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Winbond and ST are partnering to integrate Winbond's specialty memory ICs with MCUs and MPUs. 3/23/2023
The partnership formalizes collaboration between the two companies to optimize integration and performance and assure long-term availability of Winbond and ST devices,
Infineon and UMC Extend Automotive Partnership 3/23/2023
Infineon and UMC are partnering to multiply capacity for the production of Infineon MCUs to serve the rapidly expanding automotive market.
UMC Sets Up R&D Center for Waste Recycling 3/23/2023
UMC's R&D center for waste recycling in STSP will serve as an important contributor for sustainable circular economy in Taiwan.
Intel to debut "Granite Rapids" chip 3/22/2023
The sixth-generation Xeon Scalable "Granite Rapids" processors will reportedly outperform the Sapphire Rapids and Emerald Rapids CPUs.
Global EV Sales Top 10 Million in 2022 3/22/2023
Global passenger electric vehicle* (EV) sales in the fourth quarter (Q4 2022) rose by 53% year-on-year (YoY) to bring the 2022 total to over 10.2 million units, according to the latest research from Counterpoint Technology Market Research’s Global Passenger Electric Vehicle Model Sales Tracker.
Hailo Adds Vision Processor SoCs for Smart Cameras 3/22/2023
Three new chips feature CPUs and DSPs alongside an improved Hailo microarchitecture.
Automotive operating systems (OSes) are becoming increasingly popular in the EV industry 3/22/2023
Multiple open-source initiatives are defining the software-defined vehicle. However, there is neither a widely accepted definition of an automotive OS nor a consensus on the functionality that it provides or the concepts that it implements. It is not an operating system in the traditional sense.
HPE is collaborating with AMD to better secure the supply chain and boost sustainability 3/21/2023
Cybersecurity Ventures predicted that the global annual cost of cybercrime will reach $8 trillion in 2023. One security trend survey conducted last year found that supply chain attacks were impacting 62% of organizations.
South Korea's leading semiconductor makers are likely to post deficits of billions of won in the first quarter 3/21/2023
According to Samsung’s regulatory filing to DART, the Financial Supervisory Service’s electronic disclosure board, Sunday, its inventory assets reached an all-time high of 52.2 trillion won ($39.9 billion) as of the fourth quarter last year, compared with last year’s 41.4 trillion won.
EPC design wins a 67W USB PD charger using its 100V GaN FET, EPC2218 3/21/2023
This All-GaN fast charger with higher efficiency, state-of-the-art power density and lower system cost.
onsemi's acquisition constitutes a long-term goal of improving its 300-mm capabilities. 3/21/2023
onsemi's EFK Fab Purchase Ups Its Sustainability Game.
>Infineon and Apex.AI have integrated Apex.AI’s SDK and Infineon’s AURIX TC3X microcontroller 3/20/2023
Apex.Grace develops application software for software-defined vehicles. Apex.Ida, previously known as Apex.Middleware, provides a complete and integrated solution for intra- and inter-electronic control unit (ECU) communication and communication to the cloud.
Japan to Lift Restrictions on Chip Material Exports to South Korea 3/20/2023
Japan said it plans to ease licensing requirements on fluorinated polyimide, hydrogen fluoride and photoresists — all essential ingredients for the manufacture of displays and semiconductors that go into gadgets including Apple Inc. iPhones.
As advances in memory continue to evolve, so too does cybercrime 3/20/2023
New technology comes new threats, and as memory evolves, so does the opportunity for cybercrime.
USB Type-C likely to continue its growth 3/20/2023
The USB Type-C ecosystem will continue to grow, and VIA Labs will continue actively support and participate in technical organizations and standards bodies that are the basis for the next generation of products.
India set to announce its first semiconductor fabrication facility 3/17/2023
The country is well-positioned to foster a vibrant chip industry in the next three to four years on the “back of enabling policies” and the government’s drive to boost its “manufacturing ecosystem,"
Apple is readying 3nm process technology in the upcoming A17 and M3 (series) 3/17/2023
More computational performance at lower wattage than before, essentially enabling Apple’s devices to do more work for less energy.
Onsemi offers an automotive-grade Bluetooth Low Energy wireless MPU 3/17/2023
It is intended to reduce the weight of sensor cabling in vehicles.
Web of Secret Chip Deals Allegedly Help US Tech Flow to Russia 3/17/2023
secret supply chain that prosecutors say used American technology to support President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.
Samdung to spend $230B for a fab cluster in South Korea 3/16/2023
"We will grow the ‘semiconductor mega cluster’ to the world’s largest in connection with the existing memory semiconductor manufacturing complexes.”
New cybersecurity standards are coming for connected IoT devices 3/16/2023
The national cybersecurity label NIST is developing for consumer Internet of Things (IoT) products and consumer software products.
Qorvo offers Single Chip Battery Management System 3/16/2023
The two PACs are the industry’s first single-chip solutions to offer support for battery packs with up to 20 cells in series (20s).
Foxconn plans to build a factory in India to produce AirPods for Apple 3/16/2023
Apple supplier to further diversify production away from China. AirPods are currently made by a range of Chinese suppliers.
IST banks funds $8.5M in resistive RAM technology startup 3/15/2023
Memory startup Intrinsic Semiconductor Technologies has scored funding aimed at bringing its Resistive RAM to market, which it grandly states will enable a new generation of smart devices and systems with embedded intelligence.
Renesas shows First AI Implementations on Arm Cortex-M85 3/15/2023
Renesas is doing live demonstrations of AI and ML implementations on an MCU based on the Arm Cortex-M85 processor at embedded world 2023.
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