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Huawei defended its commitment to network security 4/4/2019
Huawei Technologies Ltd., the biggest global maker of network equipment for phone and internet companies, announced last year's sales surpassed $100 billion despite U.S. pressure on American allies to shun it as a security threat.
AI automates the financial industry 4/4/2019
AI is already widespread in many areas of the financial services sector. AI and machine learning (ML) are frequently used today in credit card fraud detection, bank customer service chatbots, and robo-advisors which provide financial advice to consumers.
IoT can increase productivity substantially 4/3/2019
A 2018 PwC report, Australia’s IoT Opportunity: Driving Future Growth, stated that across five industries assessed, which represent 25 per cent of Australia’s GDP, the Internet of Things (IoT) can achieve potential annual benefits of $194-$308 billion over a period of 8-18 years. This impact translates into average productivity improvements of about 2 per cent per annum across construction, mining, manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture.
U.S. durable goods order plunge in February 4/3/2019
Big-ticket manufactured goods fell 1.6% in February, the biggest drop in four months, reflecting a plunge in the volatile commercial aircraft category. Demand in a key sector used to track business investment decisions also declined in February.
5G networks to drive more memory requirements 4/3/2019
5G will enable the ultra-low latency, ultra-fast response time needed to support online gaming, artificial reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), autonomous vehicles, and more exotic potential use cases such as remote surgery. This means we are moving to a more distributed model of computing, including the memory.
Intel announced Xeon processors packaged with FPGA and Optane memories 4/3/2019
Strategically, Intel has tied its CPUs, FPGAs, and memories into a package deal, claiming performance benefits. It’s part of an industry trend to harness several chips into a dogsled that drives systems performance forward given the slowing rate of performance gains in individual chips.
Renesas completed the acquisition of IDT 4/2/2019
Together with IDT, Renesas says it will now deliver a broader range of technology and embedded solutions by combining IDT’s RF, high-performance timing, memory interface, real-time interconnect, optical interconnect,
Macronix chairman predicts memory demand to pick up in 2nd half 2019 4/2/2019
Wu believes that end-market demand particularly demand for consumer electronics devices will gradually pick up in the second half of 2019, when the macro conditions become favorable to the industry.
Chinese manufacturing activity rebounced some in March 4/2/2019
The government loosened lending controls and increased spending to reverse the slowdown, but authorities moved gradually to avoid igniting a rise in debt. The ruling Communist Party also has promised to give entrepreneurs who generate China's new jobs and wealth a bigger role in the economy.
Japanese carmakers announced a late entry into the autonomous vehical driving market 4/2/2019
It has been surprised at the hesitancy of many Japanese carmakers to pursue autonomous vehicle (AV) development. Along with this, they’ve done little to prepare for the onset of new transportation services using self-driving cars.
CPU shortage driving down PC global shipments 4/1/2019
CPU shortages have disrupted shipment schedules for mid-range and high-end PCs since the second half of 2018 while also starting to affect shipments of low-end models in the first quarter of 2019, causing demand for related chips to fluctuate sharply.
MOSFET prices hit by slow demand 4/1/2019
Industry leader Infineon's recent guidance cut may indicate automotive MOSFET demand is slowing, said the sources, which expressed concerns that more supplies from Infineon and other IDMs for mass-market applications will drag down the overall market prices.
U.S. delegates back in Beijing for trade talks 4/1/2019
The talks were to begin with a working dinner Thursday and last the entire day Friday, Chinese commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng said during a regular briefing.
MIPS version 6 is now open architecture 4/1/2019
MIPS Open Tools cover integrated development environment for embedded real-time operating systems and Linux-based systems for embedded products. They will enable developers to build, debug and deploy applications on MIPS-based hardware and software platforms.
IHS Markit. predicts a 22% DRAM market value drop 3/29/2019
"The recent decision announced by Micron Technologies to cut memory chip output, in the face of stalling demand is not surprising. In fact, most memory chip manufactures are taking measures to manage supply output and inventory levels, to address softening demand."
SK hynix to spend $1 billion in building a cluster of semiconductor fabs near Seoul 3/29/2019
The project is expected to create some 170,000 jobs. More than 50 subcontractors also plan to move into the cluster, which can energize the regional economy as a whole.
European Central Bank ready to act when bad economy hits 3/29/2019
The bank would take "all the monetary policy actions that are necessary and proportionate" in addition to steps taken at its March 7 meeting, when it extended the earliest date for rate increases and announced new cheap loans for banks.
China’s Tsinghua Unigroup gethers telent to develope DRAM industry 3/29/2019
Tsinghua aims to hire SMIC Co-CEO Haijun Zhao to head up a new DRAM company that would combine China’s fledgling memory makers, which are struggling to survive. Despite China’s multi-billion investment to build a domestic memory industry, it lacks much of the key intellectual property needed to compete in the business.
European Union defies the U.S. ruled not to ban Huawei 3/28/2019
EU have denied. In the recommendation published Tuesday, the European Commission, the bloc’s executive body, left the decision in the hands of the member states.
Qualcomm failed to ban Apple iPhones 7, 8, and X from importing 3/28/2019
The two American companies have been locked for two years in a legal dispute in which Apple has accused Qualcomm of unfair patent licensing practices. Qualcomm has in turn accused Apple of patent infringement.
China agreed to seek fair trade rules with Europe 3/28/2019
European countries seek to boost relations with China while also putting pressure over its business practices —amid trade tensions between the United States and both China and the European Union.
U.S. consumer confidence down in March 3/28/2019
The index, covering through March 14, measures consumers' assessment of current economic conditions and their expectations for the next six months. Both declined in March.
Toshiba to sample automotive UFS Version 2.1 3D flash devices 3/27/2019
Operate from -40°C to +105°C, meet AEC-Q100 Grade2 and come in four capacities: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB[5]..
AMD takes advantage of Inel processor shortage 3/27/2019
A shortage of Intel processors that began last year — particularly at the higher end of the market — has constrained PC OEMs and prompted several of them to introduce systems based on AMD processors. Intel CEO Bob Swan said in January that the processor shortage could last into the second half of 2019.
Advanced packaging represents $3 billion revenue at TSMC 3/27/2019
Advanced packaging net nearly US$3 billion in revenues will be generated from the business in 2019. TSMC's advanced packaging is basically 3D IC packaging.
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