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Security lines at U.S. Airports increased to 3 hours long 1/16/2019
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport tweeted on Monday evening that it was experiencing "longer than usual wait times during peak travel" and advised passengers to "give yourself 3 hours to clear security."
DRAMeXchange said Flash Capacity Expansion is slowing down 1/16/2019
The total capex in the global NAND flash industry is expected to be US$22 billion in 2019, about 2% lower than year-ago levels, DRAMeXchange indicated.
Micron to spend $1.5 billion to scoop up Intel's holding on IM Flash JV 1/16/2019
"The payment will end Intel's noncontrolling interest in IM Flash and eliminate IM Flash member debt on Micron's balance sheet, which was $1 billion as of Nov. 29, 2018,"
RFID comes back alive with the rise of Industrial IoT 1/16/2019
Forecast to 2025' analysis that interconnectedness of devices has resulted in massive volumes of RFID data which needs to be managed and analysed. This has prompted RFID manufacturers to develop high-memory tags that can hold more information, software platforms with a business intelligence layer, as well as cloud-based solutions.
Intel partners with Redis Labs to advance 3DXPoint memory 1/15/2019
Redis Enterprise includes two usage modes for Optane-powered systems. Memory Mode prioritizes performance, and AppDirect mode prioritizes cost savings. "Using Memory Mode, Redis Enterprise-powered applications can achieve comparable performance to DRAM with significant cost benefits. Developers can achieve even greater cost savings using AppDirect mode with Redis Enterprise, while still delivering significantly faster performance compared to NVMe,"
Rigid-flex to drive PCB growth 1/15/2019
Rigid-flex boards will be increasingly needed to support production of ever-slimmer consumer electronic devices. Shipments of FPCBs for the iPhone X series almost double those for previous models, which has benefited Taiwan suppliers including Zhen Ding Technology (ZDT), Flexium Interconnect, and Career Technology.
Memory still the main driver for Semiconductor growth 1/15/2019
Samsung Stayed as the Top 1 Vendor While SK hynix and Micron Technology Were the Strong Performers
Nanoco Technologies and Plessey Semiconductors partnered to shrink the pixel size of monolithic microLED displays 1/15/2019
The process will enable the production of smaller, higher-resolution microLED displays in applications such as AR/VR devices, watches, and mobile devices while enhancing both color rendition and energy efficiency.
AMD uses caution in selecting 7nm fab, partners 1/14/2019
"2019 will be an inflection point for the industry as we bring these new products to market," said AMD president and CEO Lisa Su when announcing the company's first 7nm CPU and GPU
Qualcomm and MediaTek first to offer WiFi 6 802.11ax chips 1/14/2019
Wi-Fi 6, announced in early October 2018 by Wi-Fi Alliance as the designation for devices based on 802.11ax standard, will become a crucial pivot point behind B2B business opportunities in the 5G era, according to industry observers.
Organic LED (OLED) found applications other than TV 1/14/2019
OLEDs promise to be the next big thing in solid state lighting technology and might become useful in other applications as well. Inorganic LEDs still tend to make more economic and technological sense for many applications,
Robo delivery is the next step 1/14/2019
Seriously? Imagine your street crawling with little androids delivering groceries and Chinese food.
Nature of IoT progress on 1/11/2019
In the past five years, the concept of internet of things devices has evolved from sensors and other chips uploading data to the computing cloud to data processing at the network edge, What's changing is that processing capability will move from the data center and flow toward the edge,
SK Innovation to invest $10 billion on EV battery development 1/11/2019
SK Innovation is the energy and chemicals unit of South Korea’s third-largest conglomerate SK Group. The unit currently has battery-cell capacity of 4.7 GWh a year, which is targeted to rise to 60 GWh by 2022,
SK hynix joins the self-driving car race 1/11/2019
SK hynix is participating in the Consumer Electronics Show for the first time this week, joining its counterparts from other SK Group affiliates. In the affiliates’ joint presentation for autonomous driving technologies and solutions, SK hynix is in charge of the memory chips for autonomous cars.
AMD highlights first 7nm GPU at CES Show 1/11/2019
Su announced that the Radeon VII GPU would be available starting next month and that its second-generation Ryzen mobile processors would begin showing up in ultrathin and gaming laptops by the end of the first quarter.
Toshiba offers the BG4, a 1TB embedded PCIe SSD system 1/10/2019
BG4 is the first such drive to offer a 1 TB capacity in such a small physical package, enabled through the use of Toshiba's 96-layer 3D "BiCS" TLC NAND,
Cypress offers automotive SOC with Bluetooth and WiFi combo 1/10/2019
The semiconductors, introduced at CES 2019, which is taking place this week in Las Vegas, are built on Cypress’ real simultaneous dual-band (RSDB) architecture that enables two data streams to run at full throughput simultaneously by integrating two complete Wi-Fi subsystems into a single chip.
Toyota Research Institute (TRI), announced autonomous chauffeur system," Guardian ". 1/10/2019
Guardian, will be made available to every automaker and technology company engaged in research and testing in the area of autonomous vehicles (AV).
Intel disclosed company’s first volume 10nm PC processor 1/10/2019
Company representatives explained Intel has, over the years, redefined its focus from PC-centric to data-centric, and the data market is an opportunity of roughly $300 billion.
Semiconductor industry heading for a slow down 1/9/2019
Gartner forecasts chip revenue growth will slow to 2.6% this year. It expects a bounce back to 8.1% growth in 2020, followed by a 1.8% contraction in 2021 for an average of 5.6% growth in 2017-2022.
China trade talk restarted 1/9/2019
Chinese growth fell to a post-global crisis low of 6.5 percent in the quarter ending in September. Auto sales tumbled 16 percent in November over a year earlier. Weak real estate sales are forcing developers to cut prices.The U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of 3.4 percent in the third quarter, and unemployment is at a five-decade low. But surveys show consumer confidence is weakening.
City of Shenzhen to turn all taxi fleets green 1/9/2019
Shenzhen in southern China announced at the start of this year that 99 percent of the 21,689 taxis operating in the city were electric. Last year, it still had 7,500 gasoline-powered taxis on the roads.
Six BSAF engineers arrested for selling company technology to the Chinese 1/9/2019
One current and five former BASF engineers took a bribe of more than 40 million yuan ($5.8 million). Jianghua used their information to help build a new factory, according to Criminal Investigation Bureau official Lu Sung-hao. Lu added that the transfer involved the exchange of proprietary technology for the money.
Huawei and Lenovo provide key witnesses at San Jose trial against Qualcomm 1/8/2019
Huawei Technologies Co. and Lenovo Group Ltd. provided testimony that the FTC argues proves that Qualcomm threatened to withhold chip supply unless they continued to pay technology licensing fees.
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