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Comcast bids $40 billion for UK's Sky TV Services 9/25/2018
The deal — which will now be taken to Sky shareholders for their consideration — would enable Philadelphia-based Comcast to access millions of homes in Europe through Sky. With 31,000 employees, Sky sells satellite-TV and high-speed internet services to 23 million subscribers in the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.
AP Memory wants to sell memory IP for profit 9/25/2018
AP Memory will start licensing part of its memory products, while putting increased focus on its design services for AI and other high-margin devices, said the company.
Semiconductor manufacturers are weighing relocation of packaging from China 9/25/2018
Mitsubishi Electric (6503.T), Toshiba Machine Co. (6104.T) and Komatsu (6301.T) of Japan began plotting production moves since July, when the first tariffs hit, and the shifts are now under way. Others, such as Taiwanese computer-maker Compal Electronics (2324.TW) and South Korea’s LG Electronics (066570.KS), are making contingency plans in case the trade war continues or deepens.
Amazon unveiled its vision for smart homes powered by Alexa 9/24/2018
The Seattle internet giant is pushing Alexa more deeply into customers' lives, hoping to popularize technology that has yet to go mainstream and connecting people more to Amazon's universe of things to buy.
Micron said that tariffs will impact memory prices and profit 9/24/2018
Chief Financial Officer David Zinsner said Micron expects to be able to work through the blow from tariffs but it will take up to a year.
Toshiba Memory and Western Digital JV R&D center opens in Japan 9/24/2018
Mass production of 96-layer 3D flash memory at Fab 6 kicked off earlier in September 2018. Toshiba Memory and Western Digital have installed cutting-edge manufacturing equipment for key production processes including deposition and etching at the new fab.
Samsung Electronics to cut memory production 9/24/2018
After tremendous growth over the past 18 months amid shortages, the memory chip market is softening, with industry analysts warning of a looming downturn amid oversupply.
What if Amazon gets into banking ? 9/21/2018
A Bain & Company survey of 6,000 people published Tuesday showed that consumers trust Amazon (amzn, +0.39%) more than they do their banks: 65% of Amazon Prime customers said they would sign up for a bank account with Amazon (specifically, a free account that offered 2% cash back), while 43% of non-Prime customers and 37% of non-Amazon customers said they would.
Cadence Design offers IP for AI processor 9/21/2018
As a result, the DNA 100 processor is well suited for on-device neural network inference applications, spanning autonomous vehicles (AVs), ADAS, surveillance, robotics, drones, augmented reality (AR) /virtual reality (VR), smartphones, smart home and IoT
Amazon launches new tool to enhance visual shopping 9/21/2018
Using a combination of imagery, a thumbs up and down voting mechanism, and machine learning technology, Scout offers an almost Pinterest-like way of browsing Amazon products, then refining recommendations through user input.
DRAM focus moving towards data center 9/21/2018
Big DRAM buyers are companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, who are going ahead and buying whatever memory they need to run large, network storage systems and server applications, said Matas, and they’re fine with paying a premium price because of limited DRAM capacity.
Toshiba Memory brushed aside concerns about falling memory chip prices 9/20/2018
“But we are addressing long-term demand” driven by increasing amounts of data storage due to the rise of powerful smartphones and efficient data centers."
Alibaba Group to produce its own AI chip 9/20/2018
Efforts would see the launch of Alibaba's first in-house developed AI chip in the second half of next year. Called AliNPU, the new AI chip had the potential to support technologies used in autonomous driving, smart cities, and smart logistics.
Sanctions on Iran leads to more cyber hacking 9/20/2018
"Whenever we see Iranian threat groups active in this region, particularly in line with geopolitical events, we have to be concerned they might either be engaged in or pre-positioning for a disruptive attack,"
Tariff does not help the chip industry 9/20/2018
Imposing the tariffs on semiconductor industry products would put U.S. companies at a disadvantage in relation to international competitors and threaten the market share of U.S. firms in China, as well as hurting U.S. exports and jobs while raising the cost of goods for U.S. consumers.
Macronix seeks funding to build 3D NAND 9/19/2018
An extra 50,000 wafers/month will initially be in traditional 3D NAND. Once it establishes a customer base, it will ramp a novel architecture that it claims sports 30% lower cost per bit.
Trump's $200 billion tariff list includes semiconductor material and components 9/19/2018
Chinese products on Monday's list include raw silicon and other products used in chip making, including items such as quartz reactor tubes and holders designed for insertion into diffusion and oxidation furnaces for semiconductor wafer production. The list also includes smart cards, as well as technology products used in data centers and networking gear.
Amazon opens Amazon Storefront for small and medium size sellers 9/19/2018
Amazon says more than 1 million products from about 20,000 businesses were selected to be featured on the site, based on ratings from customers.
Audi offers luxury car subscription plan 9/19/2018
For $1,395 per month, customers have access to an A4 sedan, A5 convertible, S5 coupe or Q5 or Q7 crossover, subject to availability. Subscribers can change vehicles up to twice a month and hold any vehicle for up to six months.
Vendors race to provide HD image camera prototype for auomotive applications 9/18/2018
The reference design was created to assist customers in designing automotive viewing cameras, especially rearview cameras or surround-view cameras, where small size, low power consumption, low thermal output, and excellent image quality are critical.
Taiwan foundry sales up 6,2% in quarter 9/18/2018
Thanks to strong demand for high performance computing (HPC) chips supporting crypto mining and other applications, Taiwan foundry houses saw their combined revenues from computer applications shoot up 27% sequentially to US$1.9 billion in the second quarter of 2018.
Amazon admitted employees selling company data company secret 9/18/2018
The company has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that it's investigating reports of employees in the US and China leaking data to merchants on the site in return for bribes.
Nextlink received $281 million FCC grant to develope Internet for rural areas 9/18/2018
The $281 million is the largest award under the FCC’s $1.98 billion Connect America Fund, which was established to close the digital divide in rural America.
Startup Wasabi Technologies wants to challenge Amazon in cloud services 9/17/2018
Wasabi Technologies is betting that it can build a big business with a cloud-based “object” storage service that it claims is markedly faster and cheaper than competing products. The company markets itself as “the hot cloud storage company”.
Adesto Technologies said future of automotive electronics goes with embedded ReRAM 9/17/2018
ReRAM could become a widely used, low-cost, and simple embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) because it uses simple cell structures and materials that can be integrated into existing manufacturing flows with as little as one additional mask.
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