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Walmart to enhance checkout with apps and electronics 10/30/2018
The program will be slowly rolled out in coming weeks and will be available in all Walmart locations by Black Friday.
TI to build new 300mm fab in Texas 10/30/2018
The company will likely decide the location in the next year. One of the sites being considered is TI-owned land in Richardson.
Micron opens new back-end plant in TaiChung 10/30/2018
With the backend plant coming online, the US vendor will hire an additional 1,000 people in Taiwan in 2019.
Semiconductor equipment Book=to-bill down 10/30/2018
Since peaking in May at $2.7 billion, monthly equipment billings have declined by 23%. However, 2018 tool billings remain well ahead of last year's record pace.
Cadence offers 112G SerDes design 10/29/2018
The IP delivers the power, performance and area (PPA) efficiency required to build high-port density networking products for next-generation cloud-scale and telco datacentres.
Globalfoundries mOfifies JV terms with Chengdu Semiconductor on changing market 10/29/2018
The two firms plan to continue building a world-class FD-SOI ecosystem, including creating local technology infrastructure and bringing in more IP vendors and EDA partners, making Chengdu a center of excellence for FDXTM technology and thereby enabling local market adoption and demand generation.
Fujitsu to sign development partnership with Ericsson on 5G base stations 10/29/2018
The two will jointly develop equipment used in 5G base stations, with Fujitsu bringing its miniaturization and energy-saving expertise to the table. Marketing of the stations will benefit from Ericsson's international sales channel.
Intel overcomes 10nm process 10/29/2018
“We’re still very much reinforcing and reaffirming our previous guidance that we believe that we’ll have 10 nm shipping by holiday of 2019,”
SK Hynix pessimistic on NAND outlooks 10/26/2018
SK Hynix saw its DRAM ASPs rise by a mere 1% sequentially in the third quarter, while NAND flash ASPs fell 10% on quarter.
Wingtech from China wants to take over Nexperia, a spun off from NXP Semiconductors 10/26/2018
The plan to take control of Nexperia, a semiconductor component maker that was spun off from NXP Semiconductors , is subject to regulatory approval including from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).
Startup Atmosic Technologies to sample low power Bluetooth chips 10/26/2018
The company, led by a team of Atheros founders, initially targets a handful of markets such as keyboards and mice, remote controls and wearables.
Arm and Xilinx tides up on FPGA development 10/26/2018
Arm’s partnership with Xilinx opens the flexibility benefits of Arm processors for all developers and simplifies development on a consistent architecture spanning Xilinx’s Spartan, Artix and Zynq portfolios.
Qualcomm announced breakthrough in 5G millimeter wave antenna size 10/25/2018
Multiple 5G chipmakers have been facing eleventh-hour miniaturization challenges. In response, Qualcomm said it was “laser-focused on ensuring smartphone size is not impacted” by inclusion of millimeter wave hardware.
Traders seen NAND prices continue to fall 10/25/2018
NAND flash prices have declined by 50% so far this year due mainly to capacity expansions among major suppliers worldwide, and the prices are expected to drop further in 2019, when more capacities are available
Tom Cook warns personal data, was being "weaponized" 10/25/2018
Data protection has become a major political issue worldwide, and European regulators have led the charge in setting new rules for the big internet companies. The EU's new General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, requires companies to change the way they do business in the region.
Ways manufacturers can dodge tariff 10/25/2018
A foreign Company is in a competitive market and has always priced its product such that the reseller can sell at a lower price than the domestic version. Suddenly, the U.S. imposes a 25 percent tariff to take effect in two months.
Tesla shares jumped 9% as a long critic flipped his view 10/24/2018
Left said today that while he doesn’t currently drive a Tesla, he would buy its Model X SUV if he were in the market for a car.
As data size gets larger, so as memory security required 10/24/2018
"The prediction five to 10 years from now is that every flash and every external memory will have some cryptographic capabilities built into them."
Korean manufacturers to setup EUV process for DRAM 10/24/2018
Samsung has announced that it will soon incorporate EUV technology into 7nm fabrication process before extending the technology to DRAM production. SK Hynix recently also announced a plan to build a new DRAM plant in Icheon City, South Korea, with the plant to adopt the latest EUV technology now under development by the company.
Samsung joint venture with Qualcomm to develope small cells 5G networks 10/24/2018
Small cells are radio equipment and antennas which can be placed on structures such as street lights, the sides of buildings, or poles.
Samsung races into 7nm production with EUV process 10/23/2018
Samsung said that it has taped out and is ramping multiple 7nm chips using EUV following a similar announcement earlier this month from its larger foundry rival, TSMC.
LED prices fall 10/23/2018
Increased supply and decreased demand arising from seasonality, leading to on-year decreases of 20-30% for the whole year, according to industry sources.
ARM cut prices on Cortex-A5 cores 10/23/2018
Arm says it is offering the lower cost license in response to the developer community requesting easy access to a Linux-capable Arm processor.
With high dollars investment, China needs semiconductor telents 10/23/2018
serious talent shortage is casting clouds over the development, making it a pressing issue for IC players in the country to introduce talent from abroad, especially amid the escalating US-China trade conflicts.
iPhone XR still available for launch date pre=order 10/22/2018
Surprise is that the iPhone XR was the first new iPhone in generations not to sell out within hours of going on sale.
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