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Fingerprint-on-display (FoD)gets more popular on handsets 5/15/2020
Global shipments of fingerprint-on-display (FoD) sensors expanded by nearly a factor of eight in 2019 as these devices increasingly replace conventional silicon-based capacitive chips in smartphones.
India PC shipment declined by 17% 5/15/2020
This decline was registered across all product categories and can be attributed largely to the supply issues faced by the vendors due to COVID-19, which impacted the manufacturing and logistics arms of vendors in China.
Global semiconductor industry is set to invest in more capacity 5/15/2020
Intel, TSMC and Samsung are investing aggressively in production facilities this year, despite concerns that demand for semiconductors might fall due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Huawei/ZTE ban extended for a year 5/15/2020
The order invoked the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, which gives the president the authority to regulate commerce in response to a national emergency that threatens the United States. U.S. lawmakers said Trump’s 2019 order was aimed squarely at Chinese companies like Huawei Technologies Co and ZTE Corp.
DRAM market has changed from falling prices and rising shipment to rising prices and falling shipment. 5/14/2020
DRAM suppliers were able to successfully reduce their inventories in 1Q20, with significantly lower inventory levels at the end of 1Q20 compared to the beginning of the year. Hence, suppliers are no longer under imminent pressure to slash prices, and overall DRAM ASP rose by about 0-5% QoQ
Intel Capital to invest in couple of Chinese startups 5/14/2020
Intel Capital has consistently invested in Chinese startups along with small chip companies from around the world. In 2019 and 2018 it announced investments in two Chinese chip startups.
TSMC earmarks $5.7 billion for advanced note development 5/14/2020
TSMC reiterated its capex target this year of a record US$15-16 billion, of which as high as 80% will be used for the development of the foundry's advanced process nodes including 7nm, 5nm and 3nm.
Mexico to reopen essential industries 5/14/2020
Mexico’s top advisory body on the coronavirus pandemic said Tuesday it has issued guidelines that would allow for the re-opening of construction, mining, and car and truck manufacturing.
Month-to-month consumer price index fell 5/13/2020
The widespread business shutdowns, reduced travel and shrunken consumer spending that the virus has caused have likely sent the U.S. economy into a severe recession. The resulting drop in economic activity is exerting a powerful downward force on prices throughout the economy.
China's SMIC to sell new stocks to raise $3 billion expansion capital 5/13/2020
SMIC said 40 percent of the money raised will be used for its “12-Inch SN1 Project”; 20 percent for R&D on advanced and mature technology; and the rest for the replenishment of working capital.
Taiwan TSMC talks about building new fab in the U.S. 5/13/2020
TSMC said the company continues to evaluate any possibility of building a plant outside Taiwan, and the U.S. is just one of the options.
Imagination moves to form JV with China's BAIC Capital on automotive semiconductors 5/13/2020
The JV aims to lead the new development of the automotive manufacturing and automotive chip industry. It will work with other automotive chip companies in the industry to support the innovations in intelligent connected vehicle for Chinese customers with a new model.
Qualcomm has introduced Snapdragon 768G 5G chip 5/12/2020
It has improved GPU performance and 20% higher CPU power than the previous model. There are also rumors that the upcoming Google Pixel 5 may be the first one to get this highly-powered processor.
Huawei put its 14nm Kirin chip into production through SMIC 5/12/2020
Almost every employee at SMIC Shanghai had received an Honor Play 4T smartphone on Sunday, with "Powered by SMIC FinFET" printed on the back. The phones showcases the commercialization of 14-nm FinFET chips made by SMIC.
China’s direct investment in the United States dropped to the lowest 5/12/2020
A report out Monday from the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations and the Rhodium Group consultancy found that China’s direct investment in the U.S. dropped from $5.4 billion in 2018 to $5 billion last year, the lowest level since the recession year of 2009.
Intel is talking to Trump about building a new semiconductor plant on shore 5/12/2020
A spokesman for Intel, the biggest American chip maker, said Sunday that the company is in discussions with the Defense Department about improving domestic technology sources. Spokesman William Moss said Santa Clara, California-based Intel is well-positioned to work with the government “to operate a U.S.-owned commercial foundry.”
Phison to support Yangtze Memory's 3D NAND with controller 5/11/2020
Phison said its partnership with YMTC will start from consumer storage applications, which will then be extended to include high-end device applications including industrial embedded storage and enterprise servers.
Macronix to ship 3D NAND this year 5/11/2020
Macronix' 3D NAND flash memory will be targeted at niche-market applications in the short term to avoid direct competition with international memory vendors.
U.S. and Chinese trade negotiators promised to be fair on trade negotiations 5/11/2020
The chief Chinese envoy, Vice Premier Liu He, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin promised to “create a favorable atmosphere and conditions” for implementing the “phase one” agreement signed in January.
3M to produce 95 million N95 mask per month 5/11/2020
3M has invested over $80 million in ramping up N95 respirator production since the outbreak began in January. Those investments and actions, along with these contracts, will enable the company to nearly double its current capacity again to 2 billion respirators globally by the end of the year.
Huawei's HiSilicon design arm now joins 10 ranks for silicon chip design 5/8/2020
HiSilicon jumped up five spots in the ranking to 10th place with sales surging 54% on year in the first quarter of 2020, IC Insights indicated. HiSilicon is the semiconductor design division of Huawei, with over 90% of its sales going to the parent company.
33 million in the U.S. has sought unemployment help 5/8/2020
Roughly 33.5 million people have now filed for jobless aid in the seven weeks since the coronavirus began forcing millions of companies to close their doors and slash their workforces. That is the equivalent of one in five Americans who had been employed back in February, when the unemployment rate had reached a 50-year low of just 3.5%.
LG chemical leak at India plant killed 11 5/8/2020
The synthetic chemical styrene leaked from the LG Polymers plant in a city on India's eastern coast while workers were preparing to restart the facility after a coronavirus lockdown was eased, state official Vinay Chand said. A fire that broke out before the gas leak was extinguished, and police said the gas leak was later halted and the air had cleared.
Elon Musk awarded $730 million Tesla stock options 5/8/2020
The electric car maker ended Wednesday with an average market value of $100.4 billion for the past six months, according to data drawn from FactSet Research. That was the final hurdle that Tesla needed to clear for Musk to receive nearly 1.69 million stock options priced at $350.02. Tesla's stock closed at $782.58 Wednesday, translating into a pre-tax gain of about $730 million.
China plans to complete space station by 2022 5/7/2020
China earlier launched an experimental space station that later crashed back through the atmosphere, and plans to build a larger facility with multiple modules to rival the scale of the International Space Station.
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