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Uber files for IPO 3/15/2019
Uber reportedly kick off its IPO roadshow next month. As part of its offering, Uber is also expected to reward some of its more active or long-time drivers with a cash award.
Samsung is in mass production of 12GB LPDDR4X mobile DRAM 3/15/2019
"With more smartphones adopting more features, Samsung has seen increasing demand for higher-capacity DRAM chips from phone makers."
Semiconductor Industry to see better days in second half of 2019 3/15/2019
IC distributors are expected to see demand pick up after the second quarter with revenues set to rebound and grow through the end of 2019, the sources said. Demand for high performance computing devices and 5G related applications will be driving their mid- and long-term revenue growth, the sources added.
China's exports fall due to global weak demand 3/15/2019
Exports to the United States, China's biggest trading partner, fell 14.1 percent from a year earlier to $52.3 billion in the first two months of 2019. China's global exports sank 4.6 percent to $353.2 billion for the two-month period.
Facebook acquired IP provider that specializes in on-chip network (NoC) and power-management 3/14/2019
"Expertise in silicon is an important step for our 10-year roadmap. We’re excited to welcome the remarkable Sonics team and technology to AR/VR at Facebook.”
PC and Tablets shipment to continue its down trend 3/14/2019
IDC (Framingham, Mass.) predicts that combined shipments of traditional PCs and tablet will decline to 391.1 million units in 2019, down 3.3% compared to 2018. Combined shipments of the devices also declined in 2018, despite growth in the commercial PC market, according to the firm.
U.S. wholesale prices up slightly 3/14/2019
The producer price index — which measures price changes before they reach the consumer — rose 0.1 percent in February, the Labor Department said Wednesday.
U.S. durable goods order up 0.4 percent 3/14/2019
Orders for durable goods rose 0.4 percent in January, led by a 15.9 percent rise in orders for commercial aircraft, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday. The category that serves as a proxy for business investment rose 0.8 percent after two months of declines. It was the biggest gain since a 1.5 percent July bump.
Intel report regains semi revenue lead in Q4 2018 3/13/2019
Samsung's five quarters of dominance in the semiconductor revenue charts came to an end in Q4 2018 with Intel grabbing the top spot, claims an IHS Markit report. Intel's semiconductor sales revenue hit $18.4 billion during the quarter, compared to $15.8 billion for Samsung.
China set agressive growth target at People's Congress Conference 3/13/2019
The country's top economic official, set this year's growth target at 6 to 6.5 percent, reflecting determination to shore up a cooling, state-dominated economy and prevent politically dangerous job losses. Slightly below last year's 6.6 percent growth, a three-decade low, it would be among the world's strongest if achieved.
U.S. Millitary picked winged space ship design for its space defense system 3/13/2019
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which launched an experimental space plane program in 2013, recently settled on a winged design that would be propelled by a version of Aerojet Rocketdyne’s AR-22 engine originally used as the main engine for the American space shuttle.
Nvidia put $6.9 billion to acquire Mellanox 3/13/2019
Nvidia has agreed to acquire networking IC vendor Mellanox Technologies for $6.9 billion to bolster its data center computing business.
Demand for servers could revive free fall DRAM prices 3/8/2019
DRAM market will remain in an oversupply situation through the first half of second-quarter 2019, said the sources. Nevertheless, demand for servers is expected to start picking up between the end of the second quarter and the third quarter, which may also start lifting DRAM prices.
Dialog to buy silicon Motion's mobile communication product line 3/8/2019
The acquisition provides Dialog with a portfolio of complementary Connectivity-based products that includes Ultra-Low-Power Wi-Fi System-on-Chip (SoCs) and Modules, Mobile TV SoCs and Mobile Communication transceiver ICs.
DRAM prices sank 3/8/2019
PC DRAM are on pace to decline by 30% in the first quarter, the steepest decline in a single quarter since 2011, according to DRAMeXchange, a market research firm that tracks memory chip prices.
Huawei sue U.S. for unfairly banned from market 3/8/2019
The irony was not lost on me. Think about it: Here’s the Chinese company, not the U.S. company, suing the United States over Congress’s violation of the U.S. Constitution. According to Huawei, Congress broke constitutional principles on the separation of powers, and the act of singling out an individual or group for punishment without a trial is unconstitutional.
Analog Device offers up and down converter for 5G millimeter wave bands 3/7/2019
Each upconverter and downconverter is highly integrated, comprising I (in- phase) and Q (quadrature-phase) mixers with on-chip programmable quadrature phase- shifter configurable for direct conversion to/from baseband (operable from DC to 6 GHz) or to an IF (operable from 800 MHz to 6 GHz).
Samsung ships embedded MRAM at commercial level 3/7/2019
MRAM technology is non-volatile, meaning data is not erased even without electricity like NAND Flash, but it can still process data as fast as volatile DRAM and is considered a next-generation memory technology. eMRAM has writing speeds that are a thousand times faster than eFlash as it doesn't require an erase cycle before writing data and can overcome the latter's scalability issues.
Globalfoundries to fabricate MACOM’s Laser Photonic Integrated Circuit platform 3/7/2019
The collaboration will leverage GloFo’s 300mm silicon manufacturing process to deliver requisite cost, scale and capacity that is expected to enable mainstream L-PIC deployment for hyperscale Data Center interconnects and 5G network deployments at 100G, 400G and beyond.
Graphic cards in oversupply 3/7/2019
With the dissipation of the cryptocurrency mining fad, graphics card players have begun cutting product prices in a bid to clear out excess inventory at the expense of profitability.
Toshiba samples motor driver chip for automotive controls 3/6/2019
The TB9058FNG is suitable for many applications requiring up to 0.3A drive current using LIN BUS including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) damper control drivers.
Evidence of downfall semi market seen 3/6/2019
Chip sales fell sharply in January on both a sequential and annual basis, according to the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization. It was the first year-to-year decline in chip sales for any month since July 2016.
Trump ends preferential trade program with India and Turkey 3/6/2019
U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer announced Monday that India and Turkey will within 60 days no longer qualify for a zero-tariffs status that is given to some poor countries to help them grow. The decision came at U.S. President Donald Trump's direction.
China to consider legal changes to accomodate Western government request 3/6/2019
The technology measure is part of a proposed law on foreign investment that aims to address complaints by Washington, Europe and other trading partners that China's system is rigged against foreign companies.
Korea chip export hit 19-month low 3/5/2019
Chip exports tumbled 23.3 percent on-year to US$7.42 billion in January, accounting for 16 percent of the country's total exports, according to the data from the trade ministry and the Korea Customs Service.
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