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Ancora Semiconductor raise first round capital of NT$456 million 9/19/2022
Ancora Semiconductor Inc., a Delta Electronics affiliate focusing on gallium nitride (GaN) technology, has raised NT$456 million in its first capital raising round from strategic investors ROHM Co. Ltd, Sino-American Silicon (SAS), uPI Semiconductors, and Delta Electronics Inc.
Intel put emphasis on RISC-V cores 9/19/2022
The premise behind the new Intel Pathfinder platform is that system-on-chip (SoC) architects and system software developers can create their own products using a variety of RISC-V cores and intellectual property (IP) from the partner ecosystem, instantiate on FPGA and simulator platforms, and then run industry leading operating systems and tool chains within a unified IDE.
Arm has beefed up its Arm Neoverse product roadmap 9/16/2022
The roadmap features the addition of Arm Neoverse V2, code named Demeter, for years into the future. Neoverse V2 is the latest Arm core targeted at providing leadership in per-thread performance for the cloud, hyperscale, and high-performance computing workloads,
Brewer Science to show advanced packaging at SEMICON Taiwan 2022 9/16/2022
Dr. Alvin Lee will address cost-effective solutions and innovative material technologies that enable advanced wafer-level packaging applications. Materials will be discussed that address the growing challenges in applications requiring thin wafer handling, die attach, high-temperature processing, permanent adhesives, dielectrics, and wafer cleaning.
Q-CTRL develops an education program for newcomers to quantum computing 9/16/2022
Quantum’s full potential is immense, but unless we find ways to inspire, educate, and empower future quantum engineers, it will go unrealized.
XP Power in Malaysia expands into Phase III manufacturing 9/16/2022
The Asia III site will be the company’s largest facility, representing the biggest investment valued at RM228 million for Phase 1, over the span of five years. This expansion is vital in XP Power’s global growth strategy, increasing production capacity to support surging customer demand across regions.
TSMC R&D chief is confident in competition with Samsung and Intel 9/15/2022
Lin referred to TSMC's successful track record of fighting off competitors and believes the foundry will retain its industry leadership.
IDC predicts huge increase for Cloud Businesses in ASEAN 9/15/2022
Several key areas that are prioritized by Southeast Asian countries to drive their digital economy include becoming a data-driven organization, accelerating digital services, autonomous operations, omni-experience, and supply chain modernization.
Cadence strengthens AI based designs 9/15/2022
AI (JedAI) Platform enables a generational shift from single-run, single-engine algorithms in electronic design automation (EDA) to algorithms that leverage big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize multiple runs of multiple engines across an entire SoC design and verification flow.
Intel loses more market share too AMD 9/15/2022
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger last week said he expects the company to continue to lose market share in data center equipment to rival chipmaker AMD.
US seek to collaborate with Mexico on EVs, microchips 9/14/2022
Mexico and the United States plan to take advantage of the Biden administration’s massive investment in semiconductor production to push the integration of their supply chains and cooperate on expanding the production of electric vehicles through Mexico’s nationalized lithium industry,
SEMICON Taiwan 2022 to feature the latest innovations and trends driving microelectronics industry 9/14/2022
The event, to be held September 14-16 at the Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall I (TaiNEX 1) in Taipei, will feature expert insights on key semiconductor industry topics such as advanced manufacturing, smart manufacturing, heterogeneous integration, compound semiconductors, automotive chips,
5G opens up opportunities for design engineers 9/14/2022
Numerous applications can benefit from the high-bandwidth, low-latency capabilities offered by 5G, especially as advances in technology continue to strain infrastructure.
Key EDA trends impacting the pace of EDA innovation 9/14/2022
Interview with Niels Faché, Vice President and General Manager of PathWave Software Solutions at Keysight Technologies.
Emerging memories should climb to become about a $44 billion market by 2032 9/13/2022
Dr. Thomas Coughlin, President of Coughlin Associates. “Those who play a part in this market can plan for significant growth.”
IC Insights reduced its worldwide IC market growth forecast for 2022 from 11% to 7% 9/13/2022
The downgraded expectation for this year is almost entirely due to the collapse of the memory market in the second half of 2022. As discussed below, it was as though someone “flipped a switch” to the off position for the memory market beginning in June!
Wolfspeed to spend up to $5 billion to chase demand in the EV business 9/13/2022
Today, the company is announcing an investment of up to $2 billion for the world’s largest silicon carbide plant. The facility will be located on the outskirts of Raleigh, North Carolina, near its corporate headquarters in the Research Triangle Park.
Solar power may provide the means to offload stress from existing power grid infrastructure for EV's 9/13/2022
The adoption of EVs has been relatively slow in the United States: It stands at about 4%. To drive that number up closer to the 50% seen in Europe and ultimately 100%, both the private and public sectors have ramped up efforts.
Seagate partners with data storage startup 9/12/2022
The storage stalwart has teamed up with a DNA-based digital data storage startup called Catalog, which was founded by MIT alumni in 2016. The technical twosome today announced that they will be working on several initiatives together, but the most interesting potential advance could be the work on making DNA-based platforms up to 1,000 times smaller.
Yole predicts MEM market to grow to $22 billion in 2027 9/12/2022
Bosch continues to be the MEMS leader, with an exceptional business and growth followed by Broadcom, Qorvo and ST.
The US government allows Huawei to participate in standardization meetings 9/12/2022
The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security issued a rule authorizing the release of certain technology and software when organizations deliberate and decide on standards,
IC lead times improved 9/12/2022
It would be ‘healthy’ for the semiconductor industry if it got back to 10- to 14-week lead times.
Apple iPhone 14 to include the 4 nm A16 Bionic 9/9/2022
It packs more transistors — 16 billion, manufactured on a 4 nm process — and components specially designed to accelerate AI and other tasks across smartphone apps and iOS.
EPC expanded its selection of GaN FETs in thermally enhanced QFN packages 9/9/2022
The 100V EPC2306 designed for 48V DC-DC conversion used in high-density computing applications, in 48V BLDC motor drives for e-mobility and robotics, and in solar optimizers and microinverters, and Class D Audio.
Hydrogen fuel cells cars have faded 9/9/2022
It rapidly became obvious that for the near future, battery power would deliver more efficient solutions than fuel cells to meet the demand for green cars.
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