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Big three auto makers increased profit admits pandemic 12/11/2020
According to Finaria, the increase in sales of higher-margin vehicles, i.e. trucks, vans and SUVs, helped insulate profits despite the drop in sales.
Elon Musk takes residence in Texas to save tax 12/11/2020
Tesla has also recently begun construction on a Gigafactory in Austin. He frequently shuttles back and forth between the two states, so it’s not exactly a stretch to set up shop there.
Apple tightens App user privacy 12/10/2020
Called App Tracking Transparency, it will require apps to clearly ask for users' permission before tracking them. It was due to be launched this year but was delayed to allow developers more time to make changes.
SpaceX’s high-altitude test flight aborted at the last minute 12/10/2020
SpaceX came close to launching a prototype of the rocketship that company chief Elon Musk is designing to carry people to Mars. The goal was to shoot Starship to an altitude of eight miles (12.5 kilometers) — the highest yet — and then bring it back to a vertical landing.
Cybersecurity firm alerts that what foreign hackers stolen from it could compromise national security 12/10/2020
The stolen “red team” tools — which amount to real-world malware — could be dangerous in the wrong hands. FireEye said there’s no indication they have been used maliciously. But cybersecurity experts say sophisticated nation-state hackers could modify them and wield them in the future against government or industry targets.
Defunct electric car maker now wants to build a solar car 12/10/2020
Aptera Motors says the two-seat, three-wheeled car — named, simply, the Aperta — is the most efficient vehicle ever made, as well as world’s first solar electric vehicle that requires no charging for most daily use.
Sciences committee found that pulsed microwave radiation is the culprit for embassy illness 12/9/2020
The study found that “directed, pulsed radio frequency energy appears to be the most plausible” explanation for symptoms that included intense head pressure, dizziness and cognitive difficulties.
Tesla to raise another $5 billion in stock market 12/9/2020
The company headed by Elon Musk has to finance some big-ticket capital spending this year because it’s building a new factory in Germany and has plans for an additional plant outside of Austin, Texas.
U.S. productivity increased 4.6% on Q3 after a 10.6% increase in Q2 12/9/2020
Economists cautioned that the swings in productivity this year have been unusually large and are distorting the underlying trend in productivity.
Uber sells self-driving vehicle technology division 12/9/2020
Aurora will acquire the employees and technology behind Uber's Advanced Technologies Group in an stock transaction.
Amazon workers seeks to form union at Alabama warehouse 12/8/2020
Employees at the Bessemer facility filed a petition last month with the National Labor Relations Board saying they want to hold an election on forming a union to represent the 1,500 full and part-time workers at the so-called fulfillment center.
Economists are optimistic on full recovery before 2022 12/8/2020
In the latest survey of the National Association for Business Economics. It found that 73% of surveyed forecasters say the economy will return to its pre-pandemic level by late 2021. That reflects greater optimism than the forecasters had expressed a couple months ago, when just 38% of them said they thought a full recovery could occur before 2022.
SpaceX has two space capsules in orbit at the same time 12/8/2020
“Dragons everywhere you look,” said Kenny Todd, NASA’s deputy space station program manager. With NASA’s commercial crew program officially under way, SpaceX expects to always have at least one Dragon capsule at the space station.
3M to cut 2900 jobs in downsizing 12/8/2020
3M expects to achieve pre-tax savings of $200 million to $250 million from these actions, including $75 million to $100 million in 2021.
OPEC and Russia agreed to increase oil production regardless of depressed prices 12/7/2020
OPEC members and a group of allies had made deep cuts in production last year to support prices But they faced pushback from countries including the United Arab Emirates, which opposed the extension and wanted countries that had overproduced their quotas to make compensatory cuts.
U.S. to place more Chinese companies on security list 12/7/2020
The Pentagon added four companies including Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. and China National Offshore Oil Corp. to a list of entities deemed to be part of efforts to modernize the ruling Communist Party's military wing, the People's Liberation Army. That raises the total number of companies on the blacklist to 35.
U.S. trade deficit widened 1.7% in October to $63.1 billion 12/7/2020
The deficit in the trade of goods with China rose 9% to $26.5 billion and the gap with Mexico rose 10% to $11.8 billion.
Ryanair ordered 75 additional Boeing MAX jets 12/7/2020
The order would be worth more than $9 billion at list prices, although airlines routinely receive deep discounts. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Boeing shares rose 6% to $237.20, their highest closing price in nearly nine months.
New crystalline material can store solar energy for months at room temperature 12/4/2020
With further development, these kinds of materials could offer exciting potential as a way of capturing solar energy during the summer months, and storing it for use in winter - where less solar energy is available.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise to move from California to Texas 12/4/2020
Hewlett Packard Enterprise was created in 2015 when the computer hardware pioneer Hewlett-Packard Inc. broke into two parts after years of struggling to keep up with industry trends, such as consumers’ shift away from personal computers.
China’s space ambition is to put robot on Mars and human on the moon 12/4/2020
Space exploration is a political trophy for the ruling Communist Party, which wants global influence to match China's economic success.
Lucid Motors is ready to produce EV cars at its Arizona factory 12/4/2020
Although technically complete, the Casa Grande, Arizona, plant will only feature an initial production capacity of 30,000 cars per year.
Huge radio telescope in Puerto Rico collapsed 12/3/2020
The U.S. National Science Foundation had earlier announced that the Arecibo Observatory would be closed. An auxiliary cable snapped in August, causing a 100-foot gash on the 1,000-foot-wide (305-meter-wide) dish and damaged the receiver platform that hung above it. Then a main cable broke in early November.
Federal judge overturn Trumps' work visa hold 12/3/2020
The changes applying to the H-1B visa program announced in October include imposing salary requirements on companies employing skilled overseas workers and limits on specialty occupations.
China's lunar lander to bring back moon rock samples 12/3/2020
Plans call for the lander to spend two days drilling into the lunar surface and collecting 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) of rocks and debris. The top stage of the probe will be launched back into lunar orbit to transfer the samples to a capsule to take back to Earth, where it is to land in China's northern grasslands in mid-December.
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