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Huawei suppliers fines employee who buy U.S. phones and equipments 12/11/2018
In an apparent show of nationalistic pride and support for its troubled counterpart, it also said it will cease to buy any American products such as office equipment, computers and cars, and will reward staff who buy Huawei or ZTE phones by giving them a 15 per cent subsidy.
Imec suggested 5nm SST-MRAM can replace SRAM in caches and save power 12/11/2018
The analysis, based on design-technology co-optimization and silicon verified models, reveals that STT-MRAM meets the performance requirements for last-level caches in the high-performance computing domain.
November sales down on two major fab companies 12/11/2018
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and United Microelectronics (UMC) have reported sequential decreases in November consolidated revenues of 3.1% and 8.1%, respectively.
Hydrogen cylinder explosion killed research scientist in India 12/11/2018
There was an explosion. One engineer was thrown 20 feet and died instantly. The other three were admitted to hospital. It is the first time that something like this has happened in IISc.
Samsung dedicates L8-1 fab to QD-OLED production 12/10/2018
The L8-1 fab is built in two phases with a total capacity of 200,000 substrates a month, and the transition will enable Samsung to roll out 160,000-180,000 substrates for QD-OLED panels.
Broadcom records a robust quarter 12/10/2018
Revenue and profit above analysts’ estimates, driven by strong demand for its enterprise storage and networking products from data centers.
Semi Industry to finish year strong 12/10/2018
WSTS now expects chip sales to reach $478 billion this year, an increase of 15.9% from 2017. The organization — which is comprised of 42 semiconductor companies that pool sales data — predicts that chip sales will grow by a much more modest 2.6% next year.
TSMC to build new 8 inch fab to meet lagacy chip demands 12/10/2018
Plans to add a new 8-inch fabrication facility is to meet growing customer demand for specialty process technologies, according to TSMC CEO CC Wei.
Qualcomm to offer Snapdragon for PCs 12/7/2018
Apple is rumored to be working on an ARM-based Mac for 2020, so it’ll be interesting to see if these devices can take over Intel and AMD’s hold on the laptop market in the near future.
U.S. job gain show signs of retreat 12/7/2018
The employment report comes as soft October data on the housing market, business spending on equipment as well as a jump in the trade deficit to a 10-year high have heightened fears the economy is slowing.
Slow smartphone sales affects TSMC 7nm bottom line 12/7/2018
The mobile phone industry has plateaued for two years and volumes are expected to decline as phone prices go up.
Usage of GaAs-base device would not be significant in 5G 12/7/2018
In 2019, PA will be mostly applied to small cells with low frequency band of sub-6GHz, as PA for 28GHz mmWave is still under development by most makers.
China is determined to produce their own memory chips 12/6/2018
Yangtze Memory Technologies (YMTC) and Innotron Memory are gearing up for commercial production in 2019, which will mark a significant step forward for China's ambitions in the memory business.
Semi equipment sales continue to decline 12/6/2018
Third quarter billings were down by 7% compared to $17 billion in the first quarter, the peak of the upcycle.
Activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in November 12/6/2018
Manufacturing expanded in November as the PMI registered 59.3 percent, an increase of 1.6 percentage points from the October reading of 57.7 percent. This indicates growth in manufacturing for the 27th consecutive month, led by strong new orders, production output and continued slowing supplier delivery performance.
Global 5G adoption predicted to be 2021 12/6/2018
5G mobility service will provide massive bandwidth, greater opportunities for connectivity and improved network reliability.
U.S. stock-index future rises on positive notes from China 12/5/2018
China’s positive remarks on Wednesday helped calm investors’ nerves. The gains, however, may not last long as both “China and the U.S. seem confused about the trade agreement.
British Telecom to keep Huawei off 5G 12/5/2018
New Zealand and Australia have stopped telecom operators using Huawei’s equipment in new 5G networks because they are concerned about possible Chinese government involvement in their communications infrastructure.
Computational Storage Technical Work Group to set computational storage standards 12/5/2018
The Computational Storage Technical Work Group (TWG) launched by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) will bring together member companies to create standards to promote the interoperability of computational storage devices and to define interface standards for system deployment, provisioning, management, and security.
Touch and Display chip demand grows 12/5/2018
TDDI chip demand is set to grow robustly next year, according . In particular, Android phone vendors are gearing up to promote their all-screen models mainly in the mid-range market segment next year, which will stimulate TDDI chip demand,
Amazon released some details on its Prime members 12/4/2018
One-day and same-day delivery is now available across 8,000 cities and towns, while two-hour delivery now reaches more than 30 major cities. The traditional Prime two-day shipping, meanwhile, is available across 100 million items.
Wearable market heats up when Xiaomi outsales Apple in watches 12/4/2018
In Q3, Xiaomi outsold Apple by over 2 million devices. Whether that trend will hold through the holiday sales season (traditionally a strong time for Apple sales) in Q4 2018 has yet to be seen.
ASML production will likely affected due to a fire at its supplier 12/4/2018
ASML did not expect any change in 2018 deliveries, but said it would lead to some product delivery delays in early 2019.
Semiconductor Capex spending to scale down 12/4/2018
The expected decline in capital spending was due to “the current softness in the memory market.
Stock market jumps on trade ceasefire 12/3/2018
The Dow soared more than 300 points on Monday after China and the United States reached a temporary trade truce. It's a big relief because the damaging trade war between the world's two largest economies was set to deepen in January.
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