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Memory prices start to stablize 9/24/2019
The price of three-dimensional high-spec NAND rose for two months in a row, while the most widely used memory DRAMs halted their price fall in August for the first time since September 2018.
Wireless charging is here to stay 9/24/2019
The more machines, gadgets we have, the more cables we need to connect them to the grid. Or not? With wireless charging you can easily get rid of tangled charging cables that have become a real issue in our life in the past couple of years.
Taiwan startup claim better gesture recognition than Google 9/24/2019
New gesture-recognition systems are based on 60 GHz radar, and while most vendors of 60 GHz radar ICs build their products using relatively expensive silicon germanium (SiG), KaiKuTek’s device is built using standard CMOS.
Experts discussed if Level 5 autonomous is attainable ? 9/24/2019
That “common sense understanding” of context and self-awareness, which is intrinsic to human thought, might be possible for computers in ten years, said Selman, “but it could be 20 or 30 years away.”
China's ChangXin Memory Technologies (CXMT) sets itself as an IDM for DRAM technology 9/23/2019
IDM has proved the best business model for DRAM firms following decades of the industry's development, and therefore CXMT has been embracing such a model since its inception in 2016.
Taiwan semiconductor leaders met with president for R & D funding 9/23/2019
The government has already launched the 5+2 Industry Transformation project that combines resources of the government, industries and academia to help nurture talent that industries need.
We are heading into monster chip of complex SoC design 9/23/2019
It’s not only big datacenter artificial intelligence (AI) chips, but also autonomous vehicles such as cars, trucks and drones; they are self-landing, reusable rockets; they are medical devices carrying out remote diagnostics; and they are connected machine tool controllers supporting smart manufacturing.
Semiconductor industry heading for a rebounce 9/23/2019
Future Horizons, assured that industry fundamentals were sound, and after a fall of around 15% in 2019, the industry will rebound with around 4% revenue growth to $414 billion in 2020.
Foxconn wants to become a full-solution provider 9/20/2019
Foxconn's goal is to become a full-solution provider that covers segments ranging from IC to software design. The group is also set to vertical integrate all its existing resources and deployments in fields such as semiconductor equipment, packaging and testing, foundry, IC design, system integration and channel, and to push for a modularized or even systemized platform.
Merger and Acquisition trend re-ignited 9/20/2019
Semiconductor M&A activity strengthened in the first eight months of 2019 with the combined value of about 20 M&A agreement announcements reaching $28.0 billion for the purchase of chip companies, business units, product lines, intellectual property (IP), and wafer fabs between January and the end of August.
Infineon offers digital barometric sensor capable of measuring both pressure and temperature 9/20/2019
The DPS368 ideal for mobile applications and wearable devices offering e.g. activity tracking and navigation. Additionally the sensor can be used in home appliances for airflow control, in drones for flight stability and in medical devices such as smart inhalers.
High Definition Mapping is an important element to autonomous driving 9/20/2019
HD maps have many more details than traditional varieties do. They’re typically shown at the centimeter scale. Instead of merely indicating things like the locations of particular places or the distance between two destinations, HD maps feature information about lane placement, road boundaries, the severity of curves, the gradient of the road surface, and more.
Canadian startup has a low cost AI processor to convert speech to text 9/19/2019
Voice control functionality, typically done via internet connection to the cloud today, can now be added to all manner of appliances.
Ultrasound imaging has made significant progress in enhancing performance 9/19/2019
The advances in the field of microelectronics have directed the instrumentation towards portable and high-efficiency solutions, with performances that are getting closer and closer to the more complex and decidedly larger systems.
Synopsys offers next generation of embedded vision processor design 9/19/2019
Based on the ARCv2 RISC instruction set architecture, the new DesignWare ARC EV7x vision processors feature a 1, 2 or 4-core heterogeneous architecture which integrates vector DSP, vector FPU, and neural network accelerator to enable a variety of intelligent automotive and consumer applications with integrated AES encryption.
Carriers are hurdling to join the deployment of 5G 9/19/2019
As a reality check, the August “report card on 5G” from the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) noted that despite “continued progress,” so far just 39 global operators have announced 3GPP-compatible commercial 5G services. The most recent ones include three operators in Kuwait, one in Bahrain, T-Mobile and Vodafone in Germany, Vodafone in the UK – and the prominent operator in the Maldives
IoT devices to dominate the Bluetooth market by 2024 9/18/2019
According to the research firm, by 2024, IoT devices will represent 31% of total Bluetooth device shipments and 27% of total WiFi device shipments, up from 13% and 10%, respectively, in 2018. Key markets for Bluetooth are expected to be in beacons, asset management and personal trackers.
Intel executive who led company's 5G modem effort resigned in July 9/18/2019
An Intel spokesperson said "As we’ve previously stated, we will continue to develop and support our 4G/LTE (e.g. 7360, 7560) for the PC segment and are evaluating the best options for delivering a platform-level solution for 5G in modern laptops."
Sony Corp. rejects proposal to split its IC unit 9/18/2019
Sony's semiconductor business "is expected to create even more value going forward through its close collaboration with the other businesses and personnel within the Sony group," Sony President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said in a letter.
Qualcomm pay TDK $3.1 billion to buy out RF development JV 9/18/2019
Qualcomm and TDK worked together to expand the former’s expertise in developing RFFE parts that connect cellular modems to antennas, which have historically been separate components inside smartphones and other cellular devices.
Murata offers new soil sensor aims to increase the yield and quality of crops 9/17/2019
Murata developed a compact 13cm sensor that draws on the company’s know-how and expertise in the fields of electronic components, circuit design and software design to measure the condition of agricultural land, and to channel water with high precision.
US$50 billion of IC fab to begin building next year 9/17/2019
Fifteen new fab projects with a total investment of US$38 billion will have started construction by the end of 2019 with 18 more fab projects forecast to start construction in 2020, SEMI said.
Winbond launched LPDDR4X Mobile DRAM 9/17/2019
Winbond Electronics has been devoted to the development of the niche memory product market for many years. Winbond pays great attention to their customers’ needs and the development trend of new technologies, and has successfully developed a new generation of Mobile DDR products LPDDR4X to fulfill the needs.
Hauwei is open to licensing its 5G technology to U.S.-based manufacturers 9/17/2019
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote that he had met with reclusive Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, and reported that Ren had made a startling offer: if the U.S. is concerned about potential security problems associated with Huawei equipment, then Hauwei would be open to licensing its technology to U.S.-based manufacturers.
Tsinghua Unigroup advanced schedule of new DRAM fab to open 2021 9/16/2019
TrendForce noted in its new report that the fast pace of the construction is due to the Chinese government’s commitment to becoming an independent producer of memory chips, among other things
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