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Winbond weakened for the quarter 2/5/2019
Net profit fell to NT$879 million (US$28.59 million) in the final quarter of last year, down from NT$2.84 billion in the previous quarter, while consolidated sales fell 13.23 percent quarterly to NT$11.87 billion, the company said in a statement.
Record shows the largest semiconductor buyers are Chinese manufacturers 2/5/2019
Four Chinese original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) — Huawei, Lenovo, BBK Electronics and Xiaomi — ranked in the top 10 of Gartner’s Market Insight: Top 10 Semiconductor Chip Buyers, 2018, up from three in 2017.
U.S. job picture is rosy 2/5/2019
The healthy 304,000 jobs gain the government reported Friday illustrated the job market's durability nearly a decade into the economic expansion. The U.S. has now added jobs for 100 straight months, the longest such period on record.
China's manufacturing see slight improvement from bottom of slump 2/5/2019
A measure of factory activity issued by the government statistics agency and an industry group rose 0.1 points on a 100-point scale but stayed below a level that shows activity expanding. Measures for employment and domestic demand weakened.
Sodium-ion batteries to replace lithium-ion on EV's 2/4/2019
Sodium-ion batteries are an attractive alternative to lithium-based ion batteries due to several reasons. Sodium is not a limited resource - it is abundant in the earth's crust as well as in seawater. Also, sodium-based components have a possibility to yield much faster charging time given the appropriate crystal structure design.
Ic Insights: R and D spending to increase for the next few years 2/4/2019
IC Insights expects new challenges such as three-dimensional (3D) die-stacking technologies, growing complexities in end-use applications, and other significant manufacturing barriers to raise semiconductor R&D spending to a slightly higher growth rate of 5.5% per year in the 2018-2023 forecast period.
8 inch foundry capacity on demand due to IoT activities 2/4/2019
Vanguard has been seeking overseas acquisitions of 8-inch and 12-inch fabs these two years mainly to meet requests from major IDM clients including Infinenon to provide long-term capacity support.
Boeing shares soared on beating sales expectations 2/4/2019
Boeing Co. had net income of $3.42 billion, or $5.93. Earnings, adjusted for non-recurring gains, came to $5.48 per share, easily topping the per-share profit of $4.52 that industry analysts were looking for.
Qualcomm beat estimates 2/1/2019
CEO Steve Mollenkopf said the earnings beat was "driven by strong product leadership and operating expense management."
U.S. icon, Caterpillar returns to profit 2/1/2019
Caterpillar earned $1.05 billion, or $1.78 per share. Stripping out restructuring costs and other items, earnings were $2.55 per share, which was 43 cents short of analyst expectations.
Intel make interim CEO perminent 2/1/2019
Robert Swan, who has also been the company's chief financial officer since 2016, becomes the seventh CEO in Intel's 50-year history. He was also named to Intel's board of directors.
Smartphone to stay with DRAM and Flash memory 2/1/2019
“So far, the NAND size is the key selling point, while only the most technically astute consumers concern themselves with the size of the DRAM,”
Samsung advanced to one-terabyte embedded memory chip 1/31/2019
The new memory will almost certainly be in the upcoming Galaxy S10 -- to be unveiled on February 20 -- as well as in the flagship phones of other manufacturers.
Shanghai SMIC now ready for 14nm production 1/31/2019
SMIC has made significant progress with its FinFET process development since Liang Mong-song, former R&D guru of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Samsung Foundry, joined the Shanghai-based foundry.
When counterfeit supplies become a problem 1/31/2019
Technology advancements have only added to the problem: electronic components can now be cloned so well that they cannot be distinguished from the genuine article. But counterfeiting is not just a technology issue —procurement and supply chain practices also contribute to the proliferation of fake devices.
Mars surface details captured by Teledyne CCD Sensor 1/31/2019
Teledyne DALSA upgraded the imaging sensing technology to survey the InSight landing site and determine the optimum place to deploy, for the first time on another planet, a seismometer and a heat probe capable of drilling 15 feet down into the subsurface of Mars.
Defective chemical material conteminates production at TSMC 1/30/2019
"TSMC has discovered a shipment of chemical material used in the manufacturing process that deviated from the specification and will impact wafer yield," the company said in a statement. It said it was investigating the cause of the problems at the Fab 14B production site in southern Taiwan and contacting customers.
5G development activity benefits Xilinx and others 1/30/2019
“The start of this ramp [up of 5G spending] is happening faster than we had thought,” Xilinx Chief Executive Victor Peng said on the company’s quarterly earnings call on Jan. 23. “And the strength for coming out of the gate is pretty strong.”
Budget Office calculated the government shutdown cost $3 billions to economy 1/30/2019
Overall, CBO predicts that just $3 billion in lost gross domestic product will be permanently lost, a modest figure in a $20 trillion-plus economy. By year's end, CBO says, GDP would be just 0.02 smaller because of the shutdown, which shuttered many domestic agencies.
Intel to spend $10 billion expanding fab in Isreal 1/30/2019
Israeli business publication Globes reported that Intel asked that Israel for a state grant amounting to about 10% of the cost of the project. The report indicated that Intel is already preparing the physical infrastructure for the new fab.
AMD subcontracts PCIe 4.0 design work to Taiwan ASMedia 1/29/2019
AMD has announced that its 3rd generation Ryzen desktop processors fabricated by TSMC with 7nm process will hit the market in mid-2019, which will be the world's first PC processor platform that supports PCIe Gen 4 with transmission speed doubling to 16GT/s. The PCIe Gen 4 is expected to become mainstream motherboard PCH in the future.
SK Hynix reports 10% up on annual sales 1/29/2019
The South Korean semiconductor manufacturer reported sales of ?9.94tn ($8.9bn), up 10 per cent year-on-year but down 13 per cent on the prior quarter in what has historically been its busiest three months of the year. Similarly, net profit was up 6 per cent on a year ago to ?3.4tn ($3.04bn), but down 28 per cent sequentially.
Transition from DDR4 to DDR5 won/t be easy 1/29/2019
Those are the data and clock rate, VDD (or operating voltage), power architecture, channel architecture, burst length, and improvements for higher-capacity DRAM support. These new changes present special design considerations.
New Bluetooth and WiFi standard to improve location service within centimeter 1/29/2019
Smartphone giants Apple and Samsung have been active in the .4z meetings also attended by Huawei, leading some to suggest that the capability could be integrated in handsets within two years.
Mercury Systems to offer space qualified SSD 1/28/2019
Designed to operate reliably in high radiation environments, this is the first commercial SSD leveraging VITA 78 SpaceVPX standards to reduce cost and mitigate programme risk. In addition to commercial satellite applications, this device is also intended for high-altitude aircraft, airborne weapons and mission-critical ground computing systems.
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