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SK Hynix re-entered the consumer retail SSD market with 128-layer 3D NAND 8/20/2020
The Gold P31 is now available in 500GB and 1TB capacities. A forthcoming 2TB model will instead be branded as the Platinum P31, marking it as a more premium product on the basis of capacity alone rather than any major technological difference.
Apple to hit 2 Trillion capital value 8/20/2020
The company's hugely loyal customer base trusts its products so much that they continued to buy iPhones and other devices online while stuck at home. Apple recently reported blowout earnings for the April-June quarter,
Ocean liner Maersk see outlook for trade is highly uncertain 8/20/2020
revenue declined by 6.5% to $9 billion compared with the same quarter last year.
Boeing announce a second wave of layoffs 8/20/2020
The layoffs, unfortunately, “align with our new reality.”
U.S. futher tighten restrictions on Huawei 8/19/2020
The US Commerce Department on Monday announced fresh sanctions that restrict any foreign semiconductor company from selling chips developed or produced using US software or technology to Huawei, without first obtaining a license to do so.
South Korea up memory production in Q2 8/19/2020
Samsung and SK Hynix both remain cautious about spending this year, due to demand uncertainty arising from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Smartphone can tell if you were drunk 8/19/2020
About 90 percent of the time, the researchers were able to use changes in gait to identify when participants' breath alcohol concentration exceeded .08 percent, the legal limit for driving in the United States.
Pandemic drive HomeDepot business up 8/19/2020
At Home Depot stores open at least a year, sales surged an remarkable 25% in the U.S. during the second quarter, the Atlanta company reported.
China has been doubling the money to recruit semiconductor telents 8/18/2020
Nikkei's sources claimed that HSMC offered compensation packages that were simply too attractive to refuse. Remuneration was reportedly two to 2.5 times higher than what the person's annual salary with bonuses at TSMC.
Over-supply to drive memory prices 10% lower in Q4 8/18/2020
Yangtze is coming to market with 128-layer devices in Q3 and the other producers will be keen to deny them any profits.
New Mexico push to host future Space Command Center 8/18/2020
Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller announced Friday that they will lead a community effort to land what is expected to be a major federal facility that would add more than 1,000 jobs.
Rolls-Royce to close its aircraft parts factory in central Virginia 8/18/2020
“The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a historic collapse in civil aviation which will take several years to recover. As a result, we’ve had to make difficult, but necessary, decisions to protect the future of our business,”
Algorithm allows an autonomous vehicle to outdrive a human driver 8/17/2020
Researchers designed an algorithm that allows an autonomous ground vehicle to improve its existing navigation systems by watching a human drive.
U.S. productivity rose at a 7.3% rate record 8/17/2020
The Labor Department report Friday is its first estimate of second-quarter productivity and follows the first quarter’s 0.3% decline. Labor costs rose again in the second quarter after rising at a 9.8% rate in the January-March quarter. It's the biggest jump in labor costs since 2014.
Foxconn has not fulfilled its promise to the University of Wisconsin 8/17/2020
In August 2018, Foxconn committed $100 million to the university to help fund an engineering building and for company-related research. It gave the school $700,000 in the first year of a 5-year agreement and records show the school has received no additional money over the past year.
Mazda Toyota Manufacturing to create 4,000 new jobs in Alabama 8/17/2020
Gov. Kay Ivey said in a news release that the investment in the new auto facility is now $2.3 billion, up from the $1.6 billion originally announced in 2018. The additional money will be used to incorporate cutting edge manufacturing technologies into production lines and training for the 4,000 workers
AI chip market to reach $12.2bn by 2025 8/14/2020
Growth in the edge AI chipset market will be driven by increasing demands for low latency and data privacy plus the availability of low-cost ultra-low-power chips designed specifically for this application.
Foxconn see global trend toward a G2 is inevitable 8/14/2020
“The forming of two sets of supply chains in the world is an inevitable trend in the coming future,” said Liu, adding: “there will be no country to fully replace China as the global manufacturing powerhouse.”
Samsung moves into 3DIC packaging 8/14/2020
Samsung Electronics on Thursday announced it has begun mass-producing logic chips on 3D packaging technology on 7-nanometer to better meet high-performance and multi-tasking on 5G, AI and other smart computing applications.
Huawei teams up with SMIC to developee display panel driver 8/14/2020
Hisilicon Technologies, a chipset arm of Huawei, has moved in tandem with the parent company for the development of driver IC parts and is reportedly ready to enter trial production of its OLED driver chips.
Trump questions about overpaid CEO 8/13/2020
Last week, Trump called on the board to fire TVA's Lyash and pay the new CEO at most $500,000 annually.
Tesla plans 5 to 1 stock split 8/13/2020
The five-for-one stock split announced Tuesday won't change how much Tesla's business is worth, but will automatically reduce the price of its shares by 80% when it's completed on Aug. 31.
Appeal court ruled that Qualcomm does not act "hypercompetitive" 8/13/2020
The 3-judge panel unanimously sided with the San Diego chipmaker in tossing out a district court's earlier ruling on a lawsuit brought by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.
Toshiba exits PC business 8/13/2020
Recently, Toshiba announced that it transferred the last of its shares of its laptop business, now called Dynabook, to Sharp Corporation.
U.S. wholesale prices shot up an unexpected 0.6% 8/12/2020
Wholesale energy prices shot up 5.3% in July, including a 10.1% surge in gasoline prices. Food prices slid 0.5%. Excluding the volatile food and energy prices, so-called core producer prices rose 0.5% last month.
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