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Nvidia offer a reference design platform for GPU-accelerated Arm-based servers 11/22/2019
Nvidia has been casually experimenting with Arm processors for supercomputers for at least 8 years, but its full support had previously been reserved for the x86 and Power ecosystems. Last summer it vowed to fully support Arm with its CUDA-X software platform, and today’s announcement is delivering on that promise.
China might pursue vertical integration models to fast-track self-sufficiency in the electronics industry 11/22/2019
China’s flagship automaker BYD, for example, has begun developing components and technologies necessary for its electric vehicles. EVs need everything from batteries, inverters, power devices and silicon carbide to packaging and integration technologies. These key technologies go beyond semiconductors.
Qualcomm predicts global 5G smartphone shipment to reach 450 million in 2021 11/21/2019
Qualcomm said 5G adoption will be faster than 4G due to the timing of commercialization of the technology in China and availability of chipsets across different price tiers.
Cree and STMicroelectronics extend an existing multi-year silicon carbide (SiC) wafer supply 11/21/2019
The increased wafer supply enables the semiconductor leaders to address the rapidly growing demand for silicon carbide power devices globally, particularly in automotive and industrial applications.
Sony joins AI race, set up advanced research for projects 11/21/2019
Hiroaki Kitano, president and CEO, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc., will run Sony AI globally. The US site’s chief will be Peter Stone, professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin.
The continue growth of MEM sensors require software to enable 11/21/2019
Bosch Sensortec believes sensor software will become increasingly intelligent, turning MEMS sensors into more accurate and personalized systems that can help the user adapt to any situation.
U.S.has again extended the temporary general license to sell to Huawei 11/20/2019
"The Department will continue to rigorously monitor sensitive technology exports to ensure that our innovations are not harnessed by those who would threaten our national security," Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement Monday.
Is DRAM Industry out of growth and price recession ? 11/20/2019
The growth in shipments is likely to carry into the current quarter, as the world’s top three DRAM suppliers are expected to boost output to cope with rising demand for memory chips used in servers and mobile phones, TrendForce said.
Intel regains IC sales leadership from Samsung 11/20/2019
Intel is expected to be back on top of the semiconductor league table in 2019, regaining the crown it lost in 2017, predicts IC Insights, while Sony is expected to be the only top 15 company to grow year.
Security is vital to medical IoT devices 11/20/2019
Connected health devices can represent a new, more economical business model for the health care industry, with a strong — and positive — impact on health. With all these advantages, the devices are strongly at risk for hacker attacks such as compromises to information and customizations.
Q4 DRAM prices showed signs of stabalizing 11/19/2019
The Q4 DRAM contract ASP is undergoing a 5% QoQ decline while unit volumes have seen considerable QoQ growth, says DRAMeXchange. Inventory levels may mean that suppliers will no longer need to cut prices to encourage further sales leading to stable and recovering prices in 2020.
Startup Nuvia challenges Intel with new server core for dta center 11/19/2019
Nuvia plans to create a CPU server core and associated SoC that will provide a “step-function” in performance improvement over every other product in the category — all while working within current data center power constraints.
Advanced manufacturing requires new training for factory workforce 11/19/2019
Community colleges are particularly eager to reshape curricula to help fill those advanced manufacturing positions — and do it without driving students deep into debt.
Coming of AI has changed the way they teach software in universities 11/19/2019
New disciplines in computer science and electrical engineering such as deep learning, facial recognition, and advanced graphics processing, look easy to exploit for universities wishing to update their STEM curricula.
Micron offers 1TB microSD for video surveillance applications 11/18/2019
The new Micron i300 1TB microSD card is based on Micron's advanced 96-layer 3D quad-level cell (QLC) NAND technology, making it cheaper for small- to medium-sized deployments to have primary storage in the camera compared to a centralized storage architecture. The i300 microSD card enables users of video surveillance systems to capture and store more than three months of high-quality video footage on-device and at the edge.
Nvidia see Data Center business still growing 11/18/2019
Nvidia said it expects data center growth to come from a rise in conversational AI, the ability for computers to engage in human-like dialogue, and inference, the process of using an algorithm for tasks such as translating audio into text-based requests.
U.K. design engineers worry about losing their job to Brexit 11/18/2019
Brexit was the biggest challenge cited by 20% respondents. The UK’s potential exit from the European Union has a trove of implications for electronic design companies. Brexit may or may not happen. Several respondents were concerned about how UK and European companies would continue to do business in the event of the UK leaving the EU.
MediaTek is working with Amazon to create a home automation hub 11/18/2019
The two companies spoke about a future in which home TVs will be the hubs of systems unifying an array of electronics devices, including perhaps even errant robot sweepers.
Foxconn to transform into a technology service provider 11/15/2019
Foxconn Technology Group will step up transforming into a provider of technology services by deepening deployments in electric vehicle, smart heath care and robot industries while also strengthening development of core technologies including AI, semiconductor and 5G/6G mobile communications, according to its chairman Young Liu.
ASML predicts increased need for lithography systems 11/15/2019
ASML repeated a forecast that the company expects to ship 35 of its newest EUV lithography systems in 2020. He added the company would have capacity to ship 45-50 of them in 2021.
Wireless car keys migrating to ultra-wide band (UWB) for better connectivity 11/15/2019
Following on from its September launch of its UWB chipset for mobile devices, NXP has now introduced the counterpart UWB chip for the car, the NXP NCJ29D5. This means it now has a UWB solution for the key fob, smartphone and car, which the company said opens up the possibility for true handsfree smartphone access and remote parking, enabled by the precise distance management and localization capability of UWB technology.
A portable device you can DIY your ECG 11/15/2019
QT Medical, a startup based out of California, is tackling this very issue with their portable ECG device, PCA 500, which has been specifically designed for the ‘layman’ to use at home. By using a PCA 500, a patient can carry out their own ECG scan and then upload their results to an online platform for their doctor to then examine.
TSMC earmarks $6.6 billion for Advanced Process 11/14/2019
TSMC has approved capital appropriations of about US$6.62 billion for the construction of new fab facilities, installation of advanced technology capacity and upgrade of advanced packaging capacity, as well as installation of specialty technology capacity, and R&D capital investments and sustaining capital expenditures for first-quarter 2020.
At Global CEO Summit, Synopsys CEO proclaims "Trends will be transformative - for good or ill" 11/14/2019
It is no longer enough to simply keep up with this flood of data (largely by adding capacity), and it’s no longer enough to manage it (storing and processing it), the industry must exploit this torrent by synthesizing it and analyzing it, and then using the results to do things that were not possible before. In fact, it is beginning to do so.
TI dropped 6 major distributors in China 11/14/2019
The Dallas, Texas-based chip giant launched a bold initiative to do the company's business in China without relying on distributors. TI quietly made that announcement early October during China’s national holiday week.
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