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Gaming chip prices down on competitions 12/31/2018
AMD's mid-range chip RX 580 was selling at $249 to $299 on Amazon a month ago, but is now priced at around $189. Meanwhile, Nvidia's high-end graphics card GTX 1070 has seen its selling price continue to slide since February.
Qualcomm unfair licensing trial to begin this week 12/31/2018
Lawyers for the regulatory agency and the company claims that Qualcomm is abusing its strength in the market for smartphone components to force Apple Inc. and others to pay inflated license fees.
Tesla appointed big names Larry Ellison and Kathleen Wilson-Thompson to board 12/28/2018
Wilson-Thompson is the global head of human resources at Walgreens Boots Alliance and a former executive at Kellogg. Ellison is co-founder and executive chairman of Oracle, and recently disclosed a massive personal stake in Tesla.
NEC to acquire Denmark's largest IT company 12/28/2018
NEC has been trying to shift to software and services from hardware as it has lost out to Asian rivals in semiconductors, personal computers, and smartphones.
Trump intend to ban Huawei and ZTE from the U.S. market 12/28/2018
The United States says the companies work at the behest of the Chinese government and that their equipment could be used to spy on Americans.
India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) to focus on fabless in 2019 12/28/2018
The Semiconductor Fabless Accelerator Lab (SFAL) would help create a robust infrastructural structure that would support and incubate start-ups in their early stages and would also expedite present fabless SMEs to the next level by facilitating access to funds, mentors, and the market.
Huawei to be first company to adopt TSMC EUV N7 and N5 process 12/27/2018
The foundry is scheduled to move the N7 Plus to volume production in the first quarter of 2019, and targets 2020 for volume production of the N5.
Analysts see weakness in Samsung's 4th quarter 12/27/2018
South Korean tech giant is forecast to report an operating profit of 13.9 trillion won (US$12.3 billion) for the October-December period, down 7.6 percent from the 15.1 trillion won reached a year earlier.
MediaTek reported third-quarter profit, up 54.2% 12/27/2018
“MediaTek has been putting a lot of efforts into expanding its business into broader fields such as the internet of things and TV, overall smartphone market fatigue to increase further, it’s necessary that component providers switch into new areas to seek more growth."
China pulled ahead of U.S. on wireless network speed 12/27/2018
Among the five largest countries in the world, China has the fastest mean mobile download speeds of 30.96 Mbps, while the US topped in terms of fastest mean fixed download speeds of 92.77 Mbps. China was second in fixed broadband download speed.
Israel-based startup called ADAM to create driver behavior monitoring chip 12/26/2018
ADAM claims that it is the first to add a “cognition” layer to traditional driver-monitoring systems. The startup is at the “proof-of-concept” stage for many of the features to be embedded into its adaptive driver attention management (ADAM) platform.
Mobile Semiconductor offer 0.65V Ultra Low Power Memory Compiler 12/26/2018
The Memory Compiler offers an Ultra-Low Power mode at 0.65V that is useful to a wide range of wearable and battery powered devices.
Micron reduces Capex by 10% 12/26/2018
The company said on Tuesday that it would cut $1.25 billion of capital expenses next year, bringing its total expenditures to $9 billion to $9.5 billion and feeding into fears that the semiconductor industry's boom is over.
Foxconn Technology to build its own wafer fab in China 12/26/2018
Foxconn is set to proceed with the project in the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai. The total amount of the investment in the project could add up to around 60 billion yuan, or $9 billion.
Apple start to pull older phones off the German market 12/24/2018
In Germany, the judge ruled that phones with a chip from Apple supplier Qorvo violate one of Qualcomm’s patents around so-called envelope tracking, a feature that helps mobile phones save battery power while sending and receiving wireless signals.
Silicon Storage Technology partners with SK Hynix on superflash technology 12/24/2018
Superflash's power efficiency and fast erase time are ideal for low-power applications such as remote IoT edge nodes and contactless payment devices.
Samsung Foundary is readying more capacity for IBM and Qualcomm 12/24/2018
Samsung Electronics is beefing up its foundry business by utilizing cutting-edge extreme ultraviolet technology to attract global IT giants such as IBM and Qualcomm as major customers.
8" fab is so tight that TSMC advise clients to split order 12/24/2018
TSMC continues to see its 8-inch fab supply fall short of demand, which will likely persist throughout next year, the sources said.
Smartphone and 12 inch expansions to drive wafer industry 12/21/2018
Silicon wafer area shipments are set to increase by more than 7% in 2018, Digitimes Research estimates. For the third quarter alone, area shipments of 12- and 8-inch silicon wafers grew 12% and 5%, respectively.
Purdue researchers created memory IC with 2D material molybdenum ditelluride 12/21/2018
A system using molybdenum ditelluride can quickly switch between 0 and 1 to increase the rate of storing and retrieving data. This happens because when electric field is applied to the cell the atoms are displaced by a small distance.
Apple's court case with Qualcomm to determine the future of wireless industry 12/21/2018
This is not a battle solely with Qualcomm, but with the entire wireless industry. As one of the leading innovators and IP licensors, Qualcomm is neither the first nor the last to be an Apple target.
Autonomous driving industry set to rebound from March fatal accident 12/21/2018
hil Magney, VSI Labs founder: “The automotive industry has a renewed interest in ADAS. Call it ADAS 2.0 if you like.”
SK hynix breaks ground on new DRAM fab 12/20/2018
The chipmaker said it will spend 15 trillion won on the M16 line and the new plant will add 300,000 more jobs to the market.
Micron expects headwind on DRAM sales 12/20/2018
Micron reported on Tuesday quarterly sales and earnings at the low end of Wall Street estimates but said that it expects revenue to decline significantly in the current quarter due to “weak near-term supply-demand dynamics.
DRAM prices to erode 12/20/2018
Historically cyclical DRAM market appears to be headed for tougher times in 2019 after two strong years of growth.
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