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Apple's M1 chipset performance to leave all other PC's behind 5/25/2021
Apple promises 20 hours of battery life for its 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro -- what it says is the longest battery in any Mac to date.
Globalfoundries works with Raytheon to develop (GaN-on-Si) semiconductors for5G infrastructure 5/24/2021
Because GaN can handle heat and power levels, the technology is able to handle 5G and 6G wireless signals over traditional platforms.
Applied Materials experience a great quarter 5/24/2021
Q2 revenue and profit that topped Wall Street's expectations, and forecast revenue this quarter as much as six hundred million dollars higher than consensus.
Samsung to spend $17 billion to expand Austin memory fab 5/24/2021
The spending will likely go to migration to 3-nanometer (nm) based consignment chipmaking from 2023. The company’s facility in Austin currently produces chips on 14nm process technology.
TSMC boosted auto chip production by 60% in a year 5/24/2021
TSMC, the world’s largest contract chipmaker, said it had taken “unprecedented actions” to help automakers. That includes reallocating capacity to other industries that are also experiencing “stressfully high demand due to the acceleration of digital transformation”.
L&T Technology develope automobile self-parking technology in co-operation with Intel 5/21/2021
Designed for a cloud-enabled world, the solution has four key components: an operator portal that hosts user information; a mobile application for end-user interface; a digital signage module to ensure safe and secured access; and a digital camera—all connected by the AWS cloud platform. This architecture helps end users easily locate available parking spaces in outdoor parking lots.
Ampere offers server processors that outguns rivals Intel and AMD in some key features. 5/21/2021
Ampere’s Altra processor shipping now has 80 cores and operates on much less power per core than rival Intel and AMD chips. Ampere’s next-generation processor will be sampling on a 5-nanometer manufacturing process.
Unisantis Electronics offers new memory to replace DRAM 5/21/2021
Unisantis Electronics of Singapore has unveiled Dynamic Flash Memory (DFM) – a faster and denser technology than DRAM or other types of volatile memory.
Memory IC sales to reach $180 billion by next year 5/21/2021
Memory IC sales are forecast to top US$180 billion in 2022, exceeding the previous record high set in 2018, according to IC Insights.
Out of the present 8in wafer shortage, shifting to 12in make sense 5/19/2021
“8-inch wafer capacity is in short supply to unimaginable levels. Wafer production capacity is so tight that customers’ demand for production capacity has reached a panic level.” And that from mid 2021 “to the second half of 2022, the logic and DRAM markets will be out of stock.”
Memory chipmakers see their downstream module and device customers stockpile 5/19/2021
A sudden rise in the number of COVID-19 infections in Taiwan has prompted Taiwan-based memory module and device manufacturers to further step up their inventory build-ups.
Samsung consider to build $17 billion plant in Austin 5/19/2021
Samsung, the world’s largest memory chip producer and No. 2 foundry firm, has been mulling building a US$17 billion foundry factory in the U.S., with Texas, Arizona and New York mentioned as possible candidate sites.
SK hynix is considering a takeover of Key Foundry fab in China 5/19/2021
SK hynix currently controls 49.8 percent of the company via a private equity fund set up by Magnus PEF. The rest – a 50 percent stake plus one share-- is held by the fund’s another investor, MG Community Credit Cooperatives. SK hynix has spent 207 billion won ($183 million) for that investment in March last year.
AMD to bring out a budget RDNA 2-powered GPU 5/18/2021
The expectation, as Tom’s Hardware, which spotted this development, observes, is that ‘Beige Goby’ will be the engine of the budget-level graphics cards below the RX 6600, so that could mean RX 6500 or 6400 products.
Chip shortage hits Huawei 5G smartphone production 5/18/2021
Huawei's latest P40, P40 Pro, Mate 30 and Mate 40 5G smartphones are still unavailable at its authorized stores, on its official website, as well as the third-party sales channels, due to supply chain disruptions.
COVID-19 cases rise in Taiwan to affect Semiconductor Industry 5/18/2021
TSMC and other Taiwan-based foundries remain diligent in their respective precautionary measures internally against COVID-19, amid concerns over a spike in confirmed cases in Taiwan. Nevertheless, potential coronavirus-induced lockdowns in Taipei and other cities may pose a threat to the local chipmaking industry supply chain, according to industry sources.
Group of U.S. senators working on a $52-billion semiconductor funding bill 5/18/2021
Senators Mark Kelly, John Cornyn, Mark Warner and Tom Cotton have been negotiating a compromise measure to address the issue in the face of rising Chinese semiconductor production and shortages impacting automakers and other U.S. industries.
Infineon Technologies offer QDR SRAM for space applications 5/17/2021
The use case is an example of how the aerospace industry has shifted some data processing from the ground to the actual satellite to equip them with increased computational power and lower latency.
AMD renegotiated minimum wafer purchase with GlobalFoundries 5/17/2021
Advanced Micro Devices and GlobalFoundries have extended their wafer supply agreement through 2024. However, it has been amended to free AMD from its exclusivity commitments.
Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is expected to grow 18.1 percent annually 5/17/2021
The sector logged NT$904.7 billion (US$32.3 billion) in its output value in the first quarter, representing 2.6 percent quarterly growth. Integrated circuits (IC) testing, IC design, IC manufacturing, and IC packaging reported 5.7 percent, 5.3 percent, 1.4 percent, and 0.4 percent quarterly growth, respectively.
Kioxia to expand R&D centers in Kanagawa Prefecture 5/17/2021
The expansion of the Yokohama technology facility will nearly double the size of a six-story building of about 40,000 square meters, while the 4-story Shin-Koyasu advanced research center will come with a total area of ??about 13,000 square meters, Kioxia indicated.
Intel launched new Core H series mobile Xeon processors 5/13/2021
The CPUs are made using a 10nm SuperFin process, featuring up to eight cores and 16 threads with single and dual-core turbo performance up to 5.0GHz
China is trying to perfect yields at 28nm 5/13/2021
"China urgently needs to move toward mid-to-high end chip production and being able to produce 28 nm chips means that it can meet most of the demand for chips without relying on other countries,"
Korean Industry executives to meet with Biden at next week's Korean-U.S. Leadership Summit 5/13/2021
Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Kim Ki-nam, who is in charge of managing Samsung's semiconductor business, is considering visiting the U.S., while SK Bioscience chief Ahn Jae-yong is scheduled to join the trip. LG Energy Solution (LGES) CEO Kim Jong-hyun will also fly to Washington. But Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Euisun will not join the business delegation, according to officials and sources.
Applied Materials offers three paths to modern DRAM fabrications 5/13/2021
The industry urgently needs breakthroughs that can allow DRAM to scale to reduce area and cost while also operating at higher speeds and using less power.
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