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Renesas offers design tool kit for autonomus driving 10/22/2018
The company says its new Connected Car Software Development Tools enable out-of-the-box development of connected vehicle applications utilizing cloud services at the edge rather than the traditional approach of simply connecting the vehicle to the cloud.
Western Digital offers 96-layer NAND fabricated at Toshiba Memory 10/22/2018
"We are using different attributes of the flash to produce iNAND products targeted for each different market segment based on customer need and application requirements."
Micron to buy out XPoint JV with Intel 10/22/2018
The deal terms include payment of about $1.5 billion in cash, as well as taking over Intel’s debt to the venture, which was about $1 billion as of Aug. 30.
Amazon closer to decision time on its second headquarters 10/19/2018
Over the past couple of months, executives have revisited a handful of cities on its shortlist, including Newark, NJ, New York City and Chicago.
Mass scaling of graphene material remains a question 10/19/2018
Commercial applications of the materials are probably at least 10 years away. For 5nm devices, the decision point is probably five or six years away. It will take that much time for the industry to understand the scaling limitations of 2-D materials and find a realistic path to commercialization.
Communications market No. 1 driver for foundry outputs 10/19/2018
IC foundry sales for computer applications are expected to surge 41% in 2018. Nevertheless, the communications foundry market will still be about 3x the size of the computer segment in 2018.
Rising demand for chips at mature nodes cause shortfall of mask equipment 10/19/2018
Demand for mature nodes is causing stress throughout the supply chain today. For example, growing demand for analog, MEMS and RF chips continues to cause shortages for both 200mm fab capacity and front-end equipment.
Qualcomm wants to go beyond smartphones in China 10/18/2018
In the past, Qualcomm's collaboration with the Chinese companies was mainly in the mobile phone field. As technology thrives, the collaboration expanded to other emerging areas, such as connected vehicles, Internet of Things, and integrated circuit manufacturing.
China eyes on Taiwan chip design telents 10/18/2018
China-based companies are willing to offer much higher salaries - 3-5 times the annual income offered by their Taiwan-based counterparts - to bring in more talent.
Let's put away trade talk with China for the moment 10/18/2018
The Trump administration notified Congress on Tuesday that it plans to pursue trade agreements with the European Union, Japan and Britain.
United States ranked first in world's most competitive economies 10/18/2018
Organizers of the annual Davos conference ranked the United States first in their ranking of the world's most competitive economies for the first time in a decade.
Netflix gains 7 million new subscribers 10/17/2018
Netflix shares, already up about 78 percent so far this year, jumped 14 percent to $394.25 in after-hours trading, and boosted other high-tech stocks.
Qualcomm offers “60GHz Wi-Fi" on chip 10/17/2018
Qualcomm is referring to its latest chipsets as part of its “60GHz Wi-Fi portfolio,” but the technology is also known as 802.11ay and WiGig.
Kingston crown top SSD seller through channel market 10/17/2018
Total annual SSD shipments from all memory module makers grew by 2-3% YoY for the year. Branded NAND Flash manufacturers jointly accounted for 40% of the global SSD shipments for 2017, while the other 60% was contributed by memory module makers.
Qualcomm asked a federal judge to delay ruling in order to pursue settlement 10/17/2018
At issue in the civil litigation and regulatory disputes is whether Qualcomm’s patent licensing practices, when combined with its chip business, constitute anticompetitive behavior.
This is a great country and it does need to be defended.— Jeff Bezos 10/16/2018
Amazon is bidding for a 10-year contract with the Defense Department known as the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure project, JEDI, to offer cloud computing services worth up to $10 billion.
Average revenue per wafer for foundries heading downward 10/16/2018
IC Insights believes the big foundry companies are likely to be fierce competitors among themselves—especially TSMC and Samsung—and as a result, pricing will likely be under pressure through 2022.
As ASE Technology and customers looking for contingency plans to back out of China 10/16/2018
ASE's Wu said "There is no need for businesses to be overly pessimistic about it, as global economic activities are not dominated by any single country but by terminal markets."
Apple to acquire U.K.-based Dialog Semiconductors 10/16/2018
2018 revenue from Apple for PMICs is expected to be $875 million but will start declining from the second half of 2019.
3.3-inch Palm aims to be "phone" for your phone 10/15/2018
Palm is the latest retro brand, alongside BlackBerry and Nokia, to hitch a ride with Android in the hopes of making a comeback. It's most associated with the Palm Pilot, Palm Treo and Palm Pre. It resurrects that venerable gadget brand that popularized the concept of personal digital assistants in the days before the iPhone.
Google aims at total carbon-free energy 10/15/2018
They're now measuring how the hourly power use for each data center lines up with the hourly carbon-free supply in a given region (which bounces around due to the variability of renewables).
TSMC has contract with Apple into A13 processor through 2019 10/15/2018
TSMC is set to remain Apple's exclusive contract chipmaker fulfilling all orders for the next-generation A13 chip in 2019. TSMC has been the exclusive supplier of Apple's A-series chips since 2016.
Toshiba Memory engaged former Intel CFO as executive chairman 10/15/2018
The former Toshiba chipmaking subsidiary, is looking to strengthen overseas marketing while it prepares to go public in three years.
Microchip joins with Google to generate IoT development board 10/12/2018
Once connected, Google Cloud loT Core makes it easy to collect, process and analyse data to inform decisions at scale.
The federal government to tighten investment rules 10/12/2018
The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) reviews mergers and stock purchases to ensure they do not harm national security.
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