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ASM invests $324M to expand Ariz. operations with new HQ 12/8/2023
Dutch chip equipment maker ASM is expanding its operations in Arizona with a $324 million investment over five years to construct a 20-acre Scottsdale facility for research, design and engineering. The company has had its US headquarters in Phoenix for more than four decades.
Micro-AUVs Revolutionizing Ocean Exploration 12/8/2023
Exploring the depths of the ocean with modern technology.
SEMI Leadership Accelerator Aims to Cultivate Microelectronics Industry Leaders 12/8/2023
The SEMI Leadership Accelerator aims to foster industry growth by assisting organizations in cultivating the next generation of leaders.
eMemory: Leads the NVM Technology Revolution 12/8/2023
Combining SONOS and P-MOS technologies, NeoFlash is a highly promising embedded NVM solution, especially for intelligent PMIC applications.
Intel, Siemens partner on advanced chipmaking 12/7/2023
Intel and Siemens have announced a 3-year collaboration focused on advanced semiconductor manufacturing with an eye toward delivering both operational efficiencies and sustainability gains. "Intel has big plans with our expansions, but we want to make sure that we do that with the utmost focus on efficiencies of natural resources and our commitments to the net zero," said Intel's global operations chief Keyvan Esfarjani.
Tech giants disagree on whether AI should be open, closed 12/7/2023
As the federal government considers how to regulate AI, Meta and IBM are advocating an "open science" approach and have formed the AI Alliance, joined by Dell, Sony, AMD, Intel and some startups and universities, to push for AI "built fundamentally on top of the open scientific exchange of ideas and on open innovation," IBM's Dario Gil said. Google, Microsoft and OpenAI are pushing for a closed, proprietary approach and have formed the Frontier Model Forum.
Micro-AUVs Revolutionizing Ocean Exploration 12/7/2023
Exploring the depths of the ocean with modern technology.
STMicroelectronics Launches Edge AI Suite 12/7/2023
STMicroelectronics is launching its comprehensive ecosystem offer for companies to transform their products with edge AI.
Demand for memory chips to lift global chip sales 16.8% in 2024 12/6/2023
Global semiconductor industry revenue is expected to grow almost 17 percent year-on-year in 2024, following a slump in 2023, largely fueled by a surge in demand for memory chips, according to U.S.-based market information advisory firm Gartner Inc.
Appeals court overturns $2.18B ruling in Intel patent case 12/6/2023
The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit overturned a 2021 verdict in the patent case between Intel and VLSI Technology, which originally ruled that Intel had to pay a 2.18 billion patent-infringement fine. A new trial will determine damages involving a second VLSI patent.
TrendForce Expects Over 20% Surge in NAND Flash Revenue in Q4 2023 12/6/2023
As market leaders like Samsung implemented substantial production cuts, buyers’ attitudes shifted toward a more aggressive procurement strategy in anticipation of a market supply decrease.
Steering Clear of Danger — The Path to Safe Autonomous Vehicles 12/6/2023
The prevalence of intelligent software in vehicle and driver assistance systems will help minimize human error—creating safer vehicles.
Meta scientist: AI likely won't outsmart humans for decades 12/5/2023
Meta chief AI scientist Yann LeCun says AI won't reach sentience for decades and the world will see "dog-level" AI way ahead of human-level intelligence because of the limits of training on texts. "There's a lot of really basic things about the world that they just don't get through this kind of training," LeCun says.
BIWIN Launches New PCIe Gen4 SSD for PC OEMs 12/5/2023
BIWIN has extended a new DRAM-less PCIe 4.0 SSD, the AP860, which is suitable for desktops, laptops, and all-in-one computers. This new product offer high performance, large capacity, excellent compatibility, quality consistency, and supply stability.
Energy Collaborative to Help Accelerate Installation of Greener Energy Sources in APAC 12/5/2023
The Energy Collaborative aims to understand and clear roadblocks to the installation of low-carbon energy sources in APAC region.
BIWIN Packaging and Testing Center Achieves IATF 16949 Recognition 12/5/2023
BIWIN's Huizhou Manufacturing Center recently received IATF 16949:2016 certification for automotive industry quality management systems.
Huawei eyeing its own chip network amid US ban 12/4/2023
Huawei Technologies is reportedly building "a self-sufficient chip network" to bypass the US technology import restrictions. Huawei has allegedly transferred patents to SiCarrier, whose subsidiaries could give Huawei access to enterprises that develop lithography equipment, reports say.
Amkor plans $2B chip packaging and testing facility in Ariz. 12/4/2023
Amkor Technology is building an advanced packaging facility in Arizona with a $2 billion investment in the US semiconductor supply chain. Apple is expected to be the facility's first customer, with plans to test and package chips produced at a nearby Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. site.
Cadence Powers Samsung Foundry’s Breakthrough Success on 5G Chip Design 12/4/2023
Samsung Foundry achieved a 2X productivity boost that led to faster design closure versus its previous design methodology.
Fabless Startup DEEPX Lands 3 CES Innovation Awards 12/4/2023
DEEPX has been recognized as a globally innovative technology by winning the CES Innovation Award in three categories.
Intel plans to spend $14B on its chips at TSMC 12/1/2023
Intel is expected to spend $4 billion on making its chips at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. next year and another $10 billion on orders in 2025, according to a report from analyst Andrew Lu. Intel is likely to displace Advanced Micro Devices as TSMC's second biggest 3-nanometer client, behind Apple,
Nvidia reigns as most profitable chip brand amid AI demand 12/1/2023
Nvidia's profits hit $10.42 billion in the third quarter as it worked to meet global demand for AI chips and serving big-name clients Meta and Microsoft. The strong quarter put it ahead of Intel and Samsung, but CEO Jensen Huang noted that US supply chain independence is still up to two decades away.
How Greener Packaging Can Help Eliminate Li-Ion Battery Liability 12/1/2023
One of the biggest threats is battery explosion that leads to thermal runaway.
TMYTEK Showcases Latest mmWave Testing Solution at MWE 2023 12/1/2023
TMYTEK's UD Box 5G and UD Box 0630 unleash enhanced production and testing flexibility for 5G/6G, satcom and radar sensing.
Solving HDR Challenges in Newest Driving Systems 11/30/2023
Makers of CMOS image sensors for automotive use cases face growing challenges.
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