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Industry optimiztic on PC chip shipments 8/1/2019
Taiwanese chipmakers are expected to kick off shipments of new chip solutions in the third quarter to support specs upgrades on new PC and notebook models. Among the new offerings are Type-C chips, touch controller ICs, fingerprint identification chips, MEMS microphone chips, MOSFET chips, audio ICs, and Wi-Fi chips, all boasting higher prices and gross margins.
Samsung blame DRAM prices and Galaxy 10 sales for income drop 8/1/2019
Last quarter, Samsung also reported that its operating profit had dropped by more than half. The same issues that hit its earnings during the first quarter of this year have continued, including lower memory prices as major data center customers adjust their inventory,
Mobile DRAM continue to drop 8/1/2019
Disappointing smartphone sales continue to drag down the overall mobile DRAM demand. The global smartphone unit production is forecast to decline nearly 5% in 2019, DRAMeXchange indicated.
Apple is capable of making money from things that aren't the iPhone 7/31/2019
In further good news for Apple, its overall revenue was up for the quarter. In other words, Apple is capable of making money from things that aren't the iPhone faster than iPhone sales are falling. That is a major milestone for the company.
MediaTek announced its latest flagship processors, the Helio G90 7/31/2019
The chips include an octa-core CPU clocked at up to 2.05GHz, which uses the same ARM Cortex-A76 and A55 cores as the latest flagship processors from Qualcomm and Huawei. MediaTek’s chip also includes a Mali G76 GPU with speeds of up to 800MHz and support for up to 10GB of LPDDR4x RAM
Rambus to acquire Northwest Logic, a specialist supplier of digital controllers 7/31/2019
Northwest Logic’s high-performance, high-quality and silicon-proven digital IP controller cores have been optimized for use in both ASICs and FPGAs and its interface IP solutions consist of a physical interface (PHY) and companion digital controller making it possible to optimize the transfer of data between chips and electronic devices.
Qualcomm teams with Tencent on 5G games 7/31/2019
Qualcomm is the largest supplier of mobile phone chips that power many Android devices. With a market capitalization of about $453 billion, Tencent is China’s largest mobile software company, and owns WeChat, the nearly ubiquitous social network.
Goldman Sachs expect a growth year for 2020 7/30/2019
The new targets from Goldman suggest another 3% appreciation through year-end, bringing the full-year gain to 24%, and another 10% increase in 2020.
ROHM offers small size MOSFETs for automotive applications 7/30/2019
ROHM’s package processing technology enables the miniaturization of automotive components that demand high quality.
Huawei is moving to populate their phones with own Hisilicon AP 7/30/2019
This means that over 150 million Huawei handsets will adopt Kirin mobile SoCs rolled out by its chipmaking arm Hisilicon, based on the total shipments of 270 million units projected for 2019.
7 and 5nm are good business at TSMC 7/30/2019
The company said that demand is so strong that it is preparing to raise its full-year capital expenditure to more than $11 billion, the high end of its target, and that it may need to increase 2019 capex to accelerate the installation of tools for 5nm production next year.
Maxim offers medical micro chip sensors 7/29/2019
The MAX86161 in-ear heart-rate monitor and its MAX30208 digital temperature sensor are designed to deliver clinical-grade medical results while shrinking size and power requirements that are key to delivering compact mobile devices.
Alibaba Group announced own RISC-V chip 7/29/2019
Alibaba on Thursday unveiled the Xuantie 910 processor based on an open-source design known as RISC-V that competes with the global standard developed by SoftBank Group Corp.’s ARM. The new processor supports connected devices and some artificial intelligence applications.
Intel heighten quarterly estimates 7/29/2019
Intel, which was the second chipmaker this week to beat analysts’ earnings estimates. On Tuesday, Intel had resumed some product sales to Huawei that comply with U.S. regulations. Tariff threats between the United States and China actually helped second-quarter sales by about $400 million, Intel executives said.
Apple to pay $1 billion for Intel modem unit 7/29/2019
Under the deal, about 2,200 Intel employees will join Apple, along with intellectual property, equipment and leases. Combined with its existing portfolio, Apple will have 17,000 wireless technology patents, ranging from cellular communication standards to modems.
SK Hynix see profits down 89% from a year earlier 7/26/2019
SK Hynix' revenues and operating profits for the second quarter also represented sequential decreases of 5% and 53%, respectively. The memory chipmaker attributed the negative performance to "steeper-than-expected" price declines and slow demand recovery.
U.S. trade groups call on Japan to stop export control 7/26/2019
In the joint letter, the business groups expressed concerns about Japan’s recent export curbs on semiconductor-related materials shipped to Korea and urged the two countries to put out efforts for swift resolution to the issue.
Taiwan manufacturers are bootstraping into higher technology 7/26/2019
the country’s science and technology minister Liang-Gee Chen during Innovex,emphasized a desire to connect its startups with global innovation ecosystems, provide them with a platform for growth, and encourage its academics to spinout out technologies that enable an AI enabled world.
Robotaxi service is not goin to happen in 2019 7/26/2019
“In order to reach the level of performance and safety validation required to deploy a fully driverless service in San Francisco, we will be significantly increasing our testing and validation miles over the balance of this year, which has the effect of carrying the timing of fully driverless deployment beyond the end of the year.”
Huawei to invest $436 million on ARM based server chips 7/25/2019
Huawei will concentrate on developing the high-performance Kunpeng chip series and offer high-quality cloud and artificial intelligence products based on those chips.
UK to set tight rules for electronic waste 7/25/2019
Waste of electrical and electronic equipment, or WEEE, is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the EU. The UK alone produces 24.9kg of e-waste per person, compared to an EU average of 17.7kg
Texas Instruments see Q2 slowdown but better than expected 7/25/2019
The Dallas semiconductor maker said sales fell 9 percent to $3.67 billion in the second quarter, according to a statement on Tuesday. That topped estimates of $3.6 billion, according to I/B/E/S data from Refinitiv.
Gartner predict Semiconductor Sales to retreat 7/25/2019
Worldwide semiconductor revenues are forecast to total US$429 billion in 2019, a decline of 9.6% from US$475 billion in 2018, according to Gartner. This is worse than Gartner's previous estimate of a 3.4% drop.
Winbond went ahead to construct new Fab. 7/24/2019
Winbond Electronics on July 22 held a beam-raising ceremony for its new 12-inch wafer plant in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan. The new facility is on track to have Winbond's in-house developed 20nm process technology ready for commercial production by 2021.
Most CEO support Trump's position towards Huawei 7/24/2019
Huawei has partnered with a Chinese state-owned firm Panda International Information Technology on projects in North Korea over at least eight years.By doing so Huawei, which has used US technology in its components, may have violated US controls on exports to the isolated North Korea regime.
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