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Toshiba Memory claims highest-capacity NAND memory chip 2/22/2019
The Toshiba device stores 4 bits per cell and achieves bit density of 8.5 Gb/mm2, more than 40% better than a 512-Gb TLC 3D NAND device also described at the ISSCC Tuesday by Toshiba and its partner in NAND development and manufacturing, Western Digital.
Samsung and Toshiba pulls ahead on autonomous driving processor 2/22/2019
Toshiba detailed one for self-driving cars that pulls ahead of competitors such as Intel’s Mobileye at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference here.
Qualcomm wants to lead U.S. with X55 5G modem 2/21/2019
"I believe that the X55 is Qualcomm's continuation of their leadership in 5G. The fact that this is Qualcomm's second generation of chips and it is already shipping to customers means that they're considerably further ahead of the competition,"
DRAM contract prices dropped 15% in Q2 2/21/2019
Continued oversupply in the DRAM market will result in "significant price declines" for the memory chips in the first half of 2019, said DRAMeXchange. End-market demand stays weak coupled with high inventory levels at PC and other device OEMs.
Intel put MRAM design into production 2/21/2019
Intel said it has used a "write-verify-write" scheme and a two-stage current sensing technique to create 7Mb perpendicular STT-MRAM arrays in its 22FFL FinFET process.
Plenty of work remains to be done on 5G 2/21/2019
“From early trials, [operators] realized it can work, but they are not getting all they would like. There is room for improvement, especially to deploy 5G cheaply in a wide variety of places.”
MediaTek‘s 5G modem has been verified by Anritsu 2/20/2019
MediaTek said that the Helio M70 is currently the only 5G modem with both LTE and 5G dual connectivity (EN-DC), supporting every cellular generation from 2G to 5G.
SK hynix keeps waste out of landfills 2/20/2019
The semiconductor supplier has diverted 90 percent of the waste from its main corporate campus in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province, away from landfills and toward alternative disposal methods such as reuse or recycling.
Globalfoundries denies Chengdu fab. closure rumor 2/20/2019
Globalfoundries has named Americo Lemos as its China country manager on the heels of speculation about layoffs and a likely shutdown of the foundry's joint-venture wafer fab in Chengdu.
Trump said he might extend tariff deadline 2/20/2019
Trump told reporters that he might extend the deadline "if I see that we're close to a deal or the deal is going in the right direction" .
Conteminated photoresist at TSMC to cost $550 million in revenue 2/19/2019
TSMC said it discovered that a batch of photoresist from a chemical supplier contained a specific component which was abnormally treated, creating a foreign polymer in the photoresist that affected 12/16nm wafers at its Fab 14B.
Intel quietly acquired graphic chip design firm in India 2/19/2019
The company is acquired mainly for the skill sets of its workforce rather than products or services. According to sources, Intel has acquired around 100 engineers of Ineda for their skills in graphics, an area where the US giant has chalked out ambitious plans.
China trade war sets off exodus of manufacturers to alternate Asian countries 2/19/2019
Apart from its investment and expansion plans in India, Foxconn was considering setting up a factory in Vietnam according to earlier reports in Vietnam media. If that were to come up, then it would be a major step to secure yet another additional production base outside China.
Semiconductor wafer demand continue to rise 2/19/2019
Semi’s latest Global 200mm Fab Outlook has announced that they anticipate a 14% increase in production, with the addition of 700,000 200mm wafers from 2019 to 2022. Semi has reported that the increase will bring their 200mm wafer fab capacity to 6.5 million wafers per month.
China offers $200 billion semiconductor purchase 2/18/2019
China’s high economic-planning company is proposing to extend U.S. semiconductor gross sales to China to a complete over six years of $200 billion. Underneath the proposal, nonetheless, that enhance can be generated partially by transferring meeting operations of U.S. semiconductors from third nations like Mexico and Malaysia to China, permitting these merchandise to be counted as U.S. exports relatively than these of different nations.
Adata Technology saw sales of its SSD products increase while DRAM fell 2/18/2019
Adata said previously the company expects demand for DRAM products to pick up starting the second half of 2019 along with the gradual easing of Intel's CPU supply shortages. Meanwhile, the penetration of SSDs in terminal devices is expected to mount along with continued NAND flash price falls, the company indicated.
U.S. industrial output fell 2/18/2019
The Federal Reserve said Friday that that the manufacturing component of the index dropped 0.9 percent last month, reversing a 0.8 percent gain in December.
Nvidia suffers the fall from Crytocurrency 2/18/2019
Nvidia reported declining sales for its most recently concluded quarter, as the company continues to grapple with a "crypto hangover" caused by the decline in cryptocurrency mining.
Misunderstands about NAND systems and their controllers 2/15/2019
People thin same controller- and system-related myths also apply to USB flash disks, eMMC modules, SD cards, or any other form of managed NAND device. It’s time to separate fact from fiction.
200mm wafer production accelerates 2/15/2019
Strong 200mm wafer growth mirrors sound capacity demand seen across various industry segments. From 2019 to 2022, for example, wafer shipments for MEMS and sensors devices are expected to increase 25% while shipments for power devices and foundries are forecast to jump 23% and 18%,
Smart City model make sense in emerging areas of the world 2/15/2019
New technologies like 5G, Cellular IoT, V2x, AI, Machine Learning and Big Data are key enablers for many new applications in smart cities. Some of these are already available, while others are on their way.
China's semiconductor wafer production capacity to catch up with the world 2/15/2019
At the end of 2018, China accounted for 12.5% of the world's global fab capacity, up from 10.8% in 2017, IC Insights said. The 12.5% share put China nearly in a dead heat with North America, the firm said.
Taiwan foundry houses found business unpredictable for next quarter 2/14/2019
The order visibility for 12-inch wafer foundry services by TSMC and UMC has reportedly remained opaque for the second quarter, with sizes of orders received also shrinking slightly. And only their 8-inch wafer foundry fabs can maintain high capacity utilization rates in the short term.
NAFTA 2.0 talk continue 2/14/2019
President's pact would give pharmaceutical companies 10 years' protection from cheaper competition in a category of ultra-expensive drugs called biologics, which are made from living cells. Shielded from competition, critics warn, the drug companies could charge exorbitant prices for biologics.
Increased talks about recession at the Eurozone 2/14/2019
Official figures on Wednesday showed that industrial output in the eurozone was 4.2 percent lower in December than the year before, increasing concerns about the economy just at a time when the bloc is facing the prospect of Britain crashing out of the European Union without a deal.
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