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Nokia supports the FP5 processor with energy efficiency, network security and, performance 9/27/2021
The FP5 will support for high density 800GE routing interfaces with a claimed 75% reduction in power consumption and the latest embedded line rate, flow-based encryption capabilities.
Foxconn to establish EV manufacturing in Thailand 9/24/2021
The local automotive industry’s transition to modern EV technology will be strengthened with Foxconn’s innovation in production and development of the EV platform together with PTT Group’s knowledge in Thai business operation, allowing the country’s manufacturing industry and economy to grow and increasing the country’s stance among international competitors.
White House is moving its attention to auto IC shortages 9/24/2021
Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, who along with Brian Deese, director of the National Economic Council, met on Thursday with semiconductor industry participants, told Reuters that strong action was needed. "It's time to get more aggressive,"
Semiconductor production equipment billing start to drop 9/24/2021
Semiconductor production equipment decreased 5.4%, bringing an end to an eight-month period of consecutive increases.
DRAM prices expected to drop in Q4 9/24/2021
PC DRAM is expected to drop 5-10% as notebook production of is expected to decline in 4Q21, propelling the sufficiency ratio of PC DRAM to 1.38%.
Biden nominated trade envoy determined China Huawei is a threat 9/23/2021
Former Pentagon official Alan Estevez also pledged to "look at" Honor Device Co - a handset unit spun off of Huawei - to see whether the telecommunications company was using the spinoff brand to minimize or circumvent its own blacklist designation.
Intel to have TSMC fabricate its GPU on 6nm process 9/23/2021
“It is necessary to first determine the process that can be assumed at the start of design,” said Koduri, according to Tom’s Hardware. “Other features, such as how much operating frequency can be used are also important factors. Cost is also an issue."
Semiconductor market expected to grow by 17.3 per cent in 2021 9/23/2021
Growth is driven by mobile phones, notebooks, servers, automotive, smart home, gaming, wearables, and Wi-Fi access points, with increased memory pricing.
Power blackout at Infineon Dresden 9/23/2021
Monday, the power supply was down for twenty minutes. The emergency generators started up, but they can only keep up with the relevant systems*
Smart TV market in India recorded an extraordinary 65% YoY growth in Q2 9/22/2021
The post-pandemic economic improvement, aided by active retail channels fulfilling the pent-up demand, was the key reason for this growth.
RISC-V represents $8.6B of Semiconductor IP Market 9/22/2021
There is a need for diverse and open approach across the compute, memory, security and other architectures. This demand is being mainly driven by the growth of advanced applications such as AI-enabled smart devices, 5G communications, high performance computing (HPC) and autonomous cars.
"The Internet of Cars" Posts the most opportunity for silicon since the smartphone 9/22/2021
The greatest advancement since the early days of cars, when steam, gasoline, and even battery-powered vehicles mingled on the same dusty roads. The entire car is being overhauled, this time with electronics, to re-make cars as supercomputers on wheels.
BMW secured GaN transistor capacity for EV production 9/22/2021
The volumes offered are expected to ensure supply chain reliability for automotive suppliers.
Renesas and OmniVision have jointly developed an integrated HD automotive camera system 9/21/2021
Renesas' Automotive HD Link (AHL) technology transmits high-definition video over low-cost cables and connectors. The AHL components in the design pair with OmniVision’s OX01F10 1.3MP SoC, which provides the industry’s best imaging performance across a wide range of challenging lighting conditions, along with the most compact form factor and lowest power consumption.
TSMC's wafer price hike reflects the tightness of supply 9/21/2021
With the latest notices to its customers, TSMC will raise its wafer prices across the main nodes mainly from the beginning of 2022. The company has maintained its wafer prices for quite a long time when compared with its smaller competitors. The change in its pricing strategy from 2022 implies not only stronger market demand going forward, but also that the capacity tightness will persist in the next few quarters.
Arm delivers a new software architecture for the future of automotive 9/21/2021
Arm, in collaboration with leaders across the automotive supply chain, is delivering a new software architecture and reference implementation, Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge (SOAFEE), and two new reference hardware platforms to accelerate the software-defined future of automotive.
5G in Asia stands ready to benefit from its data-rich environment conditions 9/21/2021
Urbanized population centers, its dense transit hubs, and its extensive manufacturing infrastructure. In such a data-rich environment, 5G’s higher speeds and capacities, greater responsiveness, and lower per-bit data transmission costs will bring about greater connectivity and many new applications throughout the region.
Silicon Motion invests in startup AI company 9/20/2021
Silicon Motion intends to build a strategic partnership with Deep Vision, which has patented AI processors to perform real-time video analytics and provide natural language processing (NLP)pabilities for a growing market of voice-controlled applications
MediaTek is paying handsome recruiting bonus to new telents 9/20/2021
MediaTek offers high bonuses to poach professional designers from other companies, with those who register in October-December to work at the company to receive an early-registration bonus of NT$150,000 (US$5,415) to NT$250,000, depending on their seniority, according to industry sources.
WD/ Kioxia merger could possibly lead to new fabs in Japan and the U.S. 9/20/2021
"If Kioxia ties up with a foreign company, in particular an American company, then at the very least it will be necessary to have equal bases of operations in both countries."
Infineon opened its 300mm thin wafers fab for power chips in Austria 9/20/2021
At €1.6 billion, the investment made by the semiconductor group represents one of the largest such projects in the microelectronics sector in Europe. The Villach site is one of the world’s most modern fabs and was opened by Infineon
Qualcomm to have GlobalFoundries fabricate front-end devices 9/17/2021
"Our strong collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies includes sub-6GHz to unlock everyday access to 5G, and cutting-edge mmWave technology to take 5G to the next level by delivering unmatched data speeds while continuing to provide the longest possible battery life for smartphones."
Nvodoa's Jensen Huang named by TIME magazine as one of the 100 leading influential people 9/17/2021
In 2003, amid great skepticism, Huang directed his company Nvidia to adapt chips designed to paint graphics on computer screens, known as graphics processing units or GPUs, to perform other, more general-purpose computing tasks.
India smartwatch shipment doubles 9/17/2021
India’s smartwatch shipments more than tripled in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the same period last year, with 206% year-on-year (YoY) and 18% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) growth during the quarter.
China is working extra hard towards semiconductor self sufficient 9/17/2021
SMIC announcement last week of an $8.9 billion investment in a new fab in Shanghai that will deploy 28nm technology.
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