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Nvidia not ready to sign off on Samsung's HBM chips 6/6/2024
Jensen Huang says Samsung Electronics' high-bandwidth memory chips are not ready for certification, citing the need for more engineering work. Huang has been making a splash in public appearances in Taiwan during the Computex tech trade fair.
Qualcomm: The PC Reborn 6/6/2024
Qualcomm Snapdragon powered Windows Copilot+ PCs at the forefront of technology innovation. Together, we are redefining the personal computing experience, and enabling developers to efficiently create apps for this new generation,”
FCC Investigates 'Nationwide Issue' That Caused Another AT&T Outage 6/6/2024
The FCC looks into a telecoms outage where AT&T users were suddenly unable to make calls to carriers like Verizon on Tuesday. AT&T says it's since resolved the issue.
Strong AI Server Demand to Fuel MLCC Shipment Growth in 2Q 6/5/2024
AI server orders and stable ICT product demand—despite not seeing high seasonal growth—are helping stabilize production capacity utilization in the second quarter. As a result, MLCC shipments are projected to increase by 6.8% to reach 1.2345 trillion units, which will also drive slight revenue growth in the same period, according to TrendForce.
AI Chip Deficit: Alternatives to Nvidia GPUs 6/5/2024
Artificial intelligence requires serious computing power. What chips are up to the challenge?
TSMC chairman expects AI to drive industry recovery 6/5/2024
TSMC remains the single most important chipmaker to Apple Inc. as well as Nvidia Corp. and SK Hynix Inc., whose components are considered critical to the training and hosting of AI services.
Intel CEO takes aim at rivals with Xeon 6 line of CPUs 6/5/2024
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says the company is ready to take on rivals Nvidia and Qualcomm as he announced the Xeon 6 line of data center processors. Gelsinger asserts, "Moore's Law is alive and well."
NAND revenues forecast to be up 10% in Q2 6/3/2024
The surge in large enterprise SSD orders continues to drive up the ASP of NAND Flash by 15%. TrendForce forecasts Q2 NAND revenue to increase by nearly 10% QoQ.
STMicroelectronics Building World’s First Fully Integrated 200mm SiC Facility in Italy 6/3/2024
Combined with the SiC substrate manufacturing facility being readied on the same site, these facilities will form ST’s Silicon Carbide Campus, realizing the company’s vision of a fully vertically integrated manufacturing facility for the mass production of SiC on one site.
Auto Industry Hesitant to Write Off ICE 6/3/2024
While we're moving toward a future of SDVs, embodied AI in vehicles and more, the auto industry is hesitant to write off ICEs yet.
SpaceX Aims to Launch Cellular Starlink Service This Fall 6/3/2024
The company revealed the target launch date in a filing about the commission's new rules on supplying satellite connectivity to US carriers, also known as "supplemental coverage from space."
Google investing $2B in Malaysia for data center, cloud 5/31/2024
Google plans to invest $2 billion in Malaysia as it develops data center and cloud services there. Microsoft and Nvidia are among tech giants announcing investments in Malaysia.
TSMC’s A16 Process Moves Goalposts in Tech-Leadership Game 5/31/2024
TSMC announced plans to roll out its newest process A16 chips by 2026.
FAA Approves Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery Expansion 5/31/2024
Amazon's latest clearance lets its drones travel farther distances to deliver packages.
US Won't Impose Tariffs on Graphics Cards From China for Another Year 5/31/2024
The US Trade Representative will exempt graphics cards from the Trump-era tariffs to give companies more time to shift manufacturing away from China.
how China's EV makers aim to beat Tesla and legacy automakers in Europe 5/30/2024
Chinese EV titans BYD (002594.SZ), Chery (CHERY.UL) and Great Wall Motor (GWM) (601633.SS) are preparing a fusillade of product launches - about 20 over the next five years - and spending heavily on sales and marketing in their most important export market.
OLED Monitor Shipments Hit 200,000 Units in 1Q 2024 5/30/2024
The momentum is expected to continue into the second quarter, which is set to see quarterly growth of 52% as new models hit the market, bringing the total for the first half to 500,000 units.
QuickLogic Receives Supplier of the Year Award from BAE Systems 5/30/2024
QuickLogic has received a BAE Systems 'Partner 2 Win' Supplier of the Year award in the category of "FAST Labs Technology Innovation Partner Of The Year"
GDDR7 Adds Headroom to Meet AI Pressures 5/30/2024
GPU makers like Nvidia and AI workloads are driving the evolution of GDDR memory as HBM sells out.
Top 10 IC Design Houses’ Combined Revenue Up 12% in 2023 5/29/2024
world’s top ten IC design houses reached approximately $167.7 billion in 2023, marking a 12% annual increase, according to TrendForce.
Samsung developing 1,000-layer 3D NAND with "hafnia ferroelectrics" 5/29/2024
Samsung Electronics is keenly exploring "hafnia ferroelectrics" as a next-generation NAND flash material, with the hope that this new material will enable stacking over 1,000 layers of 3D NAND and achieving petabyte-level SSDs.
Malaysia seeks over $107B in chip investment 5/29/2024
Malaysia is aiming to increase its role in the global semiconductor supply chain and is targeting more than $107 billion in investments in advanced packaging, manufacturing equipment and integrated circuit design, according to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. Malaysia expects to contribute $5.3 billion to meet the targets.
Tesla pushes suppliers to produce parts outside of China and Taiwan 5/29/2024
Tesla has told suppliers to start building components and parts outside of both China and Taiwan by as early as next year due to rising geopolitical uncertainties,
HBM Prices to Jump 5–10% in 2025 5/28/2024
HBM’s share of total DRAM bit capacity is estimated to rise from 2% in 2023 to 5% in 2024 and surpass 10% by 2025. In terms of market value, HBM is projected to account for more than 20% of the total DRAM market value starting in 2024, potentially exceeding 30% by 2025.
Toshiba Completes 300mm Wafer Fab Facility for Power Chips 5/28/2024
The completion of construction is a major milestone for Phase 1 of Toshiba’s multi-year investment program. Toshiba will now proceed with equipment installation, toward starting mass production in the second half of fiscal year 2024.
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