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Top-five wafer leaders control 53% of the global capacity 2/14/2020
As of December 2019, Samsung had the most installed wafer capacity with 2.9 million 200mm-equivalent wafers per month, IC Insights indicated. That represented 15.0% of the world's total capacity and about two-thirds of it was used for the fabrication of DRAM and NAND flash memory devices.
Auto sales plunged in China 2/14/2020
Sales of SUVs, sedans and minivans fell 20.2% from a year earlier to 1.6 million, an industry group, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, reported Thursday.
Airbus wants to redesign its plans away from the tube shape fuselage 2/14/2020
It features a “blended-wing” design that mostly merges the fuselage and the wing to give the appearance of one giant wing.
Startup EV company announce electrical truck promised to break class performance 2/14/2020
Nikola Corporation pledged late last year to debut “game-changing” battery technology in 2020. This week, the company added another noteworthy item to the agenda for its Nikola World event this fall: its first-ever passenger vehicle.
Business struggle to fix disrupted supply chain issues 2/13/2020
Shuttered factories and travel restrictions in China have contributed to a 20% drop in oil prices since Jan. 7. Prices for copper, soybeans and even lean hogs have all fallen more than 6% over the same time. Much of China remains on lockdown. Even factories that are open must contend with logistical bottlenecks and labor shortages as travel restrictions prevent employees from returning to work.
Lyft recorded $2.6 billion annual loss 2/13/2020
Ride-hailing service Lyft is sticking with its prediction that it will be profitable by the end of next year. This while its annual loss more than doubled in 2019 to over $2.6 billion.
Foxconn hopes to resume half of its production in China 2/13/2020
Foxconn hopes to resume half of its production in China by month-end. The world’s largest contract electronics maker also aims to resume 80% of production in China in March.
Mobile World Congress in Barcelona canceled due to virus 2/13/2020
The government of China is widely reported to be struggling to contain the virus. It is trying to impose quarantines in the midst of a holiday during which millions of Chinese citizens travel. The government is reported to be scrambling maintain quarantines, to provide medical attention, and to assure food supplies, all while declining help offered by other nations.
Winbond predicts a tightened memory supply 2/12/2020
DRAM market demand still looks promising, thanks to 5G, Chan noted. Demand will be on par with or exceed supply in the second half of 2020, Chan said. As for flash memory, a healthy supply-demand balance is set to take place in the NOR flash and SLC NAND segments during the first half of 2020 driven by robust demand for TWS earbuds, Wi-Fi 6, IoT and 5G related devices.
Infineon gains in silicon microphone sector 2/12/2020
Reinhard Ploss, CEO of Infineon, said, “Demand for the latest generation of our silicon microphones is growing dynamically. We are also seeing signs of improvement in individual areas such as the server business.
China remains in a "shut-down" mode 2/12/2020
Despite the official end of the extended Lunar New Year holiday, many remained at home on Tuesday with around 60 million people under virtual quarantine.
Powell think that U.S. Economy is resilient regardless of Coronavirus 2/12/2020
Giving the Fed’s semiannual monetary report to Congress, Powell said that the Fed is content with where interest rates are, suggesting that no further rate cuts are being contemplated unless economic conditions were to change significantly.
Server segment to drive adoption to DDR5 2/11/2020
DDR5 doubles memory density, it will feed the need in data centers for growing processor core counts with increased memory bandwidth and capacity.
Xerox continue to persue merger with HP Computer 2/11/2020
Xerox said Monday that it plans to make the offer about March 2. It will consist of $24 per HP share, including $18.40 in cash and 0.149 Xerox shares for each HP share.
Volvo Cars and Chinese automaker Geely to combine operations 2/11/2020
They are considering combining their businesses to create a company that “would accelerate financial and technological synergies between the two companies.”
Northrop Grumman expands Arizona plant for satellite assembly and test 2/11/2020
They've made satellites for NASA, the Department of Defense, and other customers from around the world.
Etron found applications for reduced pin-count legacy DRAM 2/10/2020
“There are a lot of applications out there that use significantly less than one gigabit worth of memory,” he said. “There’s interest in just having right-sized memories that are easy to use.”
Uber post billion dollar lose 2/10/2020
The San Francisco-based ride-hailing giant lost $1.1 billion in the fourth quarter of 2019, about 24% more than the same time last year. The loss amounted to 64 cents per share, which was slightly better than what analysts were expecting.
Attorney General William Barr warned of Chinese wireless network dorminance 2/10/2020
“If China establishes sole dominance over 5G, it will be able to dominate the opportunities arising from a stunning range of emerging technologies that will be dependent on, and interwoven with, the 5G platform," Barr said.
Contract manufacturer end BlackBerry phone production 2/10/2020
TCL announced Monday that its contract with BlackBerry has come to an end and that it is no longer licensed to produce or sell BlackBerry devices. TCL says it will still support existing devices until 2022, but that’s about it.
5G base station chips keep Taiwan backend service firms busy 2/7/2020
5G base station chips demand from China will stay strong in the mid to long term despite uncertainty about when the coronavirus outbreak can be contained.
U.S. Q4 productivity up 1.7% 2/7/2020
For the year, productivity increased 1.7%, up from 1.3% advances in both 2017 and 2018. While a 1.7% rise in productivity is considered modest, it was the best annual showing since a 3.4% advance in 2010.
FBI turns its attention to Chinese espionage 2/7/2020
The Justice Department in 2018 created what it calls the China Initiative to focus attention on the espionage threat, though officials stressed Thursday that the scrutiny was aimed not at individual Chinese citizens but rather at those suspected of stealing from America on Beijing's behalf.
China scientists have applied to patent an antivirus drug made by U.S. company 2/7/2020
Granting its own scientists a patent might give the Chinese government leverage in negotiations over paying for the drug. But it also might fuel complaints Beijing abuses its regulatory system to pressure foreign companies to hand over valuable technology.
KIOXIA Europe to ship fifth-generation BiCS FLASH with 112-layer vertically stack 2/6/2020
The new device aims to fulfill ever-growing bit demands for a wide variety of applications, including traditional mobile devices, consumer and enterprise SSDs, emerging applications enabled by the new 5G networks, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.
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