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Infineon leads the auto pack 4/7/2023
Infineon was the top supplier growing revenues 24.5% and taking 13% market share.
Billionaire Anil Agarwal’s wants to build a $19 billion chipmaking plant in India 4/7/2023
Seven months after Agarwal announced a chip partnership between his Vedanta Resources Ltd. and Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., the venture is yet to tie up with a fabrication unit operator or license manufacturing-grade technology,
AMD and Samsung are renewing their GPU architecture licensing agreement for Exynos SoCs 4/7/2023
The latest multi-year deal between AMD and Samsung will see Samsung continuing to license AMD’s Radeon graphics architectures for use in the company’s Arm-based Exynos SoCs, with the two companies committing to work together over “multiple generations” of GPU IP.
APAC Tablet Market Forecast to Shrink in 2023 Amid Weakening Demand 4/7/2023
Tablet shipments are expected to decline by 11.5% in 2023 as demand slowed after the pandemic. Consumer shipments grew by 4.5% in 2022, totaling 45.4 million units.
Infineon and Delta Electronics expands their long-term cooperation to automotive applications 4/6/2023
The companies recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will deepen their joint innovation activities to provide more efficient and higher-density solutions for the fast-growing market of electric vehicles (EV).
Lancaster University to develop a universal memory called ULTRARAM 4/6/2023
ULTRARAM is a novel type of memory that combines the non-volatility of a data storage memory, like flash, with the speed, energy-efficiency and endurance of a working memory, like DRAM.
EPC Releases Phase 15 Report on GaN Reliability 4/6/2023
EPC's Phase-15 Reliability Report documents continued work using test-to-fail methodology and adding specific reliability metrics and predictions for real world applications of GaN.
Amkor increases effort on silicon carbide (SiC) as it becomes a key candidate in automotive power solutions 4/6/2023
Amkor has a proven record of leadership in applications for automotive semiconductors, including body electronics and connectivity, vehicle controls, ADAS, and infotainment.
Plataine, Nepes to build world’s first chip AI factory in Korea 4/5/2023
Israel’s Plataine and Nepes signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on AI factory cooperation in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Sunday. Under the MoU, the two companies plan to establish a joint venture in the first half of this year and transform Nepes’ main production facility in Goesan, North Chungcheong Province into an AI factory.
sureCore has created a new range of ultra-low voltage SRAM solutions that can operate down to 0.45V 4/5/2023
ecause both the logic and memory can interface at the same voltages, they can be adjusted in tandem to increase and decrease performance and therefore power consumption simultaneously as required by the application.
Ga. Tech, GlobalFoundries plan workforce collaboration 4/5/2023
Chip industry may face a worsening shortage of engineers as the decade plays out.
Intel aims to recruit young workers with new plant 4/5/2023
Officials said Most of the positions are expected to be technicians, which require a two-year associate degree or less, and Intel officials say they are working on a shorter curriculum aimed at easing barriers to these careers.
Multi-ranked buffered DIMMs could be the standard among buffered DIMMs by 203x. 4/4/2023
AMD( opens in new tab) has voiced its commitment at MemCon 2023 to help push JEDEC's MRDIMM open standard, which will significantly boost bandwidth over standard DDR5 DIMMs.
Can TSMC sole the water problem in Arizona? 4/4/2023
In face of a fierce competition for talent in Arizona with local competitors like Intel, TSMC has been forced to send technicians from the island of Taiwan to support the construction of the US factory. Now facing the battle for water resource, does TSMC have to transport water resources from Taiwan island to its Arizona plant?
Ore. to recruit more microchip firms through incentives in a proposed bill 4/4/2023
Oregon bill SB 4 aims to incentivize semiconductor and chip manufacturers to build factories in the state and boost job growth.
Huawei, has claimed that China's semiconductor industry will be "reborn" in the face of US sanctions 4/4/2023
Eric Xu, the rotating chairman at Huawei, issued the statement on Friday during a press conference, saying that he believes the semiconductor industry in China will take action to strengthen and become self-reliant.
average selling price of DRAM to fall by 20% in Q1 of 2023 due to excess inventory 4/3/2023
Latest dispatch says that Micron and SK Hynix have begun to reduce DRAM production in the face of withering demand. Memory buyers such as system integrators have been reducing orders for the last three quarters, so it's time for a response. Since demand is low, the only way to get prices back up is to reduce supply.
Diodes has introduced silicon carbide mosfet rated at 1,200V and 37A 4/3/2023
Rds(on) is typically 80m? (Vg=15V, 100m?max) and gate charge is typically 52nC
Renesas offers a RISC-V MCU for voice control 4/3/2023
Targeting residential and commercial building automation, home appliances, toys and healthcare devices, the ASSP supports multiple languages and user-defined keywords for voice-recognition operations.
Huawei reported biggest annual decline in profit on record 4/3/2023
The Chinese telecommunications giant said net profit for 2022 totaled 35.6 billion yuan ($5.18 billion), a 69% year-on-year decline. That’s the bigger than the 54% annual decline in 2011.
Toshiba unveils high-performance 150V U-MOS X-H MOSFET 3/31/2023
With a maximum VDSS rating of 150V and current handling (ID) of 64A, the new device comes with a very low drain-source On-resistance (RDS(ON)) of just 9.0mO (max). This is a reduction of more than 40% versus previous generation product
TSMC chairman called on the island to produce more of the equipment essential to advanced chipmaking 3/31/2023
US sanctions are curtailing the flow of vital technology to China and Taiwan could play a bigger role in supplying the machines needed to make chips worldwide,
Samsung Electronics said to consider production cut on weak chip demand 3/31/2023
Samsung Electronics, set to report its earnings for the first quarter next month, is considering future approaches to memory chip production, including an artificial cut, a measure already taken by Micron Technology Inc. and SK Hynix Inc., according to multiple industry sources.
Infineon and Delta Electronics Extend Partnership to Electromobility 3/31/2023
Infineon and Delta Electronics are expanding their long-term cooperation from industrial to automotive applications.
Share risses in Infineon (IFXGn.DE) 3/30/2023
Shares in Infineon (IFXGn.DE) rose on Wednesday after the German chipmaker raised its outlook for both its financial second quarter and the whole of 2023, citing resilience in its automotive and industrials divisions.
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