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SK Hynix reported record quarterly operating loss of $2.54 billion 4/27/2023
This is a reversal from the 2.84 trillion won operating profit in the same period last year, and a larger loss from the 1.89 trillion won operating loss the previous quarter. Overall revenue tumbled 58% year-on-year to 5.09 trillion, according to the company’s earnings release.
Delta showcase latest MOOVair 30kW Wireless Charging System for e-forklifts 4/27/2023
The System features advanced contactless power transmission and Delta’s 50-plus years of expertise in high-efficiency power electronics, to charge electric forklifts with up to 95% peak efficiency. It is the ideal solution to boost the rapid demand for electric forklifts in fast-growing smart factories across the world.
Businesses can profit from cloud computing if they can overcome its challenges 4/27/2023
Businesses must be aware of possible obstacles they may encounter and how to maximize the benefits of their cloud-based solutions to remain competitive.
Winbond joins STMicroelectronics partner programme 4/26/2023
The collaboration moves to optimise integration and performance and assure long-term availability of both Winbond and ST devices to meet the needs of customers serving industrial markets.
ASML said to build a new research centre including a clean room together with Eindhoven's Technical University 4/26/2023
TU Eindhoven said it expects the project will lead to 40 new PhDs annually at the university in fields related to semiconductor manufacturing including nano materials, photonics and quantum computing.
Analog Devices Inc. appointed new Chief Technology Officer 4/26/2023
Lee will identify and work to advance the next-generation technologies that will disrupt and shape the semiconductor industry and its markets.
Calls for a six-month pause on the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4 4/26/2023
“Powerful AI systems should be developed only once we are confident that their effects will be positive and their risks will be manageable.”
Apple's M3 chip to start production later this year 4/25/2023
Quite aside from potentially being the first commercially available chips with a 3nm architecture, M3 should offer enhanced performance and efficiency. In essence, using a smaller transistor – that's what the 3nm measurement refers to – allows you to pack more of them on a chip, and/or put more space between them, to improve thermals.
ARM is reportedly building its own chip 4/25/2023
ARM is reportedly building a chip to show off what its designs can do.
Cadence's Virtuoso Studio allows more than a 3X improvement in design throughput 4/25/2023
Virtuoso Studio addresses the challenges customers face with larger, more complex designs, empowering them to analyze and verify designs to ensure that design intent is maintained throughout the design cycle. This new platform features seamless integration with other Cadence solutions.
Consider software test automation as one of the top technical challenges impacting the satellite industry 4/25/2023
“The satellite industry is undergoing a major transformation, driven by accelerating technology development in the commercial space sector and is now turning out new designs with vastly reduced cycle times,”
Memory packaging revenues are estimated to be worth $31.8 billion in 2028 4/24/2023
DRAM will grow with a CAGR22-28 of around 13%, reaching around $20.7 billion in 2028, while NAND will grow at a faster pace, with a CAGR22-28 of around 17%, and its packaging revenue is forecast to reach around $8.9 billion by 2028.
TSMC forecast sales to tumble 16% in Q2 4/24/2023
The world's largest chipmaker said industry inventories were higher than expected and would only rebalance to a healthier level in Q3.
Silicon Production Expansion Driving Price Drops 4/24/2023
production capacity continues to expand, while silicon wafer makers struggle to absorb excess inventory. According to TrendForce, this imbalance has led to a gradual and persistent decline in prices. The lowest quoted price has already dipped to CNY180/kg ($26.10), with average market transaction prices hovering around CNY190/kg.
GaN and SiC Technologies on Spotlight at PowerUP Asia Conference 4/24/2023
WBG is one of the key focus topics at the upcoming PowerUP Asia conference and virtual exhibition on May 24-26, 2023.
Intel Preps 2000W Coolers for Future Chips 4/21/2023
Firm will turn to “new materials and structures” to soothe its next-gen architectures.
SK hynix to develop 12-layer HBM3 product with a 24 gigabyte (GB) memory capacity 4/21/2023
HBM or high bandwidth memory is a high-value, high-performance memory that vertically interconnects multiple DRAM chips and dramatically increases data processing speed in comparison to traditional DRAM products. HBM3 is the 4th generation of the previous products HBM, HBM2 and HBM2E.
ASML's net profit in Q1 outpaces expectations 4/21/2023
ASML posted a threefold jump in net profit to 1.96 billion euros ($2.15 billion) on revenue up 91% at 6.74 billion euros. Analysts had forecast net profit of 1.62 billion euros on revenue of 6.31 billion euros, Refinitiv data shows.
Hitachi High-Tech Corp to construct a new production facility in Kasado Area of Kudamatsu City 4/21/2023
This is to increase production capacity of etching systems for its semiconductor equipment manufacturing business, with production scheduled to begin in FY2025.
Cadence Design Systems demonstrates interoperability between LPDDR5X memory interface IP and SK hynix’s LPDDR5T 4/20/2023
This development follows Cadence’s earlier announcement of the first LPDDR5X memory interface IP design operating at 8533Mbps and SK hynix’s first announcement of its LPDDR5T mobile DRAM technology operating at 9600Mbps.
SK Hynix joins in providing high bandwidth memory 4/20/2023
SK Hynix will likely be the primary beneficiary of the HBM rally as it leads shipments of this type of memory, holding a 50% share in 2022, according to TrendForce.
TI Launches Stand-alone Active EMI Filter ICs for High-density Power Supply Designs 4/20/2023
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has launched the industry’s first stand-alone active electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter integrated circuits (ICs), enabling engineers to implement smaller, lighter EMI filters, to enhance system functionality at reduced system cost while simultaneously meeting EMI regulatory standards.
NexCOBOT is showcasing a new functional safety robot control solution in Hannover Messe 2023 4/20/2023
NexCOBOT’s PC-based robot control platform-SCB100, coupled with Synapticon’s smart servo drive and safe motion module form the next generation modularized collaborative application robot control ROBASafe solution, building the world’s first x86 SIL 2/SIL 3 robot control solution.
China’s memory production is expected to decline over the next two years 4/19/2023
All in all, China’s share of global NAND Flash capacity is expected to drop from 31% to 18% by 2025.
TSMC expected to post a 5% fall in first-quarter net profit 4/19/2023
The world's largest contract chipmaker and a major Apple Inc (AAPL.O) supplier, is likely to report net profit for the January-March period of T$192.5 billion ($6.30 billion), down from T$202.7 billion a year earlier, according to the average of 21 analysts polled by Reuters.
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