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ASP on DRAM continue to rise 7/15/2021
Looking ahead to 4Q21, TrendForce believes that DRAM supply will continue to rise, thereby leading to either a further narrowing of price hikes or pressure constraining the potential price hike of DRAM products.
40% of global wafer capacity is in Korea and Taiwan 7/15/2021
As of December 2020, Taiwan led the world with 21.4% of global wafer capacity installed in that country. In second place was South Korea, which accounted for 20.4% of global wafer capacity.
Singapore chip industry benefits from competition between the U.S. and China 7/15/2021
GlobalFoundries announced that it would be investing $4 billion to expand its chipmaking facilities in Singapore, with the new capacity expected to be up and running by 2023.
SoftBank to enter into space and satellite services 7/14/2021
The SoftBank satellite plan has three main elements — a geostationary (GEO) plan to provide low bandwidth IoT services from space, a low Earth orbit (LEO) microsatellite system that offers low-cost service compared to GEO satellites, along with high-altitude drones to deliver 4G and 5G mobile communications to underserved areas.
Millimeter wave 5G spectrum to be widely used 7/14/2021
Greater isolation and bandwidth will enable telecom providers and radar technology designers to be able to fully capitalize on the mmWave spectrum.
Covid-19 to slow down semiconductor industry growth in Malaysia 7/14/2021
The coronavirus-induced lockdown in Malaysia could exacerbate the global semiconductor shortage, the sources said. It also remains to be seen whether the event will create further delays in the global automotive supply chain, the sources indicated.
Intel wants continue its expansion 7/14/2021
When Intel announced its IDM 2.0 strategy in general and its European expansion in particular back in April, it did not reveal many details about the plan. However, now that the details have transpired, they look truly ambitious: up to $100 billion in investments in multiple states and spread out across multiple facilities.
Taiwan Hi-tech manufacturers donate vaccine to the country 7/13/2021
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd (TSMC) and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd./YongLin Foundation have each completed the purchase of five million doses of BioNTech (BNT) 162b2 vaccine, for a total of 10 million doses, and donated them to the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) .
TI offers new MPU for high-speed factory automation and robotics 7/13/2021
“The AM2x family only features MCU real-time cores, along with specialized accelerators and I/O to meet specific design needs,”
SK hynix announce mass-production of 10nm 8-gigabit low power DDR4 chips 7/13/2021
And SK hynix has now become the world’s first firm to commercialize “1anm DRAMs,” which refers to the fourth generation of the 10-nm process technology, using EUV.
Samsung supplied 49% of the smartphone memory 7/13/2021
Samsung’s 49% share (DRAM & NAND) was followed by Hynix and Micron according to SA’s report, Smartphone Memory Market Share Q1 2021: Samsung Memory Captures Top Spot with Samsung, Hynix and Micron taking an 80%+ revenue share in the Q1 smartphone memory market.
Cirrus Logic to purchase Lion Semiconductor 7/12/2021
This acquisition will bring with it unique intellectual property and products for power applications in smartphones, laptops and other devices and accelerates growth of Cirrus Logic's high-performance mixed-signal business.
Large part of the proposed semiconductor hi-tech fund will go to TSMC 7/12/2021
The US Innovation and Competition Act (USICA), endorsed by the White House and passed by the Senate, would allocate large-scale funding for domestic chip production to alleviate supply chain crunches and ensure dependable semiconductor sourcing. The bill is awaiting passage by the US House of Representatives.
Multi sensors on smartphone defines its memory requirements 7/12/2021
Western Digital announced its second-generation UFS 3.1 storage solution for 5G smartphones, the iNAND MC EU551. It’s also aimed at supporting emerging applications such as gaming, augmented reality/virtual reality, and ultra-high-resolution cameras for burst mode photography.
Tsinghua Unigroup's ambitious semiconductor plan puts it into heavy debt 7/12/2021
“Creditors said that our Group cannot pay off due debts, and assets are insufficient to pay off the debts,” Tsinghua Unigroup said in a statement on its website. “The Group has obviously become insolvent.”
Winbond confirmed its HyperRAM and SpiStack (NOR+NAND) can operate with Renesas’ MPU 7/9/2021
Customers of the RZ/A2M can benefit from Winbond’s long-term supply for various types of external memory, including DRAM, NOR Flash, and NAND Flash which are currently the mainstream of embedded systems.
Macronix International is busy shipping ROMs to the new Nintendo 7/9/2021
Macronix already built up ROM chip inventory in advance, gearing up for shipments for the upcoming Switch console, the sources said. Nintendo is reportedly Macronix's largest customer.
SMIC gives up some foundry customers to concentrate on 14nm development 7/9/2021
China's growth in the semiconductor industry is not without challenges. Chip manufacturing is a highly complex process requiring great precision and typically takes several years to gain expertise and acquire specialized skills to mass-produce chips. Nevertheless, in spite of facing several technical challenges, the country is on track to realize its goal of mass-producing 14nm chips in 2022.
Boris Johnson to review risk of selling Newport Wafer to the Chinese 7/9/2021
“We have to judge whether the stuff that they are making is of real intellectual property value and interest to China, whether there are real security implications,” the PM told MPs, “we are looking into it. I have asked the national security adviser to review.”
China wants to promote its XiangShan RISC-V design to replace Arm cortex 7/8/2021
XiangShan, or "Fragrant Hills", comes with bold promises as spotted by our friends at Heise. Once optimised, its creators claim, it will go toe-to-toe with Arm's top-end Cortex-A76 processor cores – and it will do so while being available under an open-source license.
SIA predicts demand for semiconductors to reach $43.6 billion 7/8/2021
“The industry shipped more units on a three-month moving basis in May than during any previous month in the market’s history, indicating semiconductor production has ramped up significantly to address rising demand.”
Samsung realized $11 billion quarterly profit 7/8/2021
Samsung reported a likely 53% jump in second-quarter operating profit, beating market estimates on the back of strong chip prices and demand despite lower smartphone sales.
Intel wants to renew development base on "Sandy Lake" and "Sky Bridge" architects 7/8/2021
Intel announced that it is bringing back another one of its famed chip architects, 28-year veteran Shlomit Weiss. Weiss will lead all of Intel's consumer chip development and design. Weiss returns to Intel after a four-year stint as Mellanox/Nvidia's Senior VP of Silicon Engineering, where she ran the company's networking chip design group, a team of more than 1,000.
Laptop chip supply to ease in 4th Quarter 7/7/2021
But notebook demand is expected to drop significantly in the fourth quarter; the pandemic will gradually come under control; and additional production capacity for ICs will become available. Component shortages are expected to improve dramatically then.
Chinese owned Nexperia to acquire U.K. chip producer, Newport Wafer Fab. 7/7/2021
Nexperia, which became NWF’s second-largest shareholder in 2019, said the acquisition will help it to make more chips and meet soaring demand.
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