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STMicroelectronics BMS Controller Enhances Performance of Lithium Batteries 4/19/2023
The many built-in features include a dual pre-driver for controlling battery-pack safety relays, which can be programmed for high-side and low-side connection. An embedded non-volatile memory for configuration data relieves the microcontroller from reprogramming the device at each startup. An I2C interface handles configuration and host communication to share battery state-of-charge (SOC) and state-of-health (SOH).
AI is just a few years away from replacing human car drivers 4/19/2023
“Somebody who buys a car in the next couple of years, when they get it, it might not be autonomous, but a software update in the future will make it autonomous,”
Arm could become liable for $8.5 billion of Softbank debt 4/18/2023
If Arm does not file for its public offer by the end of September it could become liable for $8.5 billion of Softbank debt for which it was made a guarantor.
CHIPS Program Office has received more than 200 Statements of Interest (SOIs) from potential applicants 4/18/2023
More than half of the statements indicate interest in the first funding opportunity covering commercial fabrication facilities, including for leading-edge, current-generation, and mature-node chips, as well as back-end packaging facilities.
Renesas' Cloud Kits Now Support Microsoft Azure cloud services 4/18/2023
Renesas' cellular-to-cloud development kits powered by its 32-bit MCUs now fully support Microsoft's Azure cloud services.
Keysight Launches Compact Network Test Solution for Automotive, Industrial IoT Applications 4/18/2023
Keysight's Novus mini network test platform addresses the needs of network engineers as they deploy automotive and IIoT devices.
Apple has committed to using 100 percent recycled cobalt in all Apple-designed batteries by 2025 4/17/2023
It also expects to use completely recycled rare earth elements in its magnets by that point, and all in-house circuit board designs will use fully recycled gold plating and tin soldering.
Bloomberg: US buys more IC gear from Taiwanese vendors 4/17/2023
Taiwan, a global hub for silicon fabrication advances, saw its chipmaking machine exports to the US rise 42.6% in March from a year earlier, reaching a new high of $71.3 million,
Brewer Science has New Developments in Advancing EUV Lithography 4/17/2023
Director of Emerging Materials Technology, will present on new developments in underlayers and their role in advancing EUV lithography at this week’s Critical Materials Council (CMC) Conference 2023.
ST offerss GaN Family with 100W and 65W VIPerGaN Converters 4/17/2023
STMicroelectronics has extended its WBG power converter family with the new VIPerGaN100 and VIPerGaN65 flyback converters.
Texas Instruments reportedly expands Silicon Valley presence 4/14/2023
the company reportedly leased more than 200,000 square feet of office space in two buildings on Great America Parkway, next to the Great America theme park. The deal would be a big addition to the Dallas-based semiconductor company's area
Intel Foundry and Arm have agreement to enable chip designers to build (SoCs) on Intel 18A process 4/14/2023
The collaboration will focus on mobile SoC designs first, but allow for potential design expansion into automotive, Internet of Things (IoT), data centre, aerospace and government applications.
Mouser Electronics received the Global High Service Distributor of the Year Award for the ninth time 4/14/2023
The top distribution award recognizes Mouser’s 2022 outstanding performance based on sales growth, market share growth, customer growth and business plan performance.
Agreement to Bring AMD Radeon Graphics to Samsung SoCs 4/14/2023
Through the licensing extension, Samsung will bring console-level graphics quality and optimized power consumption to more mobile devices.
EMI is heading up an 18-partner consortium to develop the European Chips Skills Academy. 4/13/2023
The academy is an initiative to help tackle the skills and talent shortages in Europe’s electronics industry. The initiative is backed by more than 30 partner research organisations, vocational and education training providers, certification agencies and industry stakeholders.
US IC are reportedly being imported into Russia despite sanctions imposed by the Biden administration 4/13/2023
These semiconductors are being sold through traders in China and Hong Kong,
Renesas’s new firmware for digital air quality sensors let engineers configure various green air quality standards 4/13/2023
As commercial HVAC systems move towards autonomous monitoring of our air quality, these systems can now monitor and detect harmful gasses in indoor spaces. Support for environmental standards increases the value of end products and reduces the effort needed to qualify manufacturers for government incentives.
Intel Foundry and Arm to Collaborate on Leading-Edge SoC Design 4/13/2023
The collaboration will focus on mobile SoC designs first, but allow for potential design expansion into automotive, Internet of Things (IoT), data center, aerospace and government applications.
Rambus, SK Hynix add 10 years to patent license deal 4/12/2023
Effective July, 2024, the extension maintains similar financial terms and provides SK hynix with broad access to the full Rambus patent portfolio through mid-2034. Other terms and details are confidential.
EPC offers radiation-hardened GaN FET for power conversion solutions 4/12/2023
Two new devices rated at 100V and 200V to address a multitude of critical spaceborne and other high-reliability applications.
Cadence Design named one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For by Fortune and Great Place 4/12/2023
This is Cadence’s ninth year in a row being named to this prestigious list, coming in at #35 this year. Cadence is being honored for its core belief that culture drives business success.
Enfabrica's first chip allows I/O to scale, so AI inference isn't memory bound 4/12/2023
The ACF will, the company said, elastically bind CPUs and accelerators to memory and storage, eliminating I/O bottlenecks.
MRDIMMs (multi-ranked buffered DIMMs) could be the standard among buffered DIMMs by 203x 4/11/2023
AMD has voiced its commitment at MemCon 2023 to help push JEDEC's MRDIMM open standard, which will significantly boost bandwidth over standard DDR5 DIMMs.
Head of AMD’s influential research group left company after 15 years 4/11/2023
Alan Lee, the head of AMD Research, announced Friday on LinkedIn that he has decided to “move on” from the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company, where his group “created a large number of new technologies for the good of AMD, the compute ecosystem and humankind.”
Global Semiconductor Sales Down 4% in February 4/11/2023
“Global semiconductor sales continued to slow in February, decreasing year-to-year and month-to-month for the sixth consecutive month,” said John Neuffer, SIA president and CEO.
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