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Driving AI PC Expansion with Advanced Memory and Storage 6/14/2024
At Computex 2024, Micron announced the sampling of its next-generation GDDR7 graphics memory, aiming to capture around 25% of the HBM market.
G7 plans to address chip supply chain challenges 6/14/2024
The Group of Seven is planning to establish a group aimed at preventing disruptions in the semiconductor supply chain. The effort will also address the protection of undersea cable connectivity
EV adoption falls to its lowest point since 2021: JD Power 6/14/2024
Meanwhile, electric vehicles are more available than they’ve ever been.
GOP Calls for US Import Ban on Chinese EV Batteries Over Labor Concerns 6/14/2024
US lawmakers say they found new evidence of Uyghur forced labor in the supply chains of the CATL and Gotion. CATL calls the allegations 'groundless.'
Huawei to focus on 7nm chips amid US sanctions 6/13/2024
Zhang Ping'an, CEO of Huawei's Cloud Services, is concerned about China's lack of advanced chipmaking tools and inability to get 3.5-nanometer chips because of US sanctions. Zhang says the company should focus on using 7nm semiconductors in the meantime.
Singapore Lands $7.8B Semiconductor Plant for Automotive, Industrial Chips 6/13/2024
The new VisionPower will produce automotive, industrial and mobile chips, with the first wave of hardware available by 2027
Intel Israel factory expansion cancellation rumors unfounded according to official statements 6/13/2024
A recent change of building contractor sowed the seeds of doubt.
MediaTek unveils Arm-based PC chip for Windows 6/13/2024
MediaTek has reportedly designed an Arm-based PC chip that runs Windows OS, sources say. Microsoft aims to rival Apple's Arm-based chips for Mac and target Intel's PC dominance
Frontier Communications Hit With Multiple Class-Action Suits After Hack 6/12/2024
At least three users have filed class-action lawsuits against the ISP for failing to protect their data from ransomware hackers during an April intrusion.
Enterprise SSD Market Up Over 60% in 1Q 2024 6/12/2024
Enterprise SSD revenue reached $3.758 billion in 1Q 2024—a staggering 62.9% quarter-on-quarter increase, according to TrendForce.
Keysight and SmartViser Enable EEI Testing for EU’s Energy Labeling Mandate 6/12/2024
Keysight Technologies Inc. and SmartViser have teamed up to provide device makers with a solution to test the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) of smartphones and tablets to meet the European Union’s energy labeling mandate.
About:Energy Partners with STMicroelectronics to Accelerate BMS Innovation 6/12/2024
About:Energy has launched a technology demonstrator for battery management systems (BMS) developed with the support of STMicroelectronics.
AI workflows are boosting demand for memory, storage 6/11/2024
The increasing adoption of AI is driving demand for memory and storage as well as new product innovation. Processing and storing data, training of models and the creation of inference engines are included.
NASA Picks 7 Companies to Figure Out How to Get Space Rocks Back From Mars 6/11/2024
SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Northrop Grumman are among the companies that will get $1.5 million for a 90-day study to evaluate the most affordable way to transport rocks from Mars to Earth.
Growth of Android in Emerging Markets to Fuel Smartphone Market Recovery in 2024 6/11/2024
Global smartphone shipments are forecast to grow by 4% year-on-year (YoY) in 2024 to 1.21 billion units, according to IDC.
Renesas and IITH Collaborate to Accelerate India’s Semiconductor Independence 6/11/2024
The engagement with IITH professors and staff will focus on R&D and academic interactions with a goal to drive innovation in India’s semiconductor industry and advance the nation’s “Make in India” strategy.
Intel and Apollo to invest in joint venture fab i Ireland 6/10/2024
Intel and investment firm Apollo announced an $11 billion joint venture deal this week regarding Intel’s chip fabrication plant in Leixlip, Ireland. Apollo-managed funds will acquire a 49% equity interest in the plant, with Intel retaining 51%.
Memory encryption can overcome compromised isolation 6/10/2024
Memory encryption technology can ensure data protection when isolation techniques are compromised. Encryption can also prevent movement of protected data within a DRAM and stop attacks like hardware bus probing.
Intel abandons hyperthreading for Lunar Lake CPUs 6/10/2024
The thin-and-light laptops with Intel's latest CPU series don't have — or need — the 20-year-old processor tech.
Arm, Alphawave Semi developing high-performance chiplet 6/10/2024
Arm is collaborating with Alphawave Semi on an advanced compute chiplet using the Arm Neoverse Compute Subsystems. The chiplet is meant for AI and machine learning, data centers and high-performance computing
Fab capacity growth expected to be 4% this year 6/10/2024
A report from Knometa Research forecasts fab capacity growth of 4% in 2024, pointing to manufacturers allowing capacity utilization rates to recover from 2023's low levels. In 2025, 17 new fab lines, including Micron's in Boise, Idaho, and Intel's in New Albany, Ohio, and Texas Instruments' in Sherman, Texas, are planned to begin operations.
Saudi Arabia reportedly wants to attract 50 chipmaking firms to the country by 2030 6/7/2024
Saudi Arabia is diversifying its economy by wooing the semiconductor industry. It announced its National Semiconductor Hub and is seeking to draw 50 chipmaking companies by 2030. The hub will focus on simple rather than advanced chips and wants to establish fabless firms.
Nvidia passes Apple as No. 2 most valuable at over $3T 6/7/2024
Nvidia's market value is now higher than Apple's as the chipmaker's valuation tops the $3 trillion mark and puts it as the second most valuable company worldwide. The last time Nvidia topped Apple was five years before the introduction of the iPhone.
Tech Giants Connecting the Future of AI Innovation Converge at COMPUTEX 2024 6/7/2024
COMPUTEX continues to be the biggest and one of the most important communication. Taipei Computer Association (TCA) expect over 50,000 overseas and local visitors over the next four days.
AI Chip Deficit: Alternatives to Nvidia GPUs 6/7/2024
With the rapid acceleration the AI sector has witnessed over the past few years, industry giants all over the world are in a frantic haste to get front-row seats. Experts already predict the global AI market will hit a massive $826.70bn in volume by 2030, with an annual growth rate of 28.46%.
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