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GaAs foundry houses expect to fulfill orders on schedule 2/6/2020
Most Taiwan-based GaAs foundry houses will not see much impact on their orders from the coronavirus outbreak in the near term, as the bulk of their production facilities are outside of China.
Siemens earning dipped weighed down by auto and energy sectors 2/6/2020
Siemens said orders for the period, its fiscal first quarter, were down 2% at 24.76 billion euros ($27.4 billion). Net profit declined 3% to 1.09 billion euros. It pointed to “sharply lower large volume from large orders” at its mobility business and a similar issue with the gas and power business.
Hyundai halts production amid coronavirus 2/6/2020
Hyundai emailing saying its decision to close its Korea plants is due to disruption in the supply of parts resulting from the coronavirus outbreak in China, and that the company is reviewing various measures to minimize the disruption of its operations, including seeking alternative suppliers in other regions.
2020 outlook for the memory market looks flat 2/5/2020
“We’re projecting for NAND flash to go up 5% next year. But we’re projecting for DRAM to go down 25%. So, it’s a mixed-up kind of a year. But, when all is said and done, we think 2020 will end with an ongoing oversupply in the memory market.”
Amazon's U.S. workforce has topped 500,000 for the first time 2/5/2020
Amazon's U.S. workforce has topped 500,000 for the first time, up 43% from the year before and more than triple what it was five years ago, the company said Friday. It gained 150,000 workers last year, more than the size of Apple's entire workforce.
Mississippi is losing hightech jobs due to lack of computer science classes 2/5/2020
C Spire ran a TV ad during the Super Bowl with actors portraying economic development officials in other states thanking Mississippi for not requiring computer science. The ad says Mississippi is losing high-paying tech jobs to Georgia and other places.
Signs on supply chain disturbance start to show up 2/5/2020
Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that famously provides Apple and other tech giants with contract assembly work, is touch and go right now. China has forced companies to shutdown as it works to address virus concerns and Foxconn is currently out of production until February 10th. At least.
Adata predicts memory prices to rise following recovery from coronavirus 2/4/2020
Chen expects demand for memory to resume growth by May or June if the outbreak can be effectively contained. Sales from physical stores are expected to be undermined by the outbreak in the first quarter, but the losses will be covered by the dramatic growths from online shopping platform.
California Bill to make utility companies pay for some Blackouts 2/4/2020
PG&E shut off power for more than 2 million customers in October. The blackouts caused major disruptions throughout the region, closing schools and businesses and making it more difficult for people who rely on medical devices powered by electricity.
PG & E to re-organize its board 2/4/2020
Pacific Gas and Electric is pledging to overhaul its board of directors in an attempt to avoid a potential takeover by the state of California and prove the nation's largest utility is turning over a new leaf as it works through its second bankruptcy in less than 20 years.
U.S. factories expanded unexpectedly last month 2/4/2020
The index had showed U.S. manufacturing contracting from August through December, partly because President Donald Trump's trade war with China had raised costs and uncertainty.
Taiwan-based backend firms bracing for the virus 2/3/2020
operations in China remain unaffected by the outbreak in the short term, as foundry fabs operated by TSMC and UMC to serve Chinese vendors of logic ICs are not located in Wuhan. But they are actively enforcing diverse precautionary measures against the outbreak. ASE has set up an emergency handling center to monitor resources allocations for its plants in China.
Airbus settles executive corruption case, avoided going to court 2/3/2020
British and French authorities are investigating alleged fraud and bribery related to Airbus’ use of outside consultants to sell planes. U.S. authorities are also investigating Airbus' compliance with American arms trafficking regulations.
First female CEO in IBM stepping down 2/3/2020
IBM said in a statement that Rometty "reinvented more than 50% of IBM's portfolio" during her tenure, building a $21 billion cloud business while also advancing the company's initiatives in artificial intelligence, quantum computing and blockchain technology.
Poland to buy $4.6 billion worth of F-35 2/3/2020
Poland expects to take delivery of the Lockheed Martin F-35 combat aircraft between 2024 and 2030. It will be the 10th NATO member nation to have F-35 fighters. The contract includes training, logistics and simulators.
Google is temporarily shutting down all its offices in China 1/31/2020
The flu-like virus has killed over 130 people in China and has set-off alarm across the globe with companies closing stores, putting travel restrictions on employees and warning of a financial hits.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications chip sales to soar to US$128.9 billion in 2025 1/31/2020
AI chips are used widely in various markets, including automotive, communication, computers, consumer electronics, industrial and healthcare. The largest single market for memory devices in AI applications is the computer segment, with sales rising to US$65.9 billion in 2025, increasing at a 15.7% compound growth rate (CAGR) from US$27.5 billion in 2019.
Fed left key interest rate unchanged but warned about coronavirus outbreak 1/31/2020
Powell called the coronavirus a "very serious issue,” though he noted that it’s too early to tell how damaging it will be. "It's very uncertain about how far it will spread and what the (economic) effects will be in China, for its trading partners, and around the world,” the chairman said.
Hundreds of Amazon employees signed partition against company's "Ring" doorbell policy 1/31/2020
"Widespread deployment of internet-connected cameras that “allow footage to be queried centrally are simply not compatible with a free society.”
Startup Lordstown Motors wants to get government loan to revamp former GM plant 1/30/2020
Lordstown Motors wants to begin making electric trucks by late this year, but it also said at the time that it needed more investors before manufacturing can begin.
Boeing posted its first annual loss in more than two decades 1/30/2020
Financial fallout from two deadly crashes of its marquee aircraft has mushroomed to more than $18 billion.
Trump released a plan aimed at cracking down on counterfeit goods 1/30/2020
An “action plan” released by the Department of Homeland Security says the government will apply increased scrutiny of e-commerce, including the third-party sellers who sell goods on the major online sites as well as shippers and operators of warehouses where merchandised is stored.
Nissan offers employee buyout package 1/30/2020
Nissan's U.S. sales were down almost 10% last year, with the Nissan brand down 8.7% and its Infiniti luxury brand off 21.1%. Many analysts expect total U.S. auto sales to drop this year.
Cisco appoints Lsia Sue to its Board of Directors 1/29/2020
AMD indicates that Su will stay in her position as AMD CEO and on AMD's own Board of Directors. That means we shouldn't see any major changes to the company's leadership or objectives.
December order for U.S. durable goods up 2.4% 1/29/2020
The Commerce Department said Tuesday orders for durable goods rose 2.4% in December, the strongest showing since August. However, excluding defense, new orders would have fallen 2.5%.
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