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$15 minimum wage is dead for now! 3/3/2021
Democrats on Monday seemed to have exhausted their most realistic options for quickly salvaging the pay hike. In one decision, they abandoned a potential amendment threatening tax increases on big companies that don't boost workers’ pay to certain levels.
Volvo to go electric vehicles only 3/3/2021
Swedish automaker said Tuesday that it is phasing out the production of all cars with internal combustion engines — including hybrids by 2030.
Electrical goods should last longer to cut waste 3/2/2021
The "right to repair," as it is sometimes called, comes into force across the 27-nation bloc Monday. It is part of a broader effort to cut the environmental footprint of manufactured goods by making them more durable and energy efficient.
China’s manufacturing recovery weakened due to virus re-immerging 3/2/2021
A monthly purchasing managers’ index issued by a prominent business magazine, Caixin, declined to 50.9 from January’s 51.5 on a 100-point scale on which numbers above 50 show activity accelerating.
China delays flying of the Max 737 3/2/2021
“Major safety concerns” raised by Chinese regulators have not been fully resolved, said Dong Zhiyi, deputy administrator of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, at a news conference.
State of Texas to sue utilities on outrage electricity bills 3/2/2021
The lawsuit comes days after Texas' power grid manager effectively shut down Griddy by revoking its access to the state's electricity market. Griddy charges $10 a month to give people a way to pay wholesale prices for electricity instead of a fixed rate. But when temperatures plummeted well below freezing last month, wholesale prices spiked and Griddy customers were left with sky-high electricity bills.
TSMC’s Q1 revenue to be up by 20% 3/1/2021
Overall, TSMC’s revenue is expected to rise 25% increase YoY in 1Q21 on the back of demand for 5G, HPC, and automotive applications.
Consumer spending up a solid 2.4% 3/1/2021
America's consumers stepped up their spending by a solid 2.4% in January in a sign that the economy may be making a tentative recovery from the pandemic recession.
A Boeing 777 plane made an emergency landing in Moscow 3/1/2021
Earlier this month, a Boeing 777 operated by United Airlines had to make an emergency landing in Denver after one of its engines blew apart, spewing large chunks of wreckage that landed in neighborhoods and sports fields.
Fairchild Semiconductor settles hazardous air pollution allegations 3/1/2021
Fairchild Semiconductors will pay more than $100,000 to settle allegations that a factory in Maine violated federal air pollution regulations.
Nvidia expects record revenue regardless of low GPU sales 2/26/2021
Nvidia reported a record $5 billion in revenue, which is up 61 percent year-over-year. What’s more impressive is that Nvidia expects to make another $5 billion in revenue during Q1 2022
399nm wafers dominates memory production in 2020 2/26/2021
There were 28 companies that owned and operated a 300mm wafer fab. Furthermore, the distribution of 300mm wafer capacity among those manufacturers is top-heavy with the five biggest manufacturers controlling about three-quarters (74%) of the global 300mm IC capacity.
Fry's Electronics to close its doors 2/25/2021
The pandemic has done heavy damage to retailers, but Fry's was already getting hammered by online competition and a battle between heavy-hitters Best Buy and Amazon.com.
USPS signed contract for new EV postal delivery trucks 2/25/2021
Oshkosh Defense, a division of Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Corp., will assemble 50,000 to 165,000 of the new Next Generation Delivery Vehicles at its existing U.S. manufacturing facilities. It will get an initial $482 million toward retooling and building out its factory.
Warehousing jobs grown over pandemic 2/25/2021
According to Indeed.com, loading & stocking jobs through Feb. 12 are up 37% since Feb. 1, 2020 and up 11% from early January 2021.
ExxonMobil is selling off its drilling and exploration assets in the North Sea 2/25/2021
The company is selling assets that are “less strategic" to better concentrate on major operations in Guyana, Brazil, and the United States.
Huawei unveiled a folding smartphone with an 8-inch wide screen 2/24/2021
China’s ruling Communist Party has spent billions of dollars trying to build its own chip industry. But domestic producers lack the technology to manufacture chips for Huawei’s most advanced products. “The bigger question is more about how long their current stockpile of components will last them,”
Biden to borrow some of Trump's strategy in reshoring and trade negotiations 2/24/2021
We may see a continuation of some of the policies from the Trump administration, meaning policies that prioritize American business and manufacturing. Biden may also focus on opening China’s state-dominated economy, rather than just on narrowing China’s multibillion-dollar trade surplus with the U.S., which was where the Trump administration predominantly put its' focus.
New technology to save paper industry production cost by 30% 2/24/2021
Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have found a method to engineer membranes made from graphene oxide (GO), a chemically resistant material based on carbon, so they can work effectively in industrial applications.
New car prices jumped 6% 2/24/2021
The price of an average new vehicle jumped 6% between January of last year, before the coronavirus erupted in the United States, and December to a record $40,578, according to data from Edmunds.com.
Immigration overhaul to help nation's economies recover from the coronavirus pandemic 2/23/2021
“Great science needs global talent,” she said, noting that more than 20% of the country’s biotech industry is made up of immigrants. “Innovation requires diversity.”
Biden extending pandemic assistance to the nation’s smallest businesses 2/23/2021
He said changes taking effect Wednesday will provide long overdue aid to these smaller enterprises that he says are being “crushed” by the pandemic-driven economic downturn.
Former Volvo employee caught selling company information to the Russians 2/23/2021
The man had just received 27,800 kronor ($3,355) when he was arrested in February 2019 as he met with a Russian intelligence officer working at Russia’s Embassy in Stockholm under diplomatic cover.
Walmart to invest $14 billion into e-cmmerce 2/23/2021
Walmart said the investment will be primarily in the US and focus on improving automation utilization and building supply chain capacity to stay ahead of demand and increase productivity.
Frigid weather is to blame for rapid rising fuel prices 2/22/2021
A deep freeze in the Gulf state region and beyond that killed dozens of people, left millions without power and jeopardized drinking water systems also forced as many as 11 refineries offline, according to travel app GasBuddy.
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