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Rambus to buy Verimatrix for portfolio of security IP's 9/6/2019
As hardware-based security has become mission critical for protecting the SoCs and devices in demanding applications such as AI, Networking, IoT and Automotive, the integrated portfolio of products, which will combine the secure silicon IP and provisioning solutions from both companies, will create a comprehensive silicon-proven security IP offering.
When U.S. capitalism and Chinese state capitalism meets 9/6/2019
Perhaps Chinese workers can out-produce us. Maybe they are better workers. But the future of manufacturing is adding value, not mastering repetitive tasks that will soon be consigned to robots. The future of work is about advanced manufacturing, fixing the robots when they break down, and calibrating them when the assembly line slows.
Second quarter productivity growth at 2.3% 9/5/2019
The moderate growth in overall productivity was flagged by a deceleration in gross domestic product growth in the April-June period. The economy grew at a 2.0% rate in the second quarter after expanding at a 3.1% pace in the first quarter.
Spending on 300mm fab equipment to peak 2023 - SEMI predicts 9/5/2019
Most of the surges in fab equipment investment over the five-year outlook will be driven by memory (primarily NAND), foundry/logic, and power, SEMI noted.
SIA chief encourage China and U.S. to return to the negotiation table for semi-industry sake 9/5/2019
His view echoed those of other senior industry executives at the conference amid concerns that a prolonged US-China trade dispute could seriously disrupt the sector’s complex, geographically widespread and intertwined value chain and ecosystem that has evolved over decades.
Korean manufacturers to replace Japanese-made high-tech materials with domestic alternatives 9/5/2019
The partial replacement comes some two months after Japan implemented tougher restrictions on South Korea-bound shipments of three key materials -- photoresists, etching gas and fluorinated polyimide -- that are critical to the production of semiconductors and display panels.
China's Yangtze Memory (YMTC) has kicked off volume production of 64-layer 3D NAND chips 9/4/2019
YMTC has improved gradually its 64-layer 3D NAND process yield rate, the sources indicated. With improvement in the process yields, the company is expected to grow its 64-layer 3D NAND flash output to 100,000-150,000 wafers monthly in 2020.
Business bloom at 8 inch foundries 9/4/2019
Eight-inch IC foundries have seen their fabless customers engaged in the fingerprint sensor, touchscreen IC, analog chip and LCD driver IC sectors step up their pace of orders recently.
Boeing making a fundamental change to its 737 MAX software 9/4/2019
Two flight control computers are standard on the 737 MAX under the current system—which is decades old. But the automated flight control system will only pull data from one computer at a time: it will take input from one computer on one flight and switch to the other computer for the next flight. Boeing is altering the system’s software so that it will take input from both flight control computers simultaneously. The new software architecture will employ a two-channel “fail-safe” system where each flight computer will operate using input from an independent set of sensors
Of all the perennially emerging memories, MRAM manufacturing is a challenge 9/4/2019
MRAM device manufacturing will need to move into the CMOS fab and become part of the regular device manufacturing.
Chinese stock rise while the Yuan fluctuate 9/3/2019
The Shanghai Composite Index (SHCOMP) ended up 0.2% at 2,930.15, the best close since July 31. It extended a 1.3% rally on Monday. Infrastructure, shipbuilding and consumer electronics stocks continued to lead the market higher after promising economic data on Monday.
Tiny robot powered by vibration is ideal for medical applications 9/3/2019
The robots, which researchers said could be grouped together to work similarly to ants, could potentially be used to repair injuries inside the human body, move objects, or in other applications.
Xilinx’ latest offering is the biggest FPGA ever built 9/3/2019
The Virtex Ultrascale+ VU19P, built on the 16nm process node, has the highest logic density and I/O count on a single device ever built: 9 million system logic cells and over 2,000 user I/Os. The mammoth device also features up to 1.5 Tbps of DDR4 memory bandwidth and up to 4.5 Tbps of transceiver bandwidth.
