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Researchers in India found ways to reduce Alzheimer memory lost 5/26/2020
The IIT Guwahati team reports interesting methods such as application of low-voltage electric field, and the use of ‘trojan peptides’ to arrest aggregation of neurotoxic molecules in the brain.
Democratic Party senators want to know what Trump has promised TSMC 5/26/2020
Senators requested the two Trump administration cabinet members to “cease any such negotiations or discussions” until the relevant authorization and appropriations committees have been briefed on plans, including any commitments the two departments have made to funding, tax breaks, licenses, or other incentives.
China to fall short of the semiconductor self-sufficiency goal by 2025 5/25/2020
While Beijing’s goal is to reach 70 per cent self-sufficiency by 2025, China is only likely to reach one-third of that target.
Tech companies are comfortable with "work-at-home" 5/25/2020
Tech companies are studying what their highly-paid, highly-valued employees want, using their own technology to make remote work easier and looking to hire new workers outside of big city hubs. It's a potentially huge turnaround after years in which companies like Amazon and Google chased scarce tech talent by opening or expanding offices in hip urban locations such as San Francisco and New York.
Panasonic in talk with Tesla to expand battery factory 5/25/2020
Panasonic CFO Hirokazu told reporters that the company is “seeing strong demand from Tesla” and that the factory’s current capacity of 35 gigawatt-hours per year was insufficient to meet it.
Unemployment claim hit 39 million since pandemic 5/22/2020
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the unemployment rate could peak in May or June at 20% to 25% — a level unseen since the depths of the Great Depression in the 1930s.
42-mile section of wall awarded to North Dakota construction company 5/22/2020
The Trump administration says it has already built 187 miles of wall. Some of it is new, but most is replacing old, much shorter barriers that officials say were not sufficient.
Virgin Orbit to launch payload into space from a Boeing 747 5/22/2020
Release of the LauncherOne rocket would occur near San Nicolas Island, part of the Channel Islands off the California coast.
GM's EV battery to last a million miles 5/22/2020
Current EV batteries last, at most, 200,000 miles. Some lifespans are more like half of that. GM has announced that it is making major strides and is “almost there” in developing a battery that will last a million miles.
Latest release of GPU and game consoles to drive up DRAM demand 5/21/2020
New releases are expected to create a wave of demand for Graphics DRAM, in turn propping up its prices relative to other DRAM applications.
Microsoft brags about contribution to the Digital Devine during pandemic 5/21/2020
"I'm proud of how all of you have raised the game and been there when the world needed you the most," Nadella said. "Already, we've seen something like two years' worth of digital transformation in just two months."
Samsung must keep up with TSMC to consider production expandsions in the U.S. 5/21/2020
NH Investment & Securities in a report projected the world’s largest memory chip maker would have to boost investment in the U.S. to achieve its goal to become the biggest producer of system chips by 2030.
Rolls-Royce cut jet engine related jobs 5/21/2020
Most of the cuts will take place in the civil aerospace business, where two-thirds of U.K. employees work. Negotiations are set to begin with unions.
China's Big Fund puts bet on its home grown SMIC 5/20/2020
has secured an investment worth $2.2 billion dollars from Chinese state investors, the company announced on Friday. The funding was revealed on the same day that the United States announced new restrictions on Chinese tech company Huawei Technologies that would further impact its ability to source chips made with American technology.
TSMC's plan to build Arizona fab can change the landscape of semiconductor industry 5/20/2020
The announcement by the world's top foundry chipmaker could suggest a potential change to the global chipmaking supply chain now located mainly in Asia.
Walmart online sales ups 74% thanks to pandamic 5/20/2020
Online sales in the U.S. jumped 74%, fueled by a rush on canned foods, paper towels and other crucial supplies needed as people sheltered in place. Same-store sales rose 10% at U.S. Walmart stores on strong sales of food, health and wellness goods.
Man pleaded guilty on illigal export of drone technology to Iran 5/20/2020
Prosecutors said the brothers acquired sophisticated technology for drones from 2009 to 2013 and illegally exported them to Hezbollah, which the U.S. considers a terrorist organization.
Jack Ma steps down from SoftBank's board 5/19/2020
Tokyo-based SoftBank announced Ma's resignation Monday, ahead of releasing financial results. It did not say why he was leaving. Ma, co-founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, has been focusing on philanthropy lately, such as donating masks and test kits to help in the efforts against the new coronavirus pandemic.
European countries plan to reopen borders widely 5/19/2020
New infections and deaths have slowed considerably in Europe, where some countries started easing lockdowns a month ago. Many nations are preparing to open their borders next month, trying to sketch out the rules for a highly unusual summer tourist season.
Latest sanctions on Huawei include cut off from TSMC 5/19/2020
Huawei has few alternatives if Washington refuses to allow its suppliers to use U.S. technology. The company has developed some of its own chips but even the biggest non-U.S. manufacturers such as Taiwanese giant TSMC need American components or production equipment.
Tesla narrows down to two Southern cities to build their new plant 5/19/2020
The new factory will be Tesla's biggest so far. The electric car maker has said it wants the factory to be in the center of the country and closer to East Coast markets.
There will be a lot of virus vaccine tested this Summer 5/18/2020
At least four or five possible vaccines “look pretty promising” and one or two will be ready to begin large-scale testing by July with others to follow soon, NIH Director Francis Collins told The Associated Press.
Trump promotes : "Supply Chains out of China" 5/18/2020
President Donald Trump says the coronavirus pandemic highlights the importance of U.S. manufacturing and moving supply chains out of China, a rival he blames for not doing enough to slow the spread.
China silence Australia's coronavirus criticism wih trade sanctions 5/18/2020
Beijing has blocked some imports of Australian beef after Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s government, endorsed by Washington, called for a robust inquiry into the origins of the outbreak and rebuffed Chinese demands to back off.
U.S. industrial production shrinked by 11.2% 5/18/2020
Industry was running at 64.9% of capacity last month, shattering the previous record low set in the Great Recession year 2009. Factory capacity utilization also hit a record low 61.1%.
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