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China-based packaging house to buy ADI's test facilities in Singapore 6/2/2021
All staff stationed at ADI's Singapore-based test facility will be transferred to JCET's operations team, said JCET. Acquiring the facility will also bring JCET and ADI closer, the China-based backend house indicated.
Twenty plus partners to join TSMC to build co-op development fab in Japan 6/2/2021
TSMC, the world's biggest contract chipmaker, intends to bear around half the project's cost of about 37 billion yen ($337 million). Over 20 Japanese companies -- including Ibiden, which is strong in chip packaging -- will participate.
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger keynotes at Computex 6/2/2021
Gelsinger concluded by thanking the Taiwan semiconductor ecosystem for playing a critical role in addressing current challenges within the industry. “We are working closely with our ODM, OEM, foundry, assemble and test partners in Taiwan to make sure we are collectively investing in the right areas to eliminate future supply chain bottlenecks,” Gelsinger said.
Smart windows provides alternative solution to maintain temperature and lighting inside a building or a vehicle 6/1/2021
“We believe that our smart windows can provide an alternative solution for maintaining ambient indoor temperature and lighting inside a building or a vehicle by integrating those with usual glass windows or walls, thereby reducing the need of air-conditioning systems.”
Samsung to use Infineon Technologies AG’s power devices in its new inverterized refrigerators 6/1/2021
Inverterization is an emerging DC to AC conversion trend in contemporary inverter designs, helping the application run more quietly and smoothly while reducing the average power consumption compared to a traditional on/off control.
Top-15 semiconductor companies logged total sales of $101.86 billion for Q1 of 2021 6/1/2021
Worldwide semiconductor (IC and OSD—optoelectronic, sensor, and discrete) companies have logged total sales of $101.86 billion for the first quarter of 2021, up by 21% year-on-year (YoY), according to data from IC Insight.
Cadence expanda its collaboration with TSMC 6/1/2021
Cadence Design Systems Inc. is expanding its collaboration with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd (TSMC) to accelerate mobile, AI and hyperscale computing application design using the integrated Cadence digital flow and custom/analog tool suite on TSMC’s N3 and N4 process technologi
Marvell offers new NVMe SSD controllers to support PCIe 5.0 5/31/2021
The new SSD controllers are the first under the umbrella of Marvell's Bravera brand, which will also encompass HDD controllers and other storage accelerator products. The Bravera SC5 family of PCIe 5.0 SSD controllers will consist of two controller models: the 8-channel MV-SS1331 and the 16-channel MV-SS1333.
PC market continue to grow 5/31/2021
Worldwide Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker, shipments of PCs are expected to grow by 18.1% in 2021 with shipments of just over 357 million units. While IDC still expects PC growth to drop slightly in 2022 (-2.9%), the overall five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) remains positive at 3%.
Smartphone shipment to reach new height in 2021 5/31/2021
IDC forecasts shipments of smartphones to reach 1.38 billion units in 2021, an increase of 7.7% over 2020.
Foxconn to invest in Malaysian foundry 5/31/2021
Foxconn would help DNeX expand the sale of semiconductor products rolled out by SilTerra if the acquisition talks are successful.
Panasonic offers Bluetooth 5 Low Energy consumption module 5/28/2021
Bluetooth 5 features a higher symbol rate of 2 Mbps using the high speed LE 2M PHY or a significantly longer range using the LE coded PHY at 500 kb/s or 125 kb/s. The new channel selection algorithm (CSA#2) also helps to improve the module's performance in high interference environments. Furthermore, the new Low Energy advertising extensions allow for much larger amounts of data to be broadcasted in connectionless scenarios.
Oversupply of NAND flash start to settle down 5/28/2021
The NAND flash market will be undersupplied in the second quarter, with prices for mainstream parts being driven up, TrendForce noted. The worsening shortage of NAND flash device controllers has had a further negative impact on the available storage devices.
