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Semiconductor Foundries Expect Rebound in 3Q23 After 1.1% Revenue Drop in 2Q23 9/25/2023
Demand for staple consumer products like smartphones, PCs, and notebooks remains sluggish, perpetuating a slump in the use of expensive, cutting-edge manufacturing processes. At the same time, traditionally stable sectors—automotive, industrial control, and servers—are undergoing inventory correction.
Deigners now have the flexibility to make changes at any point in the FPGA chip's life span 9/25/2023
This eliminates many expensive chip spins and enables chip designers to start addressing many customers and applications with the same chips. It also extends the life of chips and systems because designers are now able to update their chips as protocols and standards changed.
Kioxia to refinance $14B with eye on WD merger 9/22/2023
Chip memory company Kioxia is reportedly working with lenders to refinance $14 billion in loans to fund a possible merger with Western Digital, sources say. The merger deal, which is still in the discussion stage, would give Western Digital 50.5% stake in the combined company.
Samsung, TSMC boost carbon neutrality efforts 9/22/2023
Samsung Electronics and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. are ramping up efforts to cut carbon emissions and transition to renewable energy. TSMC has advanced its RE100 commitment by 10 years, with plans to complete its move to renewable sources by 2040, while Samsung has pledged to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.
ITRI Leads Industry Collaboration for Heterogeneous Chip Packaging 9/22/2023
Multi-dimensional chip design and heterogeneous integrated packaging architecture are key tools to tackle IC design cycles and costs issues.
Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 using 4nm process 9/21/2023
The new chipset comes with a dedicated Qualcomm AI Engine, which promises to offer users the option to capture crisp photos and 4K HDR videos, as well as enhanced nighttime shots with Qualcomm Low Light.
Worldwide 200mm fab capacity to jump 14% by 2026 to record high 9/21/2023
Power and compound semiconductors, which are vital for the consumer, automotive and industrial sectors, are the biggest drivers of 200mm investment. The development of powertrain inverters and charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) in particular is expected to fuel increases in global 200mm wafer capacity as EV adoption continues to rise.
Synopsys to Advance IC Design Workforce in Vietnam 9/21/2023
Synopsys is helping advance IC design talent in Vietnam by supporting the NIC's establishment of a chip design incubation center.
NIC and Cadence Team Up to Elevate Vietnam’s Electronics and Semiconductor Industry 9/21/2023
Cadence and the National Innovation Center have launched a new program aimed at accelerating IC design innovation in Vietnam.
TSMC in talks to add chip packaging capacity in Ariz. 9/20/2023
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. is discussing additional investments and advanced chip packaging capacity in Arizona, where the company already has committed to two fabs. Separately, TSM says it is on track with its 2-nanometer process project in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
Wafer Contract Price Hikes Trigger Short-term Surge in Spot Market 9/20/2023
TrendForce expects short-term market price fluctuations as suppliers continue to hold the upper hand in determining the prices for wafers and related NAND flash products.
Vietnam’s Thriving Chip Industry Fuels Economic Resilience 9/20/2023
Vietnam’s semiconductor sector is poised for growth as Samsung invested $3.3 billion (August 2022) and Intel considers a $1 billion increase in its $1.5 billion chip production investment (February 2023). Amid the supply chain disruptions and trade conflicts, Vietnam aims to be a key player in the semiconductor industry.
Applied Materials' Dickerson: Revolutionize Innovation to Meet Green Goals 9/20/2023
Applied Materials CEO Gary Dickerson talks about the need to revolutionize how we innovate to deliver energy efficient computing and meet green goals.
Micron expanding its chip investments in India 9/19/2023
Micron intends to build several semiconductor assembly and packaging units in India in addition to its proposed fabrication unit, minister of state for electronics and information technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar said, as the US-based company takes a long-term view of the country as a market and manufacturing destination for semiconductors.
Arm looks to custom SoC for profitability 9/19/2023
Arm is considering moving beyond IP licensing to custom system-on-chip solutions to drive profits following its initial public offering, sources say. Arm has already seen its share value dip since its debut on the Nasdaq.
Huawei exec urges use of China's homegrown chips 9/19/2023
Huawei Chairman Xu Zhijun is reportedly pushing for the use of chips produced in China despite lags in quality, saying, "If we don't use them, this gap will always be a gap, and lagging behind will always be lagging behind." The company's Mate 60 Pro smartphones include Kirin 9000s system-on-chip made in China.
Microchip 10BASE-T1S Ethernet Solutions Ease Designs for Automotive OEMs 9/19/2023
Microchip has expanded its portfolio of automotive-qualified Ethernet solutions with a new family of LAN8650/1 MAC-PHY devices.
Rohde & Schwarz has released wider instantaneous bandwidth front-ends for automotive radar testing 9/18/2023
“From the automotive radar perspective, a higher instantaneous bandwidth improves the distance resolution,”
House Republicans Demand Full Huawei Sanctions After Chip Breakthrough 9/18/2023
Republican lawmakers are pressing the Biden administration to completely cut off Huawei Technologies Co. and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. from their American suppliers after Huawei launched a new phone using highly advanced technology the US has been trying to keep out of China’s hands.
Wafer Contract Price Hikes Trigger Short-term Surge in Spot Market 9/18/2023
Suppliers will continue their strategy of scaling back production of both DRAM and NAND Flash in 2024, with the cutback being particularly pronounced in the financially struggling NAND Flash sector.
Cadence Launches Neo NPU IP and NeuroWeave SDK for Silicon Design 9/18/2023
Cadence's next-generation AI IP and software tools address the escalating demand for on-device and edge AI processing.
Taiwan to be the biggest semiconductor fab equipment buyer next year at $23 billion 9/15/2023
South Korea ranks second at $22 billion, China at third with $20 billion and the US comes in at fourth with $14 billion.
Chip industry to faces overcapacity 9/15/2023
Future Horizons CEO Malcolm Penn says the semiconductor industry is deep in "Pig Cycle economics," with overcapacity glutting the market. Capital expenditures in the first quarter hit a record high, and Penn notes, "If it all goes into capacity, the industry will choke on it. It is just not possible for the industry to absorb it all.
Microchip and IHWK Team Up to Accelerate Edge AI/ML Inferencing 9/15/2023
Microchip is assisting IHWK with the development of its neuromorphic computing platform by providing an evaluation system based on its NVM technology.
High-power computing solutions are needed to support modern innovations 9/15/2023
Handling the Challenges of Building HPC Systems for the future.
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