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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos pledged to spend $10 billion in climate changes by 2030 3/11/2021
"goal is to spend it down between now and 2030." That would work out to a pace of more than $1 billion a year.
China and Russia joint venture to build a lunar research station 3/11/2021
The station would be “built on the lunar surface and/or on the lunar orbit that will carry out ... scientific research activities such as the lunar exploration and utilization, lunar-based observation, basic scientific experiment and technical verification."
FireEye chief blames China on radical hacking 3/11/2021
Mandia said his company assesses based on the forensics that two groups of Chinese state-backed hackers — in an explosion of automated seeding — installed backdoors known as “web shells” on an as-yet undetermined number of systems.
More reliable memories needed for space flights 3/10/2021
Even today, however, it’s not always the most advanced technology that solves the problem. Older DRAM and SRAM are still commonly used, although emerging memories such as magnetoresistive random-access memory (MRAM) and resistive random-access memory (ReRAM) may offer solutions.
Biden promised to double offshore wind energy development 3/10/2021
President Joe Biden has vowed to double offshore wind production by 2030 as part of his administration's efforts to slow climate change. The likely approval of Vineyard Wind — one of two dozen offshore wind projects along the East Coast in varying stages of development — marks a sharp turnaround from the Trump administration, which stymied wind power both onshore and in the ocean.
IC shortage reviews that our U.S. semiconductor capacity are dwindling 3/10/2021
It might not seem important that 88% of the semiconductor chips used by U.S. industries, including the automotive and defense industries, are fabricated outside the U.S. However, three issues make where they are made critical to the U.S. as the global leader in electronics: lower capability, high global demand and limited investment.
Virus vaccine adds hope to world economy recovery 3/10/2021
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on Tuesday raised its expectations for global GDP growth to 5.5% this year and 4% next year. That is up from a December forecast of 4.2% growth in 2021 and 3.7% for 2022.
Bosch to open a dedicated automotive chip factory in Dresden 3/9/2021
The 1 billion euro ($1.2 billion) plant will produce sensor chips to be installed in electric and hybrid electric vehicles.
Growth in Chinese export resumes 3/9/2021
Exports rose to $468.9 billion, customs data showed Sunday, accelerating from December’s 18.1% gain and nearly double the growth expected by forecasters. Imports jumped 22.2% to $365.6 billion, up from December’s 6.5% increase.
Founder of McAfee Software indicted on fraud and money laundering conspiracy 3/9/2021
McAfee, 75, was charged in a newly unsealed indictment in Manhattan federal court along with Jimmy Gale Watson Jr., who served as an executive adviser on what prosecutors described as McAfee's “so-called cryptocurrency team.”
Oil prices soar as Saudi Arabian oil facilities were targeted by drone strikes 3/9/2021
Brent crude, the international standard, surpassed $70 per barrel for the first time in over a year, gaining $1.14 to $70.47 a barrel. It surged $2.62 on Friday.
Astronauts installed new solar panels to boost power to International Space Station 3/8/2021
NASA is upgrading the space station’s power grid to accommodate more astronauts and experiments, now that SpaceX is launching crews and Boeing should be too by year’s end. The eight solar panels up there now have degraded over time; the oldest were launched 20 years ago.
Employers added a surprisingly robust 379,000 jobs last month 3/8/2021
The economy is strengthening as virus cases drop, vaccinations ramp up, Americans spend more and states ease business restrictions.
BAE received contract on F-15 Eagle Passive Active Warning and Survivability System 3/8/2021
The electronic warfare (EW) and countermeasures system provides advanced electromagnetic capabilities that protect pilots and help them maintain air superiority during their toughest missions.
GM recorded more downtime due to automotive chip shortage 3/8/2021
On Wednesday, the automaker extended downtime at San Luis Potosi through the end of March, and at Fairfax and CAMI to at least mid-April.
Amazon opens first cashier-free supermarket in London 3/5/2021
Shoppers use a smartphone app to scan a QR code so they can enter the store. They can fill their shopping bags with milk, eggs or other groceries while cameras and sensors track what’s taken off shelves.
Automated sewage sampling predicts CIVID-19 outbreaks 3/5/2021
Researchers have automated wastewater concentration with the help of liquid-handling robots. They demonstrated their system's robustness by comparing it to existing methods and showing that they can predict COVID-19 cases in San Diego by a week with excellent accuracy, and three weeks with fair accuracy, just using city sewage.
U.S. productivity declined by 4.2% 3/5/2021
Some economists believe that once the country emerges from the pandemic, there may be a sustained and elevated levels of productivity, in part from workplace efficiencies gained from businesses finding ways to deal with the a year of related restrictions.
General Motors to build additional U.S. battery factory 3/5/2021
It's likely to be near GM's Spring Hill, Tennessee, factory complex, which is one of three sites the company has designated to build electric vehicles.
Samsung planned to spend $17 billion on new Austin fab. 3/4/2021
The South Korean company plans to invest about $17 billion in its Project Silicon Silver and create about 1,800 jobs over the first ten years, according to an economic impact study prepared by a local consultant. Some $5.1 billion would go into buildings and property improvements, while $9.9 billion would be spent on machinery and equipment.
Strong growth seen in automotive memory 3/4/2021
Companies including Micron Technology, Nanya Technology, Winbond Electronics, Phison Electronics and Silicon Motion Technology have all made forays into the automotive memory market, which is expected to see extraordinary growth over the next several years.
Fukushima nuclear plant to keep on-target decommissioning schedule 3/4/2021
Nuclear regulators recently found fatal levels of contamination under the lids of two reactors, a test removal of melted fuel debris from one reactor has been delayed for a year, and a recent earthquake may have caused new damage to the reactors.
China-based government hackers have exploited a bug in Microsoft's email server software 3/4/2021
Microsoft said it has released security upgrades to fix the vulnerabilities to its Exchange Server software, which is used for work email and calendar services, mostly for larger organizations that have their own in-person email servers.
Supreme Court to examine proper appointment of judges who oversee patent disputes 3/3/2021
The question for the justices has to do with more than 250 administrative patent judges who make up the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, which was created by Congress in 2011. The court's decision could be disruptive to the functioning of the board, which issues hundreds of decisions a year. The justices' decision could also potentially affect more than 100 other similarly-appointed officials.
Texas' oldest Power Cooperative seek bankruptcy on Arctic freeze fall out 3/3/2021
Brazos Electric Power Cooperative serves distributors that supply electricity to more than 1.5 million Texans in 68 counties from the Panhandle to Houston.
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