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Broadcom to acquire Software infrustructure through M&E 7/4/2019
Broadcom says it’s no longer interested in buying independent semiconductor companies like Qualcomm because they’re overpriced relative to their value. Instead, it plans to look for acquisitions in the infrastructure software space, similar to its $19 billion buyout of CA Technologies last July.
House Financial Services Committee officially ask FaceBook to hault Libra 7/3/2019
The committee wrote. "It appears that these products may lend themselves to an entirely new global financial system that is based out of Switzerland and intends to rival US monetary currency and the dollar.
Major U.S. manufacturers are considering to move production out of China 7/3/2019
The US tech giants Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, and HP are all gearing up to start shifting production away from China amid the trade war, Nikkei Asian Review reports.
China's Tsinghua Unigroup forms new DRAM business unit 7/3/2019
DRAM, or dynamic random access memory, has proven especially difficult for Chinese companies to produce at scale. U.S.-based Micron Technology Inc and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and SK Hynix Inc together account for over 95% of global DRAM market share.
Related to withdraw from 5G modem, Intel is to put up 8,500 patents for auction 7/3/2019
The portfolio includes around 6,000 patents related to 3G, 4G and 5G mobile modem standards, 1,700 patents around wireless implementation technologies and 500 patents that have “broad applicability” across the semiconductor and electronics industries,.
China wants to rebuild supplychain system where others cannot hurt it 7/2/2019
We’ll see a “significant movement” of production from China to other parts of the world by both Chinese and international companies. There is also the possibility of an era of “two tech worlds” if Chinese and U.S. tech firms end an era of mutual supply and custom.
Microchip offers controllers for automotive touchscreens 7/2/2019
The TD family of touch controllers features a new differential mutual signal acquisition method that significantly increases the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). This allows the use of very thick glass or plastic cover lenses and multi-finger thick gloved touch support up to the equivalent of 4.5 mm polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).
Power outages at Toshiba Memory fabs could turn back prices on NAND chips 7/2/2019
The event is likely to result in a rise in 2D NAND flash product prices in the third quarter, while drops in 3D NAND prices will be able to narrow, DRAMeXchange noted.
Commerce Department to grand temporal exemption on some Huawei suppliers 7/2/2019
Trump said Saturday that "US companies can sell their equipment to Huawei," as long as the transactions won't present a "great, national emergency problem."
Amazon Prime replaces others as the largest shiping carrier for Amazon 7/1/2019
Amazon was delivering nearly half of its own packages by the end of May, according to Rakutan Intelligence, by way of a report in Axios. The e-commerce leader was responsible for 48% of its shipments, while the U.S. Postal Service delivered 33%, and United Parcel Service (NYSE:UPS) carried 17%. FedEx rounded out the list with less than 2%.
China's ZTE to ship 5G chips this year after Huawei 7/1/2019
At the 5G Summit held alongside MWC Shanghai 2019, Xu cited company statistics as saying that ZTE's patent applications had amounted to 73,000 cases as of the end of 2018, including over 35,000 globally-licensed patents and more than 3,000 strategic patents for 5G technologies.
UK move to reduce eWaste 7/1/2019
Globally, according to the committee, 44.7 million tonnes of e-waste was produced in 2017, 90% of which landfilled, incinerated, illegally traded or treated in a sub-standard way. Europe and the US account for almost half of all e-waste globally, with the EU predicted to produce 12 million tonnes by 2020.
ASE: Chip assembly business is still going strong regardless of trade war 7/1/2019
However, the dispute might cause some changes to ASE’s customer portfolio, as orders from different regions might vary, he said without elaborating. The company is worried that the dispute might drag on, which could hinder the progression of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G,
Tesla updated battery partition design after vehicle fire in Shanghai 6/28/2019
The investigation found no system defect, and the initial findings show the incident was caused by a single battery module located at the front of the vehicle, Tesla said.
ARM Lead CPU Architect joins Apple 5G developement 6/28/2019
Former ARM Lead CPU Architect Mike Filippo joined up with Apple last month, following a 10 year stint with the semiconductor company. The move notably follows the exit of Apple chip design lead Gerard Williams III, back in March. Filippo appears perfectly suited for the role, having played a key part in a many of ARM’s virtually ubiquitous designs.
U.S. Court ruled CNEX has not damaged Huawei on memory controler technology 6/28/2019
Huawei had sued CNEX in U.S. District Court in Sherman, Texas, for misappropriation of trade secrets involving a memory control technology and for poaching its employees. The jury rejected those claims, while finding a CNEX founder failed to notify the company of his patent filings.
Toshiba Machinery appointed outsiders to new board 6/28/2019
The board reached a proportion of outsiders unheard of among Japanese peers with the new lineup, which Toshiba proposed last month in response to shareholder pressure. The 10 outside directors are up from seven on the previous board, while four of the 10 hail from outside Japan.
U.S. first quarter GDP grew 3.1% 6/27/2019
But signs are mounting that growth has slowed sharply in the current quarter amid slower global growth and a confidence-shaking trade battle between the United States and China.
EU warns Broadcom of possible antitrust on TV and modem chips 6/27/2019
The European Commission said the so-called interim measures, the first in 18 years, were warranted because of Broadcom’s likely dominance in the TV and modem chipset markets and deals between the company and seven major customers that resulted in the latter buying chips only from Broadcom.
Micron redices Capex spending 6/27/2019
Micron said that it would slash capital spending for its fiscal 2019, which closes in August, to about $9 billion, down about 10% from the company’s estimate of about $10.5 billion at the start of the fiscal year. Micron said that it expects its fiscal 2020 capital expenditures to be “meaningfully lower” than fiscal 2019.
SK Hynix enters into 176-layer 4D NAND flash 6/27/2019
SK Hynix will start shipping 128-layer 4D NAND flash in the second half of 2019, according to the company.
Micron Technology has resumed some shipments to Huawei Technologies 6/26/2019
Micron had stopped all shipments to Huawei after the Commerce Department in May added the Chinese company to a blacklist, a move the Trump administration said would prevent U.S. technology from being used to undermine U.S. security and policy interests. The company, however, found that it could actually ship a subset of its products that weren’t subject to restrictions on blacklisted companies
Qualcomm to face another European Union antitrust fine 6/26/2019
The EU’s current Qualcomm investigation targets 3G chips for internet mobile dongles sold between 2009 and 2011. Regulators allege these were sold below cost in order to push Icera, now owned by Nvidia Corp., out of the market.
Foxconn to pair 8K camera with 5G on next generation handsets 6/26/2019
Following two years of efforts, Foxconn has completed the 8K+5G ecosystems, covering SoCs for 8K cameras, compression and decompression technologies for 8K image transmission, wired and 5G wireless transmission environments, as well as terminal displays and applications.
ARM to crank up investment in Taiwan 6/26/2019
Masayoshi Son told reporters that ARM would expand its investments in Taiwan in areas such as the Internet of Things and autonomous vehicles, and would hire more engineers, as well as research and development specialists.
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