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Two NASA astronauts returned to Earth in SpaceX space capsule 8/4/2020
The return clears the way for another SpaceX crew launch as early as next month and possible tourist flights next year.
Kodak stock value returns to it's glorious days 8/4/2020
Kodak stockholders, who saw the value of their stock climb from about $2 per share to as high as $60. The list includes CEO Jim Continenza, who reportedly added a cool $79 million to his net worth.
U.S. consumer spending up 5.6% in June 8/3/2020
Consumer spending followed a seasonally adjusted 8.5% surge in May after spending had plunged the previous two months when the pandemic shuttered businesses, caused tens of millions of layoffs and sent the economy into a recession.
China marks completion of their own GPS navigation system 8/3/2020
As well as being a navigation aid with an extremely high degree of accuracy, the system offers short message communication of up to 1,200 Chinese characters and the ability to transmit images.
Wages and benefits for U.S. workers rose at the slowest pace in three years 8/3/2020
Pay and benefits increased 0.5% in the second quarter, according to the government's Employment Cost Index, released Friday. That is down from 0.8% in the first three months of the year. Wages and salaries rose just 0.4%, while benefits jumped 0.8%.
China’s industrial output as well as export improved in July 8/3/2020
The monthly purchasing managers’ index issued by the Chinese statistics bureau and an industry group rose to 51.1 from June’s 50.9 on a 100-point scale.
U.S. energy usage plummeted to its lowest level since September,1989 7/31/2020
The drop was driven by less demand for coal that is burned for electricity and oil that’s refined into gasoline and jet fuel, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said.
Huawei has overtaken Samsung to become the world's biggest smartphone seller 7/31/2020
Huawei shipped 55.8 million devices in the second quarter of 2020. While the figure was down 5% compared with a year ago, it was a smaller decline than rival Samsung, which saw smartphone sales slide 30% to 53.7 million.
U.S. economy plunged by 32.9% 7/31/2020
The U.S. economy plunged by a record-shattering 32.9% annual rate last quarter, and the coronavirus pandemic is still cutting a path of destruction, forcing millions out of work and shuttering businesses.
3D Bio-printing forms KFC chicken nuggets 7/31/2020
The company recently announced plans to roll-out lab-grown chicken nuggets made by a 3D Bioprinting Solutions printer. The nuggets will be available this fall in Moscow.
Mobile App helps to bring early detection of Covid-19 7/30/2020
The new technology developed with support from the DST, will detect the possible infection in an asymptomatic individual to prioritise the conventional testing queue as well as carry out a risk assessment of an asymptomatic individual to become symptomatic and risk assessment of an asymptomatic individual for recovery.
5G demand to drive semiconductor revenue in Q3 7/30/2020
“Third-quarter revenue is expected to grow by a mid-single-digit percentage quarter-on-quarter and gross margin to be at about the low-40s"
China has ambition to expand its foundries by 40% in 5 years 7/30/2020
China's IC self-sufficiency rate is still far lower than the goal of 40% set in the 13th five-year plan, and its chip fabrication technology still lags behind international peers by three generations. This, coupled with the US-China trade war, will add uncertainties to the future development of China's IC manufacturing industry.
AMD did well while Intel slows 7/30/2020
AMD shares rose as much as 10% in extended trading on Tuesday after the company upgraded its revenue guidance for the current year as part of its second-quarter earnings results.
Qualcomm has a Quick Charge 5 process to speed up device charges 7/29/2020
Company claims will be able to plug in and get a device with a 4,500mAh battery from 0 to 50% in five minutes and from empty to 100% in 15 minutes.
Taiwan government wants to encourage more new semiconductor foundries 7/29/2020
Based on the government's investments at present, power supply for semiconductor plants in Taiwan will remain sufficient until 2027.
South Korea to buy solid rocket fuel from the U.S. 7/29/2020
On Tuesday, the South Korean government said that Seoul and Washington have agreed to revise related bilateral missile guidelines to lift restrictions.
Consumers are holding on to cars longer during the coronavirus pandemic 7/29/2020
The average age of a vehicle on U.S. roads rose by a month this year to a record 11.9 years.
Two-third of business economists hold optimism 7/28/2020
A survey released Monday by the National Association for Business Economics finds a “significant snap-back in expectations from the depths reached across nearly all categories in April,’’
30,000 volunteers for Corona vaccine test 7/28/2020
The world’s biggest COVID-19 vaccine study got underway Monday with the first of 30,000 planned volunteers helping to test shots created by the U.S. government -- one of several candidates in the final stretch of the global vaccine race.
Durable good orders jumped 7.3% 7/28/2020
The Commerce Department said Monday that the June gain in durable goods orders, which was better than expected, followed an even bigger 15.1% increase in May. Those two increases came after sharp declines in March and April as factories shut down.
FAA order airlines to inspect 737 engines 7/28/2020
The FAA said operators must inspect any 737 that has been parked for at least seven days or been flown fewer than 11 times since being returned to service. That's because of reports that certain engine valves can become stuck in the open position.
Charges filed against Chinese scientists harboring at the Chinese consulate in San Francisco 7/27/2020
The four researchers are accused of lying on applications to work in the United States about their status as members of China's People's Liberation Army. All are charged with visa fraud.
Steve Wozniak sue Youtube for letting con artists to use him as a pawn in a Bitcoin scam 7/27/2020
The digital currency Bitcoin Videos spread on YouTube as part of the scheme entice viewers to send their bitcoins to an anonymous digital address, promising to return double that amount. The return payment never arrives.
A lot of the lost jobs might never return 7/27/2020
New poll shows, a sign of increasing pessimism that would translate into roughly 10 million workers needing to find a new employer, if not a new occupation.
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