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Legal tiff between GlobalFoundries and TSMC does not benefit the industry 8/29/2019
“The big impact will be if GF gets an injunction that stops customer imports into the EU and U.S.,” VLSI Research CEO Dan Hutcheson told EE Times. “This alone would prevent the industry’s recovery in 2020.”
GlobalFoundries sued TSMC for patent infringement 8/28/2019
The complaints alleged that chip manufacturing technologies used by TSMC infringed GlobalFoundries’ 16 patents, and sought to prevent imports of customers’ products containing chips produced with the infringing technologies.
Privately funded Chinese space company launched first rocket into orbit 8/28/2019
With a launch price tag of about $5 million—compared to the $25 million to $30 million needed for a launch on a Northrop Grumman small rocket—iSpace is poised to make significant noise in the growing private sector market.
NXP and Volkswagen utilize ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to combat Relay Car Theft 8/28/2019
The ability to precisely determine spatial information with extremely high accuracy down to just a few centimeters and with low latency makes UWB, or fine ranging technology, ideal for security and especially keyless access systems.
Chinese are engaging in RISC-V to replace ARM processor 8/28/2019
Chinese electronics companies sharpened their collective focus on open-source RISC-V months ago, when President Donald Trump started placing export controls on western technology, including Arm intellectual property (IP). RISC-V is an open source technology, however, and not subject to similar restrictions; it represents a readily accessible alternative for Chinese manufacturers to control their own technological destiny.
Xilinx offers 16nm Virtex UltraScale FPGA 8/27/2019
Xilinx said the VU19P features nine million system logic cells, up to 1.5 terabits per-second of DDR4 memory bandwidth and up to 4.5 terabits per-second of transceiver bandwidth, and over 2,000 user I/Os.
Digitimes Research see foundry market growth in the second half 8/27/2019
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) and Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS) together generated total revenues of US$9.13 billion in the second quarter, up 8.9% on quarter but down 2.5% on year.
Qualcomm was granted a portion stay on the anittrust rulings 8/27/2019
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that portions of the earlier decision should be stayed because Qualcomm showed it had a reasonable chance of winning its appeal and that the decision risks irreparable harm to the company.
NIST drafted guideline for IoT security 8/27/2019
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released draft security feature recommendations for Internet of things (IoT) device manufacturers, to ensure customers deploying IoT devices can expect a minimal baseline of features to enable security within their connected devices.
Semiconductor production equipment billing grew slightly 8/26/2019
The billings figure is 0.4% higher than the revised June level of US$2.03 billion, but is 14.5% lower than the July 2018 billings level of US$2.38 billion.
CEO of HP Inc. resigned 8/26/2019
The company said Weisler, 52, is leaving the role to attend to a family health matter. Enrique Lores, a 30-year veteran with the company and currently president of HP’s imaging, printing and solutions business, will take over the CEO position on Nov. 1.
5G application chips drive emand on ABF substrates 8/26/2019
Taiwan-based IC substrates suppliers Unimicron and Na Ya PCB as well as Japan's Ibiden and Shinko are now the world's only four makers of high-end ABF substrates. As none of them are able to ready new capacity in the short term, their production lines have been running at full capacity to meet strong demand from clients queuing up to take delivery of shipments.
The Bluetooth 5 standard can lead to elimination of batteries on IoT devices 8/26/2019
Atmosic, with its RF CMOS design, focuses on a vision of low-power IoT applications that might not even have batteries, thereby avoiding problems related to battery life.
Carriers and regulators joint force to fight robocalls 8/23/2019
Under this agreement, the 12 carriers have agreed to implement call blocking technology, make better tools available to customers, and implement a new system to label incoming calls as real or spam. The agreement was reached with attorneys general from all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia.
Chinese company to roll out 5G chips on 7nm geometry 8/23/2019
Unisoc also plans to roll out its 5G SoC chip in early 2020, the sources continued. In order to step up its 5G chip market deployments, Unisoc has recently hired a number of senior staff from Huawei's HiSilicon to enhance its product development and marketing strategy aiming to be among the leading China-based chipmakers.
Korean government to invest $3.89 billion on "future technologies" 8/23/2019
"The government plans to spend a combined 1.7 trillion won on the nation's big data, AI and 5G network services next year. Another 3 trillion won will be invested in system semiconductors, bio-health and future car technology,"
Can the U.S. truly abandon Huawei ? 8/23/2019
“Each company is impacted differently based on their specific products and supply chains, and each company must evaluate how best to conduct its business and remain in compliance.”
ChipMOS expects orders for NAND flash memory to boost backend revenues 8/22/2019
The backend firm is expected to see revenues generated from orders for memory products outperform those from orders for display driver ICs in the third quarter, the sources said.
Recent memory landscape alters IC sales ranking 8/22/2019
While Samsung held the full-year number one ranking in 2017 and 2018, Intel is forecast to easily recapture the number one ranking for the full year of 2019, a position it previously held from 1993 through 2016. With the collapse of the DRAM and NAND flash markets over the past year, a complete switch has occurred.
AI opens the opportunity for new memories 8/22/2019
The AI landscape is a fertile ground for innovative memories with unique and improving characteristics and presents opportunities in both the datacenter and at the edge. New memory technologies can meet the demand for memory that will allow edge devices to perform DL tasks locally by both increasing the memory density and improving data access patterns, so that the need for transferring data to and from the cloud is minimized. The ability to perform perception tasks locally.
5G handsets arrive at the Chinese market 8/22/2019
After half a year of market downturn, major mobile phone manufacturers are looking forward to using 5G communication products to reactivate consumer enthusiasm. First-tier manufacturers including Huawei and Samsung Electronics will release 5G new mobile phones in August, and the entire consumer electronics industry chain is expected to enter the peak of stocking.
Micron offers 16Gb of low-power LPDDR4X for smartphones 8/21/2019
Micron LPDDR4X is available in a UFS-based multichip package (uMCP4) to address the needs of mobile device manufacturers seeking low power for extending battery life and smaller dimensions for designing devices with thin, attractive form factors. Micron has begun volume shipments of its LPDDR4X and uMCP4, leading the industry’s transition to 1z nanometer node.
AMD's upcoming 7nm graphics card to challenge Nvidia 8/21/2019
AMD's latest graphics cards have an edge in performance enabled by the advanced manufacturing process, the sources said.
IBM proposed a new interface to pack more memory into servers 8/21/2019
Open Memory Interface (OMI) will enable packing on a server more main memory at higher bandwidth than DDR, and as a potential Jedec standard could rival GenZ and Intel’s CLX. OMI basically removes the memory controller from the host, relying instead on a controller on a relatively small DIMM card.
Moore’s Law 'Impractical' for China 8/21/2019
This is a long and bumpy road with heavy investments, long cycles, mounting technology obstacles and demanding competitiveness in product markets. Most semiconductor enterprises in China are focusing on their survival and profit. It's impractical to force them in following the Moore’s Law [in pursuit of finer geometries] or try the IDM model for memory volume production.
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