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Intel Demos Fully Integrated Optical I/O Chiplet 7/3/2024
Intel has demonstrated the industry's most advanced and first-ever fully integrated optical compute interconnect (OCI) chiplet.
SBTi Approves Amkor’s Science-based Net-Zero Targets 7/3/2024
The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has verified Amkor's near- and long-term science-based emissions reduction targets.
Micron expects memory fabs in Idaho, N.Y. to be operational by 2028 7/2/2024
Micron says the facilities will be up and running in 2026 and 2028.
Kioxia aims for 1,000-layer 3D NAND flash by 2027 7/2/2024
Kioxia wants to achieve 1,000 layers of 3D NAND flash by 2027, a significant boost to SSD densities. Technical challenges persist, including management of signal noise and the need to shrink NAND cells.
Taiwanese Chipmakers Expanding Overseas Amid Geopolitical Shifts 7/2/2024
The semiconductor supply chain has been diversifying over the past two years to mitigate geopolitical and pandemic-related risks.
Automotive Semiconductor Tech Advancements and Market Outlook 7/2/2024
Automotive chips are progressing towards high performance, high integration, and high reliability to meet the escalating complexity and technical requirements of the automotive sector.
Intel 3: A Major Step in Intel Foundry’s Strategy 7/1/2024
Intel's latest process node acts as a precursor to the company's angstrom process nodes: Intel 20A and Intel 18A.
GE Aerospace, NASA, team up on hybrid electric airplane engine 7/1/2024
The engine maker and federal agency are modifying GE’s Passport engine with hybrid components to create electric aircraft engines for commercial aviation.
FCC Might Force Carriers to Unlock Phones Within 60 Days of Activation 7/1/2024
The FCC chair wants the commission to adopt 'nationwide mobile phone unlocking rules.
Lattice introduces new secure control FPGA family 7/1/2024
Lattice Semiconductor has introduced two new solutions to address customer challenges around increasing threats to system security.
TI, Delta team up on EV power electronics with new lab 6/28/2024
Texas Instruments and Delta Electronics are collaborating on a joint laboratory in Pingzhen, Taiwan, to develop electric vehicle power electronics. The partnership aims to leverage TI's digital control and gallium nitride technology to enhance Delta's automotive power expertise.
Nexperia invests $200M in Hamburg chip production 6/28/2024
Nexperia is investing $200 million to expand its semiconductor production in Hamburg, Germany. The company, owned by Chinese electronics maker WingTech, aims to meet the growing demand for energy-efficient chips used in electric vehicles and other technologies without tapping into EU subsidies.
Qualcomm: The PC Reborn 6/28/2024
Qualcomm highlights the industry shift taking place in the PC space enabled by Copilot+ PCs powered by Snapdragon X Series.
SpaceX Lands $843 Million Contract to Make Space Station's Deorbit Vehicle 6/28/2024
The International Space Station will be decommissioned starting in 2030. NASA confirms that SpaceX tech will help bring the ISS down to Earth.
Advantest CEO sees AI boosting demand for testing gear 6/27/2024
Advantest expects AI to drive increased complexity in chipmaking, boosting demand for its semiconductor testing equipment, CEO Douglas Lefever said. The company's stock rose over 7% after announcing ambitious profit targets, and it plans to increase its market share to 58%, up from a three-year average of 54%.
South Korea unveils $12.22B in loans for chip industry 6/27/2024
The South Korean government will provide $12.22 billion in low-interest loans next month to boost corporate investment in the semiconductor industry, according to Finance Minister Choi Sang-mok. The initiative is part of a broader $19 billion support package announced by President Yoon Suk Yeol to boost the sector amid global competition.
ASML Targets Hyper-NA EUV, Shrinking Chip Limits 6/27/2024
ASML has again announced plans for a new lithography tool that will extend design limits for the highest transistor-density chips.
Julian Assange Takes Espionage Plea Deal, Returns to Australia a Free Man 6/27/2024
After years of legal challenges and imprisonment, the WikiLeaks founder returns home to Australia.
GlobalFoundries, BAE team up for advanced R&D, secure chip production 6/26/2024
The non-exclusive collaboration brings together BAe’s expertise in microelectronics for critical defense systems with GloFo’s expertise as a volume semiconductor manufacturer and supplier of secure, essential chips to the U.S. DoD.
Top 5 IC Equipment Makers Limit 1Q 2024 Decline Amid Strong Memory Demand, Increased Shipments to China 6/26/2024
The world’s top-five wafer fab equipment manufacturers' revenue decreased by 9% YoY in the first quarter, according to Counterpoint Research.
Is AMD’s AI Software Ready for Next Data Center GPU? 6/26/2024
Is AMD planning to extend support to all consumer GPUs?
M31 Advanced LPDDR Memory IP Targeted at HPC Applications 6/26/2024
M31's LPDDR memory IP solution meets the growing demand in the high-performance computing (HPC) application market.
AI PCs, Device Refresh Cycles to Drive Modest PC Growth in 2024 6/25/2024
Excluding China, the PC market is forecast to grow by 2.6% year-on-year in 2024, according to IDC.
TSMC and Global Unichip win bulk orders for base dies used on SK hynix's next-gen HBM4 memoryml 6/25/2024
TSMC and Global Unichip win bulk orders for base dies used on SK hynix's next-gen HBM4 memory TSMC and contract chip design partner Global Unichip have won bulk orders for the base dies used on SK hynix's next-generation HBM4 memory.
Lithium Battery Explosion in South Korea Leaves 22 Dead 6/25/2024
An explosion and fire tore through an Aricell battery plant in South Korea.
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