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Global Semiconductor Sales Up 15% YoY in 1Q 5/10/2024
Worldwide sales of semiconductors totaled $137.7 billion during the first quarter of 2024, an increase of 15.2% compared to the first quarter of 2023
HBM's share of DRAM market expected to top 20% this year 5/9/2024
The HBM market is being driven by significant pricing premiums. HBM’s unit sales price is several times higher than that of conventional DRAM and about five times that of DDR5.
US Revokes Intel, Qualcomm Licenses to Sell Chips to Huawei 5/9/2024
The US is also considering sanctions against six other Chinese companies that could be supplying chips to Huawei.
US chip production capacity expected to triple by 2032 5/9/2024
US chip production capacity is projected to triple by 2032, taking its global share to 14% from 10%, according to a study by the Semiconductor Industry Association and commissioned by the Boston Consulting Group. The study points to the CHIPS and Science Act and other federally funded programs in the reversal of a downward trend in domestic chip production.
Microchip MCU Helps Designers Easily Incorporate Embedded Security 5/9/2024
Microchip Technology Inc. has launched a new family of PIC32CK 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) that features an integrated Hardware Security Module (HSM) subsystem and Arm Cortex-M33 core featuring TrustZone technology to help isolate and secure the device.
Intel partners with 14 Japanese firms to automate chipmaking process 5/8/2024
Back-end processes are seen as ideal for automation as they are considered more labor-intensive than "front-end processes," where electronic circuit designs are etched onto silicon wafers.
Apple is developing its own AI chip for data centers 5/8/2024
A report in The Wall Street Journal says Apple is working on an AI chip for data centers in a project codenamed Project ACDC, or Apple Chips in Data Center. Apple's server chip would likely focus on AI model inference and not training models, the report said
Renesas Low-Power Timing Solution Touts Jitter Performance of 25fs-rms 5/8/2024
The new FemtoClock 3 family includes ultra-low jitter clock generators and jitter attenuators with 8 and 12 outputs, enabling high-performance, easy-to-use, and cost-effective clock tree designs for next-generation, high-speed interconnect systems. Target
'Elon Musk has let us down': Tesla enters its fourth week of layoffs 5/8/2024
It was unclear Monday afternoon how many workers have been affected by the latest round of job cuts. While at least one worker said they were directly informed by their manager, it’s likely that many found out by email.
2nm competition is heating up 5/7/2024
TSMC to start high volume production on its N2 process using GAA transistors this year, and that production on its N2P process using both GAA and backside power delivery (BSD) – would start in 2026.
GenAI-Capable AI Laptops to Dominate PC Shipments by 2027 5/7/2024
We are now entering a new era of PCs based on artificial intelligence (AI), thanks to the boom witnessed in generative AI (GenAI).
Microchip Enhances Security of Touchscreen Payment Systems 5/7/2024
To help EV charger designers protect their payment architectures, Microchip Technology Inc. has launched the MXT2952TD 2.0 family of secure touchscreen controllers.
In 2023, investment in clean energy manufacturing shot up 70% from 2022 5/7/2024
solar, wind, batteries, electrolyzers, and heat pumps – rose to $200 billion in 2023, an increase of more than 70% from 2022 that accounted for around 4% of global GDP growth and nearly 10% of global investment growth.
Synopsys preparing for sale of software unit for over $2B 5/6/2024
Private equity consortium led by Clearlake Capital and Francisco Partners is in advanced talks to acquire the software integrity (SIG) unit of chip designer Synopsys (SNPS.O) for more than $2 billion
Qualcomm chief outlines moves beyond smartphone chips 5/6/2024
Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon says the company is seeing growth in automotive and demand for AI-powered devices as it continues its diversification. Amon pointed to the upcoming Snapdragon Elite X chips in Microsoft Windows.
Starlink Satellites Make Up 60% of All Active Spacecraft in Orbit 5/6/2024
SpaceX now has nearly 5,900 Starlink satellites in low-Earth orbit, but it wants 30,000, posing potential safety concerns as space around the planet gets ever-more crowded.
Silicon carbide brings performance, efficiency to EV sector 5/3/2024
Silicon carbide is being labeled as the next big thing in electric vehicles. SiC offers rapid-charging solutions, power conversion efficiency and overall performance. It also provides versatility and scalability in high-temperature, high-power applications.
SK Hynix nearly sold out of HBM chips for 2025 5/3/2024
SK Hynix reports booming sales for its high-bandwidth memory chips on AI demand and has nearly sold out its production capacity for next year. The company plans to sample its 12-layer HBM3E this month and begin mass production in the third quarter.
Guerrilla RF Completes Acquisition of Gallium Semiconductor’s GaN Device Biz 5/3/2024
Guerrilla RF has finalized the acquisition of Gallium Semiconductor's entire portfolio of GaN power amplifiers and front-end modules. Effective April 26th, 2024, GUER acquired all previously released components as well as new cores under development at Gallium Semiconductor.
Intel Paints Their AI Future with Gaudi 3 5/3/2024
Intel is painting a future AI accelerator competitive landscape with three viable options: itself, AMD and, of course, Nvidia.
Imec showcases wafer-bonding tech with 400nm pitch copper conductors 5/2/2024
Semiconductor research lab Imec has demonstrated wafer-bonding with 400nm pitch copper conductors across the boundary, proposing the technology for logic-on-logic and memory-on-logic wafer stacking within ICs, and for adding back-side power networks to die.
NVIDIA’s Blackwell Expected to Boost TSMC’s CoWoS Total Capacity by Over 150% in 2024 5/2/2024
The supply chain has high expectations for the GB200, with projections suggesting that its shipments could exceed millions of units by 2025, potentially making up nearly 40 to 50% of NVIDIA’s high-end GPU market.
Microchip Strengthens Automotive Networking Market Leadership with VSI Acquisition 5/2/2024
Microchip Technology Inc. has completed the acquisition of Seoul, Korea-based VSI Co. Ltd, an industry pioneer in providing high-speed, asymmetric, camera, sensor and display connectivity technologies and products
Tesla has backs away from an ambitious plan for innovations in gigacasting 5/2/2024
Tesla has backed away from an ambitious plan for innovations in gigacasting, its pioneering manufacturing process, according to two sources familiar with the matter, in another sign that the electric-vehicle maker is retrenching amid falling sales and rising competition.
Microsoft allocates $1.7B to expand cloud, AI services in Indonesia 5/1/2024
Microsoft (MSFT.O) will invest $1.7 billion over the next four years into expanding cloud services and artificial intelligence in Indonesia, including building data centres,
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