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Toshiba Devices & Storage received award at AspenCore's World Electronics Achievement. 11/25/2022
US-based AspenCore is one of the world’s leading technology media groups. Every year, its highly regarded WEAA recognize companies and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to innovation and advancing the electronics industry.
Energy companies are finding new ways to support EVs charging 11/25/2022
The good news is the EV-charging ecosystem is smart, resilient and even bi-directional. Its many technological advances can better balance energy demand, reduce the investment that will be required in power generation and even help increase the use of renewables.
There are plenty of problems to solve in bringing an EV to the market 11/25/2022
Significant initiatives being taken by governments worldwide—such as incentives, tax rebates, and subsidies, to name a few—are expected to drive the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). This, in line with efforts to curb carbon emissions as part of the net zero goal.
United States and Europe could cut their dependence on China for electric vehicle batteries 11/24/2022
The United States and Europe could cut their dependence on China for electric vehicle batteries through more than $160 billion of new capital spending by 2030, the Financial Times reported on Monday, citing a Goldman Sachs forecast.
Chip market seen cooling down 11/24/2022
In the third quarter (3Q22) semiconductor revenue was $147 billion, down 7% from the previous quarter of $158 billion.
Silicon Labs President and CEO Matt Johnson elected Chair of the Board of SIA 11/24/2022
“Matt is a strong industry leader and a great champion for our priorities in Washington. Rich is a highly respected voice in our industry with many years of experience advocating for government policies that promote growth and innovation. Together, they will make a superb team as leaders of the SIA Board of Directors in 2023.”
Engineers are developing high-power PCBs to drive innovative power supply circuits 11/24/2022
Technological developments are now supporting many types of energy harvesting like biomass, piezotronics, pyroelectric, and RF energy, among others.
The Arm IPO, likely being postponed 11/23/2022
SoftBank CFO Yoshimitsu Goto says Arm is “a great company, great asset, so that we would like to make sure that we have a great preparation in the market. That is why we don’t have to rush.”
Arrow Electronics offers Edition-compliant carrier board for the NVIDIA Jetson family-modules 11/23/2022
etCarrier96 enables customers to accelerate custom carrier board designs for applications such as autonomous machines, intelligent vision, diagnostic healthcare imaging, and AIoT.
Startups are breaking into the railroad business by providing IoT sensors and tracking mechanisms 11/23/2022
Large railroad companies like Union Pacific Railroad and Canadian National Railway in North America, as well as Deutsche Bahn and SNCF in Europe, control the railroad scene. And giants like Siemens and Alstom are the prominent players in railway supply.
Chin Fong Machine Industrial collaborates with ASUS IoT to create an intelligent factory 11/23/2022
As the pioneer in the industry Chin Fong Machine Industrial has, since 2015, creating an intelligent factory operation. Recently, the company began to incorporate AI solutions to implement lean production and develop intelligent equipment
DRAM sales down 40% 11/22/2022
Weakening economic conditions and high inflation rates have slowed global demand for personal computers, mainstream smartphones, and other consumer electronics. As a result, DRAM demand has spiraled downward and sales are now forecast to fall by 40% to $29.3 billion in the second half of 2022
Renesas provides a universal power solution for automotive camera 11/22/2022
Renesas Electronics Corp.’s RAA271082 automotive power management IC (PMIC) for next-gen automotive camera applications is a versatile ISO-26262 compliant multi-rail power IC with a primary high voltage synchronous buck regulator, two secondary low voltage synchronous buck regulators, and a low voltage LDO regulator.
ITRI collects 10th Innovation Award from CES 11/22/2022
Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has been named one of the CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honorees for its AI Aquarium. This is the 10th award that ITRI has collected from CES since its first participation in 2018.
AAEON's quality solutions provided quality assurance on electric cars 11/22/2022
Automotive giants are increasingly embracing IoT solutions to improve their production lines.
Analog Devices Inc launched the world’s first Single-pair Power over Ethernet (SPoE) 11/21/2022
The new offerings facilitate powered, last-mile connectivity for factory and building automation through real-time power management, telemetry, extremely low standby power consumption, and ease of installation.
ams OSRAM Launches Global Partner Network 11/21/2022
ams OSRAM has launched a new Global Partner Network of design consultancies, module suppliers, and supporting component manufacturers to accelerate customers’ time to market and facilitate new business opportunities, while taking advantage of the latest optical and sensor technologies.
STMicroelectronics NFC Chip Eases Certification of Digital Car-key Systems 11/21/2022
STMicroelectronics' ST25R3920B automotive-qualified NFC reader ICs features increased performance and eases product certification.
ITRI offers High Resolution Full-Color Micro LED Display for AR Glasses 11/21/2022
The low-power (<1W) display features a resolution of >2,000 PPI and brightness of >20,000 nits, and integrates the display and sensor functions in a compact design, giving the product a slim look (<0.5in). The design adopts heterogeneous integration technology similar to semiconductor processes to create micro-displays with wide color gamut by bringing micro LED, CMOS, and quantum-dot color conversion layers together within a single panel.
Samsung to quadruple capacity by 2027 11/18/2022
Samsung Electronics Co. will add a new fab every year to keep its lead in chipmaking and scale up foundry to enhance the consigned business to its dominant mass-market memory rank, Korea’s chipmaker said defying the industrial down cycle and economic uncertainties.
Nexperia must sell at least 86% of Newport Wafer Fab, 11/18/2022
“We welcome foreign trade and investment that supports growth and jobs. But where we identify a risk to national security we will act decisively,” said Business Minister Grant Shapps.NewportWaferFab
New technique of manufacturing liquid crystal displays (LCDs) can reduce the cost of the devices. 11/18/2022
A team of scientists from the Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences (CeNS) in Bengaluru, an autonomous institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), conceptualized and implemented a novel way of employing a 2D materials to overcome the drawbacks of current methods.
India is among the top five countries in the world manufacturing life-saving high risk medical devices 11/18/2022
India is among the top five countries in the world manufacturing life-saving high risk medical devices, but the cost of its devices is about one-third of those manufactured by the other four countries.
MediaTek wants to address the market of Windows on Arm PCs 11/17/2022
MediaTek's Kompanio platforms for Windows on Arm PCs will include 'some of the technology' applied to high-end Dimensity SoCs for smartphones as well as 5G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and even display driver ICs (DDICs) specifically designed for laptops, the company revealed.
Keysight USB4 Version 2.0 Solutions Optimize Design Performance 11/17/2022
Keysight Technologies Inc. has launched a new set of USB 80Gbps solutions that maximize the performance of USB designs and ensure compliance with the specifications implemented by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) standard to deliver accuracy and high signal fidelity.
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