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MediaTek made record sales 3/14/2022
In a statement, MediaTek said it posted NT$40.03 billion (US$1.41 billion) in consolidated sales in February, up 22.97 percent from a year earlier.
CEO of Micron Technology optimistic about Semiconductor Shortage 3/14/2022
"There are parts of the chip shortage that will continue to improve as we go through calendar year 2022 and some parts of this will continue into 2023 as well," Mehrotra said. "Of course, Micron continues to make the necessary investments to meet the demand growth that our customers are bringing to us."
Efficient Power Conversion launched dual output synchronous buck converter using GaN FETs 3/14/2022
Reference design board operating at 2MHz switching frequency that converts an input voltage of 9V to 24V to a 3.3V or 5V output voltage and delivers up to 15A continuous current for both outputs.
HKSTP partners with Infineon Hong Kong in a strategic co-incubation program 3/14/2022
The three-year program is aimed at nurturing high-potential startups in the fast-growing microelectronics sector, fueled today by surging growth in mobility, edge computing and smart city developments.
Menlo Micro raised $150 million new funding to further their Ideal Switch Technology 3/11/2022
Menlo Micro’s transformative technology to fuel the electrification of everything and modernize the $100+ billion market for RF communications, power switching and protection devices in the 21st century.
Taiwan raids Chinese and Hong Kong companies for trade secret theft 3/11/2022
The firms are suspected of poaching talent and stealing trade secrets from the semiconductor industry. Chinese headhunters have been looking for experts in areas of IC design, electronic design automation (EDA), telecommunications, and electric vehicle.
Biden talks to IT Industry leaders on semiconductor shortage 3/11/2022
Biden said the nation is seeing a revitalization of American manufacturing, especially in the industrial Midwest, and that companies are choosing to build new factories in the U.S. when just a few years ago they would have built them overseas.
ITRI and UCLA signed a Voltage Control Magnetic RAM (VC-MRAM) cooperation project 3/11/2022
With the support from Taiwan’s Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), and the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), this collaboration aims to leverage the technical expertise and innovative capacity from both parties to apply material components to memory chips for computing and storage.
Phison expands into automotive data storage 3/10/2022
Phison Electronics has had its solutions pass ISO 26262 automotive functional safety and development process certification, and is looking to expand its presence in the global automotive storage market.
DDR3 DRAM prices to go up citing supply issues 3/10/2022
With Korean suppliers accelerating their withdrawal from DDR3 production, Taiwanese suppliers yet to kick off mass production using newly installed capacities, and Chinese suppliers falling short of their expected yield rate, the global supply of DDR3 solutions will undergo an impending decline.
SEMICON Southeast to open in Penang, Malaysia 3/10/2022
To be held from 21-23 June 2022, SEMICON Southeast Asia 2022 will commemorate Malaysia’s 50th Year of Manufacturing Excellence and celebrate Penang’s reputation as the Silicon Valley of the East.
Banning on sales of chips to Russia will impact global supply chains 3/10/2022
Trade, supply chains, capital flows and energy prices will affect the global economy on a broader scale with negative consequences for the ICT market, according to IDC.
Apple has a brand-new desktop computer aimed at power users 3/9/2022
Mac Studio features the M1 Max chip and can be made even more powerful by upgrading to the newly-introduced M1 Ultra chip — a chip that Apple said offers, "faster performance than even the highest-end PC GPU available."
Apple M2 chip could be imminent and find a home in multiple Macs 3/9/2022
That’s according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in his ‘Power on’ newsletter. Gurman claims that a “developer source” has informed him that Apple is testing a new chip at the moment. What's more, this chip has an 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU, and has been tested on various unreleased macOS updates running on multiple Mac machines.
U.S. fabs don't help until we have backends and assembly test 3/9/2022
While U.S. legislators prepare to approve a $52 billion package of incentives to help revive the domestic semiconductor industry, there are concerns that most of the financial support will go to chipmakers that don’t need assistance while the dwindling U.S. assembly and test segment goes neglected.
India's Department of Science & Technology enters into agreement with a startup to develop daylight harvesting 3/9/2022
TDB will provide an assistance of Rs5 crore for a Rs10 crore project to Skyshade company for developing new technologies for basement illumination on a round-the-clock basis.
Cyberattacks hits GlobalWafers 3/8/2022
The Japanese subsidiary of GlobalWafers had to shut down production on Monday in the wake of a spate of cyberattacks. GlobalWafers Japan (GWJ) has since investigated (PDF, Japanese) the "illegal… unauthorized access" of its networks and the extent of any system corruption.
Toshiba see chip shortage to last for another year 3/8/2022
Toshiba Corp. said supply challenges for electronic components are unlikely to abate for another year as chronic shortages remain, while Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a key supplier of chipmaking materials, may also have an impact.
IC shortage affects RFID Industry too 3/8/2022
Despite the price hike, the business claims that demand for chips is still high—demand for endpoint ICs for UHF RFID tags exceeded shipments by more than 50% in Q3 alone. Both 200mm and 300mm wafers are in short supply for endpoint ICs, and the demand will continue to outstrip supply, through 2022.
Foxconn joined with others to expand Metaverse Ecosystem 3/8/2022
Foxconn will both partner with and invest $100 million, with 15 million as the first stage with a stake in XRSPACE, the company pioneering the next generation of visual reality through VR in the metaverse.
Major chip manufacturers stopped selling to Russia 3/7/2022
On Thursday morning, AMD said it was halting all chip shipments. By Thursday afternoon, Intel had joined AMD with a similar statement. Microsoft added its own statement on Friday morning.
Enterprise sales boosted Broadcom's bottom line 3/7/2022
"Enterprise spending is on fire ... and we are seeing a big part of that," Broadcom's chief executive, Hock Tan, told analysts on a conference call.
Micron expressed optimism about DRAM and NAND flash demand fo r5G smartphones in 2022 3/7/2022
Micron executive VP and chief business officer Sumit Sadana said that the global handset market will be in a healthy state this year with 5G smartphones triggering both DRAM and NAND flash memory demand.
Light-based artificial intelligence accelerator chip company raised $105 million in private funding 3/7/2022
Photonic chips could, in theory, lead to higher performance because light produces less heat than electricity, can travel faster, and is less susceptible to changes in temperature and electromagnetic fields.
onsemi to sell fabs in Belgium and Maine 3/4/2022
“The proposed divestitures show that we are well on our way to achieve an optimized manufacturing network while supporting our customers with long-term assurance of supply,” says CEO Hassane El-Khoury,
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