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Eliyan Corporation develops chiplet interconnect and packaging 12/30/2022
Eliyan’s high-performance chiplet interconnect addresses what the company believes is a critical need for a cost-effective way of connecting homogeneous and heterogenous architectures on a standard organic substrate,
A British government agency says sharing passwords for Netflix is illegal 12/29/2022
New piracy guidance published by the UK's Intellectual Property Office (IPO) finds that Netflix password sharing is illegal because the practice breaks copyright law.
Apple to have new iPad mini in 2023 12/29/2022
The "main selling point" of the upcoming iPad mini upgrade will be a new processor, Kuo says in a series of tweets. Shipments are expected to start “by the end of 2023” or in the first half of 2024. Apple could put its M1 or M2 chip into the iPad mini.
Class-action lawsuit claims the Apple Watch's blood oxygen sensor is racially biased 12/29/2022
Alex Morales is suing Apple for "false and misleading representations" of a wearable feature purporting to measure blood oxygen levels.
Government entities were told to delete TikTok from their computers 12/29/2022
Agencies have 60 days to write rules banning that social media service “or any successor application or service developed or provided by ByteDance" on government hardware, with exceptions for law-enforcement, national-security, and security-research cases.
Amazon now trialing drone deliveries in new California and Texas locations 12/28/2022
Nearly a decade in the making, Amazon's air drone delivery service is finally set to reach US customers. Once onboarded, local shoppers can place orders for Prime Air-eligible items as normal, then wait for the unmanned aerial vehicle to drop them off—literally.
California banned Tesla from calling its software Full Self-Driving (FSD) 12/28/2022
Llegislators said its name could lead a “reasonable person” to believe the feature allows a car to become fully autonomous.
Cadence Design Systems offers LPDDR5X memory interface IP designs 12/28/2022
The design is optimized to operate at 8533Mbps—up to 33% faster than the previous generation of LPDDR IP. Available now for customer engagements, the Cadence LPDDR5X IP boasts a new high-performance, scalable and adaptable architecture based on Cadence’s LPDDR5 and GDDR6 product lines.
Ventana Micro Systems has announced its Veyron family of data-center class RISC-V processors 12/28/2022
The new RISC-V CPU core is the centerpiece of a compute chiplet solution with chiplets supplied by different companies. Ventana’s Veyron platform solution also enables integration of a flexible domain specific accelerator for hardware/software codesign.
Chinese researchers have developed the country's first Data Processing Unit (DPU) chip 12/27/2022
DPU is known as the "third main chip" after Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Heterogeneous computing based on the combination of DPU, CPU and GPU has become the mainstream technology of the next-generation intelligent computing centers.
TSMC is looking to build a second fab. in Japan 12/27/2022
The world's largest contract chip maker, is considering building a second plant in Japan in addition to an $8.6 billion dollar facility now under construction.
Meta gives in to a $725 million fine 12/27/2022
The lawsuit, which dates back to 2018, came after it was revealed Facebook had shared the personal data of up to 87 million users with the consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.
Tesla is now taking $7,500 off the price of Model 3 and Model Y cars in the US 12/27/2022
The discounts, which have led some to believe Tesla is facing demand issues, saw Tesla stocks plunge 9%
Qualcomm is trimming its work force by 1% 12/26/2022
Qualcomm is laying off 153 workers in San Diego as the wireless technology giant seeks to reduce costs amid a global slowdown in smartphone demand.
Oxford Quantum Circuits is teaming up with Cyxtera to install quantum computers in data centers 12/26/2022
According to the company’s website, “Traditional 2D circuits require increasingly intricate engineering to route control wiring across the chip to the qubit. This degrades the quality of the qubits and increases the chance of costly engineering errors.” Its innovative core technology — the Coaxmon — has a 3D architecture that brings key componentry off-chip for vastly increased simplicity, flexibility and, crucially, scalability.
Toshiba Electronic to construct a new back-end production facility for power semiconductors 12/26/2022
Power devices are essential components for managing and reducing power consumption in all kinds of electronic equipment, and for saving energy. Above all other products,
Applied Materials announced expansion plan in Singapore 12/26/2022
The “Singapore 2030” plan is targeted at strengthening the company’s global manufacturing and R&D capabilities, broadening technology ecosystem partnerships in Singapore and promoting local workforce development.
Samsung offers (DDR5) DRAM made with a 12-nanometer (nm) class process node 12/23/2022
According to the South Korean tech giant, the 12nm 16Gb DDR5 DRAM has been verified with CPU maker AMD, with mass production slated to begin next year.
Micron to layoff 10% of employees 12/23/2022
Idaho-based Micron has about 48,000 employees, according to a recent SEC filing. The company said it would hit its reduction target through voluntary departures as well as layoffs.
Microchip Unveils Industry’s First Terabit-Scale Secure Ethernet PHY Family for Enterprise and Cloud Interconnection 12/23/2022
META-DX2+ enables OEMs to double router and switch system capacities with 112G PAM4 connectivity for 800G ports, adds encryption and Class C/D precision timing
FCC wants to put massive fine on robocall scammers 12/23/2022
The penalty targets a robocall operation that the FCC sourced back to Roy Cox, Jr. and Aaron Michael Jones, who allegedly used their “Sumco Panama” company to bombard US consumers with eight billion robocalls since at least 2018.
Intel’s upcoming laptop CPU may easily dethrone even some of the best desktop processors, 12/22/2022
It seems that Intel’s upcoming laptop CPU may easily dethrone even some of the best desktop processors, let alone mobile chips. Even chips that are not out yet are already in danger, such as Apple’s M2 Max.
USPS to modernize its fleet to EV 12/22/2022
The modernization plan will result in the rollout of 66,000 electric delivery vehicles and tens of thousands of charging stations through 2028, with a target of acquiring only EVs after 2026.
Micron cuts projection and budget 12/22/2022
Semiconductor makers are suffering plummeting demand for their products less than a year after being unable to produce enough to meet orders. Consumers have shelved purchases of personal computers and smartphones amid rising inflation and an uncertain economy.
U.S. adds China YMTC to blacklist 12/22/2022
The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) expanded measures taken in October by adding YMTC and companies like AI chip designer Cambricon Technologies to its so-called Entity List, blocking their ability to buy semiconductors and production tools that are made with U.S. technology.
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