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Amkor Technology to expand package plant in Vietnam 11/9/2021
This is a strategic, long-term investment in geographical diversification and factory capacity expansion, supporting the company’s commitment to reliable supply chain solutions for our customers.
Internet of cars perhaps represent the most advancement inn silicon 11/9/2021
The entire car is being overhauled, this time with electronics, to re-make cars as supercomputers on wheels.
Texas Instruments (TI) introduced new bidirectional buck/boost converter with ultra-low quiescent current 11/8/2021
The TPS61094 integrates a buck mode for supercapacitor charging while providing ultra-low IQ, enabling engineers to extend battery life by as much as 20% when compared to commonly used hybrid-layer capacitors (HLCs).
Qualcomm lines up multiple foundry supplier sources 11/8/2021
Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon said on Wednesday that it expected its own supply issues to be materially better by the end of December and the company will have enough supply to meet demand by the second half of next year.
U.S. State Department cyber bureau seeks to train diplomats in cybersecurity techniques 11/8/2021
“We want to prevent cyber-attacks that put our people, our networks, companies and critical infrastructure at risk. We want the internet to remain a transformative force for learning, for connection, for economic growth, not a tool of repression.”
Is Solid-state battery to replace lithium-ion batteries in EV 11/8/2021
While Li-ion power sources have made strides in terms of cost and power density and driving range, solid-state alternatives promoted at this week’s Web Summit promise to offer improved performance and greater safety.
6G Summit launched the hype cycle for the new technology earlier than ever before 11/5/2021
As best we know right now, 6G network will arrive around the turn of the next decade. Like 3G, 4G, and 5G before it, the next generation of cellular will change over in 2030 or thereabouts.
Tencent disclosed its own custom chip design 11/5/2021
This is the first time the Chinese internet giant has publicly spoken about its progress in semiconductors.
ADI now certified to have met automotive Cyber security standard 11/5/2021
Analog Devices Inc.’s engineering processes are now certified as compliant with ISO/SAE 21434:2021, the new automotive cybersecurity standard for production road vehicle electrical and electronic (E/E) systems. This standard focuses on the end-to-end lifecycle for cybersecurity relevant E/E solutions from component to vehicle level.
Apple hit record sales regardless of short supply 11/5/2021
Apple CEO Tim Cook said robust demand fueled record sales totaling $83.4 billion during the iPhone maker’s most recent financial quarter. Revenue soared 29 percent from the same period a year ago despite worsening supply disruptions
AMD book capacity years ahead to avoid crunch 11/4/2021
Despite a squeeze in supply, AMD has been able to take market share away from rival Intel (INTC.O) in both PCs and servers with its latest line of processors. "Our supply chain team has worked to make sure that we have months and years of forecast ahead into our supply chain,"
Reliance increased major solar capacity through acquisition 11/4/2021
Reliance Industries Ltd, recently executed definitive agreements with Shapoorji Pallonji and Company Private Ltd (SPCPL), Khurshed Daruvala, and Sterling & Wilson Solar Ltd (SWSL) to acquire 40% stake post-money in SWSL through a series of transactions:
Needs for sensor and discrete semiconductors to surge 11/4/2021
A year after the deadly Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020 causing lockdowns worldwide and a deep global economic recession, sales of sensors, actuators, and discrete semiconductors are sharply higher in 2021 due to a resurgence in demand across many rebounding end-use markets and significant price increases for parts in short supply.
While vendors are already promoting 6G future 11/4/2021
Sixth-generation “research is in full swing, even though 6G commercial deployment is expected [to be] a decade out,” said Peter Vetter, president of Bell Labs Core Research at Nokia, opening the media roundtable that started this year’s Brooklyn 6G Summit. Research is needed to determine the “future technology” that 6G will be based on and what “future applications” it will utilize, Vetter stated.
TSMC is reported to be in talk with India on new wafer fab 11/3/2021
India’s bureaucracy is apparently working overtime to finalize the capital support plan, with the operation being closely orchestrated from the Prime Minister’s Office.
Intel installed the world's largest roof-top solar system in Penang, Malaysia 11/3/2021
In alignment with the Paris Agreement’s preferred goal to limit global warming to 1.5°C, Keysight Technologies Inc. has started installation of a rooftop solar array at the company’s largest site, located in Penang, Malaysia, with completion estimated for Spring 2022.
Intel shows off new Alder Lake architecture design 11/3/2021
Taking a page from Arm mobile processors, Intel’s hybrid architecture places performance cores and efficiency cores on the same die. A new “Thread Director” feature in Alder Lake will coordinate with Windows 11 to direct different processing threads to the optimal core.
ARM CEO comments on chip shortage 11/3/2021
I’m here to tell you that you might be disappointed because you might not be able to buy everything that you wanted to buy for Christmas. And the reason for that is because of this global shortage of semiconductors that you may have read quite a lot about in the news recently.”
Bosch to invest 400 million Euros in fab expansion 11/2/2021
Confirming it would spend €400 million at its Dresden, Reutlingen and Penang factories, Bosch also insisted it would ramp up production far earlier than planned. The semiconductor crisis has crippled the world’s automakers, with European car production at its lowest level since the 1990s and UK production culled back to 1982 levels.
GlobalFoundries announced capacity sold out for 2023 11/2/2021
Automotive companies and home appliance makers have been struggling for months to obtain enough chips for building products, and now the problem is spreading to electronics manufacturers and their suppliers. Apple, for example, said it will miss out on more than $6 billion in sales this holiday season because of chip shortages. Intel likewise blamed its lower CPU sales on shortages in power supply and networking chips.
Robotics leads the “killer app,” list for 5G besides talking 11/2/2021
Robotics can spur investment by requiring private 5G wireless infrastructure, since existing wired connections cannot enable mobility needed by applications like connected and autonomous factory robots. Robotics can spur investment by requiring private 5G wireless infrastructure, since existing wired connections cannot enable mobility needed by applications like connected and autonomous factory robots.
Migration to DDR5 memory 11/2/2021
Like all iterations of DRAM, DDR5 will need an ecosystem of supporting technologies for it to become dominant, even as advanced workloads drive memory bandwidth requirements.
SK hynix purchased Key Foundry at a $492.55 million acquisition 11/1/2021
Key Foundry, based in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, is a foundry-specialized firm producing chips for its customers using 8-inch wafers.
Weak spending drags down Smartphone sales in China 11/1/2021
Due to weak consumer demand and component shortages, especially 4G SoCs, the country’s smartphone market failed to see any major improvement in sales in Q3 2021.
Ways to stop climate changes 11/1/2021
News reports often indicate that solar and wind power costs less than carbon-based electricity. This is typically true when building both systems start from scratch. However, that is not what we do. Instead, the carbon-based system is already built and paid for, and we add solar or wind power, at additional cost to consumers. In other words, adding green to existing carbon typically fails economically against continuing carbon sources. That’s why economists’ predictions are so dour.
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