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GPU market saw significant growth in 2021 4/8/2022
AIB (graphics add-in board) shipments went up 29.5% between 2020 and 2021. That increase pushed shipments in the industry to $51.8 billion in value.
Hyundai Motor Group praises Infineon’s efforts to stabilize uncertain supply chains 4/8/2022
In particular, Infineon was honored for its excellent risk management working with HMG. Infineon Korea and Infineon Headquarters have provided flexible and strategic cooperation to manage the difficult situation in the market.
First Light confirmed that it has achieved fusion 4/8/2022
The fusion achieved by the Oxford University fusion spin–out is the first to use projectile technology. The goal of First Light is to tackle the fusion challenge with a machine that is as simple as possible.
Russia i to run out of chips for bank cards 4/7/2022
Oleg Tishakov, a board member with the National Card Payment System (NSPK), said Russia is facing a shortage of microchips as Asian manufactures suspend production amid a coronavirus pandemic and European suppliers have stopped cooperating with Moscow following sanctions.
SemiQ Inc. offers second-generation 1200V, 80mO SiC power MOSFET modules 4/7/2022
SemiQ’s SiC MOSFETs bring high efficiency to high-performance applications including electric vehicles, power supplies, and data centers, and are specifically designed and tested to operate reliably in extreme environments
Intel Corp. is suspending its operations in Russia 4/7/2022
“Intel continues to join the global community in condemning Russia’s war against Ukraine and calling for a swift return to peace. Effective immediately, we have suspended all business operations in Russia.
SEMI predicts all time high equipment spending 4/7/2022
global front–end fab equipment spending is expected to increase by 18 percent over the next year, according to SEMI’s latest World Fab Forecast report. The industry group forecasts spending to reach $107 billion in 2022 and expects a growth trajectory well into 2023.
Data centers drive Arm Server penetrations 4/6/2022
The penetration rate of ARM architecture in data center servers is expected to reach 22% by 2025, according to TrendForce.
Global events directly affect the entire European market 4/6/2022
TrendForce expects the uncertainty of current global political and economic circumstances have upset demand for three major display applications including TVs, LCD monitors, and notebooks, overshadowing 1H22 with pressure to correct expectations.
Toppan spins off semiconductor photomask business 4/6/2022
Toppan Photomask begins operations April 1 as a joint venture between Toppan and Integral. The company will drive further growth and strengthen competitiveness as an independent business entity that continues to support the rapidly growing semiconductor industry.
3M reduce PFAS output to cut harmful hazardous effects on human health 4/6/2022
The materials supplier halted production of PFAS at a plant near the Belgian village of Zwijndrecht on Mar. 8. The company notified clients including Samsung, SK Hynix, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., and Intel, according to Business Korea.
U.S. Senate passed $52 billion Chip Bill 4/5/2022
The 68-28 procedural vote sends the legislation back to the House of Representatives in a cumbersome process to ultimately launch a formal process known as a "conference" where lawmakers from both chambers will seek agreement on a compromise version.
NI to acquire test systems business of Kratzer Automation in providing holistic customer solutions for EV. 4/5/2022
This agreement will help to further extend NI’s investment in the high growth area of vehicle electrification and enhances customer connections with key original equipment manufacturers (OEM).
UK government clears the deal for Chinese to acquire Newport Wafer Fab 4/5/2022
Nexperia, the Amsterdam-headquartered spin-off from NXP owned by Wingtech of Shanghai, took a 15% share in Newport Wafer Fab in 2019. Nexperia was a customer of Newport Wafer Fab.
Applied Materials is considering new site near to the new Samsung fab 4/5/2022
Applied Materials said on Friday that Hutto "is one of several attractive locations for potential expansion" that the company is evaluating in the United States, although it didn't provide additional details.
STMicroelectronics offers new operational amplifier combines high accuracy, low power consumption 4/4/2022
Extending ST’s high-performance 5V op-amp family, the TSV772 has rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, 20MHz gain-bandwidth (GBW), and is unity-gain stable. With a slew rate of 13V/µs, 7nV/vHz input noise density, and 4kV ESD capability (HBM), the TSV772 is a strong all-round performer.
ADI launched millimeter wave (mmW) 5G front-end chipset and bring smaller and more versatile radios to market 4/4/2022
The chipset comprises four highly integrated ICs and provides a complete solution to significantly reduce the number of components needed for 24 to 47GHz 5G radios.
Samsung and Western Digital Collaborate to drive broad adoption of D2PF tech 4/4/2022
The memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Samsung and Western Digital will see the companies align their efforts to create an ecosystem for zoned storage solutions as part of a broader collaboration to standardize and drive broad adoption of next–generation data placement, processing, and fabrics (D2PF) storage technologies.
Micron realized nearly quadruple Q2 profits 4/4/2022
The chipmaker posted net income of $2.3 billion during its second quarter compared with $603 million in the same period a year earlier.
While Toshiba Corp's top shareholder favor to sell to Bain 4/1/2022
Toshiba Corp's (6502.T) top shareholder said it had agreed to sell its stake to Bain Capital if the U.S. private equity firm launched a tender offer, potentially forcing the embattled conglomerate to revive talks for a private equity buyout.
Global PC monitor market reached new height in 9 years 4/1/2022
With 143.6 million units shipped globally, 2021 stood as the best performing year since 2012, when volume was 150.3 million.
Cloud Data Centers contribute to increased ARM-based Server Penetration Rate 4/1/2022
In order to improve service flexibility, the world’s major cloud service providers have gradually introduced ARM-based servers. The penetration rate of ARM architecture in data center servers is expected to reach 22% by 2025, according to TrendForce.
3G networks going away 4/1/2022
Certainly, plenty of automobiles, alarms, mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) products, and other enterprise and consumer IoT devices run on antiquated 3G radio technology.
MCU market to rise to $21.5 billion in 2022 3/31/2022
IC Insights is forecasting worldwide MCU sales to increase 10% in 2022 to reach an all-time high of $21.5 billion, with automotive MCU growth outpacing most other end-use categories this year.
SK hynix is interest in buying Arm 3/31/2022
t is "currently in talks with other corporations to jointly invest into Arm for the acquisition," SK hynix co-CEO Park Jung-ho told reporters after an annual general meeting held at the company's headquarters in Icheon, Gyeonggi.
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