SK hynix’s $9 billion acquisition of Intel NAND flash unit gets blessing from FTC 5/28/2021
The Fair Trade Commission on Thursday concluded their combined shares in the NAND flash and SSD market was not big enough to cause concern. Samsung Electronics Co. dominates the flash memory market with 30 percent.
ARM is watching out spending as closing with Nvidia draws near 5/28/2021
Nvidia has frozen hiring including a ban on backfilling jobs left vacant by departures, has put a stop on new engagements of contractors and has cancelled its FlexPlot scheme which gave US employees $8,500 a year and UK employees $4,500 to spend on certain defined areas.
Arm offers latest CPU and GPU designs with its new Armv9 architecture 5/27/2021
Arm’s designs — and particularly, its big.LITTLE configuration of combining powerful high-performance cores and battery-saving high-efficiency cores — are common to virtually every Android phone. That means the designs introduced here are effectively a preview of what the best Android phones of 2022 will look like.
200mm fab equipment spending to reach $4 billions 5/27/2021
"Wafer manufacturers will add 22 new 200mm fabs to help meet growing demand for 5G, automotive and Internet of Things (IoT) devices that rely on analog, power management and display driver integrated circuits (ICs), MOSFETs, microcontroller units (MCUs) and sensors,"
Intel regained top chip vendor title in Q1 5/27/2021
In total, the top-15 semiconductor companies’ sales surged by 21% in 1Q21 compared to 1Q20, three points greater than the total worldwide semiconductor industry 1Q21/1Q20 increase of 18%.
Analyzing magnetic fields in digital domain 5/26/2021
When magnetic matter creates signals, analyzing them with digital receiver systems (DRS) lets scientists study the magnetic fields. Analyzing the properties of the signals, for example, how they vary with time, scientists can measure the fields and study their small fluctuations.
HiSilicon offers RISC-V development board without an ARM processor 5/26/2021
The release is significant as it is the result of the US trade blockade that delivered a dramatic blow to Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei. Thanks to the trade war between the countries, Huawei’s HiSilicon subsidiary lost access to its semiconductor manufacturing, which centered around Arm.
Senior semiconductor industry analyst predicts a 10.9% industry growth 5/26/2021
The market is expected to grow in 2022 to US$550.3 billion, driven mainly by higher demand for notebook PCs, 5G applications, high performance computing, and automotive electronics.
SK Innovation Co. and Ford Motor Co. signed joint venture to produce EV battery cell 5/26/2021
“We are delighted to be entering into collaboration with Ford, America’s leading and iconic automaker. Ford is one of the most active players in vehicle electrification today. We are proud to be opening this new chapter in their long history,” said Kim Jun, SK Innovation CEO & President.
Samsung's new processing-in-memory architecture places AI computing capabilities inside HBM 5/25/2021
First presented at the International Solid-State Circuits Virtual Conference (ISSCC) earlier this year, Samsung’s new processing-in-memory (PIM) architecture places AI computing capabilities inside an HBM. This is a different approach from the commonly used von Neumann architecture for computing systems, which uses separate processor and memory units to carry out millions of intricate data processing tasks. Because the von Neumann architecture employs sequential processing that requires data to constantly move back and forth, it results in a system-slowing bottleneck especially when handling ever-increasing volumes of data found in large-scale processing in data centers, high performance computing (HPC) systems, and AI-enabled mobile applications.
Chinese are making move to control Newport Wafer Fab 5/25/2021
Nexperia, the NXP standard products unit which, in 2016, was sold to Chinese financial companies – Jianguang Asset Management and Wise Road Capital – has appointed two directors to the Newport Wafer Fab board after a contract dispute.
EU approved SK hynix to acquire Intel Corp's NAND business 5/25/2021
Last October, SK hynix signed a deal to buy Intel's NAND business for US$9 billion, which includes the U.S. firm's solid state drive business and a NAND flash chip plant in Dalian, China. Following the deal, the South Korean firm had to obtain approval from antitrust regulators in major countries.
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