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U.S. Chip 4 alliance could hold back China's momentum 8/23/2022
Chip 4 alliance is a proposed alliance of semiconductor powerhouses in the U.S., Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea to enhance cooperation on the design and production of sophisticated semiconductors.
JEDEC advanced UFSHCI 4.0 standard 8/23/2022
UFS 4.0 introduces significant bandwidth and data protection improvements over the earlier version of the standard.
Kyocera to construct a new production facility at its Kokubu Plant Campus in Kagoshima, Japan 8/23/2022
This will increase its production capacity of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), strengthen engineering development capabilities, and ensure ample manufacturing space as Kyocera’s business expands.
Applied Materials generated revenue of $6.52 billion for the quarter 8/22/2022
The company generated $1.47 billion in cash from operations and returned $1.23 billion to shareholders including $1.00 billion in share repurchases and $225 million in dividends.
US EDA Software Ban May Affect China's Advanced IC Design 8/22/2022
Even if China purchased a large amount of authorized EDA software before the current sanction takes effect, the software must connect to the developer for license updates before it can be used.
Cadence has collaborated with GlobalFoundries (GF) to accelerate 5G and mobile design innovation 8/22/2022
As a proof point, the Cadence full-flow RF solution was used to design and tape out a 28GHz 5G mmWave IC on the GF 22FDX platform and design an integrated antenna as a complete system-in-package (SiP) solution.
EAC to highlight EV semiconductor contents 8/22/2022
The EV market is gradually taking off, driven by a combination of legislation, government tax breaks, and popularity with consumers. A recent Gartner forecast estimates 6 million electric cars will be shipped in 2022, up from 4.5 million in 2021, and this figure will reach 36 million cars by 2030.
KIOXIA Europe is sampling new industrial-grade 3D NAND devices 8/19/2022
Densities range from 512 gigabits (64 gigabytes) to 4 terabits (512 gigabytes) to support the requirements of industrial applications - including telecommunication, networking, and embedded computing.
Digi-Key to celebrate ribbon cutting of expansions at headquarters 8/19/2022
The new facility allows Digi-Key to pick, pack and ship nearly three times the previous daily average of 27,000 packages to customers in more than 180 countries around the world.
Micron’ cuts Capex after announcing $40 billion expansion in the U.S. 8/19/2022
“We’re responding to a market condition where supply needs to be adjusted. We need to work through this and figure out a way to right-size the capacity.”
Electronic Asia to show latest trends and technology developments in the electronics and semiconductor industry 8/19/2022
This year’s conference will focus on Internet of Things (IoT), automotive electronics, wireless technologies, and the supply chain.
Samsung SDI forms battery R & D unit in Germany 8/18/2022
It will work with universities, research institutes and startups in various regions to improve the performance of batteries and develop a new generation as demand for electric vehicles grows.
Teledyne LeCroy offers test equipment ready for USB4 8/18/2022
The merging of USB with Thunderbolt 3 into USB4 should eventually mean that users will have one I/O cable for everything. While consumers will have to wait until at least 2020 for the first USB4 products, engineers must first design and test those products.
Silicon Motion offers NAND Memory Solutions for Autonomous and Electric Automotive Applications 8/18/2022
Any NAND flash storage device must keep pace with capacity requirements, low latency, and performance by delivering fast read and write speeds and high data throughput. Despite this consolidation, there will be a variety of different NAND storage types to support the required data storage demands in autonomous and electric vehicles.
It is important to have softwaae defined cars 8/18/2022
The concept of the software–defined car contrasts with this vision and aims at the introduction of software distributed on a limited number of processors, which share sensors and the communication network to enable advanced features like autonomous driving, powertrain, body control and infotainment.
Nordic Semiconductor offers it's first Wi-Fi chip 8/17/2022
The launch makes Nordic Semiconductor one of the few companies in the world to offer all three of the world’s most popular wireless IoT technologies: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular IoT.
Ventana raised $55 million for C-V Chiplets in Data Centers 8/17/2022
Ever since Ventana Micro Systems came out of stealth last year, the company has been busily developing relationships with partners and potential customers to create traction for its RISC-V–based chiplets, which it believes will address the high-performance computing demands in data centers and at the edge.
Dozens of Hot Chips will soon be upon us. 8/17/2022
Look out for dozens of interesting AI chips, Intel, and Tesla keynotes and tutorials on CXL and MLIR at Hot Chips this year.
Photonics computing industry is at the begining line 8/17/2022
The dreams of smart cities, smart autonomous mobility, smart personalized medicine, and beyond are truly unlimited. What’s more, despite the huge data processing involved, it can all be done in real-time, along with predictive and auto-improving cybersecurity capabilities
Imec has a roadmap for the next 20 years 8/16/2022
Dennard scaling is no longer enough. “This one-dimensional version of the roadmap may not be sufficient anymore for the future,” said Van den hove (pictured) “we will have to tune our devices for specific applications. Luc Van den hove - Imec President and CEO
Nextspace teams with Nvidia to develop digital twin tech 8/16/2022
The company’s partnership with Nextspace, a self-described metaverse “plumbing” firm providing cloud-based platform-as-a-service solutions to support federation of realistic, industrial digital twins in Nvidia’s Omniverse environment, and greater interoperability between digital twins.
Lip-Bu Tan joins Intel as Board member 8/16/2022
Lip-Bu Tan, executive chairman of Cadence Design Systems Inc., chairman of Walden International, and founding managing partner of Celesta Capital and Walden Catalyst Ventures, was elected to Intel Corp.’s board of directors, effective September 1, 2022. Tan will join the M&A Committee of Intel’s board of directors.
Neuromorphic has $1 million in pre–orders for its GrAI VIP chip. 8/16/2022
As with previous generations of the company’s Neuron Flow core, the company’s approach for its GrAI VIP chip uses concepts from event–based sensing and sparsity to process image data efficiently. This means using a stateful neuron design (one that remembers the past) to process only information that has changed between one frame of a video and the next,
Micron intends to invest $40 billion in manufacturing expansion taking advantage of U.S. Chip Act 8/15/2022
Under the Chips Act the US government will pay 25% of the cost of a manufacturing facility.
SMART Modular Technologies offers uptime maximized memories 8/15/2022
SMART Zefr Memory has been tested under real-world conditions to identify and filter out marginal components that may undermine memory reliability. It uses proprietary screening process developed by SMART that when performed on memory modules ensures the industry’s highest levels of uptime and reliability.
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