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Microchip Technology’s latest EERAM can restore content when power is disrupted 12/20/2019
Microchip’s EERAM is essentially a serial SRAM that includes non-volatile transistors in every cell inside the device. Unlike NVSRAM, no external battery is needed, he said. It uses a small external capacitor to provide the energy needed to move the contents of the SRAM to the nonvolatile cells when system power is lost, which is accomplished by the IC monitoring voltage at the common collector and automatically handling the data movement between the SRAM and the nonvolatile memory when needed.
New work group allianced to standardize connectivity among smart home products 12/20/2019
The Connected Home over IP project aims to simplify development for manufacturers and increase compatibility for consumers. The group’s press statement said the project is built around a shared belief that smart home devices should be secure, reliable, and seamless to use.
U.S. industrial production rebounds 12/19/2019
The Federal Reserve said Tuesday that industrial production — which includes output at factories, mines and utilities — rose 1.1% in November, reversing a 0.9% drop in October and recording biggest jump since October 2017.
Chrysler, Peugeot, and Fiat merger to become 3rd largest auto manufacturer 12/19/2019
The companies said in a joint statement the new group will be led by PSA's cost-cutting CEO Carlos Tavares, with Fiat Chrysler’s chairman John Elkann as head of the board of the merged group. Fiat Chrysler CEO Mike Manley will stay on, though it was unclear in what capacity.
UltraSense Systems turn any surface into sensing user interface 12/19/2019
UltraSense Systems (San Jose, Calif.) introduced what it claims is the smallest ultrasound sensor-on-chip for touch and gestures through any material and any material thickness. Dubbed TouchPoint and TouchPoint Z, its initial products are sampling now and are expected to be incorporated into several consumer and industrial devices in 2020.
Navitas’ integrated GaN solutions (GaNFast) enables electric cars to charge 100 times faster 12/19/2019
Offers five times higher power density, 40 percent more energy savings, and 20 percent less on production costs.
Semiconductor equipment order rebounded 12/18/2019
The rebound snaps a global slowdown in fab equipment spending that saw total investments drop 10% in the second half of 2018 and 12% in the first half of 2019, SEMI indicated. During the first six months of 2019, fab equipment spending for memory fell 38% to below US$10 billion.
Royal Circuit Solutions found a niche to survive the printed circuit board industry 12/18/2019
It’s not just in one application or industry. Instead, it’s speed and design acumen that continue to bring customers back, which is why – in a region of the country where PCB manufacturing has been all but decimated by China – Royal is actually growing
Mexico raised its national minimum wage 20% 12/18/2019
The Labor Department said the lowest legal wage will be 123.22 pesos a day starting Jan. 1, or about $6.50 at current exchange rates. That is a boost from the 120.68-peso minimum wage prevailing this year.
Boeing halted MAX production 12/18/2019
The ramifications are likely to ripple beyond the factory floor of Boeing's plant in Renton, Washington, across both the aviation and manufacturing sectors. It could ultimately alter the country's trade balance.
Wisconsin governor warned Foxconn that the promised tax credits can be cancelled 12/17/2019
Foxconn originally proposed building a massive flat-screen plant in Mount Pleasant that would eventually employ 13,000 people. Enamored with the thought of a monumental economic boost going into the 2018 elections, then-Gov. Scott Walker and Republican legislators approved an unprecedented $3 billion state incentives package in 2017 for the factory. Democrats complained at the time that Walker and the GOP were giving away too much for a project that might never materialize.
DRAM spot market prices have begun to rebound 12/17/2019
DRAMeXchange indicated. Although downgraded chips are currently still being returned, memory module makers and channel brokers have become more willing to raise their inventories. With the stockpile of downgraded 1Xnm chips being quickly digested, spot prices have also started rising.
U.S. / China trade deal is only a short-term reprieve 12/17/2019
“I think it’s becoming an accepted part of doing business. When negotiating new contracts tariffs have to be factored in."
Lattice Semiconductor launched new low-power FPGA based on FD-SOI 12/17/2019
Lattice announced its intention to transition to FD-SOI for new products a couple of years ago, in order to take advantage of the process technology’s inherent strengths in power consumption and reliability. The company’s Nexus FD-SOI platform continues its focus on small form factor, low power FPGAs, and is optimized for devices with 10-200k logic cells.
Xiaomi's smartphone goes for side-mount fingerprints reader 12/16/2019
Swedish firm Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints) has just rolled out the FPC1540 slim side-mounted capacitive touch sensor for biometric authentication. Placed on the side of Xiaomi’s Redmi K30 smartphone inside the power button, the sensor is also suitable for the latest smartphone designs, including borderless and foldable phones.
GM Missouri plant expect to announce government incentive to expand Wentzville Assembly 12/16/2019
Missouri leaders have pushed hard to entice GM to expand. In July, Parson, a Republican, signed a bill providing up to $50 million of tax credits if GM invests $750 million to expand the Wentzville plant.
U.S. reached Phase 1 trade deal with China 12/16/2019
Chinese have agreed to "massive'' purchases of American farm and manufactured products. . The office of Trump's trade representative said China had consented to "structural reforms'' that would improve intellectual property protection and curb the practice of forcing foreign companies to hand over technology as the price of admission to the Chinese market.
Apple employee complaint - boss is reading my text 12/16/2019
A new allegation from a former Apple executive contends his ex-employer was actually reading his text messages.
Cisco to sell switcher chips to major data-center operators 12/13/2019
Cisco is now offering the chips, which it says are the fastest in the industry, to all of its customers, regardless of whether they buy its networking machinery. Previously Cisco’s chips were only available as components of its machines.
Everspin Technologies offers 32-Mb Toggle MRAM 12/13/2019
It’s designed to enable critical applications that need a higher density option, such as storing configurations, setup and data logging in embedded systems and Internet of things (IoT) devices, as well as anticipating device requirements driven by 5G networking,
Hyperspectral remote sensing to change agricultural production 12/13/2019
The global agriculture analytics market accounted for $590.03 million in 2018 and is projected to reach $2.46 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 17.2%.
Toyota North America CEO to retire after 38 years 12/13/2019
Now, after 38 years in a number of leadership roles with Toyota, Jim Lentz is retiring, effective April 1. Lentz, 64, will step down as CEO of Toyota Motor North America, and will be replaced by Tetsuo “Ted” Ogawa, who currently chief operating officer.
Original GPS inventors to receive Top-Engineer Award 12/12/2019
Prince Charles presented the award to Dr Bradford Parkinson, Hugo Fruehauf, Richard Schwartz, and Anna Marie Spilker, who accepted the award on behalf of her late husband, Professor James Spilker, Jr. They were honored for their work in creating the first truly global, satellite-based positioning system, GPS.
Apple sued former employee for breach of employment contract 12/12/2019
When Gerard Williams bolted from Apple early in 2018 to become CEO of a startup processor company, he was tempting fate, given how common it is for corporations to induce employees to sign non-compete agreements. Unsurprisingly, fate just came calling in the form of a lawsuit against Williams from his former employer, charging him with breach of contract.
November Consumer prices up 0.3% 12/12/2019
Inflation is in line with the Federal Reserve's target of 2% a year. The Fed has cut the short-term interest rate it controls three times this year, partly to protect a record-breaking U.S. economic expansion from the effects of President Donald Trump's trade war with China.
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