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DRAM prices to erode 12/20/2018
Historically cyclical DRAM market appears to be headed for tougher times in 2019 after two strong years of growth.
Manufacturers have to latch on new stretagy going into 2019 12/20/2018
Driven by the promise of greater profitability and competitiveness, manufacturers will continue to progress toward digital transformation, including connected environments that provide greater control and visibility, and forgoing antiquated processes in favor of automation and efficiency.
ChipMOS Technologies looks for 10% revenue growth next year 12/19/2018
The Hsinchu-based firm said it is boosting capacity to cope with rising customer demand, with a capital spending budget of about NT$5 billion (US$161.97 million) this year.
Intel to build additional fab capacity in Oregon and stable foreign soils 12/19/2018
Company says it has begun talks with the planning authorities in Israel, Ireland and Oregon about extending capacity at those sites.
Optical finger print sensor prices fall 12/19/2018
Suppliers of TDDI chips and optical fingerprint sensors mainly China- and Taiwan-based players are set to experience a wave of price cuts in 2019 as competition among them intensifies.
Qualcomm launched 9205 LTE modem designed for IoT applications 12/19/2018
The US chip giant said on Monday that the modem has been purpose-built for devices and applications which operate on LPWAN, which includes wearables, asset trackers, health monitors, security systems, smart city sensors, and smart meters.
Taiwan-based IC distributors predict technology drivers for 2019 12/18/2018
While encountering deceleration in the smartphone market, these IC distributors are positive about growth arising from demand by HPC, IoT and cloud computing applications in the AI and 5G areas next year.
2019 to be a down cycle year for memory 12/18/2018
IC Insights said. DRAM will rank nearly last in terms of market growth in 2019, with a 1% decrease in total sales.
Semi equipment order shows concentration on logic vs memory 12/18/2018
Generally, the equipment industry saw enormous demand in 2017, and the momentum extended into the first part of 2018. But then the memory market began deteriorating in the middle of this year, causing both DRAM and NAND vendors to push out their equipment orders.
Smartphone growth projected to resume next year 12/18/2018
Shipments are expected to grow 2.6% in 2019 after falling by 3% to 1.42 billion units in 2018 from 1.47 billion in 2017, said IDC. Longer term, smartphone shipments are forecast to reach 1.57 billion units in 2022.
New Radeon game software is 15% better in performance 12/17/2018
The software gives an average 15 percent boost on games such as Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, Mass Effect Andromeda, Overwatch, Prey, and Project Cars 2, AMD said, along with good performance on more recent titles as well.
Federal judge denies evidence Apple presented in Qualcomm patent licensing case 12/17/2018
Qualcomm’s patent licensing and chip sale practices were anticompetitive and sought to preserve a monopoly on so-called premium LTE modem chips, which help mobile phones connect to wireless data network.
Fujifilm to spend $88 billion upgrading waffer material plant in the U.S. 12/17/2018
The move by a subsidiary of Fujifilm Holdings Corp. is aimed at bolstering its supply system as demand for semiconductors is seen increasing and such products are expected to become more sophisticated,
Imagination Technologies has new CEO from Rambus 12/17/2018
Black was a known entity who previously worked with Ray Bingham, Imagination’s executive chairman.
Mediatek offers new chip for Chinese Smartphone Market 12/14/2018
“Our focus is to commercialize our SoC for mainstream handsets at $500+ as opposed to ultra-premium models at $1,000+,”
New graphene centers to drive for applications 12/14/2018
Launched on 11 December 2018, the GEIC aspires to provide a space that helps bridge the notorious gap between academic innovation and real-world adoption by industry.
China has great plans for AI development 12/14/2018
China’s big AI plan — to dominate the global market with its AI technology by 2030 — is widely known and deeply feared in the rest of the world.
Broadcom offers 64G Fibre Channel chips 12/14/2018
The 32G/64G Emulex products deliver more than 5 million I/O operations/second (IOPS) at less than 10-microsecond round-trip latencies. That’s up from 1.6 million IOPS and 30-microsecond latencies on the prior-generation 16G/32G products that rode the PCIe Gen 3 bus.
NAND flash prices rebounded slightly on holiday demand 12/13/2018
NAND flash prices will be under downward pressure again following the short-lived rebound, said the sources, adding that prices are set to fall after the Lunar New Year break in February due to oversupply.
Intel leads in 3D packaging 12/13/2018
The 3D packaging technology, known as Foveros, is the culmination of two decades of research at Intel into stacking die in three-dimensional heterogeneous structures combining logic and memory. Foveros extends the 3D packaging concept to include high-performance logic such as CPU, graphics and AI processors.
China talks abut scrapping its "Made in China" industrial policy 12/13/2018
The Wall Street Journal said Wednesday that the revised plan would play down China's bid to dominate manufacturing, and allow more outside competition.
November consumer price index at even thanks to energy sector 12/13/2018
U.S. consumer prices were unchanged in November, the best performance since prices actually fell eight months ago.
Qualcomm's win in Chinese court led to ban of some iPhone models in China 12/12/2018
The Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court ruled that Apple is infringing two Qualcomm patents and issued injunctions against the sale of the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.
data shows that 2018 is stronger than previous year on semiconductor sales 12/12/2018
WSTS now expects chip sales to reach $478 billion this year, an increase of 15.9% from 2017. The organization predicts that chip sales will grow by a much more modest 2.6% next year.
Qualcomm announced new powerful Snapdragon line ups 12/12/2018
The Snapdragon 855, along with its X50 modem, position the company to dominate the first wave of 5G devices. The Snapdragon 8cx, sports expanded GPU and I/O blocks, aiming to catch up with the performance and flexibility of mobile x86 chips from Intel and AMD.
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