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Mobileye announced its EyeQ Ultra system–on–chip at CES 1/18/2022
It’s most advanced EyeQ version to date according to the company. Described as a single package AV–on–chip supercomputer, Mobileye’s EyeQ Ultra driving touts a maximum performance and efficiency at 176 TOPS.
Airbus selected Siemens' Capital electrical/electronic systems development software 1/18/2022
Siemens’ strong support along with technical workshops will help to accelerate new process design and adoption.
Electronic system design (ESD) industry grew 17.1% year-over-year 1/18/2022
“The industry reported double-digit year-over-year revenue growth for Q3 2021,”
Chroma gets into semiconductor test through acquisition 1/18/2022
Environmental Stress Systems Inc. (ESS), a provider of thermal forcing systems that can reach temperatures ranging from -104°C to 175°C. This technology will enable Chroma to grow their expertise on temperature control in semiconductor test equipment and meet the testing requirements of the wafer market for extremely low and high temperatures.
Tesla takes the lead in custom EV chip development 1/17/2022
Chip shortage arising from the COVID-19 pandemic has slammed global carmakers, forcing them to seek solutions at the same time. As a result, some companies have considered or started designing their own chips to handle the ongoing disruption of auto chip shortage
TDK offers robotic development platform 1/17/2022
At CES 2022, TDK launched Robokit1, a robotics platform for quick prototyping and development with ROS1 and ROS2 compatible drivers and software algorithms.
Maserati is in the race for EV 1/17/2022
Maserati confirmed today that it will compete in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship from Season 9. Maserati will be officially involved in the 100% electric single-seater series starting in 2023.
Engineers are going ahead on 6G development 1/17/2022
This next generation of wireless technology is expected to bring even faster speeds, lower latency, and more bandwidth to instantly deliver massive amounts of data to and from more devices across decentralized, intelligent networks.
Semiconductor manufacturers must keep production in Japan 10 years to qualify for subsidies 1/14/2022
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) is expected to be the first company to receive the subsidy with its planned fab in Kumamoto Prefecture.
Tanaka Denshi Kogyo to produce aluminum bond wire in Hangzhou City, China 1/14/2022
Construction of this new plant forms part of Tanaka Denshi Kogyo’s plans to increase its production capacity for aluminum bonding wires by approximately three-fold by 2025 in order to meet the growing global demand associated with the growth of power semiconductors.
Samsung show off the world's first in-memory computing based on MRAM technology. 1/14/2022
The research was led by Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) in close collaboration with Samsung Electronics Foundry Business and Semiconductor R&D Center.
TSMC allows Capex budget of $44 billion for 2022 1/14/2022
We expect our capacity to remain tight throughout 2022,” TSMC CEO C.C. Wei said on a Jan. 13 conference call to announce quarterly results. “In 2022, we expect the supply chain to maintain a higher level of inventory as compared to the historical level, given the continued need to ensure supply security.”
Nvidia to challenge U.K. government's decision to stop its merger with Arm 1/13/2022
In a 28-page written submission to the U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority that was published Monday, the semiconductor heavyweights outlined why the deal should be approved. They accused the deal’s critics of “romanticizing” Arm’s history, ignoring the company’s current financial position and overstating Arm’s current market power.
Micron to offer SSD made with 176 layer QLC NAND flash 1/13/2022
According to Micron, 176-layer QLC NAND enables 33% higher I/O speeds and 24% lower read latency than its previous 96-layer QLC. The company expects these performance improvements to help triple the adoption of QLC in consumer markets by 2023.
semiconductor contents in electronic system surged 1/13/2022
The value of semiconductor content in electronic systems reached 33.2% last year, surpassing the previous record high set in 2018.
Nvidia out to acquire Bright Computing, a HPC software specialist 1/13/2022
While its acquisition of chip IP vendor Arm remains stalled in regulatory limbo, GPU leader Nvidia did manage to pull off a separate if less flashy acquisition this week, announcing a deal for HPC software specialist Bright Computing.
Texas Instruments (TI) offers new automotive driver assistance systems (ADAS) chip 1/12/2022
TI’s AWR2944 radar sensor adds to the company’s extensive portfolio and increases the ability to quickly detect objects, monitor blind spots, and efficiently navigate turns and corners.
Magnachip Semiconductor to develop next-generation OLED DDIC for automotive displays 1/12/2022
Magnachip is developing an OLED DDIC for automotive based on the 40nm process technology, which is designed for center stack displays and instrument cluster displays.
Semiconductors and critical minerals will be key geopolitical battlegrounds in 2022 1/12/2022
According to GlobalData. In its latest report, “Tech, Media and Telecoms Predictions 2022“,the market analyst notes that some sectors—including 5G, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and batteries—will remain a volatile space for geopolitics for years to come.
5G will become essential utility in 2022 1/12/2022
5G will become an essential utility and assumed “natural resource” of infrastructure. Supplying the digital “pipeline” and harnessing data currency will become a focal point of national security and privacy concerns.
Hyundai and Samsung EV alliance is tricky but not impossible 1/11/2022
But their prospective alliance, which has been highly anticipated by the market for years -- and also by President Moon Jae-in -- is not as easy as it looks, according to experts.
IC Insight.predicts semiconductor sales to grow 11% in 2022 1/11/2022
Above average increases are expected in all major product categories, which will lift the global market to record-high revenues in 2022 despite growth rates easing from last year's economic rebound, IC Insights said.
Steve Koenig of CTA shared his analysis on supply chain shortage 1/11/2022
At CES 2022, Steve Koenig, vice president of research for the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), shared his analysis on the vulnerability of the supply chain and identified two fixes to the semiconductor shortage.
Operators of China’s reactor claimed a new fusion record 1/11/2022
The EAST reactor was able to maintain stable plasma at high temperatures for 1,056 seconds (17.6 minutes). That represents a significant improvement above the previous record of 101 seconds set last year. EAST operates on deuterium, a stable hydrogen isotope abundant in nature.
Apple's M1 IC designer jump ship to Intel 1/10/2022
Intel has hired one of the lead executives overseeing the effort to ditch x86 processors.
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