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Intel Board elected new chairman 1/23/2020
Andy Bryant stepped down as chairman and the board elected lead independent director Dr. Omar Ishrak to succeed Bryant as an independent chairman, effective immediately.
Yangtze Memory Technology continue to build China's memory ecosystem 1/22/2020
YMTC's ecosystem partners include Marvell, China's Longsys Electronics, Goke Microelectronics, Maxio Technology and Unionmemory Information System, and Taiwan-based Adata Technology, Phison Electronics and Silicon Motion Technology.
Volkswagen to build electric car research in Knoxville 1/22/2020
“This hub, along with other research institutions here, is an integral part of Volkswagen’s global research and development efforts and can also directly contribute to vehicles in North America.”
Extradition hearing for Huawei executive begins in Vancouver 1/22/2020
"Our government has been clear. We are a rule of law country and we honor our extradition treaty commitments," Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said at a Cabinet retreat in Manitoba. “It is what we need to do and what we will do.”
Raytheon sells Collins Division to satisfy antitrust regulators 1/22/2020
The sale, officials said, is needed for the Raytheon-UTC deal to clear antitrust regulators.The BAE agreement is subject to its own approval from regulators, as well as the closure of the Raytheon-UTC merger.
Tesla capital stock value is at Ford and GM combined 1/21/2020
Tesla capital stock is at $90 billion. This compares to $36 billion for Ford and $51 billion for GM.
Microsoft to setup $1 billion climate innovation fund 1/21/2020
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced a new $1 billion Climate Innovation Fund “to accelerate the development of carbon reductions and renewable technologies.”
Memory module vendors are replenishing inventory 1/21/2020
Memory module manufacturers have seen their order visibility stretched this year, and are positive about their product ASPs that are likely to be 20-30% higher than their 2019 average,
Apple quietly acquired Xnor, that specialize on object detection in photos 1/21/2020
Xnor’s low-power FPGA demo, using a Lattice ECP5 device, could inference 32 frames per second for person detection using just 48mW.
Fiat Chrysler is in talks with Foxconn to develop battery-powered vehicles 1/20/2020
If a deal with Foxconn is reached, a joint venture would focus first on China, the biggest market for electric cars with 1.2 million vehicles sold last year - half the global total.
Microsoft pledge to negative Carbon Emission by 2030 1/20/2020
It's a major step up from Microsoft's previous green pledges. The tech company had previously said its data centers would be 60% powered by renewable electricity by the end of last year, but environmental groups have said it has fallen short of such rivals as Google and Apple by relying too much on purchasing renewable energy credits to make up for its carbon emissions.
Senate passed new NAFTA trade deal with Canada and Mexico 1/20/2020
The vote was 89-10. The measure goes to Trump for his signature. It would replace the 25-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement, known as NAFTA, which tore down most trade barriers and triggered a surge in trade.
Taiwan tech companies won impressive 13 innovation awards at CES 1/20/2020
“People are already aware of Taiwan’s larger companies such as TSMC, but smaller companies are often over-looked. CES is a great opportunity for us to display the breadth of talent we have”.
2019 global semiconductor sales down 11.9% from 2018 1/17/2020
Downturn in the memory market negatively impacted many of the top vendors, including Samsung Electronics, the No. 1 vendor by revenue in 2018 and 2017.
A little forward prediction for 2020 1/17/2020
2020 is set to be the most important year yet when it comes to the evolution of the nascent AI accelerator chip industry. Here are a few ideas about what we might see happening this year.
ST secured additional silicon carbide (SiC) wafer supplies 1/17/2020
SiCrystal, a Rohm group company which said it has the highest share of SiC wafers in Europe. The agreement is for the supply of over $120 million of advanced 150mm silicon carbide wafers from SiCrystal to STMicroelectronics, to address the demand ramp-up for silicon carbide power devices.
ReRAM remains in R & D stage 1/17/2020
Essentially, the major memory makers are hedging their bets. “They’re making sure that whenever DRAM and NAND flash all run out of steam that they’ve already got some research effort going on to supersede it,” said Handy. That leaves smaller companies with the task of funding the R&D to see if they can hit a tipping point that will lead to large scale commercial applications.
Silicon Labs presented Bluetooth 5.2 SOC promised to slash power consumpsion 1/16/2020
There is a growing demand for ultra-low-power wireless connectivity from consumers seeking to extend their wireless experience to compact electronic devices with small batteries. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology brings low-cost wireless connectivity to small, long-lasting devices. It was designed from the ground up to meet the need for energy efficiency and design simplicity.
Phase I trade pack signed and sealed 1/16/2020
But the so-called Phase 1 pact does little to force China to make the major economic reforms — such as reducing unfair subsidies for its own companies —that the Trump administration sought when it started the trade war by imposing tariffs on Chinese imports in July 2018.
Taiwan foundries are looking forward to a better year 1/16/2020
Foundries have also seen their 12-inch fab capacity become increasingly tight since the start of 2020, the sources noted. At TSMC, for example, 16nm, 12nm and 10nm process capacity has been utilized for robust chip orders mainly for chips associated with 5G and edge AI technologies, the sources said.
Samsung moves into greener memory production 1/16/2020
Samsung Electronics’ recently announced 512-gigabyte (GB) embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) 3.0 was awarded Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint Certifications from the UK-based Carbon Trust, a globally accredited nonprofit certification body established by the British government to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.
Researchers invented Lithium-Sulfur battery 5 times the capacity of Lithium-Iron 1/15/2020
Scientists believe that this development could transform the way phones, cars, computers and solar networks will be produced in the future. The study was published in Science Advances.
Boeing supplier at Kansas to layouff 2800 1/15/2020
Just days ago, Spirit broached the subject of voluntary buyouts with employees. The company suspended production of fuselages and other parts for the Max on Jan. 1, after Boeing ordered Spirit to suspend shipments.
Intel names former HP executive as Chief Information Officer 1/15/2020
Deskus had been CIO at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and before that held the same title at industrial service company Baker Hughes. Intel said she will work either at corporate headquarters in California or at the company’s Arizona site.
Cost and competitions on 5G chips might trim down Business for TSMC 1/15/2020
After rocketing nearly 60% over the past year, the company’s shares now trade at over 20 times forward earnings, well above their five-year average of 14.5.
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