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China's semiconductor wafer production capacity to catch up with the world 2/15/2019
At the end of 2018, China accounted for 12.5% of the world's global fab capacity, up from 10.8% in 2017, IC Insights said. The 12.5% share put China nearly in a dead heat with North America, the firm said.
Taiwan foundry houses found business unpredictable for next quarter 2/14/2019
The order visibility for 12-inch wafer foundry services by TSMC and UMC has reportedly remained opaque for the second quarter, with sizes of orders received also shrinking slightly. And only their 8-inch wafer foundry fabs can maintain high capacity utilization rates in the short term.
NAFTA 2.0 talk continue 2/14/2019
President's pact would give pharmaceutical companies 10 years' protection from cheaper competition in a category of ultra-expensive drugs called biologics, which are made from living cells. Shielded from competition, critics warn, the drug companies could charge exorbitant prices for biologics.
Increased talks about recession at the Eurozone 2/14/2019
Official figures on Wednesday showed that industrial output in the eurozone was 4.2 percent lower in December than the year before, increasing concerns about the economy just at a time when the bloc is facing the prospect of Britain crashing out of the European Union without a deal.
Qualcomm sold off EV charging technology to MIT spin off 2/14/2019
Qualcomm has been developing since before 2012 — is an entire system for charging an EV, enabling drivers to recharge simply parking over wireless charging ground pads. The technology involved includes power conversion, tuning, wireless power transfer, magnetics, control, communications and safety systems.
Microchip offer 45V op-amp 2/13/2019
This 45-V device targets industrial control and factory automation as well as other specialty applications like medical devices and scientific instruments. In addition to the higher-voltage rating are precision features such as almost-zero offset drift, which eliminates the need for calibration or data correction, plus integral EMI filtering, which is often a necessity in its noisy operating scenarios.
U.S. Steel Corp. counts on Trump, restart its expansion projects 2/13/2019
U.S. Steel said it will update equipment and plans to spend about $215 million, adding about 150 full-time workers. The furnace is expected to begin producing steel in late 2020.
When politic gets into 5G race 2/13/2019
Tensions came to a boil in December when the Canadian government detained at the request of the U.S. Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei and daughter of its founder. The U.S. wants to extradite Meng to face charges including bank fraud regarding sales of banned gear to Iran.
Trump's executive order to prioritize artificial intelligence 2/13/2019
Trump's initiative, announced Monday, orders the creation of a coordinated federal strategy that aims to enhance U.S. leadership in AI research and deployment, including technology development, standards creation and education
Stock future rises on hope of avoiding shutdown and China setlement 2/12/2019
A tentative pact between Democrat and GOP lawmakers — hashed out in appropriations committees in the Senate and House and approved by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — raises some hope of a budget deal that would avert a second federal government shutdown.
Trade rises in Germany 2/12/2019
Exports rose 1.5 percent from November, to 112.3 billion euros ($127.3 billion), while imports rose 1.2 percent to 92.9 billion euros, adjusted for seasonal and calendar factors, the Federal Statistical Office said. That widened Germany's trade surplus to 19.4 billion euros from November's 18.9 billion euros.
Smartphone shipment to decline again this year 2/12/2019
Other than a handful of high-growth markets like India and South Korea, markets were down across the board. IDC blames the declines on multiple factors, including longer phone replacement cycles, increasing penetration in large markets and political and economic uncertainty.
Skywise system use AI and analytics to predict aircraft maintenance needs 2/12/2019
As an aerospace manufacturer, Airbus is taking proactive steps to improve performance and reliability in the area of aircraft maintenance. It is doing this by migrating historical maintenance information from aircraft and fleets to a cloud-based data repository known as Skywise.
Malaysian IC industry seen signs of slow down 2/11/2019
The local semiconductor industry has witnessed exceptional strong growth over the past two years, partly due to the performance of the memory segment. “We expect the sector to undergo a cyclical downturn in the first half of 2019 (1H19), before starting to recover in 2H19 after the inventory adjustment period is over.
Apple take steps to strengthen its modem chip design 2/11/2019
The Cupertino, California-based company has posted job listings for modem engineers in San Diego, a hub for wireless design talent because of Qualcomm’s longtime presence there and a place where Apple has said it plans to build up its workforce.
Nokia looks for savation from 5G 2/11/2019
Having jettisoned the mobile handset business and undertaken a series of strategic acquisitions, including the purchase of Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia is betting the farm on 5G, a nascent technology with the potential to serve a larger customer base, create new revenue streams, and afford the company the stability it has sought for a decade.
China IC production to grow 15% every year 2/11/2019
China has been the largest consumer of ICs since 2005. IC production in China accounted for 15.3% of its domestic market of $155 billion in 2018, up from $12.6% in 2013, the firm said. By 2023, IC Insights projects that IC production in China will account for 20.5% of its market total.
Beam forming 5G millimeter wave antenna is a challenge to engineers 2/8/2019
Beamforming and massive MIMO antennas, which will make millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum—a key ingredient in 5G networks—work on multiple devices and base-station locations.
Huawei ask U. K. for 5 years to demonstate integrity of its products 2/8/2019
In the summer, HCSEC raised issues about it being prevented from checking internal product codes and about a components supplier used by Huawei.
ST bought control share of its wafer supplier 2/8/2019
ST will acquire 55% of Norstel’s share capital, with an option to acquire the remaining 45% subject to certain conditions. ST is the only semiconductor company with automotive-grade silicon carbide in mass production today.
EU reduced economic forecast 2/8/2019
The EU's executive Commission cut the forecast for this year to 1.3 percent from 1.9 percent in their earlier forecast issued in the autumn. The eurozone probably grew 1.9 percent last year, slowing from a 10-year high of 2.4 percent in 2017.
NVIDIA’s Jetson family found diverse applications in industrial sector 2/7/2019
Jetson family comprises compact modules that combine multiple ARM cores within SoCs that also include GPGPU and machine-learning (ML) accelerators. The modules are finding homes in everything from drones to robotics.
Judge want to narrow potential damages at the Qualcomm/Apple trial 2/7/2019
A federal judge on Tuesday granted Apple’s request to preclude Qualcomm from seeking financial compensation for infringement before the lawsuit was filed in 2017. The judge also ruled that Apple isn’t infringing one of the several patents that Qualcomm says are at stake in the litigation.
Trump plans to nominate World Bank critic to lead it 2/7/2019
Now the undersecretary for international affairs at the Treasury Department, David Malpass has been an outspoken skeptic of the 189-nation World Bank, a leading source of funding for economic development. The World Bank provides low-cost loans for projects around the world. Among its key missions is helping combat poverty in developing countries.
Revenue rose 7 percent at Daimler 2/7/2019
Daimler saw profitability fall as it faced multiple challenges. The U.S.-China trade war meant new import taxes on cars made in the U.S. and sold in China. Bottlenecks in getting cars certified for emissions procedures also affected the business. The operating profit margin on sales at Mercedes, a key earnings indicator, fell to 7.3 percent from 9.5 percent in the same quarter a year earlier.
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