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AMD exec outlines AM5's future, memory scaling plans 12/29/2023
In a recent interview with Overclockers UK, AMD's Corporate Vice President, David McAfee, further acknowledged how the long life of AM4 played a crucial role in how the product has been able to age gracefully. He also pointed out how support for AMD's newest AM5 platform, currently on Zen 4, will continue well into 2025.
Synopsys has acquired Imperas the 18 year-old Thame-based software tools developer 12/29/2023
The acquisition was completed on December 12th when the two directors, Simon Davidmann and James Kenney resigned.
STMicroelectronics SiC Technology Helps Li Auto Accelerate Toward High-voltage EV Market 12/29/2023
ST will provide Li Auto with SiC MOSFET devices to support its strategy around high-voltage BEVs in various market segments.
Samsung Seen Stumbling at Silicon’s Leading Edge 12/29/2023
Potential Samsung customers find the foundry's leap to 3nm to be too risky.
Apple progress lags on its Wi-Fi chip development 12/28/2023
Apple's aim to self-develop its Wi-Fi chips is said to be hitting snags, according to industry sources. The company's similar challenges with 5G modem chip development have led to an extended partnership with Qualcomm.
Chinese province investing $1.5B in regional chip industry fund 12/28/2023
China's regional chip fund trend. Shanghai started its chip fund back in 2016, and now has ¥28.5 billion ($4.02 billion) in it. These local efforts across China show how serious the country is about building a self-reliant chip industry — and they are all in line with the goals set by the federal government,
US to survey semiconductor supply chain over China concerns 12/28/2023
U.S. Department of Commerce said Thursday it will launch a survey of the U.S. semiconductor supply chain and national defense industrial base to address national security concerns from Chinese-sourced chips.
Is Software and Hardware Ready for TinyML Tsunami? 12/28/2023
Recent developments may offer encouragement for engineers new to ML projects.
Mouser Named High Service Distributor of the Year by KYOCERA AVX 12/27/2023
With almost 20,000 KYOCERA AVX products in stock—including focus products such as antennas, circuit protection, connectors, supercapacitors and polymers—Mouser offers a wide portfolio of the company’s newest solutions to help buyers and engineers bring their products to market.
TrendForce Forecasts Mobile DRAM and eMMC/UFS Prices to Surge in 1Q 2024 12/27/2023
TrendForce predicts a significant rise in the mobile DRAM and NAND Flash (eMMC/UFS) prices for the first quarter of 2024, with an expected seasonal increase of 18–23%.
STMicroelectronics Global-shutter Image Sensor Features High Resolution in Compact Form Factor 12/27/2023
Measuring just 2.7-by-2.2mm, STMicroelectronics' latest global-shutter image sensor has a native resolution of 800x700 pixels.
Apple-TSMC-Amkor Pact Bolsters U.S. Chip Supply Chain 12/27/2023
Amkor's planned advanced packaging campus in Arizona will support TSMC's nearby facility.
IDC Forecasts Slow Recovery for Global Smart TV Shipments 12/26/2023
IDC expects the semiconductor market to return to a growth trend in 2024, with an annual growth rate above 20%.
ChipMOS to Divest Stake in Unimos Microelectronics 12/26/2023
ChipMOS Technologies Inc.’s Board of Directors has approved the proposed $137.1 million sale of the equity interests in Unimos Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co. Ltd (Unimos Shanghai) by the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, ChipMOS Technologies
ST Launches Embedded Software for Sensorless Zero-speed/High-torque Motor Control 12/26/2023
STMicroelectronics' STM32 ZeST (Zero Speed Full Torque) software algorithm lets sensorless motor drives produce full torque at zero speed.
How the Metaverse Can Improve Manufacturing 12/26/2023
Can the metaverse go from concept to reality? Find out here.
Micron shares ticked up almost 7% on strong quarterly forecast 12/22/2023
Demand for flash storage and dynamic random access memory (DRAM) should keep improving next year, while at the same time supply will begin to approach historically normal levels, the memory chipmaker said.
China’s Huawei could be the surprise IPO of 2024 12/22/2023
If it comes down to China's national interest, Huawei could become a publicly traded company as early as next year despite CEO Ren Zhengfei's objections, Chan Ka Sing writes. Chinese President Xi Jinping has promoted self-sufficiency in technology and innovation, and Huawei could facilitate both goals.
2023 was "shockingly good for semiconductors" 12/22/2023
The year began with thoughts of a recession and bust cycle predictions and then came AI and data center demands and packaging upgrades, turning 2023 "shockingly good for semiconductors," said Rich Goldman of Ansys. Mobile phones, post-quantum cryptography and the automotive sector all advanced, while virtual reality and crypto-mining sectors faced lulls.
Semiconductor Market to Recover in 2024 With 20% Annual Growth Rate 12/22/2023
semiconductor industry is expected to usher in a new wave of growth, according to research from International Data Corp. (IDC). Semiconductor products cover logic integrated circuits (IC), analog IC, microprocessor and microcontroller IC, and memories.
Incoming Japanese industry minister plans to expand chip support 12/21/2023
Japan's new industry minister on Wednesday pledged to continue supporting efforts to revitalise the country's chip manufacturing base, which have included subsidies for Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC (2330.TW) and foundry venture Rapidus.
Winbond to work with PTI on 2.5D and 3D advanced packaging 12/21/2023
High-frequency, high-bandwidth, and high-speed solutions are in greater demand due to the quick development of AI technology, which in turn raises the requirement for advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration technologies.
Infineon Expands Climate Strategy Towards the Supply Chain 12/21/2023
Infineon now sets itself even more ambitious targets by involving the supply chain (Scope 3) in the company's climate protection efforts.
Taiwan’s Fab Capacity Share Forecast to Drop to 41% by 2027 12/21/2023
Due to government incentives and subsidies promoting local production in countries like China and the US, the semiconductor production capacities of Taiwan and South Korea are projected to decrease to 41% and 10%, respectively, by 2027.
TSMC lays out succession plan ahead of Chairman Liu's retirement in 2024 12/20/2023
TSMC, said on Tuesday its board had recommended current CEO and Vice Chairman C.C. Wei succeed Mark Liu who will be retiring next year as chairman, offering continuity to the major Apple supplier.
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