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MIT builds robot to disinfect warehouse in 30 minutes 7/27/2020
With COVID-19 still disrupting supply chains around the world, the need for warehouse sanitation has arguably never been higher. The folks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are tackling this demand, and have come up with a robot that can reportedly do the job.
Southwest Airlines to use thermal cameras for spotting people with fevers 7/24/2020
The airline’s vice president of safety and security, said the test “could be an important, additional layer of precaution that Southwest can offer customers,” which he said is especially important during the virus pandemic.
Tesla's Austin factory to be 4 million sq. ft. and 5200 employees 7/24/2020
The new factory will build Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck pickup and will be a second U.S. manufacturing site for the Model Y small SUV, largely for distribution to the East Coast.
Tesla post a surprising $104 million profit regardless of shut down 7/24/2020
Local government restrictions forced Tesla to close its only U.S. assembly factory in Fremont, California, from March 23 to May 11. Even with no production, the company paid roughly 10,000 workers for part of the shutdown and Tesla continued health care and other benefits.
Company caught in illegal export of semiconductor processing chemicals to Chinese military 7/24/2020
According to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Rhode Island, Jiang and engineer Bohr Winn-Shih, tried to order HiPR 6517 Photoresist and HPRD 441 Developer, chemicals essential in chip manufacturing, and ship it to a Chinese company currently prohibited from receiving U.S.-made goods.
Chinese hackers stole hundreds of millions of dollars of trade secrets from across the world 7/23/2020
Hackers researched vulnerabilities in the computer networks of biotech firms and diagnostic companies that were developing vaccines and testing kits and researching antiviral drugs.
Bloom and bust at North Dakota refinery 7/23/2020
Meridian Energy Group first proposed the refinery just 3 miles (5 kilometers) from the park in 2016, with the goal of having it operating by next year. However, the project has been beset by funding and legal setbacks. Last year, CEO William Prentice told The Associated Press that the company had delayed the refinery's startup until 2022.
Man jailed for exporting drone technology to foreign terrorist organization 7/23/2020
In May 2020, the 55-year-old pleaded guilty to conspiring to export inertial measurement units, digital compasses, piston engines, recording binoculars and a jet engine without proper licenses.
Apple is suggesting its supply chain partners to get out of China 7/23/2020
Apparently, the folks from Cupertino are making ‘suggestions’ to a number of iPhone supply chain partners that investigating sourcing and production options outside of the People’s Republic of China might not be a bad idea.
15 states agreed on transition to zero emission on heavy trucks 7/22/2020
The 15 states, plus Washington, D.C., announced last week that they’ve agreed to develop an action plan aimed at having 100% of all new medium- and heavy-duty vehicles sold be zero-emission by 2050.
U.S. to impose sanctions on China on human right mistreatment of China's Muslims 7/22/2020
U.S. government imposed trade sanctions on 11 companies it says are implicated in human rights abuses in China’s Muslim northwestern region of Xinjiang.
China flooding causes delay in medical supply shipments 7/22/2020
The reported noted that China typically sees Yangtze River flooding each summer, but this year’s has exacerbated supply chain issues for various products, including PPE, and that the timing could be a considerable setback for U.S. firms and health care operations
Covid push the tendency for automations 7/22/2020
Seamless integration with ordering and social distancing in the workplace are driving the need for increased automation and the related efficiencies.
Samsung Foundry experience low yields on its 5nm process 7/21/2020
It had not been thought that Samsung would be in volume production on 5nm until the end of this year and Qualcomm’s latest mobile chip-sets Snapdragon 875G and the Snapdragon 735G chipsets aren’t due on the market till 2021.
TSMC denies rumors of setting fab in Japan 7/21/2020
Japan is planning to invite Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) to jointly build an advanced chip manufacturing plant, however, TSMC said Monday (July 20) that no plans are currently in place.
UAE successfully sent its space probe towards Mars 7/21/2020
Amal blasted off from the Tanegashima Space Center aboard a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ H-IIA rocket on time at 6:58 a.m. (2158 GMT Sunday) after being delayed five days by bad weather.
GM CEO anticipates economy to recover by early 2021 7/21/2020
A: We are seeing a recovery. We think it’s going to be a relatively short-lived recession. But we have a long way to go because we went to a pretty low base. The new outbreaks do pose potential setbacks, but we’re hopeful that the U.S. economy will be back to 90% of pre-pandemic levels early next year. There’s a lot of uncertainty.
STMicroelectronics to make 2 new technology acquisitions 7/20/2020
STMicroelectronics has signed two agreements in which it has acquired Ultra Wide Band specialist BeSpoon and of the cellular IoT connectivity assets of Riot Micro.
Boeing received contract to build F-15EX Jet to carry 22 feet long 7,000 pounds weapons 7/20/2020
The U.S. Air Force has awarded Boeing a nearly $1.2 billion contract to build the first lot of eight F-15EX advanced fighter jets to help the service meet its capacity requirements and add capability to its fighter fleet.
Russian hackers been trying hard to steal vaccine formula 7/20/2020
It was unclear whether any useful information was stolen. But British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said, “It is completely unacceptable that the Russian Intelligence Services are targeting those working to combat the coronavirus pandemic.”
3M filed 18 law suit on N95 mask infringements 7/20/2020
“The schemes we shut down were not only unlawful, they also endangered lives and wasted precious time and resources by diverting buyers from legitimate sources of much-needed respirators. We will continue to partner with law enforcement and online retailers to take action against profiteers.”
China became the first to resume grow since the start of the pandemic 7/17/2020
Growth reported Thursday for the three months ending in June was a dramatic improvement over the previous quarter’s 6.8% contraction —China’s worst performance since at least the mid-1960s.
Trump administration threaten visa ban for Huawei employees 7/17/2020
It is not clear how many Huawei employees would be affected. Huawei says on its website that it has more than 194,000 employees in more than 170 countries and regions.
Tulsa, Oklahoma continue to pitch for the Tesla Gigafactory 7/17/2020
Musk and other employees flew into town in early July to check out potential sites and meet with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.
Fiat Chrysler be merged with French PSA Group and named STELLANTIS 7/17/2020
What’s now the fourth largest auto company in the world sounds like it’s named after your cholesterol medication.
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