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United Airlines to buy 200 helicopters to serve as air taxis to airports 2/12/2021
Archer’s aircraft are designed to fly under battery power for up to 60 miles (97 kilometers) at speeds of up to 150 mph (240 kph).
Shell Oil to reduce refinery capacity 2/12/2021
Shell said that as the company cuts production of traditional fuels it will reduce the number of refineries it operates to six from 13. The six remaining sites will produce both chemicals and energy, Shell said.
Lessons learned from the SolarWinds hack incident 2/11/2021
The SolarWinds hack was more than just one of the most devastating cyber attacks in history. It was a major breach of national security that revealed gaps in U.S. cyber defenses.
Virgin Orbit to launch satellites from the belly of a 747 for Polish company 2/11/2021
The agreement with SatRevolution of Wroclaw, Poland, comes less than a month after Virgin Orbit conducted the first successful flight of its air-launched LauncherOne rocket.
Boeing delivered 26 new planes — including 21 Max jets 2/11/2021
Most of the new 737 Max planes went to U.S. airlines. Boeing said Tuesday that Southwest took six Max jets, American and United got five each, and Alaska Airlines received two.
Hyundai/ Kia stock plummet on breakdown of talks with Apple 2/11/2021
Hyundai and partner company Kia recently took in the market after it was announced the automakers were no longer planning a deal with Apple to produce a much-buzzed-about Apple car or its components.
Nebraska government to help broadband development in rural areas 2/10/2021
The proposed grant program was pitched as an incentive for broadband providers to install service lines in rural areas where doing so isn't financially feasible because the populations are too small.
Makita U.S.A. acquires land for future development 2/10/2021
Makita U.S.A., Inc. is continuing its commitment to future growth in the US market with the purchase of 80 acres in Georgia. The land, located northeast of Atlanta in Hall County, is the target for planned future development to address continuing growth in the United States.
It doesn't look like that Biden will loosen sanctions on Huawei 2/10/2021
Huawei Technologies Ltd., China’s first global tech brand, is at the center of conflict with Washington over technology and security. American officials say the maker of network equipment and smartphones might facilitate Chinese spying.
President Biden has a plan to rebuild supply chain and U.S. manufacturing 2/10/2021
Citing officials familiar with the matter, the reports said that the order will focus on both government contractors and private industry in its efforts to secure US industrial supplies from competitors, including China.
U.S. senators met to address global chip shortage 2/9/2021
The senators, from key auto states like Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and South Carolina, in a letter to the White House warned the “shortage threatens our post-pandemic economic recovery.”
Softbank manage to make good profit amid pandemic 2/9/2021
Softbank Group Corp. reported Monday a whopping 1.17 trillion yen ($11 billion) profit for the October-December quarter as its investments rose in value. SoftBank's profits were far better than what analysts had expected, zooming up 21-fold from the 55 billion yen profit recorded the previous year.
Yellen predicts Biden's economic plan can restore full employment by 2022 2/9/2021
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Sunday the country was still in a “deep hole” with millions of lost jobs but that President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief plan could generate enough growth to restore full employment by next year.
3 robotic explorers to arrive Mars soon 2/9/2021
The United Arab Emirates’ orbiter reaches Mars on Tuesday, followed less than 24 hours later by China’s orbiter-rover combo. NASA’s rover, the cosmic caboose, will arrive on the scene a week later, on Feb. 18, to collect rocks for return to Earth.
U.S. trade deficit rose 17.7% last year to $679 billion 2/8/2021
As president, Trump sought to narrow the gap by imposing taxes on imported goods on a scale unseen since the trade wars of the 1930s. The deficit narrowed slightly in 2019 but then ballooned last year as coronavirus restrictions hammered U.S. exports of services such as tourism and education. Services exports dropped 20.4% last year.
Boeing to oursource IT work and eliminates 600 jobs 2/8/2021
Boeing Co. has said it will outsource a significant amount of information technology work to Dell starting in April, including support of cloud services, databases and information technology. The move is expected to eliminate 600 jobs.
Samsung continue to pursue $17 billion chip plant in Austin 2/8/2021
The plan calls for a 7 million-square-foot facility on a 640-acre site that Samsung already owns. To win the business, Samsung is asking the city and county for $805.5 million in tax abatements over 20 years.
Chip shortage cuts Ford F-150 production 2/8/2021
Starting Monday, Ford will cut two shifts at its Dearborn, Michigan, facility, going down to one shift per day. It is also cutting a shift at its Kansas City, Missouri, plant, going down to two shifts per day.
U.S. productivity dropped at a rate of 4.8% in the fourth quarter 2/5/2021
The decline was the biggest quarterly setback since a 5.1% rate of decline in the second quarter of 1981.
The nation's largest public utility to develop a statewide system of electric vehicle charging stations 2/5/2021
The TVA and the consortium Drive Electric Tennessee have a goal of 200,000 electric vehicles in Tennessee by 2028. That's an ambitious plan as current electric vehicle ownership in the state is about 11,000, according to the TVA.
Hintz Real Estate Development Co. sue Foxconn for breach of Wisconsin factory development 2/5/2021
Foxconn did not employ local workers in manufacturing and construction “to the extent agreed,” and failed to make capital investments in the county and village “to the extent agreed," the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Racine County Circuit Court said.
Daimler to be renamed Mercedes-Benz after spin off truck and bus operations 2/5/2021
CEO Ola Kallenius said the decision was made because the businesses of making luxury cars and heavy trucks and buses “have very different structures.” He said that two companies each focused on their core business would be more flexible and make decisions faster as they cope with technological change.
Volkswagen to buy automobile IC directly from manufacturers 2/4/2021
Automakers around the world are adjusting assembly lines due to the shortages, caused by manufacturing delays that some semiconductor makers blame on a faster-than expected recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.
SpaceX’s Starship rocket test ends in a fireball 2/4/2021
The full-scale stainless steel rocket reached its intended altitude of 6.2 miles (10 kilometers), slightly lower than the last one. Everything seemed to be going well as the 160-foot (50-meter) Starship flipped on its side and began its descent. But it did not manage to straighten itself back up in time for a landing and slammed into the ground.
Jeff Bezos announced stepdown from Amazon 2/4/2021
Bezos said he plans to focus on new products and early initiatives being developed at Amazon. And he said he'll have more time for side projects: his space exploration company Blue Origin; the newspaper he owns, The Washington Post; and his charities.
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