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SEMI to License Server Certification Protocol to Help Combat Software Piracy 9/6/2023
SEMI will start licensing its server certification protocol to combat software piracy.
Mouser helping engineers to refine their knowledge through an insightful resource center focused on AI 9/5/2023
The extensive content hub contains valuable resources to help engineers and designers gain a deeper understanding of AI and its various applications and features informative articles on topics, such as Deploying Edge-Based AI Using Kria SoMs, An Edge Impulse Use-Case for Healthcare and Cancer Detection, and how AI can improve harvests and the human experience.
STMicroelectronics to supply BorgWarner with its 750V SiC power MOSFETs dice for their power module. 9/5/2023
This power module is used in BorgWarner’s traction inverter platforms for several current and future Volvo Cars electric vehicles.
Silicon Motion memory technologies are helping transform the retail space 9/5/2023
most supermarkets have installed self-check-out stations to cut the number of required till operators. These initiatives have proven so successful that they are now looking to take this concept further and use technology to run the shop floor entirely, freeing up staff for more productive roles.
Tape drives to stay 9/5/2023
Nostalgia is driving the return of audio cassettes, but tape for data storage has never gone away: All the cool kids are using it, including the hyperscalers.
Reports: Samsung to convert some lines to 236 layers 9/4/2023
Samsung Electronics is reportedly planning to convert some of its P1 facility production lines to 236-layer NAND for advanced products, sources say. The company is also launching an automated chip packaging line, intending to eliminate human labor from its packaging facilities by the end of the decade.
Qualcomm wants to boost its automotive chip market share 9/4/2023
Qualcomm hopes generative AI will help boost its chip share in the automotive sector, currently at just 3% of its revenue. The company estimates its automotive chip sales will surpass $9 billion in 2031, up from $1.32 billion in fiscal 2022.
Hyundai Mobis and Autotalks Partner on V2X Tech for Connected Cars 9/4/2023
MTCU Gen1, Hyundai Mobis' most advanced connectivity module to date, supports Day-1 V2X services in all geographies.
Copper may be the next in shortage 9/4/2023
there are materials experiencing an increase in demand with little to no increase in availability, such as copper. Yes, that easy-to-refine metal that has been used for thousands of years is now on the “worry list.”
ASML to invest $313M in Taiwan 9/1/2023
Taiwan Investment Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs said on Tuesday that it has approved an application by ASML to infuse about NT$5.65 billion and 140 million euros (US$152 million), which is in excess of NT$10 billion in total, into ASML Taiwan, a subsidiary that specializes in rolling out wafer measuring equipment and provides its clients with technological support and training.
Bosch plans to make silicon carbide chips at US subsidies chip plant in Calif. 9/1/2023
Bosch is set to buy TSI Semiconductor's chip facilities in California, and Bosch CEO Stefan Hartung says the company is seeking US subsidies for the plant's expansion.
Mitsubishi Electric Completes 12in Fab at Fukuyama Plant 9/1/2023
Mitsubishi Electric has completed installation of its first 12in silicon wafer processing line at its Power Device Work's Fukuyama Factory.
Gelsinger Concerns About U.S. Chip Fund and export controls 9/1/2023
“On one hand, they [Intel] are being asked to invest billions in advanced fab construction in the U.S. On the other, the U.S. Department of Commerce is prepared to slap further controls on Intel’s ability to ship commodity semiconductors to China that could significantly cut into its already-reduced revenue from the China market—in essence, a major double whammy.”
Google offers new AI tools; A3 GPU coming soon 8/31/2023
Google's new A3 graphics processing unit is set for release next month, powered by Nvidia's H100 and Google's 200 Gbps infrastructure processing units.
South Korea to develop fast and low power artificial intelligence (AI) chips by 2030 8/31/2023
The Ministry of Science and ICT on Tuesday laid out roadmaps for its strategic technologies – semiconductors and displays, rechargeable batteries and advanced mobility – sectors in which the country's R&D spending must be focused by 2030 from an economic and security perspective.
9 Governments Set to Fund New, Localized Chip Fabs 8/31/2023
The funding aims to reduce reliance on imported semiconductors.
ITRI Joins EU Project to Drive Collaborative Manufacturing 8/31/2023
HARTU targets specific manufacturing scenarios to optimize flexibility and production line efficiency using innovative robotic components.
MediaTek working with Verizon, Ericsson on 5G devices 8/30/2023
MediaTek, Verizon and Ericsson have advanced technology for New Radio devices and internet of things solutions on Verizon's 5G network. The companies say the technology, which uses Ericsson's RedCap software and MediaTek's RedCap testing platform, is less complex and more economical.
U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo met with with Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao 8/30/2023
The two countries agreed to start exchanging information on export controls.
Current export restrictions are losing their effectiveness 8/30/2023
Former U.S. officials surveyed by EE Times urge that more nations will need to establish a new alliance to control exports of semiconductor technology to China because current restrictions are losing their effectiveness.
MRigidCSP packaging increasing mechanical strength for battery management 8/30/2023
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Ltd’s (AOS) MRigidCSP packaging technology decreases on-resistance while increasing mechanical strength of devices designed for battery management applications. AOS’s robust package technology is particularly suited to battery applications in smartphones, tablets, and ultra-thin notebooks.
UK's $125M pledge for AI development is far from sufficient 8/29/2023
The U.K. accounted for .5% of global revenue from semiconductor sales in 2020 but with 7% of the demand over the coming years.
South Korea to crack down on chip technology leaks 8/29/2023
South Korea plans to bolster regulations and sentencing around technology leaks for chips and displays as the country looks to keep ahead of competitors. Details on stricter punishments and sentencing guidelines will likely be released next
Sony Semiconductor to Launch Large-size, HD 1.3-type 4K OLED Microdisplay 8/29/2023
The new OLED Microdisplay is mainly intended for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) head-mounted display applications. It delivers 4K resolution with a 1.3-type large-size display by employing miniaturization processes that SSS has achieved while developing camera electronic viewfinders (EVFs), as well as its own pixel drive circuits.
AMD's Lisa Su Receives Distinguished Executive Leadership Award from JEDEC 8/29/2023
The JEDEC Board of Directors presented its prestigious 2023 Distinguished Executive Leadership Award to AMD Chair and CEO Dr. Lisa T. Su.
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