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China trade war affects IC design industry 9/16/2019
All top five global IC design companies fell in Q2 2019. Reasons cited are the US-China trade war, mounting inventory levels along the supply chain, and less-than-satisfactory global demand for consumer electronics, including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, LCDs, TVs and servers.
Researchers at MIT forsee carbon nanotube to take over Silicon one day 9/16/2019
With silicon no longer following historical scaling trends, there’s been considerable research in beyond-silicon nanotechnologies. Carbon nanotube field-effect transistor (CNFET)-based digital circuits offer one approach that promises substantial energy-efficiency benefits, but the inability to perfectly control intrinsic nanoscale defects and variability in carbon nanotubes has precluded the realization of very-large-scale integrated systems.
India has opportunity to expand on analog and mixed-signal design services 9/16/2019
Indian analog and mixed-signal design services firm Sankalp Semiconductor was acquired in an all-cash deal by HCL Technologies, one of the country’s leading IT outsourcing firms, for just over US$25 million. The acquisition is part of the latter’s strategic plans to expand into newer market domains and offer a wider range of services to its customers in the analog and mixed signal space.
London Stock Exchange (LSE) rejected Hong Kong Exchange’s (HKEX) takeover offer 9/13/2019
“Accordingly, the board unanimously rejects the conditional proposal and, given its fundamental flaws, sees no merit in further engagement,” the LSE said in a statement.
Taiwan's semi industry success stories 9/13/2019
It was the first day after Lunar New Year in February 1974 when seven men gathered over breakfast at the Little Xin Xin Soy Milk stall in central Taipei and mapped out Taiwan’s foray into semiconductor manufacturing.
MediaTek to house 5G development in new headquarters building 9/13/2019
The new facility's Chinese name, translated as "5G R&D Building," demonstrates the firm's determination and ambition in the 5G era.
IoTs hardware spending be significant source of revenue for the semiconductor industry in the future 9/13/2019
"As the IoT continued to materialise, other applications such as cloud-based computing and artificial intelligence (AI) will also see an increase in hardware spending, thus leading to an additional demand for semiconductors,"
SK Siltron to acquire silicon carbide (SiC) wafer division from DuPont for $450 million 9/12/2019
The company’s board of directors agreed to purchase DuPont’s SiC wafer business unit at $450 million with an aim to complete the buyout by the end of this year after regulatory approval and other customary conditions.
Memory is 43% of 2019 Capex spending 9/12/2019
Memory capex is forecast to account for 43% of total semi industry capital spending this year, down from 49% in 2018, according to IC Insights.
Apple's new phone has an A13 processor 9/12/2019
The chip has 8.5 billion transistors. Apple’s previous A12 processor had 6.9 billion transistors, which was about 60% more than the A11’s 4.3 billion transistors.
Former CEO of Imagination Technologies joined board of directors of startup Agile Analog 9/12/2019
Yassaie, who stepped down from Imagination Technologies in 2016, was brought in as non-executive board director because of his industry expertise, contacts, experience in floating a company.
Winbond VP said Taiwan is benefactor of Korean/Japanese trade dispute 9/11/2019
Trade disputes between Japan and South Korea will likely result in fundamental changes to both countries' high-tech industry supply chains, while opening the door for enhanced cooperation between the Korean and Taiwanese high-tech sectors, according to Pei-Lin Pai, VP of technology R&D for Winbond Electronics.
AI in the Cloud market to double in 5 years 9/11/2019
AI chipset market is expected to grow from US$4.2 billion in 2019 to US$10 billion in 2024. Nvidia and Intel, the current leaders in this space, are being challenged by companies including Cambricon Technologies, Graphcore, Habana Labs and Qualcomm.
Startup offers algorithum to help design FPGA applications 9/11/2019
A complete application representation can be analyzed, partitioned, optimized and targeted to a variety of compute engines, including x86, Arm and RISC-V, and FPGAs. Input is HLL code that is generated into CQVM, then optimized and partitioned. The final result is compute executables from the partitioned CQVM.
China trade war slowing IC shipments 9/11/2019
YoY revenues of all top five global IC design companies fell in Q2 2019. Reasons cited are the US-China trade war, mounting inventory levels along the supply chain, and less-than-satisfactory global demand for consumer electronics, including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, LCDs, TVs and servers.
Morgan Stanley said Q2 semiconductor days of inventory were flat with Q1 at 93 days 9/10/2019
“Memory producers are holding significant amounts of excess inventory due to persistent price declines, making it more challenging to move product,” says Morgan Stanley.
China looks to EDA development to boost its IC design independence 9/10/2019
While the country is currently behind the United States in electronic design automation (EDA) software development, technology industry veterans in the academe suggest that the world’s second largest economy has an opportunity to catch up in this field.
Apple is facing steep challenges on its own 5G modem 9/10/2019
Apple is famous for its penchant for secrecy. Most of its leading technologies are proprietary that work within its own ecosystem. So, to be a modem leader, Apple has to fundamentally change its approach to technology development.
Major manufacturers are showing their 5G SOC 9/10/2019
Mobile processors with integrated 5G modems are the flavor of the week, as Europe’s equivalent of CES kicked off in Berlin with launches from Huawei, Samsung and Qualcomm.
Nexperia,, a Chinese discrete components manuafacturer successfully raise $1.5 billion capital 9/9/2019
The facilities were arranged and underwritten by ABN AMRO, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and HSBC acting as Global Coordinators and were syndicated to a group of twelve global banks in total. The refinancing is fully supported by Wingtech and provides a flexible financing package to support the further growth of Nexperia.
Startup Fadu offers new SSD archtecture that reduce latency 9/9/2019
The SSD is optimized for ultralow latency, high performance/TB, extremely high endurance, and a superior Quality of Service (QoS) needed for I/O intensive applications, such as log data processing, in-memory databases.
EV benefits depends on proper management of the electrical grids 9/9/2019
Electric vehicle (EV) charging could create local constraints and stability problems on electricity grids and reduce the environmental benefits of electrification. Investment and infrastructure to support electric mobility will change significantly from one place to another.
China wants to build model city - Shenzhen 9/9/2019
Shenzhen is only 17 miles away from the port of Hong Kong, a key gateway for commerce between China and the west. Shenzhen's proximity to Hong Kong has made it strategically important for China’s ruling clique. Its significance.
Energy efficiency of electric cars beats combustion engine by far 9/6/2019
The combustion car has an energy efficiency of 16% while the electric one has an energy efficiency of 85%. The electrical nature of propulsion has an advantage over the one based on combustion — the regeneration of energy.
Foundry business growth see slowing down 9/6/2019
“TrendForce thus expects the rebound in the semiconductor market during this year’s second half to be significantly weaker compared with the same period of the previous years”.
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