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IoT Service Hub and Winstec Jointly Launched AI Image Recognition EVB 10/3/2023
This EVB integrates the most advanced NPU AI computing engine, allowing HUB 8735 to efficiently process AI models. At the same time, HUB 8735 is also compatible with Arduino development features, and has a variety of pre-trained AI models that are already optimized on the module.
FIRST Global and Lam Research to Hold Global Innovation Challenge in Singapore 10/3/2023
The 2023 FIRST Global Challenge will bring together thousands of teens from across the globe to compete in robotics and collaborate to find renewable ...
Microchip’s 28nm Embedded Flash Memory Solution Now in Production 10/3/2023
Microchip's SST ESF3 third-generation embedded SuperFlash technology NVM solution is now in production at GF's 28SLPe process.
North Korean hackers posit as recruiters for Facebook Meta to trick users into loading malware 10/2/2023
The findings come from antivirus provider ESET, which recently investigated a 2022 breach at an unnamed Spanish aerospace company. ESET traced the intrusion to a hacker-controlled account on LinkedIn that was impersonating a recruiter for Meta.
Micron Technology is sampling 128-gigabyte DDR5 memory modules to customers for AI uses 10/2/2023
With revenue expected in the second quarter of next year, the company disclosed on an earnings conference call. The breakthrough is expected to pave the way for 1-terabyte server memory modules.
US earmarks $500M for smaller semiconductor suppliers 10/2/2023
The US Commerce Department will allocate $500 million in government grants to smaller semiconductor suppliers. The funding will be directed at projects costing under $300 million, aiming to reduce reliance on Asian production lines and boost domestic production of electronic components.
TSMC's delay in 2nm process might be a gain for Intel 10/2/2023
Intel says its 18A process – its version of 2nm – will be ‘manufacturing ready’ in H2 2024 and be in production in 2025.
ASML plans chip facility in Japan 9/29/2023
ASML has decided to establish a support base for semiconductor production in the vicinity of Chitose City, Hokkaido, Japan, in the latter half of 2024. This location is where the Rapidus factory is being built, aiming to achieve 2nm mass production.
Qualcomm prevails in antitrust case 9/29/2023
Qualcomm (QCOM.O) on Tuesday defeated a consumer lawsuit in California federal court alleging the chipmaker's contracts with device manufacturers had artificially boosted the cost of mobile phones in violation of U.S. antitrust law.
Nvidia GPU supply shortages easing 9/29/2023
Microsoft's Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott says supplies of Nvidia graphics processing units are "getting better every week, and we've got more good news ahead of us than bad on that front." Nvidia has said it is looking to boost supply quarterly through 2024.
Micron takes "decisive actions," sees recovery in 2024 9/29/2023
Micron Technology CEO Sanjay Mehrotra says "decisive actions on supply and cost" will help the company pull through the current slump in demand for memory chips, as sales have fallen for five consecutive quarters. In the meantime, Micron has increased its loss estimate for the fiscal first quarter while at the same time forecasting increased sales and recovery in 2024.
Cadence, Renesas team up for AI design in India 9/28/2023
Cadence Design Systems and Renesas are collaborating in India on design challenges using AI. The pilot project is "utilizing a large language model to interpret the written specs and communicate the intent clearly to all stakeholders, identifying any mismatches or misalignments ... ensuring cleanliness and adherence to the intended specs at every stage," Cadence's Jayashankar Narayanankutty says.
Getty Images is partnering with Nvidia to launch Generative AI by Getty Images 9/28/2023
Generative AI by Getty Images is trained only on the vast Getty Images library, including premium content, giving users full copyright indemnification. This means anyone using the tool and publishing the image it created commercially will be legally protected,
STMicroelectronics Enables Secure Connection of IoT Devices to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub 9/28/2023
STMicroelectronics' new software simplifies connecting IoT devices built using its latest STM32H5 MCUs to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.
proteanTecs Now a Member of TSMC 3DFabric Alliance 9/28/2023
proteanTecs has joined the TSMC Open Innovation Platform (OIP) 3DFabric Alliance, the newest alliance in TSMC's OIP ecosystem.
Macronix OctaFlash Memory Solutions certified for ISO 26262 ASIL D 9/27/2023
Macronix, an integrated-device manufacturer in the non-volatile memory (NVM) market, has announced that its OctaFlash memory line has received ISO 26262 ASIL D (Automotive Safety Integrity Level) certification.
Samsung Electronics denies Huawei ties after 2020 sanctions 9/27/2023
"Samsung has been abiding by export regulations set forth by the U.S. government and does not hold business relationships outlined within the guardrails," a spokesperson at Samsung Electronics said.
Li-Ion Battery Improvements to Drive a 6x Increase in Global EV Battery Output by 2030 9/27/2023
New research from global technology intelligence firm ABI Research finds that global EV battery output production will increase nearly six times to 2,585GWh by 2030.
Microchip Low Pin-Count MCU Features I3C Support 9/27/2023
Microchip's low pin count PIC18-Q20 MCU series features up to two I3C peripherals and Multi-Voltage I/O.
Huawei exec urges use of China's homegrown chips 9/26/2023
Despite China's inferior domestic chips, "if we don't use them, this gap will always be a gap, and lagging behind will always be lagging behind," said Zhijun, Huawei's rotating chairman.
Nvidia tops Qualcomm in Q2 chip design revenue 9/26/2023
Nvidia, spurred by the global demand for AI, saw its quarterly revenue jump 12.5% to $38.1 billion, TrendForce reports. These quarterly results moved the chip designer ahead of Qualcomm.
Southeast Asia Now the Hottest EV Market as OEMs Take Pole Position 9/26/2023
Battery electric vehicle (BEV) unit sales grew by 894% during the second quarter in Southeast Asia, driven by strong demand across Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia, according to Counterpoint Technology Market Research’s latest SE Asia Passenger Electric Vehicle Tracker, Q2 2023.
Vietnam’s FPT and Silvaco Team Up to Boost Semiconductor Workforce 9/26/2023
FPT Semiconductor is partnering with Silvaco to foster workforce and business growth in the semiconductor sector.
Nvidia to top in semiconductor revenue 9/25/2023
Semiconductor Intelligence is estimating Nvidia's revenue this year will be $52.9 billion, nearly double its 2022 revenue, which will make the company No. 1 worldwide. Intel with revenue at $51.6 billion and Samsung at $45.4 billion round out the top.
GlobalFoundries signs 10-year US contract for chips with DOD 9/25/2023
GlobalFoundries has signed a 10-year contract with the Defense Department to supply chips for defense and aerospace worth up to $3.1 billion. The deal includes access to the foundry's design ecosystem, prototyping, IP libraries and secure US facilities.
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