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It could take one more week to clear the Ever Given off Suez Canal 3/29/2021
Salvage expert said freeing the cargo ship, the Ever Given, could take up to a week in the best-case scenario and warned of possible structural problems on the vessel as it remains wedged.
GM joint ventured with China to offer a $9,000 entry level pickup truck 3/29/2021
Report suggests that despite the eye-catching price, the Zhengtu offers a relatively large cargo bed — complete with sides that can fold down — a touchscreen interior display, and the noise and vibration levels of a passenger car.
Analysis predict energy stocks to be up 45% this year 3/26/2021
Analysts polled by FactSet expect the energy sector to make overall stock gains of up to 45% this year, based on current median target prices. That would make the sector the biggest gainer of the year, far outpacing 20% gains expected in the technology sector.
Jobless claim down below 700,000 3/26/2021
Labor Department showed that jobless claims fell from 781,000 the week before. It is the first time that weekly applications for jobless aid have fallen below 700,000 since mid-March of last year. Before the pandemic tore through the economy, applications had never topped that level.
Congress holds hearing on Texas power grid failure 3/26/2021
For nearly a week in mid-February, most of the state experienced subfreezing temperatures. Millions of Texans lost power and heat. When pipes burst and water systems shut down, Texans were told to boil water for drinking — if they still had a way to boil water.
Cargo ship wedged across Suez Canal imperiled global shipping 3/26/2021
The Ever Given, a Panama-flagged ship that carries cargo between Asia and Europe, ran aground Tuesday in the narrow, man-made canal dividing continental Africa from the Sinai Peninsula. In the time since, efforts to free the ship using dredgers, digging and the aid of high tides have yet to push the container vessel aside — affecting billions of dollars' worth of cargo.
DDR5 memory to take hold in second half of 2021 3/25/2021
Samsung said it developed 512GB DDR5 (Double Data Rate 5) memory modules based on a High-K Metal Gate (HKMG) fabrication process that’s traditionally been used in logic chips. DDR5 memory will be twice as fast as the current DDR4 while reducing leakage and using about 13% less power, the company wrote in its announcement.
Semiconductor equipment billing sets new high 3/25/2021
January billings figure is 3.2% higher than the revised billings level of US$3.04 billion in January, and is 32% above the February 2020 billings level of US$2.37 billion.
Japanese automakers are setting up a partnership in new generation commercial vehicles 3/25/2021
They are setting up a partnership in commercial vehicles to work together in electric, hydrogen, connected and autonomous driving technologies.
Intel to build two new factories in Arizona 3/25/2021
The California-based company says the Arizona expansion will cost about $20 billion and create 3,000 permanent jobs as Intel builds a foundry business to provide chips for other firms.
China said Tesla cars could be spying with their cameras 3/25/2021
The Chinese military is said to be uneasy over the potential for a Tesla’s variety of cameras to record classified information. Reports point to Tesla’s dashcam, which can record up to ten minutes, as well as its SentryMode function, which records incidents around the vehicles and is typically used to prevent theft.
Intel announced $20 billion investment to get into foundry services 3/24/2021
Intel announced plans to become a major provider of U.S.– and Europe-based foundry capacity to serve the incredible global demand for semiconductor manufacturing. To deliver this vision, Intel is establishing a new standalone business unit, Intel Foundry Services (IFS), led by semiconductor industry veteran Dr. Randhir
U.K. to emphasize on high-tech military 3/24/2021
British military would no longer be “overstretched and underequipped” and that new investment in equipment, infrastructure and technology “marks a shift from mass mobilization to information age speed, readiness and relevance for confronting the threats of the future.”
Microsoft start to bring back employees from "Work-at-home" 3/24/2021
Microsoft said it has been monitoring local health data and decided it can bring more employees back to its Redmond, Washington, campus.
Western Nations put in sanctions to punish China for human right violations 3/24/2021
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement that “a united transatlantic response sends a strong signal to those who violate or abuse international human rights, and we will take further actions in coordination with likeminded partners."
DARPA announced program to strengthen U.S. semiconductor supply 3/24/2021
Working in partnership with Intel and academic researchers from University of Florida, University of Maryland, and Texas A&M, SAHARA will leverage leading-edge, U.S.-based manufacturing capabilities to enable the automated and scalable conversion of defense-relevant field-programmable gate array (FPGAs) designs into quantifiably secure Structured ASICs.
Jerome Powell: The recovery needs continued support from the Fed 3/23/2021
Powell characterizes the economy as much improved, with about half the 20 million jobs that were lost to the pandemic having been recovered and with the outlook brightening as vaccinations are more widely administered.
Trade bottleneck born of the COVID-19 has U.S. businesses awaiting goods from Asia 3/23/2021
Current problems were sown last March, when Americans stayed home and dramatically changed their buying habits — instead of clothes, they bought electronics, fitness equipment and home improvement products. U.S. companies responded by flooding reopened Asian factories with orders, leading to a chain reaction of congestion and snags at ports and freight hubs across the country as the goods began arriving.
Russian hacker pleads guilty on cyber extortion to Tesla 3/23/2021
Prosecutors alleged that Kriuchkov acted on behalf of co-conspirators abroad and attempted to use face-to-face bribery to recruit an insider to physically plant ransomware, which scrambles data on targeted networks and can only be unlocked with a software key provided by the attackers.
Fire at Renesas chip plant adds to semiconductor chip shortage 3/23/2021
Series of factors have contributed to a global shortage of chips, including increased demand, pandemic shutdowns and catastrophic weather events impacting plants.
Intel teams with U.S. Defense to strategize U.S. semiconductor supply chain security 3/22/2021
Called the Structured Array Hardware for Automatically Realized Applications, or SAHARA for short, the partnership will enable the design of custom chips with security countermeasure technologies. A reliable, secure, domestic source of leading-edge semiconductors remains critical to the US.
AP Memory offers license on modified DRAM memory for use in AI applications 3/22/2021
AP Memory's in-house developed VHM is a 3D die-stacked DRAM design, and will play a driver of the company's growth this year.
Automotive IC shortage drove SK Siltron to invest in silicon carbide (SiC) wafer 3/22/2021
Demand for SiC power semiconductors are expected to soar on growth in the electric vehicle market. Power semiconductors are used in an electric vehicle to optimize drive and control voltage and electric current. The devices produced using SiC material are more resistant to voltage and heat compared with existing silicon semiconductors.
South Korea delegation visits Taiwan to request for assistance in chip shortage 3/22/2021
Taiwan government and chipmakers have agreed to increase production capacity and to prioritize clients in the automotive sector.
U.S. moves to revoke three state-owned Chinese phone companies license 3/19/2021
The decision adds to mounting U.S.-Chinese conflict over the ruling Communist Party's industrial plans, access to American technology and accusations of computer attacks and theft of business secrets.
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