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Intel ships its cryptocurrency-mining ASIC 7/4/2022
Head of Intel's Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics group, tweeted Wednesday the company has started initial shipments of the Blockscale ASIC to crypto-mining firms Argo Blockchain, Hive Blockchain and Griid:
Efficient Power Conversion Corp.'s GaN transistors is now Rad-Hard 7/4/2022
With higher breakdown strength, lower gate charge, lower switching losses, better thermal conductivity, and very low on-resistance, power devices based on GaN significantly outperform silicon-based devices and enable higher switching frequencies resulting in higher power densities, higher efficiencies, and more compact and lighter weight circuitry for critical spaceborne missions.
Siemens and NVIDIA strengthen partnership to enable the industrial metaverse 7/4/2022
As a first step in this collaboration, the companies plan to connect Siemens Xcelerator, the open digital business platform, and NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for 3D-design and collaboration. This will enable an industrial metaverse with physics-based digital models from Siemens and real-time AI from NVIDIA in which companies make decisions faster and with increased confidence.
Samsung leads industry with 3nm chips using a new nanosheet transistor 7/4/2022
Nanosheet technology promises to exceed performance limitations of FinFET, the current 3D-chip process used by Samsung and TSMC at the 7nm and 5nm nodes. Nanosheet is expected to improve power efficiency by reducing chip supply voltage levels, while also enhancing performance by increasing drive-current capability.
Intel is planning to offload historic research and development site in Massachusetts 7/1/2022
The company expects to transfer the site to a new owner, a real-estate developer, next summer, whereupon it'll be torn down completely.
IC shipment to Russia down 90% 7/1/2022
Since the controls were put in place, global exports of semiconductors to Russia from all sources have declined by almost 90 percent,” said Raimondo, “leaving Russian companies without the chips they need for a wide variety of goods, including weapons like precision guided missiles and tanks.”
TSMC completes clean room Constuction in Japan 7/1/2022
The TSMC Japan 3DIC R&D Center, with its brand-new clean room facility, will pursue research into the next generations of three-dimensional silicon stacking and advanced packaging technologies in materials science.
Samsung Electronics started initial production of its 3-nanometer (nm) process 7/1/2022
Samsung is starting the first application of the nanosheet transistor with semiconductor chips for high performance, low power computing application and plans to expand to mobile processors.
Taiwan government urge U.S. to pass "Chip Bill" 6/30/2022
Aiming to incentivize that and other construction projects, the Senate last summer passed a bipartisan measure, known as the Chips Act, to spend $52 billion on manufacturer subsidies. But that legislation is still held up in congressional wrangling.
AMD investigating a potential data breach 6/30/2022
An AMD spokesperson told TechCrunch that the company “is aware of a bad actor claiming to be in possession of stolen data,” adding that “an investigation is currently underway.”
NXP Extends Automotive Platform for New Software-Defined Vehicles 6/30/2022
The S32Z and S32E processor families help enable the automotive industry to accelerate the integration of diverse real-time applications for domain and zonal control,
Tachyum offers a universal processor 6/30/2022
Rather than deciding to implement a CPU or GPU, a monolithic device may now be an option in the form of Prodigy, a universal processor developed by Tachyum. Prodigy combines the functionality of a CPU and GPU into a single architecture.
Details leaked on the upcoming AMD Dragon Range and AMD Phoenix CPUs 6/29/2022
Red Gaming Tech (RGT) on YouTube talked about the capabilities and specifications of some of the Ryzen 7000 processors for the mobile sector. AMD Dragon Range and Phoenix will each power laptops for gamers, but while Dragon Range will focus on delivering the best possible CPU performance, Phoenix will be competitive thanks to its built-in RDNA 3 iGPU.
Toshiba name two activist to board 6/29/2022
Toshiba has appointed two directors from activist hedge funds to its board possibly paving the way to a sale of the company to private equity.
Analog Devices offers high resolution 3D depth sensor module 6/29/2022
Analog Devices Inc. has launched the industry’s first high-resolution, industrial quality, indirect Time-of-Flight (iToF) module for 3D depth sensing and vision systems. Enabling cameras and sensors to perceive 3D space in one megapixel resolution.
Automated testing remains a challenge 6/29/2022
Survey found that only 11% of the respondents have a fully automated strategy. With growing complexity, the number of tests is increasing (77%) and without automation, product development slows.
TSMC launch clean room facility in Japan 6/28/2022
TSMC, the world's largest contract chipmaker, said the clean room at its Japanese subsidiary -- the TSMC Japan 3DIC R&D Center -- is located in the Tsukuba Center of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).
2022 concentrates on 300mm wafer expansion 6/28/2022
Global wafer foundry capacity is forecast to increase by approximately 14% annually in 2022, according to TrendForce.
TF-AMD to build additional manufacturing facility in Penang 6/28/2022
The new manufacturing facility is expected to create more than 3,000 new jobs in advanced semiconductor engineering, design, and process technologies for high-performance computing solutions.
ITRI collaborates with industry and academic partners on advancements in magnetic memory technology 6/28/2022
it is to develop magnetic memory technology that can perform across a wide operating temperature range of nearly 400°C. Both developments are pivotal for industries to move towards next-generation memory technology.
China's Yangtze Memory Technologies plans to bring online a second plant 6/24/2022
The Chinese memory chip producer Yangtze Memory Technologies plans to bring online a second plant in its home city of Wuhan as early as the end of this year, sources familiar with the matter say, in a move that could further close the company's technology and output gap with global leaders like Samsung of South Korea and Micron Technology of the U.S.
imec discloses Direct-digitization Readout Design to Enables Small, Low-noise, Low-power Neural Interfaces 6/24/2022
The chip is based on a novel AC-coupled first order delta-delta-sigma (?-?S) architecture that enables the conversion to the digital domain very close to the weak analog signal source.
GlobalFoundries’ celebrates the arrival f first tool to equip its new Singapore fab 6/24/2022
It brings GF closer to increasing manufacturing capacity at its Singapore site and fulfilling additional global demand for GF-made chips used in automobiles, smartphones, wireless connectivity, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and other applications.
SiC is not only for the automotive industry 6/24/2022
Despite SiC's wide use in the automotive industry, the technology is primed for use in other industries, including aerospace and power supply.Despite SiC's wide use in the automotive industry, the technology is primed for use in other industries, including aerospace and power supply.
NOR unit shipments increased 33% last year while the ASP jumped 23% 6/23/2022
Three companies accounted for 91% of NOR flash memory sales in 2021. Winbond was the largest NOR flash supplier with sales that topped $1.0 billion, which amounted to 35% of NOR marketshare.
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