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Trade war negotiation continue 3/5/2019
In the United States, business groups and lawmakers fear that Trump will settle for a deal that doesn't require China to change its sharp-elbowed business practices.
What is stalling the IoT industry ? 3/5/2019
IoT products built on diverging connectivity technologies, communication protocols and system-level applications remain problematic. The insecurity of devices is a lingering concern.
IoT devices need to get smart too 3/5/2019
Internet of things (IoT) devices need more smarts to make decisions rather just shipping data to be crunched to the cloud — this means that more memory is required without increasing its footprint.
Globalfoundries relocates some equipments from their Vermont fab 3/4/2019
GlobalFoundries spokesman Jason Gorss tells the Burlington Free Press the tool transfer has no impact on jobs in Essex Junction or the site in general.
Micron to join Qualcomm in automotive 5G development 3/4/2019
Micron created a portfolio of ultra-small 8x9.5mm, 149 ball count multichip package (MCP) solutions with SLC NAND plus LPDDR4 rated at automotive temperature grade to pair with the Snapdragon Automotive 5G Platform, creating opportunities for immersive in-vehicle experiences and automotive safety.
Manufacturing activity drop in Eurozone could lead into recession 3/4/2019
Purchasing managers' index — a broad gauge of activity in manufacturing released Friday — fell to 49.3 points in February from 50.5 the previous month. Anything below 50 indicates a contraction in activity.
Road to 3nm and 1nm can be much tougher 3/4/2019
The semiconductor roadmap could extend a decade to a 1-nm node or it could falter before the 3-nm node for lack of new resist chemistries…
Micron introduce 1TB SATA SSD using 96-layer TLC 3D NAND 3/1/2019
It delivers sequential reads/writes up to 530MB/520MB per second and random reads/writes up to 90,000/87,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS). It uses 75 mW.
Chinese manufacturing activity fell to a three-year low in February 3/1/2019
The monthly purchasing managers' index by the government statistics bureau and an industry group fell 0.3 points to 49.2 on a 100-point scale on which numbers below 50 indicate activity contracting. That was the lowest level since February 2016.
Sri Lanka steps into the supply chain of global electronics 3/1/2019
The Electrical and Electronics Industry in Sri Lanka has grown over the past 40 years into a key industrial manufacturing sector, contributing towards the country’s economic growth. The Industry contributed US $318 million to Sri Lankan exports in 2016 and absorbs over 40,000 skilled workers in its multi-faceted activities.
Samsung Electronics to mass produce 512GB UFS 3/1/2019
The devices is compliant with version 3.0 of the Universal Flash Storage from the Jedec standards organization and delivers twice the speed of the previous-generation eUFS 2.1 spec to allow smartphone users to enjoy seamless experiences in future smartphones with ultra-large high-resolution screens.
SK Hynix to invest in Chinese automotive AI project company 2/28/2019
The investment comes as Beijing and Washington continue to spar over technology policy, fueling Chinese policymaker’s desire to become less reliant on American technology.
Intel breaks tide with Chinese partner on 5G 2/28/2019
"On Unisoc, we've actually ended that partnership ... we decided mutually that we would not continue that partnership, What we're going to do is we're going to target essentially some of our compute and 5G solutions just directly to the OEMs of China."
Increased intelligence on security cameras 2/28/2019
In security applications, you want to be able to ignore normal behaviors and be alerted to anomalies, so there is increasing use of Artificial Intelligence in these systems and the market is expected to grow from $22.B in 2016 to over $55B in 2023 for a 13.6% CAGR .
Fed chairman predicts slower growth for 2019 2/28/2019
U.S. economy should keep expanding at a solid, though somewhat slower pace this year. But he warned of growing risks, including a global slowdown, volatile financial markets and uncertainty about U.S. trade policy.
Western Digital show off 1TB micro SD card at MWC 2/27/2019
It has read speeds of up to 160MB/s and write speeds of up to 90MB/s, much like the 400GB one Western Digital launched last year. And it uses the SD Association's A2 specification to get apps launched quickly, so you'll be that much faster booting up your digital version of Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch or access stored photos and videos.
Disruptions seen in the H-1B approval process since Trump took office 2/27/2019
CEOs for companies including Apple, Ford and Coca-Cola penned a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in August, saying immigration policy changes were undermining economic growth. "At a time when the number of job vacancies are reaching historic highs due to labor shortages," they said, "now is not the time to restrict access to talent."
Pentagon turns to supercomputer to simulate battlefield conditions 2/27/2019
As part of its Electronic Resurgence Initiative, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched a simulator initiative that will harness high-performance computing to support training on the digital battlefield.
Huawei stunts the world with foldable phone shown at Mobile World Congress 2/27/2019
Easily the hottest gadget on display at MWC, featuring a 6.6-inch foldout display and a thickness of only 11 mm, it drew mobs to the Huawei booth — although one skeptic, peering at the Mate X through bulletproof glass said, "Eet ees steel too theeck."
Top-3 memory vendors see revenues drop 18% sequentially and 26% from a year earlier 2/26/2019
Their combined revenues from DRAM slipped 17% sequentially and those from flash memory dropped 20% in the fourth quarter. DRAM accounted for 70% of the top-3 vendors' combined revenues in the fourth quarter.
FCC want engineers to explore the 95GHz spectrum 2/26/2019
The FCC will start work on releasing a whopping 21 GHz of spectrum above 95GHz at proceedings in March. In addition, it aims to open up bands from 95GHz to 3THz for experiments, and it will propose broadband uses at the other end of the spectrum in the unlicensed 900-MHz band.
Half the nation's business economists predicts a 2020 recession 2/26/2019
Roughly half the nation's business economists say they think the U.S. economy will slip into recession by the end of next year, and three-fourths envision such a downturn beginning by the end of 2021.
Fed is taking a back seat on interest rate for now 2/26/2019
The Fed's semi-annual report to Congress on monetary policy stood in contrast to its last report in July when it signaled that it was on track to keep raising rates at a gradual pace over the next two years.
JEDEC released LPDDR5 RAM standard 2/25/2019
LPDDR5 boasts a 50-percent faster input/output rates, and it also offers data transfer rates of 6400Mbps, which is twice faster than what LPDDR4 RAM has to offer, as it supports 3200Mbps speeds. These improvements help enhance the performance of devices like smartphones and tablets equipped with the latest memory standard.
5G and AI chips are turning to EUV process 2/25/2019
TSMC claimed it is making progress in the development of sub-7nm process technologies with plans to move a newer 5nm EUV process to volume production by 2020 well on track.
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