more efficiently, but they produce a much lower carbon footprint compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEV).
South Korea is heavily reliant on China for its semiconductor exports 11/29/2022
As Korea's reliance on the Chinese market increased during that period, its accumulated chips export showed a decline of 16.3 percent. This appears to have affected the country's total chips export by decreasing 19.1 percent on-year, according to the trade association.
6G Futures, the center for research, education, and innovation forms in U.K. 11/29/2022
6G Futures, the center for research, education, and innovation that King’s College, the University of Bristol, and the University of Strathclyde established a bit longer than a year ago, is formally seeking funding from the U.K.’s ministry for digital media and culture and the U.K.
Self-charging Cars to Become the EVs of the Future 11/29/2022
Current electric vehicles (EVs) are not living up to their potential. We need a radical technology revolution, and self-charging cars that operate entirely on renewable energy could be the key.
Cybersecurity is an in-leaning process 11/29/2022
According to a report by Accenture, cyberattacks targeting companies grew 31 percent from 2020 to 2021. Organizations that have seen successful breaches through their supply chains increased from 44 percent to 61 percent over the period,
NAND Flash market prices plummeted 11/28/2022
The whole NAND Flash market was severely weakened by plummeting demand in the third quarter (3Q 2022), according to TrendForce. Overall, NAND ASP fell by 18.3% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) amid lower-than-expected shipments of end products including consumer electronics and servers.
The American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) 11/28/2022
Scientific progress has made available a series of technologies capable of supplying the energy necessary to carry out daily activities without compromising the ecosystem. Thanks to a growing awareness of the importance of protecting the environment, these technologies are now spreading all over the world.
New NXP MCU dedicates to EV control applications 11/28/2022
new S32K39 series of automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) optimized for electric vehicle (EV) control applications. The modern S32K39 MCUs take electrification into the future with high-speed and high-resolution control for increased power efficiency to extend driving range and provide a smoother EV driving experience.
Vision plays the most important role i automatic driving 11/28/2022
Tesla competitor Zoox, for example, is developing the autonomous technology first and then the car around it. New metaphors for the vehicle of the future are already being coined: smartphone on wheels, laid-back tech dream, rolling manager and mobile chillout lounge are just a few examples.
Renesas Electronics Corp. is entering the automotive radar market 11/25/2022
Renesas Electronics Corp. is entering the automotive radar market with the introduction of a 4×4-channel, 76-81GHz transceiver designed to meet the demanding requirements of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and Level 3 and higher autonomous driving applications
Toshiba Devices & Storage received award at AspenCore's World Electronics Achievement. 11/25/2022
US-based AspenCore is one of the world’s leading technology media groups. Every year, its highly regarded WEAA recognize companies and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to innovation and advancing the electronics industry.
Energy companies are finding new ways to support EVs charging 11/25/2022
The good news is the EV-charging ecosystem is smart, resilient and even bi-directional. Its many technological advances can better balance energy demand, reduce the investment that will be required in power generation and even help increase the use of renewables.
There are plenty of problems to solve in bringing an EV to the market 11/25/2022
Significant initiatives being taken by governments worldwide—such as incentives, tax rebates, and subsidies, to name a few—are expected to drive the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). This, in line with efforts to curb carbon emissions as part of the net zero goal.
United States and Europe could cut their dependence on China for electric vehicle batteries 11/24/2022
The United States and Europe could cut their dependence on China for electric vehicle batteries through more than $160 billion of new capital spending by 2030, the Financial Times reported on Monday, citing a Goldman Sachs forecast.
Chip market seen cooling down 11/24/2022
In the third quarter (3Q22) semiconductor revenue was $147 billion, down 7% from the previous quarter of $158 billion.
Silicon Labs President and CEO Matt Johnson elected Chair of the Board of SIA 11/24/2022
“Matt is a strong industry leader and a great champion for our priorities in Washington. Rich is a highly respected voice in our industry with many years of experience advocating for government policies that promote growth and innovation. Together, they will make a superb team as leaders of the SIA Board of Directors in 2023.”
Engineers are developing high-power PCBs to drive innovative power supply circuits 11/24/2022
Technological developments are now supporting many types of energy harvesting like biomass, piezotronics, pyroelectric, and RF energy, among others.
The Arm IPO, likely being postponed 11/23/2022
SoftBank CFO Yoshimitsu Goto says Arm is “a great company, great asset, so that we would like to make sure that we have a great preparation in the market. That is why we don’t have to rush.”
Arrow Electronics offers Edition-compliant carrier board for the NVIDIA Jetson family-modules 11/23/2022
etCarrier96 enables customers to accelerate custom carrier board designs for applications such as autonomous machines, intelligent vision, diagnostic healthcare imaging, and AIoT.
Startups are breaking into the railroad business by providing IoT sensors and tracking mechanisms 11/23/2022
Large railroad companies like Union Pacific Railroad and Canadian National Railway in North America, as well as Deutsche Bahn and SNCF in Europe, control the railroad scene. And giants like Siemens and Alstom are the prominent players in railway supply.
Chin Fong Machine Industrial collaborates with ASUS IoT to create an intelligent factory 11/23/2022
As the pioneer in the industry Chin Fong Machine Industrial has, since 2015, creating an intelligent factory operation. Recently, the company began to incorporate AI solutions to implement lean production and develop intelligent equipment
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