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3M under financial re-alignment, eleminates 1500 jobs 1/29/2020
3M reported its 2019 fourth quarter and full-year financial results on Tuesday and announced a new operating model and operating structure that includes cutting approximately 1,500 jobs.
Britain to allow Huawei into its 5G network 1/29/2020
It sets up a diplomatic clash with the Americans, who claim that British sovereignty is at risk because the company could give the Chinese government access to data, an allegation Huawei denies.
Intel to get back onto process development track, 7nm scheduled for 2021 1/28/2020
"10 is ramping. We will go to 10+ for clients and to 7 on a two year cadence in 2021.”
Mass supply cut has started to stabilize prices of both DRAM and NAND chips 1/28/2020
"Following worse-than-expected oversupply in 2019, we forecast significant DRAM undersupply in 2020. We see a tight situation in 2020 due to the severe supply cuts in 2019," Bernstein Research, a top-tier U.S.-based independent research firm, said in a recent note to clients.
U.S. business economists remains optimistic 1/28/2020
National Association for Business Economics being released Monday found that 67% of the business economists who responded to the survey are expecting moderate economic growth of 1.1% to 2% over the coming year.
General Motors invests $2.2 billion to bring EV production into Detroit 1/28/2020
GM said in a statement Monday that the factory will start building the company's first electric pickup late in 2021, followed by a funky-looking self-driving shuttle for GM's Cruise autonomous vehicle unit.
Broadcom signed agreement to supply Apple with wireless components 1/27/2020
The agreements, “2020 SOWs”, are in addition to the existing ones for supplying radio frequency components and modules to the iPhone maker and together could generate as much as $15 billion in revenue.
China's JD.com gets into plastic recycling business with help from Coca-Cola 1/27/2020
JD.com has leveraged its nationwide logistics system in a pilot to help collect used beverage bottles from households. The collected bottles are being sent to recycling facilities in partnership with Coca-Cola, where they’ll enter the circular value chain.
Xerox target to take over HP 1/27/2020
Xerox will nominate 11 people to replace HP's board, a company that it is targeting for a takeover. Xerox indicated earlier this month that it's still interested in an HP deal, saying it had lined up $24 billion in binding financing commitments.
Two dead on a huge industrial explosion in Houston 1/27/2020
The explosion happened about 4:30 a.m. inside a building at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing, which makes valves and provides thermal-spray coatings for equipment in various industries, authorities said. The building was reduced to burning rubble and debris, and some of the surrounding buildings suffered heavy damage to parts of their walls and roofs.
Foundries are venturing into 5 and 3nm process 1/24/2020
The decision involves the move to extend today’s finFETs to 3nm, or to implement a new technology called gate-all-around FETs (GAA FETs) at 3nm or 2nm. An evolutionary step from finFETs, gate-all-around provides better performance, but these new transistors are difficult to make, expensive, and the migration could be painful. On the plus side, the industry is developing new etch, patterning and other technologies to help pave the way towards these nodes.
Texas Instruments beats revenue estimate 1/24/2020
Revenue fell 10% to $3.35 billion, beating the average analyst estimate of $3.22 billion.
Huawei stockpiles telecoms components 1/24/2020
Currently companies need to get an export licence if their products have 25% or more US content. It is reported that this rule could be tightened to 10% or 0%.
The European Green Deal might initiate a new computer architecture 1/24/2020
Euro ‘Green Deal’ will demand significant new computing architectures and approaches to software to work towards its mission to make Europe the world’s first climate neutral continent by 2050.
En masse by SpaceX doubles up as defensive satellite killer 1/23/2020
SpaceX claims an important feature of these satellites is a propulsion system that, can be used to move the system out of the path of other orbital systems, like the International Space Station, to avoid catastrophic collisions. It also allows operators to take malfunctioning satellites out of orbit and safely guide them back to earth.
Everspin Technologies works with Xilinx to integrate SST-MRAM into applications 1/23/2020
Xilinx has been supporting Everspin’s STT-MRAM for two generations and enables the 1Gb STT-MRAM solution using its DDR4 controller in the Xilinx Vivado development environment.
ASML Q4 business up 43% 1/23/2020
Earlier on Wednesday ASML reported fourth quarter net profit of 1.13 billion euros ($1.25 billion), up 43% from the same period of 2018 as sales rose 29% to 4.04 billion euros.
Intel Board elected new chairman 1/23/2020
Andy Bryant stepped down as chairman and the board elected lead independent director Dr. Omar Ishrak to succeed Bryant as an independent chairman, effective immediately.
Yangtze Memory Technology continue to build China's memory ecosystem 1/22/2020
YMTC's ecosystem partners include Marvell, China's Longsys Electronics, Goke Microelectronics, Maxio Technology and Unionmemory Information System, and Taiwan-based Adata Technology, Phison Electronics and Silicon Motion Technology.
Volkswagen to build electric car research in Knoxville 1/22/2020
“This hub, along with other research institutions here, is an integral part of Volkswagen’s global research and development efforts and can also directly contribute to vehicles in North America.”
Extradition hearing for Huawei executive begins in Vancouver 1/22/2020
"Our government has been clear. We are a rule of law country and we honor our extradition treaty commitments," Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said at a Cabinet retreat in Manitoba. “It is what we need to do and what we will do.”
Raytheon sells Collins Division to satisfy antitrust regulators 1/22/2020
The sale, officials said, is needed for the Raytheon-UTC deal to clear antitrust regulators.The BAE agreement is subject to its own approval from regulators, as well as the closure of the Raytheon-UTC merger.
Tesla capital stock value is at Ford and GM combined 1/21/2020
Tesla capital stock is at $90 billion. This compares to $36 billion for Ford and $51 billion for GM.
Microsoft to setup $1 billion climate innovation fund 1/21/2020
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced a new $1 billion Climate Innovation Fund “to accelerate the development of carbon reductions and renewable technologies.”
Memory module vendors are replenishing inventory 1/21/2020
Memory module manufacturers have seen their order visibility stretched this year, and are positive about their product ASPs that are likely to be 20-30% higher than their 2019 average,
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