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Biden says he will keep China Tariffs for now 12/3/2020
Biden said, “I’m not going to make any immediate moves, and the same applies to the tariffs.”
U.K. set September 2021 to stop installation of Huawei 5G equipment 12/2/2020
The deadline is part of a roadmap the British government is laying down to remove “high risk” equipment suppliers with draft legislation that aims to tighten telecommunications security requirements.
Mexico is putting down another $11.5 billion for infrastructure overhaul 12/2/2020
The majority of the plans are for highways, energy and water projects. The announcement is similar to a roughly $14 billion package of 39 building works announced in October.
Sending a trash collector truck into space 12/2/2020
ClearSpace SA will lead to the “first active debris removal mission” in 2025, in which a custom-made spacecraft will capture and bring down part of a rocket once used to deliver a satellite into orbit.
Is iPhone really water proof? 12/2/2020
Italy regulators say Apple owes 10 million euros for claims that its iPhones are more waterproof than they are. Apple misled consumers when claiming certain models of iPhone were water-resistant up to 13 feet for as long as 30 minutes.
TSMC and Samsung is in hot competition from micro-fabrication processes to packaging 12/1/2020
With the importance of packaging services growing, related markets are also on uptick. The semiconductor high-tech packaging market will expand from US$29 billion in 2019 to US$42 billion in 2025, forecast French market research company Yole Development.
TSMC targets 80 billion transistor chips by second half of 2022 12/1/2020
But just think about it. AMD’s Navi 21 GPU, the chip inside the Radeon 6800 and 6900 Series boards, clocks in just under 27 billion transistors using 7nm. So a 3nm GPU of the same size could pack around 80 billion transistors if they really pushed it.
Taiwan’s GlobalWafers to acquire German wafer maker Siltronic 12/1/2020
The combined companies would be number two in the world market for 300-millimeter wafers, behind Japan’s Shin-Etsu. GlobalWafers is currently number four and Siltronic number five.
SMIC is being barred from buying US equipment 12/1/2020
SMIC is under a restricted import order from the US with all orders requiring US government clearance.
A collection of modern vehicle software, “it’s easier said than done.” 11/30/2020
EB xelor is a collection of foundational software that OEMs and tier ones can simply pick up and turn on, instead of chewing up time and engineering resources to reinvent someone else’s wheel.
Semi equipment Capex spending comes mainly from Asia 11/30/2020
“Samsung’s level of spending over the past four years has been nothing short of incredible. I believe that they are attempting to put so much distance between themselves and the Chinese memory startups that it will be basically impossible for them to catch up,” IC Insights President Bill McClean said.
Porotech has generated first commercial native red LED epiwafer for micro-LED applications. 11/30/2020
Micro-LED display technology offers a significant improvement on standard display panels due to its optimum brightness, efficiency and image definition, as well as improved lifetime. These improvements are seen as critical for near-to-eye applications such as augmented reality (AR) and head-mounted displays
FiberVisions, a Thai chemical company subsidiary to expand face mask fiber production in Georgia 11/30/2020
The company announced Tuesday. It will create 21 additional jobs making polyolefin fiber, with a new fiber production line scheduled to be installed by June. The fibers are also used in diapers and other products.
Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute (TSRI) signed research agreement with ARM 11/27/2020
TSRI is the first institute in Asia to be included in the Arm Flexible Access for Research program, enabling researchers to use processors and software produced by Arm when designing new systems of their own.
Unigroup's default on a $198 million bond payment puts doubt on China's DRAM ambition 11/27/2020
It’s not exactly a promising signal for your ability to finance a $110 billion project if you can’t meet a $198 million debt obligation.
The FCC designated ZTE as a U.S. national security threat 11/27/2020
In May 2019, President Donald Trump signed an executive order barring U.S. companies from using telecommunications equipment made by companies posing national security risks and the administration added Huawei to its trade blacklist.
Pentagon ramps up investment to secure government trusted semiconductor supply chain 11/27/2020
Earlier this month, the Defense Microelectronic Activity (DMEA) raised the ceiling on its existing contract with GlobalFoundries to continue producing “leading edge, current and legacy microelectronics.
U.S. economy grew 33.1% in Q3 11/26/2020
But a resurgence in the coronavirus is expected to slow growth sharply in the current quarter with some economists even raising the specter of a double-dip recession.
RadioShack attempts to come back as an online store 11/26/2020
Entrepreneur investors Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez plan to make RadioShack competitive again, this time online, rather than on street corners or in malls.
U.S. durable goods order up 1.3% 11/26/2020
The strength in October came primarily from the volatile category of defense orders, with demand for military aircraft surging by 79.1%.
Tennessee approved $35 million incentives for GM to retain 2,000 employees 11/26/2020
According to GM, the company will build the Cadillac Lyriq, a small electric SUV, at the factory. Gasoline-powered Cadillac SUVs will continue to be built at the plant. The company has said that it will also get additional unspecified electric vehicles.
Taiwan to build their own submarine 11/25/2020
“This submarine is an important part of allowing our navy to develop asymmetric warfare and to intimidate and block enemy ships from surrounding Taiwan’s main island,” said President Tsai Ing-wen.
Contact tracing technology is a way to keep manufacturing workplace safe 11/25/2020
By harnessing indoor intelligence technology, organizations can power solutions for contact tracing, social distancing and targeted cleaning to protect employees and visitors. In many cases, the existing network infrastructure can be leveraged to deploy solutions quickly.
Vaccination required for flying International 11/25/2020
In Australia, the boss of Qantas, the country's largest airline, said that once a virus vaccine becomes widely available, his carrier will likely require passengers use it before they can travel abroad or land in Australia.
U.K. technolgy company to build clean energy plant in West Virginia 11/25/2020
State and company officials said the multimillion dollar production facility will be able to use coal, once the state's economic driver, and other organic materials to make “clean, sustainable energy storage products.”
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