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Biden creates regional tech hubs to boost jobs, innovation 10/25/2023
he Biden administration has named 31 regional tech hubs in 32 states and Puerto Rico as authorized by the CHIPS and Science Act. The program will disperse $500 million in grant funding and aims to attract private investment and increase jobs.
onsemi Completes Expansion of SiC Production Facility in South Korea 10/25/2023
At full capacity, onsemi's new fab will be able to manufacture more than one million 200mm SiC wafers per year.
Chipmakers Fail to Meet Carbon-Emission Target 10/25/2023
The top priority for the chip industry is switching completely to renewable energy.
In-house chip development weighs on Google, Meta 10/24/2023
Experts in IC design emphasize that many brands, especially in recent years, are keen on developing their chips. However, in-house chip development not only demands substantial capital but also requires a considerable time investment to accumulate technical expertise and intellectual property.
New Nvidia AI agent, powered by GPT-4, can train robots 10/24/2023
Eureka, which autonomously writes reward algorithms, has, for the first time, trained a robotic hand to perform rapid pen-spinning tricks as well as a human can. Eureka has also taught robots to open drawers and cabinets, toss and catch balls, and manipulate scissors, among nearly 30 tasks.
Chinese Makers Increase Dominance in Automotive Display Market 10/24/2023
According to Omdia’s Automotive Display Intelligence Service, Chinese companies hold 45.3% of the market share, a significant increase from their 7.1% share a decade ago.
TSMC Reports 3Q 2023 Revenue of .3B 10/24/2023
Compared to second quarter 2023, TSMC's third quarter results represented a 13.7% increase in revenue and a 16.1% increase in net income.
Samsung outlines advanced automotive chip plans 10/23/2023
Samsung Electronics is aiming to mass produce its 2-nanometer automotive semiconductors within three years while developing 5nm embedded MRAM and 8-inch Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS, or BCD, processes. Samsung points to boosts in speed and integration density between 14nm eMRAM and 8nm eMRAM, which it expects to reach in 2025.
Intel program assists vendors with AI feature buildouts 10/23/2023
Intel's AI PC Acceleration Program is making resources available to more than 100 software and hardware vendors for AI-enabled features ahead of the December launch of its Core Ultra "Meteor Lake" processors. Intel says it is working with Adobe, Zoom, Webex and others on over 300 features.
Global Automotive IC Market to Reach 1B by 2031 10/23/2023
The global automotive chip industry is anticipated to generate $121.3 billion by 2031, witnessing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.6% from 2023 to 2032, according to a new report by industry analyst Allied Market Research.
Chip Shortage Signals Need for More Innovative Semiconductors 10/23/2023
Keysight's Ee Huei Sin talks about the state of the electronics supply chain and new trends as we head towards 2024.
Microchip Expands Detroit Automotive Technology Center 10/20/2023
Microchip Technology Inc. is expanding its 24,000-square-foot Detroit Automotive Technology Center in Novi, Michigan. The facility is the destination for automotive clients to explore new technologies and to meet with technical experts to get support for their end applications and designs.
Samsung outlines advanced automotive chip plans 10/20/2023
Samsung Electronics is aiming to mass produce its 2-nanometer automotive semiconductors within three years while developing 5nm embedded MRAM and 8-inch Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS, or BCD, processes. Samsung points to boosts in speed and integration density between 14nm eMRAM and 8nm eMRAM, which it expects to reach in 2025.
Kioxia seeking support from JIC for merger deal 10/20/2023
Kioxia has reportedly asked Japan Investment Corp. about support for its proposed merger with Western Digital, sources say. Negotiations around the deal are set to wrap up this month, and banks have said additional investment is needed for the newly formed company.
China moves to limit graphite exports with permits 10/20/2023
China is set to require export permits for graphite products as it looks to control supplies of the material used in nearly all electric vehicle batteries. Kien Huynh, chief commercial officer at Alkemy Capital Investments, called the move "bold and unexpected.
Samsung promise to have "extreme" memory chip coming soon 10/19/2023
The chipmaker will increase the memory density of its DRAM and NAND flash chips to “extreme levels” to improve their storage capacity and processing speed enough to be applied to hyperscale artificial intelligence.
Powerchip looks at Japan for $5.4B factory 10/19/2023
Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing of Taiwan is considering a $5.4 billion facility in Japan and looking at a handful of sites, sources say. The chipmaker is in talks with Japanese financial firm SBI Holdings and hopes to secure government subsidies for a factory.
ASML orders down 42% in Q3 amid semiconductor sector slump 10/19/2023
Bookings fell 42% to €2.6 billion ($2.8 billion) in July through September from the previous quarter
SK Hynix hasn't reached out to SoftBank as reported 10/19/2023
SK Hynix is denying reports it reached out to SoftBank over the proposed merge of Kioxia and Western Digital. The companies involved have not commented.
SK Hynix finds itself in the middle of Kioxia-WD alliance 10/18/2023
SK Hynix holds a stake in Kioxia and has not yet consented to the Japanese memory chip maker's merger with Western Digital. The resulting NAND market share would rival Samsung's, making it difficult for SK Hynix to stay at No. 2.Full Story: Pulse by Maeil Business Newspaper
TSMC halts advanced chip plant plans amid protest reports 10/18/2023
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. won't build an advanced chip facility in the north after reports of community opposition. TSMC is also calling for outsourced semiconductor assembly and test partners to expand advanced chip packaging capacity using the same electronic design automation tools it uses.
Novel Memory Architecture Bolsters Security 10/18/2023
Blueshift pairs with Crypta Labs to counter potential threats from quantum computing.
China Gears Up for Chip Dumping, Ex-DoC Official Says 10/18/2023
Former DoC Under Secretary Nazak Nikakhtar predicts China to target legacy chips and electric vehicle (EV) batteries next for dumping.
Infineon Partners with adidas to Develop Shoe Prototype that Listens to Music 10/17/2023
Together with adidas AG, Infineon Technologies AG has developed the Lighting Shoe, a shoe prototype equipped with high-end sensor technology that senses music and beats from the environment and then reacts with different and programmable lighting effects.
Megawatt Charging Could Outshine Hydrogen in Semis 10/17/2023
A new high-power charging solution is required to meet the market need of the truck and bus industry to charge electric heavy-duty vehicles in an acceptable amount of time. As a result, the Megawatt Charging System (MCS), a charging system for large battery electric vehicles (EVs), is now being developed.
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