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Toshiba unveils high-performance 150V U-MOS X-H MOSFET 3/31/2023
With a maximum VDSS rating of 150V and current handling (ID) of 64A, the new device comes with a very low drain-source On-resistance (RDS(ON)) of just 9.0mO (max). This is a reduction of more than 40% versus previous generation product
TSMC chairman called on the island to produce more of the equipment essential to advanced chipmaking 3/31/2023
US sanctions are curtailing the flow of vital technology to China and Taiwan could play a bigger role in supplying the machines needed to make chips worldwide,
Samsung Electronics said to consider production cut on weak chip demand 3/31/2023
Samsung Electronics, set to report its earnings for the first quarter next month, is considering future approaches to memory chip production, including an artificial cut, a measure already taken by Micron Technology Inc. and SK Hynix Inc., according to multiple industry sources.
Infineon and Delta Electronics Extend Partnership to Electromobility 3/31/2023
Infineon and Delta Electronics are expanding their long-term cooperation from industrial to automotive applications.
Share risses in Infineon (IFXGn.DE) 3/30/2023
Shares in Infineon (IFXGn.DE) rose on Wednesday after the German chipmaker raised its outlook for both its financial second quarter and the whole of 2023, citing resilience in its automotive and industrials divisions.
Shipments of large-area display to increase by 0.8% n unit and 3.5% YoY in area 3/30/2023
Large area display shipments decreased by 8.2% YoY in unit and 3.1% YoY in area in 2022. The global recession and the Russia-Ukraine war in Europe have resulted in frozen large area display demands from early 2022. As a result, industry peers have suffered from high pipeline inventories.
The Transformation to a Smarter Factory 3/30/2023
Besides software technology and infrastructure, suitable hardware with enough performance is the key to a smarter factory.
Nvidia has built a software library for the acceleration of computational lithography workloads 3/30/2023
CuLitho can improve yield, thereby reducing cost per chip.
300mm fab capacity to reach 9.6 million wpm in 2026 3/29/2023
“the foundry, memory and power sectors will be major drivers of the new record capacity increase expected in 2026.”
Macroblock Inc. and ITRI have built a “Smart Drone Station” to demonstrate a remote-operated drone cockpit 3/29/2023
The aerial operation station has been attracting international visitors’ eyeballs, as Macroblock and ITRI demonstrate a more intelligent and safer operation station for drone applications at the booth.
Powering the Warehouse of the Future 3/29/2023
The logistics industry is using a vast range of new technologies to improve its service and ability to respond quickly to customer demands.
Software will be the backbone to the charging infrastructure 3/29/2023
As we look to a future of batteries everywhere (in your car, in your home, in the grid), software is the only tool that will manage the optimal flow of energy between these nodes. It will manage the batteries in fleets of EVs and commercial trucks. Software will ensure that your vehicle battery will not degrade abnormally if you use it to power your home (what is known as vehicle-to-grid). It will also guarantee that your battery warranty will be good for many years, on and off the road.
Intel'snext-g, to offer massive improvements in terms of memory bandwidth 3/28/2023

input/output capabilities. That's according to a slide published by well-known hardware leaker YuuKi_AnS. But increased performance and throughput will come at a price: next-generation Xeon processors will have a thermal design power of up to 500W.

Qualcomm is accelerating the movement of its supply out of China in favor of Taiwan 3/28/2023
In response to the increased geopolitical risks incurred by the U.S.-China chip war, mobile phone chip manufacturer Qualcomm has accelerated the transfer of chip production supply chains out of China.
YMTC exec: Smartphones, serves help lift NAND flash memory demand 3/28/2023
NAND Flash is a type of non-volatile storage technology that retains data even without power, which has made it ideal for many electronics devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and solid-state drives.
Oregon to turn farms into Fabs 3/28/2023
“I hope that science and consideration of our land resources are considered when this bill is voted on,” Anderson told the Legislature’s joint committee on semiconductors on March 13
Taiwan must cultivate talent in its IC industry 3/27/2023
heT government aims to build Taiwan into an international IC design center by 2035 through interministerial cooperation, he added.
Investors Rescue AI Chip Startup Mythic 3/27/2023
Former VP of engineering at Mythic, has announced a $13 million investment from existing and new investors. Co-founder Dave Fick has moved into the CEO position; he was previously CTO. Former CEO Mike Henry has left the business, the company told the press today.
Renesas to Acquire Panthronics 3/27/2023
The acquisition will extend Renesas' reach into high-demand NFC applications in IoT, asset tracking, wireless charging, and automotive applications.
Solomon Systech offers PM-MicroLED Display Driver 3/27/2023
MicroLED offers all the advantages of traditional displays but features longer lifetime, better durability, higher efficiency and brightness.
Global fab equipment spending for front-end facilities is expected to rebound in 2024 3/24/2023
Global fab equipment spending for front-end facilities is expected to decrease 22% year-over-year (YoY) to $76 billion in 2023 from a record high of $98 billion in 2022 before rising by 21% YoY to $92 billion in 2024 to reclaim lost ground,
Intel continue persue to acquire Tower Semiconductor 3/24/2023
Intel remains optimistic that it will take over Tower by end of June.
SoftBank is seeking to raise prices on Arm IPO 3/24/2023
Arm intends to alter its royalty program, ceasing to charge chipmakers royalties for using its designs based on a chip's value, and instead charge device makers based on the value of the device,
Toshiba accepts JIP's $15 billion buyout bid 3/24/2023
Toshiba's board gave the go-ahead to accept a buyout bid of $15.3 billion from an investing consortium headed by the Japan Industrial Partners fund, which includes Rohm, Orix, Chubu Electric Power and several Japanese banks. The group plans to relist the company, according to sources report.
Qualcomm is accelerating the movement of its supply out of China in favor of Taiwan 3/23/2023
Orders that had previously been entrusted to Chinese wafer foundries or packaging and testing factories are steadily being transferred to firms in Taiwan.
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