Toshiba Memory to swallow up Lite-On SSD Division 9/3/2019
The transaction, expected to be a purchase of shares in an all-cash deal and completed by April 2020 (subject to relevant approvals), involves the transfer of Lite-On SSD's business operations and assets, including inventories, equipment, personnel, intellectual properties, technologies and client and supplier relationships.
Japan Okay'ed to resume shopment of hydrogen fluoride to South Korea 9/2/2019
Hydrogen fluoride is one of three materials, used in the production of semiconductors and display panels, affected by Japan's export curbs against South Korea.
AV manufacturers are reluctant to share data that might help push industry forward 9/2/2019
On one hand, some car OEMs have cleared a hurdle by making AVs that conform to functional safety and security standards. On the other, developers’ desire to win the AV race is so fierce that most are now competing on safety claims.
Distributors hate to be dragged into the patent fight between GlobalFoundries and TSMC 9/2/2019
GlobalFoundries filed 25 lawsuits in the U.S. and Germany against 20 major companies alleging patent infringement of 16 of its semiconductor device and manufacturing technologies used by TSMC. Distributors Avnet Inc./EBV, Digi-Key and Mouser Electronics have been named among the defendants.
Hailo offer new class of AI accelerator 9/2/2019
Hailo-8 boasts performance of 26 TOPS with notable power efficiency of 2.8 TOPS/W. The power consumption was measured running ResNet-50 on low resolution video (224 x 224 at 672 fps) at 8-bit precision with a batch size of 1. This is an order of magnitude better than the current market-leading solution for automotive vision inference at the edge.
Advantest counts on 5G and memory to boost tester needs 8/30/2019
Advantest saw better-than-expected performance for the April-June quarter, its first fiscal quarter, mainly bolstered by mounting testing demand for 5G chip solutions.
China's Tsinghua Unigroup to build memory fab in Chongqing 8/30/2019
Under the deal, Tsinghua Unigroup will set up a 12-inch DRAM manufacturing fab in Chongqing's Liangjiang New Area, with construction to kick off by the end of 2019 and official production set for 2021. The group will develop relevant process technology and carry out trial production at its other memory chip plans in China before transferring mature technology to the Chongqing plant after becoming operational.
Microchip offers serial memory controller to alleviate bottleneck between the CPU and memory. 8/30/2019
Microchip’s SMC 1000 8x25G enables CPUs and other compute-centric SoCs to use four times the memory channels of parallel attached DDR4 DRAM within the same package footprint.
Homomorphic encryption now ready for commercial applications 8/30/2019
Homomorphic encryption was first discovered in 2009, and ten years on, it is finally ready for initial commercial adoption. Up to now, while processing encrypted data was theoretically possible, it was so computationally intense that it was deemed out of reach for real-world applications. Recent advances have brought it within the realms of usability for the first time.
Micron gets green light from Taiwan government to build $2 billion fab. 8/29/2019
During the 1179th meeting of the Investment Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs' today, seven major investment cases were filed and approved. Among the cases approved was the equivalent of NT$66 billion in foreign currency to be remitted from Micron Technology to increase investment in Taiwan-based enterprises such as its subsidiary Micron Memory Taiwan Co., and to engage in electronic component manufacturing,
Qualcomm to pair WiFi 6 chips with 5G 8/29/2019
Both Wi-Fi 6, a new standard expected to fully roll out by 2022, and 5G technology differ from their predecessors in that they are designed to work more closely together, allowing Wi-Fi routers to more seamlessly hand off connections with mobile phones and other devices that use both kinds of networks.
Senseg created first family of flexible actuatorsfor for haptic applications 8/29/2019
Haptic technologies are all about improving the user’s experience, particularly in consumer devices. But Senseg expects the membrane-like structure of the ELFIAC technology will take haptics to a new level beyond the initial scope of consumer electronics products.
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