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Intel to DIY shipment slows 11/16/2018
Intel has reduced shipments of desktop processors to allow more capacities for notebook and server processors, and is reportedly to cut processor shipments to DIY distribution market to only six million units in the fourth quarter of the year.
Dialog Semiconductor see no slow down on Apple orders 11/16/2018
“We are not so specific to the 3-D phone or camera, we are across all the products,” CEO Jalal Bagherli told the Morgan Stanley TMT Conference in Barcelona.
Yangtze Memory to quickly migrate from 64 layers to 128 layers on 3D NAND 11/15/2018
The company also plans to move directly to the 128-layer generation with volume production scheduled for 2020.
Major network interruption caused by configuration error at Nigerian ISP 11/15/2018
The type of traffic misdirection involved can knock essential services offline and facilitate espionage and financial theft. It can also be used to block access to information by sending data requests into internet black holes.
Intel said its 5G modem will be 2020 11/15/2018
Qualcomm will command most the first year of sales with the possibility of some sockets going to parts from Samsung and Huawei.
Amazon choosed New York and North Virginia 11/15/2018
Amazon says it's receiving $1.525 billion in incentives and subsidies from New York state and $573 million from Virginia and Arlington County. That works out to $61,000 in incentives provided to Amazon for each job in Long Island City and roughly $23,000 for each job in Arlington.
Western Digital substitutes DRAM with SSD in server applications 11/14/2018
Ultrastar Memory Extension Drive approaches the challenge in a different way, taking a fast SSD and bundling it with an innovative software piece. It expands in-memory capacity, maintaining near-DRAM performance at a fraction of the cost.
Transcend declares "Memories in oversupply." 11/14/2018
Both DRAM and NAND flash sectors have encountered oversupply, said Shu, adding that the memory prices still have room to fall further in the coming year or longer.
Spin Memory gets $52 million funding from heavyweights to develope MRAM 11/14/2018
Company said the deals with Arm and Applied signal a new direction for the company to "establish MRAM as a mainstream alternative to embedded SRAM and a range of other non-volatile memories.
Top ten strategy for IoT innovations 11/14/2018
Gartner presented its top 10 strategic IoT technology trends for 2018 to 2023 at its symposium in Barcelona last week.
SK hynix has new 10nm process dedicated to DDR4 DRAM 11/13/2018
It has completed the development of 8Gigabits DDR4 DRAM applied with the new production technology. The second-generation process boasts 20 percent improved productivity while consuming 15 percent less energy, the company said.
Infineon anticipates possible settlement on Qimonda case 11/13/2018
“We are open to an out-of-court settlement on reasonable terms,” Chief Financial Officer Dominik Asam told analysts on a conference call.
UMC's argument on DRAM technology leak 11/13/2018
In its most-recent statement concerning the indictment, UMC said its DRAM technology is "fundamentally based on a cell design entirely different from Micron's design."
China stays on top in Super Computer 11/13/2018
China now has 227 Top 500 supercomputers, 45% of the total, while the U.S total fell to 109 (22%), an historic low.
JD.com hit record sales on Singles' Day 11/12/2018
The firm’s 2018 numbers are up 26 percent on last year when it recorded 127.1 billion RMB in GMV — then worth around $19.14 billion. That was the first year that JD went public with its 11.11 sales.
ON Semi to show on-board electric vehicle charging with power modules 11/12/2018
On Semiconductor’s booth at Electronica will include demonstrations featuring the new FAM65xxxx modules, as well as addressing applications in areas such as vehicle electrification, autonomous driving and lighting technology.
SMIC ventures into FinFET process 11/12/2018
SMIC expects to move its first-generation FinFET process technology to risk production in the first half of 2019.
Chinese startup trys to beat Samsung to offer foldable phone 11/12/2018
Royole’s FlexPai tablet is based on its 7.8-inch AMOLED display that folds into the size of a smartphone. The flexible display is in pilot production in a 1.1 million-square-foot fab that will ultimately be able to produce a million 8-inch panels a month.
Qualcomm published better-than-expected fourth quarter financial results 11/9/2018
Qualcomm reported non-GAAP earnings of 90 cents per share on revenue of $5.8 billion, down two percent year over year. Wall Street was looking for earnings of 83 cents per share with $5.52 billion in revenue.
Xilinx to acquire datacenter network technology 11/9/2018
Buying Mellanox would give Xilinx a broader array of products to sell into the data center market.
Samsung is bringing foldable display into the mobile market 11/9/2018
Google said that it will create extensions to the next version of Android for foldable devices. It will also release APIs to support multi-windowing interfaces that Samsung described for its foldable.
Texas Instruments ventures into 60GHz mmWave sensor 11/9/2018
Texas Instruments made clear this week its intentions to muscle into the industrial market with a 60-GHz mmWave sensor family.
NAND prices dropped 17% in October 11/8/2018
DRAMeXchange noted that 3D NAND flash contract prices for October 2018 alone suffered a monthly fall of 13-17%, marking the biggest decline of its kind ever seen since November 2017.
Federal judge orders Qualcomm to license modem technology to competitors 11/8/2018
The preliminary ruling by Judge Lucy Koh in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California said that Qualcomm must license some patents involved in making so-called modem chips, which help smart phones connect to wireless data networks, to rival chip firms.
AMD to have 7nm CPU/GPU ahead of Intel 11/8/2018
Advanced Micro Devices launched its first 7-nm CPU and GPU at the lucrative target of the data center. It showed working chips.
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