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Micron to invest $100 million in AI startup 10/12/2018
Company believes it can ultimately sell more memory chips by expanding its involvement in artificial intelligence because the field deals with huge amounts of data that need to be stored on its products.
23 foreign Tech companies signed up to invest in Taiwan 10/11/2018
Taiwan has been running an industrial innovation program focusing on its Asia Silicon Valley Development plan, smart machinery, green energy, biotechnology, medical care, national defense, agriculture and circular economy since 2016.
DRAMeXchange see memory price decline in 4th quarter 10/11/2018
DRAMeXchange expects NAND ASPs to decline by 10% to 15% in the fourth quarter. DRAM rose only 1% to 2% in the third quarter and are forecast to decline by 5% or more in the fourth quarter.
U.S. wholesale prices rose a mild 0.2 percent last month 10/11/2018
Held down by lower food and energy costs, suggesting that inflation remains in check despite the economy's robust growth.
Google appeals EU court verdict 10/11/2018
The EU's executive Commission issued the fine in July after it found Google forced smartphone makers using Android to install the company's search and browser apps. The company also paid big phone makers to exclusively pre-install the Google Search app.
TSMC third-quarter revenues up 11.6% 10/10/2018
Market watchers have credited TSMC's better-than-expected revenues in the third quarter to a continued depreciation of the NT dollar, rather than robust chip orders.
Taiwan-based server motherboard makers to be pressured to leave China 10/10/2018
Clients are likely to want them to speed up the relocation following a recent Bloomberg report that claimed China implanted spy chips on Supermicro's server boards made in the country.
Intel unveils 9th Gen processor touted as "best gaming processor in the world" 10/10/2018
The 9th Gen K-Series chips, including the Intel Core i9 9900K, will run at 5 gigahertz when overclocked from the base speed of 3.6 gigahertz. The company tested the processor against the competition (Advanced Micro Devices’ Threadripper processors) and can claim, “The results are absolutely clear. It’s the best gaming processor in the world, period.”
Discovery of spy chips will lead to tighter chip validations 10/10/2018
Analysts said the impact of the reported spying will be substantial. “There’s going to be structural changes in how hardware gets validated, tested and approved across the supply chain
Macquarie Research thinks that Tesla is on the road to profit 10/9/2018
"Tesla appears on track for production targets & should be able to achieve profitability" in the second half of this year,"
Global foundry industry output to reach US$81.94 billion in 2023 10/9/2018
TSMC and other major pure-play foundries will continue expanding fab capacities through 2023, when the top-4 vendors will see their combined capacities reach 67,078,000 8-inch equivalent wafers annually representing a CAGR of 6.8% in the five-year forecast period.
Phone manufacturers are pressing Taiwan chip makers to lower prices 10/9/2018
Many Taiwan-based IC design houses have come under pressure to lower chip prices for their smartphone clients - mainly China-based ones - and have to find ways to cut manufacturing costs to maximize their profitability from the lower quotes.
Rumor of Chinese spies planted chips in servers forced companies to examine their supply chain 10/9/2018
“There’s going to be structural changes in how hardware gets validated, tested and approved across the supply chain following this. We’ve lost the trust factor -- and where something is made will get scrutinized until steps are taken to get that trust factor back."
Taiwan-based IC designers seen increased chip orders for Android smartphones 10/8/2018
Taiwan IC designers have seen their shipments to the China vendors rise significantly. Among them, MediaTek's AI-enabled Helio P60 chipset has seen increasing penetration in smartphone models sold in China.
Samsung still reaping record profit from memory bloom 10/8/2018
But sharp price slides for some types of chips have brought an end to a two-year super cycle of tight supply and soaring demand, and analysts expect the July-September quarter will mark a peak in earnings for the South Korean tech giant.
Companies deny report that hacker's microchips are embedded into servers 10/8/2018
ources told Bloomberg that the chips — about the size of a grain of rice and not part of the servers' original design — were inserted at factories run by manufacturing subcontractors in China. The attacks were made on servers sold by Supermicro, according to the report.
TSMC projected to tape out 5nm by April 2019 10/8/2018
TSMC taped out its first chip in a process making limited use of extreme ultraviolet lithography and will start risk production in April on a 5-nm node with full EUV.
U.S. jobless rate dropped to 3.7 percent — lowest since 1969 10/5/2018
Average hourly earnings up 2.8 percent from a year earlier. The economy has now added jobs for nearly 8 straight years.
Xilinx offers AI accelerator card 10/5/2018
According to the company, customers can expect breakthrough performance improvement at low latency when running key data centre applications like real-time machine learning inference as well as video processing, genomics, and data analytics, among others.
TSMC ramps 7nm with EUV layers 10/5/2018
TSMC announced that it taped out a customer chip in an N7+ node that can use EUV on up to four layers. EUV aims to lower costs by reducing the number of masks required for leading-edge designs.
New flash production line at SK Hynix 10/5/2018
The company said the new M15 line in Cheongju, covers some 60,000 square meters and will play a key role in bolstering the competitiveness of South Korea's chip industry as a whole.
Updated memories configurations spec. now available on JEDEC.org 10/4/2018
JESD21-C, JEDEC Configurations for Solid State Memories, is a compilation of some 3000 pages of all memory device standards for solid state memory including DIMM, DRAM, SDRAM, MCP, PROM, and others from September 1989 to present.
Winbond breaks ground for it new memory fab. 10/4/2018
“The investment is the largest scale in the history of the park in Kaohsiung’s Lujhu District, surpassing all capital that has been invested over the past 15 years,”
Stalled trade growth affects economy at Eurozone 10/4/2018
Slowdown is set to continue into the fourth quarter as "recent months have seen a clear loss of momentum in terms of both output and new order gains."
North Korea steals from banks globally 10/4/2018
North Korean group has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars by infiltrating the computer systems of banks around the world since 2014 through highly sophisticated and destructive attacks that have spanned at least 11 countries.
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