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Renesas Gate Driver IC Targeted at EV Inverters 2/2/2023
Gate driver ICs are essential components to EV inverters, providing an interface between the inverter control MCU and the IGBTs and SiC MOSFETs that deliver power to the inverter. They receive control signals from the MCU in the low-voltage domain and transfer these signals to rapidly turn power devices on and off in the high-voltage domain.
AMD realizes profit in the midst of PC downturn 2/2/2023
Advanced Micro Devices reported a slight net profit in the fourth quarter, with strong performance in data centers but weakening sales of chips for game graphics and consumer PCs.
MathWorks and Infineon have launched a hardware support package for the MathWorks Simulink products 2/2/2023
MathWorks and Infineon Technologies AG have launched a hardware support package for the MathWorks Simulink products for Infineon’s latest AURIX TC4x family of automotive microcontrollers (MCUs). Automotive engineers designing advanced electric vehicles, sensor fusion, and radar signal processing functions can use the hardware support package, even before silicon is available.
Arm has confirmed leadership in processor IP 2/2/2023
Arm has reinforced its leadership in the processor IP market by winning three awards at the recent EE Awards Asia: Best IP/Processor of the Year, Most Topical Product and Technology, and Featured IoT Chip Supplier.
SpaceX Delays Imposing High-Speed Data Caps for Starlink 2/1/2023
The high-speed data caps were originally supposed to be enforced in December, then February. But SpaceX now says implementation will be 'no earlier than April 2023.'
Yangtze Memory Technologies layoff 10% citing U.S. sanctions. 2/1/2023
The lay-offs would amount to several hundred people as YMTC employs nearly 6,000, according to the corporate registry database Qichacha.
Memory Revenue Down 10% while Nonmemory Revenue Up 5% in 2022 2/1/2023
Global semiconductor revenue increased by 1.1% in 2022 to reach $601.7 billion, up from $595 billion in 2021, according to preliminary results by Gartner Inc.
STMicroelectronics Launches MCU Edge-AI Developer Cloud 2/1/2023
“Our goal is to deliver the best hardware, software, and services to meet the challenges faced by embedded developers and data scientists so that they can develop their edge AI application faster and with less hassle,”
SIA Said: Sanctions on China may disrupt US microchip industry 1/31/2023
After the U.S. government imposed strict sanctions against Chinese chip and supercomputer sectors, various semiconductor companies lost some $240 billion of stock value nearly overnight. Among those who suffered are various companies, including developers of electronics design automation (EDA) tools, chip designers, wafer fab equipment (WFE) producers, and chipmakers themselves.
Gobal PC shipments down 27.8% in Q4.2022 1/31/2023
At 286 million units, the total PC shipments for 2022 also reflect a muted global PC demand with four consecutive quarters of YoY shipment declines. Counterpoint Research is not expecting a decent rebound in 1H 2023.
AEM has expanded Penang manufacturing 1/31/2023
AEM has expanded its presence in Asia by opening a new manufacturing plant in Penang, Malaysia.
India Should Focus on Trailing Nodes 1/31/2023
Synaptics' Michael Hurlston says rather than chasing advanced nodes, India should focus on trailing nodes "because that is where there is a capacity crunch."
Nissan to test using power stored in electric vehicle batteries to keep elevators running during blackouts 1/30/2023
Japan has the most earthquakes of any country on Earth, around 1,500 a year due to being located in a particularly active seismic volcanic region called the Pacific Ring of Fire. When these events take out the local power grid, EVs provide a mobile grid that can keep critical systems on.
Amazon offers price hike to guarantee fresh delivery 1/30/2023
Another price hike: Amazon is increasing the threshold for free delivery via its Amazon Fresh grocery service.
EPC GaN eToF Laser Driver IC Enables Higher Density Lidar Systems 1/30/2023
Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) has launched the EPC21701, a laser driver that monolithically integrates an 80V, 40A FET with gate driver and 3.3 logic level input into a single chip for time-of-flight lidar systems used in robotics,
Infineon Expands Partnership with Resonac on SiC Material Supply 1/30/2023
According to the agreement, Resonac will supply Infineon with SiC materials for the production of SiC semiconductors, covering a double-digit share of the forecasted demand for the next decade.
Japan, Dutch Back China Chip Controls 1/28/2023
Japan and the Netherlands are poised to join the US in limiting China’s access to advanced semiconductor machinery, forging a powerful alliance that will undercut Beijing’s ambitions to build its own domestic chip capabilities, according to people familiar with the negotiations.
Mercedes Gets the OK to Roll Out Advanced Autonomous Driving in Nevada 1/28/2023
Beating Tesla to the punch, Mercedes can activate Level 3 autonomous driving technology in 2024 model year S-Class and EQS Sedans, starting in Nevada.
Apple Puts Own Wi-Fi, Chip Development on Hold 1/28/2023
Apple's Wi-Fi chip efforts are currently less important than the 5G chip, and both are low on the to-do list.
Intel’s revenue for Q4 also plunged 32% year over year 1/28/2023
Intel blames the poor earnings on the economic downturn and inflation, which dragged down chip demand.
Intel is set to roll out its Xeon W-2400 and Xeon W-3400-series processors 1/27/2023
Intel's return to HEDT and extreme workstation space is important by itself. In recent years, AMD essentially ousted Intel from these markets with its Ryzen Threadripper processors.
Memory chips to see highest growth among semiconductors 1/27/2023
According to market research firm Omdia on Thursday, the average annual growth rate of the entire semiconductor market between 2021 and 2026 is expected to reach 5.8 percent. Memory semiconductors are projected to grow 6.9 percent, which is higher than the overall average and even higher than the 5.9 percent expected for system semiconductors.
Google's Job Cuts Reveal the Company Employed a Lot of Massage Therapists 1/27/2023
Google's job cuts in California have been released by the state, and they reveal how many and what types of job are disappearing. In total, 1,845 positions are being culled in the company's home state, which works out to 15% of the total cuts and 6% of Google's full-time employees.
Startup goes into asteroid mining business 1/27/2023
The startup hopes to become the first company to mine an asteroid in space. This means digging into the asteroid and finding a way to bring back large amounts of mined material to Earth.
Foxconn continue to open new manufacturing frontier in India 1/26/2023
Apple has urged its suppliers to expand their production capacity in regions outside of China. India is a popular choice thanks to its sufficient manpower and domestic market scale.
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