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Samsung Electronics to begin mass-producing HBM chips for the booming artificial intelligence (AI) market 6/27/2023
As the market for generative AI services continues to grow, HBM chips used for AI servers are gaining traction in the memory chip industry, which has been struggling with falling demand.
Global Cellular IoT Connections to Reach 6bn by 2030 6/27/2023
Counterpoint expects the market to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.8% to reach an installed base of over 6 billion by 2030. China held more than two-thirds of total cellular IoT connections in 2022, followed by Europe and North America.
NFC Forum has unveiled its Technology Roadmap outlining key plans and research efforts through 2028 6/27/2023
This comprehensive roadmap includes five key initiatives and offers a unique glimpse into the future of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, highlighting its direction and anticipated product development, market, and business opportunities for the next two to five years.
Arrow Electronics established a Robotics Center of Excellence to help customers for their development 6/27/2023
Arrow has teamed with Analog Devices Inc. (ADI), NVIDIA, and onsemi image sensors to develop reference designs and proof of concepts that robotics customers can leverage to improve product design.
Samsung, AMD to develop GPU for automotive use 6/26/2023
Samsung Electronics and Advanced Micro Devices are working together on a graphics processing unit for the Exynos Auto V920 chip. The Samsung Xclipse GPU will go into the auto chip with AMD's RDNA 2 architecture.
SK hynix,show case server memory solutions at at an IT conference in Las Vegas 6/26/2023
SK said it also presented its latest advanced memory solutions at the showroom, including the High Bandwidth Memory 3, which has recently attracted attention with the rise of generative artificial intelligence.
DigiKey and GroupGets Collaborate to Help Hardware Startups to Bring Products to Market 6/26/2023
Through the “Get Made” program, GroupGets and DigiKey will cross promote qualifying devices through content, design, distribution and partial funding through DigiKey. Upon successful funding, GroupGets will work with the creators to manufacture the platforms and then DigiKey will list the platforms for sale on its website.
In the case of AMD AI against Nvidia AI 6/26/2023
One thing is for sure: The size of this opportunity is more than big enough for two players.
TSMC leads in AI and HPC GPU productions 6/23/2023
Nvidia and AMD benefit from the AI and HPC trends, but TSMC controls chip production
Micron offers its first UFS 4.0-compliant storage devices 6/23/2023
Micron offering a combination of improvements coming from the UFS specification itself, along with including newer, faster NAND within the storage devices. Micron expects its UFS 4 devices to be used by upcoming flagship smartphones, tablets, and ultra-low-power notebooks already this year.
Q1 revenue of the top ten fabless companies was flat at $33.86 billion 6/23/2023
Changes in ranking included Cirrus Logic slipping from the top ten as well as the ninth and tenth positions being replaced by WillSemi and MPS, respectively. The rest of the rankings remained unchanged.
India Prime Minister Modi has invited American chip makers to boost semiconductor manufacturing in India 6/23/2023
Modi in his meeting here with President and CEO of Applied Materials Gary E Dickerson discussed the potential of the company's collaboration with academic institutions in India to create a skilled workforce.
Cisco Systems launched networking chips for AI supercomputers 6/22/2023
Chips from its SiliconOne series are being tested by five of the six major cloud providers, Cisco said, without naming the firms. Key cloud players include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, which together dominate the market for cloud computing, according to Bofa Global Research.
STMicroelectronocs (ST) and Airbus to cooperate on wide bandgap chip materials 6/22/2023
According to a jointly published press release, both ST and Airbus have already conducted evaluations to explore the benefits of wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductor materials for aircraft electrification
AMD to invest up to $135 million in Ireland, expanding its adaptive computing research and development 6/22/2023
The investment is intended to fund several strategic R&D projects through the addition of up to 290 highly skilled engineering and research positions, as well as a broad range of additional support roles.
Biden selects chairman of Google to help research and development of next-generation computer chips 6/22/2023
Hennessy and the other selected individuals are set to be announced by the Commerce Department on Tuesday, according to a statement seen by Reuters. They will be responsible for picking a board of trustees to run the National Semiconductor Technology Center.
Nvidia to onsider SK Hynix's HBM3E for artificial intelligence and high-performance applications 6/21/2023
SK Hynix's upcoming HBM3E memory will increase the data transfer rate from the current 6.40 GT/s to 8.0 GT/s. This enhancement will consequently elevate the per-stack bandwidth from 819.2 GB/s to a whopping 1 TB/s.
Intel released Tunnel Falls, a chip targeted for the quantum research community 6/21/2023
Tunnel Falls is Intel’s most advanced silicon spin qubit chip to date and draws upon the company’s decades of transistor design and manufacturing expertise. The release of the new chip is the next step in Intel’s long-term strategy to build a full-stack commercial quantum computing system.
DuPont and JetCool collaborate to brings advanced cooling solutions to semiconductor companies 6/21/2023
To address growing needs in thermal management, JetCool has introduced microconvective liquid cooling technology, reducing both capital and operational expenses, enhancing processing speeds, and sustainably enabling higher computing density.
Lam Research's deposition solution addresses key manufacturing challenges in next-generation logic 6/21/2023
Coronus DX deposits a proprietary layer of protective film on both sides of the wafer edge that helps prevent defects and damage that can often occur during advanced semiconductor manufacturing.
MEMS Tech Helps Improve Care for Heart Patients 6/20/2023
MEMS-based technological solutions have become a mainstay of patient care, especially for those with chronic diseases.
Price War Fuels Global EV Sales Growth in Q1 2023 6/20/2023
Every seven cars sold during Q1 2023 was an EV. Battery EVs (BEVs) accounted for 73% of all EV sales during the quarter, while plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEVs) made up the rest.
ITRI Set to Strengthen Taiwan-UK Collaboration on Semiconductors 6/20/2023
ITRI is well-positioned to offer consultation services for advanced packaging pilot lines, facilitate pre-production evaluation, and link British semiconductor IP design companies with Taiwan's semiconductor industry chain.
TI to expand its internal manufacturing footprint in Malaysia 6/20/2023
these new investments will support TI’s plan to bring 90% of its assembly and test operations internal by 2030 to have greater control of supply.
Prices of memory (DRAM) chips may go up amid the high demand for AI 6/19/2023
The average price of DRAM chips has plummeted by 80 percent over the last year as finished-product companies for computers and servers made adjustments on inventory due to the slow economy. The manufacturers, however, have recently had high bargaining power on price as demand has outpaced supply in specific DRAM chips.
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