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South Korea government uses electronic wristband to monitor covid-19 quarantine 4/14/2020
Under the country’s recently strengthened laws on infectious diseases, people can face up to a year in prison or fined as much as $8,200 for breaking quarantine orders.
Taiwan-based IC design houses are caution about their sales in the third quarter, 4/13/2020
Most Taiwan-based IC design houses have posted impressive revenue results for March, and are expected to see the momentum carry on through the first half of the second quarter, said the sources. However, the visibility of customer orders remains weak for the second half of the second quarter, which may drag down the fabless chipmakers' revenues during the period, the sources indicated.
U.S. unemployment rate in April could hit 15% 4/13/2020
A staggering 16.8 million Americans have been thrown onto the unemployment rolls in just three weeks, underscoring the terrifying speed with which the coronavirus outbreak has brought world economies to their knees.
Global pack to atabilize oil prices to take shape 4/13/2020
More countries, including the United States, were discussing Friday their own cuts in what would be an unprecedented global pact to stabilize the market. The agreement between OPEC and partner countries aims to cut 10 million barrels per day until July, then 8 million barrels per day through the end of the year, and 6 million a day for 16 months beginning in 2021.
Automobile showroom traffic quickly returned in Wuhan, China 4/13/2020
And as some auto showrooms ramped back up in mid March, what many guessed would be a tepid return is turning out to be much more pronounced. According to Automotive News, after sales near zero in February, some Wuhan dealerships say their daily sales are already back up to pre-pandemic levels.
Bridgestone Americas to resume production on April 13 4/10/2020
Bridgestone Bandag's retread rubber manufacturing plants in North America resumed operations the week of March 29, due to demand by essential service providers. Firestone Industrial Products and Firestone Building Products manufacturing facilities on April 13.
Space astronauts are under straight one month quarantine 4/10/2020
Speaking to journalists Wednesday in a video link from Baikonur, Cassidy said the crew had been in “a very strict quarantine” for the past month and is in good health.
European Airbus cut production by one third 4/10/2020
The company said it delivered 122 planes in the first quarter, but 60 remain undelivered. It delivered only 36 in March, down from 55 in February, as airlines asked to suspend orders while facing huge costs related to a near-total shutdown of air travel.
Modular wall maker gets into partition walls for coronavirus patients 4/10/2020
The Vista, CA-based company says it now utilizing 100 percent of its manufacturing capabilities to quickly build and distribute COVID-19 containment spaces across the US.
Apple secured supply chain for 20 million masks 4/9/2020
Apple hopes to quickly expand distribution beyond the U.S. It plans to ship over a million face shields to healthcare workers by the end of the week, and continue to send that many every week going forward, Cook said.
Bandwidth Inc benifits fromcounting bandwidth usage on networks 4/9/2020
Bandwidth Inc. unveiled plans for $103 million in capital investment while the company expands its Raleigh headquarters and operations. It plans to create nearly 1,200 jobs in the state over the next eight years, the state Commerce Department announced on Tuesday.
Computer problem at SBA holds up small business emergency loans 4/9/2020
The SBA’s loan processing system stopped working Monday, making it impossible for loans to be approved and funds distributed, according to a trade group for community bankers and the CEO of an online lending marketplace. And there was confusion about the documents lenders needed from customers to complete loan transactions.
Cities lock-down affects carbon output emissions 4/9/2020
The agency’s Energy Information Administration projects a 7.5% drop in fossil fuel emissions for 2020. That would be the biggest cut in U.S. energy emissions since at least 1990, EIA records show. The year after the start of the 2008 recession saw a 7.3% decline.
Patients rush to submit for experimental coronavirus drug test 4/8/2020
When they offered him a chance to help test remdesivir, an experimental drug that’s shown promise against some other coronaviruses, “it did not even cross my mind once to say ‘no,’” said Singh, a heart specialist.
Small business waits for government aid to come down 4/8/2020
Business owners began submitting applications to banks, credit unions and other financial institutions late last week, or at least trying to. If successful, owners received notifications that their applications had been received, but for many, there was no further word by Monday afternoon.
Intel mobile CPU breaks 5 GHz barrier 4/8/2020
10th Gen Intel Core laptop processors deliver faster performance with up to 5.3 GHz Turbo, eight cores and 16 threads to enable immersive gaming experiences with amazing responsiveness and consistent in-game performance.
5/3nm transistors might bring reliability issue 4/8/2020
Ensuring that chips will be reliable at 5nm and 3nm is becoming more difficult due to the introduction of new materials, new transistor structures, and the projected use of these chips in safety- and mission-critical applications.
Q2 server shipments up 7-9% 4/7/2020
The driving force is the top four cloud providers in the US (AWS, MS, Google, IBM) which have switched some server production from China to Taiwan to avoid the US-China trade friction. Most Chinese companies have resumed factory operations. Server suppliers such as Huawei, Inspur, and H3C have ramped up component inventories to meet their 2H20 production plans.
U.S high technology shows leverage in fighting coronavirus 4/7/2020
Tech companies, consortiums and universities are jumping in to help fight COVID-19, deploying everything from massive computing capabilities to developing new technologies that can protect medical workers and first responders. Nearly all of these have ramped up over the past several weeks, as the tech world begins to take on a global challenge to combat the deadly virus.
Stock Market rises on hope of virus control 4/7/2020
New coronavirus infections and deaths are showing signs of slowing in Italy, Spain and France. The center of the U.S. outbreak, New York, also reported a dip in the number of daily deaths, though authorities warned it’s too early to tell whether it’s just a blip or the start of a trend
NY transformed convention center into 2000 bed hospital in a matter of days 4/7/2020
The Corps of Engineers got the call from FEMA about two weeks ago.

More than 165 personnel provided design, engineering and construction support to make it happen.

They worked around the clock to make it move-in ready by March 30th.

Samsung Electronics Co. is expected to post solid earnings in the first quarter 4/6/2020
Samsung, the world's largest memory chip and smartphone vendor, was expected to log 55.31 trillion won (US$44.9 billion) in sales in the first three months of 2020, up 5.5 percent from a year earlier, while operating profit was estimated to drop only 0.09 percent on-year to 6.22 trillion won over the period, according to the data by 21 local brokerage houses compiled by Yonhap Infomax, the financial news arm of Yonhap News Agency.
Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) has found use in small, niche appliances 4/6/2020
FRAM has proven itself in specific markets such as mass transit cards, gaming systems, and power meters, with its primary appeal being its low power consumption when performing write operations.
SK Hynix to mass produce DDR5 memory modules this year 4/6/2020
It's about that time again in the desktop market to switch to a new memory standard. DDR5 will ultimately offer twice the bandwidth currently available with DDR4 modules. With processor core counts increasingly skyrocketing on modern processors (consumer desktop processors can hit 16 cores and 32 threads, with prosumer platforms hitting the 64-core/128-thread), SK Hynix says that the next-generation DDR5 is poised to help satisfy these bandwidth needs.
A space company gone bankrupt 4/6/2020
OneWeb has spent billions of dollars working to bring high speed, reliable internet via its low orbit satellites. A joint venture with Airbus, called OneWeb Satellite, was responsible for manufacturing the satellites from a plant in Florida. The $300 million plant was just completed in July of last year.
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