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Cadence Powers Samsung Foundry’s Breakthrough Success on 5G Chip Design 12/4/2023
Samsung Foundry achieved a 2X productivity boost that led to faster design closure versus its previous design methodology.
Fabless Startup DEEPX Lands 3 CES Innovation Awards 12/4/2023
DEEPX has been recognized as a globally innovative technology by winning the CES Innovation Award in three categories.
Intel plans to spend $14B on its chips at TSMC 12/1/2023
Intel is expected to spend $4 billion on making its chips at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. next year and another $10 billion on orders in 2025, according to a report from analyst Andrew Lu. Intel is likely to displace Advanced Micro Devices as TSMC's second biggest 3-nanometer client, behind Apple,
Nvidia reigns as most profitable chip brand amid AI demand 12/1/2023
Nvidia's profits hit $10.42 billion in the third quarter as it worked to meet global demand for AI chips and serving big-name clients Meta and Microsoft. The strong quarter put it ahead of Intel and Samsung, but CEO Jensen Huang noted that US supply chain independence is still up to two decades away.
How Greener Packaging Can Help Eliminate Li-Ion Battery Liability 12/1/2023
One of the biggest threats is battery explosion that leads to thermal runaway.
TMYTEK Showcases Latest mmWave Testing Solution at MWE 2023 12/1/2023
TMYTEK's UD Box 5G and UD Box 0630 unleash enhanced production and testing flexibility for 5G/6G, satcom and radar sensing.
Solving HDR Challenges in Newest Driving Systems 11/30/2023
Makers of CMOS image sensors for automotive use cases face growing challenges.
Imec offers chip designers courses to close skills gaps 11/30/2023
Imec has devised three courses for chip designers. Launched by Professor Patrick Reynaert of KU Leuven the courses are designed to coach individuals to becoming proficient chip designers.
Nvidia recruiting AV talent in China 11/30/2023
Nvidia is looking to add to its autonomous vehicle team by recruiting in China to fill positions under Xinzhou Wu, the head of automotive, who was hired in August. Nvidia introduced its automotive-grade Thor chips last year that boast 2,000 teraflops of performance.
HBM chip competition expected to grow in the new year 11/30/2023
Samsung Electronics, Micron Technology and SK Hynix are set to compete for Nvidia orders as demand for high bandwidth memory picks up for generative AI applications, according to reports. SK Hynix has led the way, but Samsung's upcoming HBM3 and Micron's HBM3E are seen as contenders
Rapidus seeks engineers to revive Japan's chip industry 11/29/2023
Government-backed Japanese chip foundry venture Rapidus is hunting high and low - including among industry veterans and overseas - to find engineers to help it revive a chip industry that was once the envy of the world.
5G chipset market on pace to hit $92B 11/29/2023
The market for 5G chipsets is likely to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 21% by 2030 to reach a valuation of $92 billion, according to Adroit Market Research. Automotive, health care and entertainment are among the industries driving the growth of specialized 5G chipsets.
NXP Launches Next-gen Automotive Ultra-Wideband ICs 11/29/2023
NXP's Trimension NCJ29D6 automotive single-chip UWB combines next-gen secure and precise real-time localization with short-range radar.
MediaTek's Ming-Kai Tsai to Receive IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal 11/29/2023
MediaTek Chairman Ming-Kai Tsai will receive one of the most prestigious awards in the electronics industry.
Strong quarter drives SK Hynix to all-time high in DRAM 11/28/2023
Samsung Electronics remains atop the world DRAM market with a 39.4% third-quarter market share, with SK Hynix in second place at 35%, its all-time high after a gain of 4 percentage points, Omdia reports. The company generated $4.63 billion in DRAM revenue in the third quarter.
Industry's revenue up for 2nd straight quarter 11/28/2023
Revenue in the semiconductor industry was up 8.3% in the third quarter compared to the prior quarter, with SK Hynix and Nvidia notable beneficiaries, according to industry tracker Omdia. Revenue was spurred by AI demand, reaching an estimated $139 billions.
Siemens, Arm and AWS to Unlock Next-generation Automotive Innovations 11/28/2023
Expanding on the strong partnership between Siemens and AWS, PAVE360 helps foster innovation in the automotive industry through hardware and software parallel development.
Synopsys Expands EDA Suite to Bring Generative AI Across Full Stack 11/28/2023
Synopsys has expanded its Synopsys.ai EDA suite to bring the power of GenAI across the full stack to improve engineering productivity for the chip ind...
NTU Singapore and Durapower Partner on Cloud-based AI Tech to Enhance Safety and Lifetime of Li-Ion Batteries 11/27/2023
Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) and Durapower Technology Singapore Pte Ltd have developed a cloud-based technology that can greatly enhance the lifespan and safety of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.
NXP Launches Motor Control Solution for Software-defined Vehicle Edge Nodes 11/27/2023
NXP's S32M2 is a purpose-built motor control solution optimized for efficiency improvement across vehicle applications.
BIWIN’s C1008 SSD Solves In-Vehicle Video Surveillance Problems 11/27/2023
BIWIN's C1008 SSDs address vehicle surveillance challenges with large capacities, stable data writing, and robust designs. Ideal for security monitori...
MediaTek's Dimensity 9300 brought on Improved Mobile SoC Performance 11/27/2023
Mediatek's "bigger.big" approach packs Dimensity 9300 with improved efficiency and performance over its predecessor.
MediaTek upgrades Wi-Fi 7 portfolio with 6-nm chips 11/23/2023
MediaTek unveiled a pair of 6-nanometer-based Wi-Fi 7 chipsets designed to boost speed and performance. The Filogic 860 is aimed at enterprise access points, Ethernet gateways and mesh nodes among other router applications, while the Filogic 360 is designed for consumer electronics, including edge and streaming devices.
Samsung prepping low latency wide dynamic DRAMs for AI, expanding in Texas 11/23/2023
Samsung Electronics is planning next year to release low latency wide dynamic random access memory for use in AI devices and debut advanced 3D chip packaging. The company is expanding its operations in Taylor, Texas, adding a 2.7 million-square-foot facility.
Siemens Expanding Chip Reliability Verification Offering Through Insight EDA Acquisition 11/23/2023
Siemens has acquired Insight EDA to expand its Calibre integrated circuit reliability verification offering.
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