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Infineon Technologies to grow GaN Systems by acquisitions 3/6/2023
Infineon will acquire GaN Systems for $830 million. GaN Systems is a global technology leader in the development of GaN-based solutions for power conversion. The company is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and has more than 200 employees.
Tesla goes from 12-volt to 48-volt 3/6/2023
A 48-volt system lowers what’s called “resistive loss.” Cramming all of the energy through 12-volt systems means more resistance, so the system needs more electrical energy. Climate control, driver assist systems, and infotainment requirements mean they all need more electricity. So there is less energy loss, and electric components provide quicker results because there is more electric current.
Third Point’s Dan Loeb has taken a passive stake in chipmaker AMD 3/6/2023
The stock has bounced back this year by 21% as China opened up its economy and the overall stock market has rebounded.
Semiconductor to return to robust on second half of 2023 3/6/2023
In Q3, lead times for all electronic components will reduce compared to Q3 2022 with nearly 60% of component lead times decreasing versus 1% in Q3 22 with none expected to increase compared to 73% in Q3 22.MIT graphene wafer nickel
ChatGPT to need More Than 30,000 Nvidia GPU 3/3/2023
Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be one of Nvidia's biggest income generators, according to the latest TrendForce(opens in new tab) projection.
three key companies Collaborate to Drive 6G Wireless Innovation 3/3/2023
Keysight Technologies Inc. has signed a three-party agreement with NTT DOCOMO Inc. and NTT to advance the development of key technologies expected to drive the innovation necessary for 6G.
Companies Should Review and Renew Their Sourcing Strategies in 2023 3/3/2023
Businesses need to focus on reviewing their sourcing strategies to ensure a steady supply of goods and materials for their operations. To secure a consistent supply of goods and resources for their operations, firms must concentrate on putting a winning sourcing strategy into practice now that the supply deficit has alleviated. These are a few critical phases organizations must take to develop a fruitful sourcing strategy.
New Technology to help Face Supply Chain Challenges 3/3/2023
Advanced digital technologies will play key roles in helping electronics and semiconductor companies mitigate the risks and vulnerabilities associated with their supply chains.
Intel has now released version 1.0 of the Intel Quantum Software Development Kit (SDK) 3/2/2023
The SDK is a full quantum computer in simulation that can interface with Intel’s quantum hardware, including the Horse Ridge II control chip and Intel’s quantum spin qubit chip when it becomes available this year.
Sapeon, a chip startup, aim to challenge Nvidia 3/2/2023
Ryu said that Sapeon is targeting the U.S. market which would pit it against Nvidia. When asked if Sapeon can challenge Nvidia, Ryu answered “yes.”
EPC's eGaN IC-based reference design address new USB PD 3.1 stringent demands for multiport chargers 3/2/2023
EPC9177 is a digitally-controlled, single-output synchronous buck converter reference design board operating at 720kHz switching frequency converting an input voltage of 48V, 36V, 28V to a regulated 12V output voltage and delivering up to 20A continuous output current.
Global smartwatch market shipments grew by 12% year-on-year (YoY) in 2022 3/2/2023
But the shipments fell by 2% YoY in the fourth quarter (Q4 2022) amid inflationary pressures and slow India growth. This was the market’s first negative growth in eight quarters since the pandemic hit the world in 2020.
Tokyo Electron Ltd see the amount of data the world must deal with will grow tenfold by 2030 3/1/2023
Toshiki Kawai said long-term trends like autonomous driving and metaverse development will supercharge demand for data storage and processing capabilities.
Critical Manufacturing Expands Manufacturing in Malaysia 3/1/2023
Critical Manufacturing provides solutions for the future-ready smart factory with its highly sophisticated, fully integrated, modular MES featuring strong data management and analytical capabilities.
NXP application processor to use in-house developed AI accelerator IP 3/1/2023
The i.MX 95 series is developed for AI-enabled applications in automotive, industrial and IoT markets, with safety features for ISO 26262 ASIL-B and IEC 61508 SIL-2 functional safety standards, including a secure island.
STMicro achieves first commercial tapeout with Synopsys cloud-based AI tool 3/1/2023
The company’s DSO was released in 2020, with its first commercial tapeout in August 2021. The tool uses reinforcement learning to tackle physical layout optimization—that is, all the physical aspects of chip design.
Second-Gen Starlink Satellites Have 4 Times More Capacity 2/28/2023
“This means Starlink can provide more bandwidth with increased reliability and connect millions of more people around the world with high-speed internet,”
Qualcomm Pushes to Put 5G in Cars With Second-Gen Snapdragon Auto System 2/28/2023
Qualcomm says its new Snapdragon Auto 5G Modem-RF Gen 2 module will help bring media streaming, cloud gaming, and other connected services to cars.
Samsung develops tiny new substrate for connected cars 2/28/2023
Samsung Electro-Mechanics has developed an automotive semiconductor package substrate tailored to driving assistance systems, in a move that extends the usable range of chip products for cars.
Repairable Mobi phone design 2/28/2023
ust ahead of Mobile World Congress, HMD Global has announced a trio of Nokia phones, including the first one it built specifically with repairability in mind. The company has teamed up with iFixit to offer official repair guides and parts to help people fix issues such as a busted display, kaput battery or wonky charging port on the G22.
European Commission have banned staff from using TikTok on government-issued devices 2/27/2023
Citing growing concerns about the Chinese-owned video sharing app, the policy-making institutions told a combined workforce of about 35,100 workers this week to remove TikTok from official handsets, as well as personal phones with access to EU Council services.
NTT's prototype chip could boost internet speeds to 2 terabytes per second 2/27/2023
The company said its extremely compact new baseband amplifier integrated circuit module boasts an ultra-broadband performance of 100 gigahertz and is designed to be used with future all-photonics network technologies,
Infineon Technologies introduced a design tool that can handle power factor correction for LED drivers 2/27/2023
The PFC plus LCC topology is said to be 5 to 6 percent more efficient than other commonly used two-stage topologies, but the design of LED drivers with this topology is highly time-consuming. Infineon’s new LCC tool, which is said to be a first in the market.
Intel's Green-PC is 90% recyclable 2/27/2023
Intel announced the development of a "Green PC," featuring about 90% recyclable components. The chipmaker collaborated with Acer and Tsinghua Tongfang to design and produce the PC.
AMD's Xilinx division launched new adaptive radio computing chips for the 5G telecom market 2/24/2023
AMD has also created a new Telco Solutions Testing Lab with VIAVI, enabling telco operators and telco solution providers to test scale computing resources to deliver on the increasing demands from RAN and edge-to-core computing.
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