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Hope to rebounce for the IC Industry 5/9/2019
Taiwan IC designers are now moving to place additional orders with foundry. The move indicates that market demand in the second half of 2019 may pick up at a faster pace than expected as IC designers usually serve as a leading indicator for business prospects thanks to higher flexibility in adapting to market conditions,
Rocket company to fly with 3D printer created parts 5/9/2019
The startup claims it can build a rocket using additive manufacturing techniques in less than 60 days and initially loft payloads as large as 1,250 kg (2,755 pounds).
Infineon report seeing IC inventory build up at customers 5/8/2019
Infineon CEO Reinhard Ploss stood by his view that sales would rise 5 percent to 8 billion euros ($8.96 billion) in the year to Sept. 30, as Infineon reported flat sequential sales in the second quarter and said margins had held up better than expected.
China's lone Flash producer wants to sell storage system also 5/8/2019
Yangtze Memory Technologies (YMTC) has been in talks with parent company Tsinghua Unigroup about obtaining the right to sell and market storage devices employing flash chips, according to industry sources.
Apple heads strong competition especially in 5G 5/8/2019
Apple must be wary of broader trends in the smartphone market, including declining sales and increased competitive threats as vendors prepare to release 5G and foldable handsets.
Super computer powered by AMD chips attended outstanding performance 5/8/2019
When installed sometime in 2021, it is expected to deliver more than 1.5 exaflops, making it slightly higher in performance than Aurora, the first U.S. exascale system being built by Intel and Cray.
Semiconductor industry to see demand boosted by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics 5/7/2019
As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will take place in July and August, bright semiconductor market prospects can be expected one year before and 6 months after the event.
Foxconn CEO meets with Wisconsin governer to liason new factory plan 5/7/2019
Foxconn wants to make changes to its contract with the state, which has promised to make more than $4 billion available in state and local tax credits if Foxconn spends about $9 billion and hires 13,000 people.
Semiconductor to fall by 7.4% 5/7/2019
A decline of 7.4% in chip sales would mark the worst down year for the semiconductor industry since the Great Recession in 2009, when the semiconductor market declined by nearly 11%, IHS said.
DOJ pays much attention on Qualcomm case and how it affects 5G 5/7/2019
DOJ advising District Judge Lucy Koh to take caution in her pending ruling. The DoJ told Koh if she rules against Qualcomm she should hold a hearing and briefing, letting the company and potentially others argue about impact any punitive actions could have for the emerging 5G cellular market.
Infineon to market multi-chip modules and discrete audio products under MERUS brand 5/6/2019
The new brand is intended to spearhead the company's belief that the best audio amplifier ICs produce sound in the speakers, not heat to the surroundings; should be heard, but not seen; will be smaller and lighter, not bulky and heavy and must be both robust and flexible.
Taiwan company specialized in 5G testing and certifications 5/6/2019
Dedicated to wireless communication test and certification services, the Taiwan-based Sporton has seen demand for smartphones, tablets, micro base stations, application processors and automotive applications pick up thanks to the upcoming arrival of 5G. The inspection service company is positive about its performance in the second quarter.
Three years after El-Khoury took over Cypress from TJ Rodgers 5/6/2019
El-Khoury didn't have the perception that he was taking over the company from some larger-than-life figure. Instead, he looked at it as picking up the baton from his boss and mentor, a man he knew well and respected, and one of the people he credits for his rapid ascension through the ranks at Cypress.
3D printer generate parts for the New Energy Industry 5/6/2019
Additive manufacturing has allowed the power industry to produce complex components, use fewer materials, reduce waste, and lower energy consumption — leading to higher production efficiency and a smaller carbon footprint.
Iranian oil tanker with 1 million barrels of oil stalled in the Red Sea 5/3/2019
Saudi Arabia's state-run television channels and news agency said authorities received a distress call from the Happiness I over an "engine failure and the loss of control.. The vessel had a crew of 26, including 24 Iranians and two Bangladeshis. They described the ship's position as some 70 kilometers (44 miles) south of Jiddah in the Red Sea.
U.S. Air Force aim to expand its electronic warfare capability 5/3/2019
“To be a lethal force of the future, we need to lead in research, technology and innovation,” said Brig. Gen. David Gaedecke, director of the Air Force’s Cyberspace Operations and Warfighter Communications branch. “Superiority in the spectrum underpins all of these.”
Electronics supply chain see continue spot shortage 5/3/2019
One global distributor describes the environment as “normalizing” but cautions there’s still a lot of instability in the 2019 forecast.
Qualcomm to realize $4.5 billion windfall from settlement 5/3/2019
The windfall will more than double third quarter revenues for the mobile chip giant amid a smartphone market where it sees continued weakness.
Memory recession reduced 12 inch wafers output 5/2/2019
With the memory-chip market continuing to weaken, demand for silicon wafers, particularly 12-inch ones, has been dragged down further, the sources noted. Prices for 12-inch silicon wafers are likely to fall back.
The Fed to leave interest rate alone for now 5/2/2019
The Fed will likely reiterate a message that has reassured consumers and investors since the start of the year: No rate hikes are likely anytime soon. The Fed's low-rate policy is keeping borrowing costs down, helping boost stock prices and supporting an economy that's growing steadily.
Trump agreed with Demoncrate to work towards a $2 billion infrastructure plan 5/2/2019
Both sides seemed determined to show a willingness to work with the other, even as tensions between the White House and congressional Democrats have only intensified with the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's redacted report on Russia meddling in the 2016 elections.
Inder Singh appointed CFO at ARM 5/2/2019
Arm’s owner, SoftBank, has publicly indicated it is considering an exit from Arm through an IPO. The appointment of a CFO with Singh’s specific background could be the clearest way of achieving and maybe even accelerating this goal.
China's Longsys Electronics to feature Yangtze Memory Technologies' (YMTC) NAND Flash chips 5/1/2019
Longsys will adopt controller chips developed in-house by Yeetor Microelectronics and Maxio Technology in the new flash storage product, and will have Payton technology and Zhen Kun Technology provide backend services for it. These partners are all China-based,
South Korea plan lessen reliance on memory chip 5/1/2019
South Korea has set its sights on establishing itself as the world's top player in the foundry business by the target year, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy said. The ministry said the country will also expand its market share in the fabless segment to 10 percent from 1.6 percent posted last year, as it strives to take full advantage of sweeping economic changes under the fourth industrial revolution.
Sales declined at General Motors 5/1/2019
Overall vehicle sales in the U.S. dropped. In North America, sales fell to 775,000 vehicles from 827,000 vehicles. In the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, vehicle sales declined to 947,000 from 1.1 billion.
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