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Memory prices jumped last week 3/19/2020
Q2 server DRAM ASPs will rise 20% q-o-q and Q2 SSD prices will rise 10-15% q-o-q, says DRAMeXchange as a result of increased demand for cloud services used for teleworking caused by coronavirus-driven home-working.
Retail sales fell 0.5% in February, the largest drop in more than a year 3/19/2020
The February decline came from weakness in a number of areas including a 0.9% fall in auto sales and a 2.8% drop at gasoline stations, a decline that reflected falling gas prices.
People start losing jobs to the virus 3/19/2020
Furloughs and job cuts, from dog walkers, to oilfield workers, have begun. Governments around the world are pushing drastic countermeasures to help workers, particularly those who live paycheck to paycheck.
Amazon to hire 100,000 to keep up with more people shopping online. 3/18/2020
Amazon said this weekend that a surge of orders is putting its operations under pressure. It warned shoppers that it could take longer than the usual two days to get packages. It also said it was sold out of many household cleaning supplies and is working to get more in stock.
Powerchip foundry posted net loss for the quarter 3/18/2020
PSMC reported revenues fell 28% to about NT$35.9 billion in 2019, while gross margin slid 22.25pp on year to 8.36%. Operating margin slipped into the red at negative 5.85%.
SMIC is on new 14nm moving towards 7nm 3/18/2020
During SMIC’s recent fiscal year report conference, the company’s co-CEO Liang Mong Song revealed a new version of the 14nm process the company calls N+1. A SMIC spokesman told EE Times China that N+1 was expected to go into limited production in the fourth quarter.
Samsung to mass produce 5th Generation NAND 3/18/2020
The fifth-generation V-NAND stacks more than 90 layers of 3-dimensional charge trap flash (CTF) cells in a pyramid structure, with microscopic channel holes drilled vertically throughout. It reduces the height of each cell layer, minimizes crosstalk between cells and improves data storage capacity,
Gasoline prices continue to dip 3/17/2020
Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg of the Lundberg Survey said Sunday that gas prices could continue to fall as demand shrinks amid the coronavirus pandemic.
U.S. internet infustructure sufficient for work at home 3/17/2020
Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia on Saturday applauded announcements by several major U.S. internet providers for taking measures — including the temporary suspension of data caps and free broadband for 60 days for households with children who lack it.
China reports 20.5% reduction on retail activities 3/17/2020
Retail sales fell 20.5% from a year ago after shopping malls and other businesses were closed in late January, government data showed Monday. Factory output declined by a record 13.5% after the Lunar New Year holiday was extended to keep manufacturing employees at home.
Apple to close its stores outside of China for two weeks 3/17/2020
Cook said that Apple’s stores in China have all now reopened and what the company has learned there has helped it develop “best practices that are assisting enormously in our global response.”
Trump signs law to help telecom carriers replace network equipments from Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp 3/16/2020
The law also requires the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to establish a program to assist small providers with the costs of removing prohibited equipment or services from their networks and replacing it.
Broadcom to retain its radio-frequency wireless chip business 3/16/2020
“After careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that continuing to invest in and operate our wireless asset will create the most value for our business and for our shareholders,” Broadcom CEO Hock Tan told investors Thursday during the company’s earnings call.
EU funds project to develop mobile diagnostic device to identify cardiovascular diseases 3/16/2020
Led by research institute imec and Ghent University, together with Medtronic and other project partners, the H2020 project, InSiDe, will look at a path to commercializing and manufacturing the prototype device built as part of the previous CARDIS (CARdiovascular disease Detection with Integrated Silicon Photonics) project. The CARDIS project, which received around €3.6 million funding under H2020, resulted in lab validation in 2017 of a first demonstrator mobile, low-cost silicon photonics integrated laser vibrometer.
Silicon Labs to acquire Indian chip company, Redpine Signals 3/16/2020
The company expects $20 million in incremental revenue on an annualized basis for FY2020, and targeting $100 million revenue by 2023 for all its wireless products for the IoT. The other is to rely on the India-based team to accelerate its product development for Wi-Fi 6.
U.S. congress sets another step to keep UK from adopting Huawei 5G 3/6/2020
Republican senators Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Marco Rubio proposed legislation requiring the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States to review Britain’s place on the foreign investment “whitelist,” which exempts some Australian, Canadian and UK companies from increased U.S. scrutiny of their foreign investments.
India to backstop its electronics sector by airlifting components from China 3/6/2020
India’s federal technology ministry has asked electronics and smartphone industry lobby groups to draw up a list of components made in China which then can be airlifted, two of the officials said. China is slowly getting back to work after an extended shutdown, but it is still grappling with a range of production and logistics delays.
OPEC calls for production cut to boost oil prices 3/6/2020
OPEC cartel are calling for a deep production cut of 1.5 million barrels per day to support prices that are sagging due to the spread of the coronavirus.The proposal, however, assumes that non-member allies like major producer Russia, who will take up the proposal Friday, will agree to the cuts.
Virus outbreak to cost airline industry $113 billion 3/6/2020
Representatives of the airline industry group said Thursday after a working meeting in Singapore that the industry urgently needs help from governments in waiving some requirements, taxes and fees to alleviate the burden on struggling carriers
Chinese nationals charged with laundering over $100 million cryptocurrency 3/5/2020
North Korean hackers gained access to a virtual currency exchange in 2018 and stole nearly $250 million worth of virtual currency before laundering the cryptocurrency through several transactions. The hackers used doctored photographs and fake identification to avoid scrutiny and used the stolen money to pay for tools used in other North Korean hacking campaigns.
Toyota recalls 1.8 million vehicles on fuel pump 3/5/2020
The vehicles include trucks, SUVs, minivans and cars across the model lineups of Toyota and its Lexus luxury vehicle brand.
SK Hynix to start mass production of HBM2E SDRAM 3/5/2020
The SoC meets JEDEC's HBM2E SDRAM standard based on the 7-nm process of TSMC, and has a data rate of 409 GB/sec. It can handle 110 full HD movies (3.7 GB per film) in just one second.
Wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductors insensitive to space radiations 3/5/2020
WBG has several advantages compared to traditional silicon-based technology, such as the ability to manage high power levels, insensitivity to radiation, high-temperature operation, high switching frequencies, low noise, low power losses, and high efficiency.
AMD gains ground on GPU sales 3/4/2020
The report looked at the outlook for the market during Q4 of 2019, and noted that AMD has achieved a growth of 22.6 percent in shipment volume for the last quarter of 2019, compared to the same quarter in 2018. In contrast, main competitor Nvidia, saw a decrease in its shipments during the same quarter of just under 2 percent, with Intel showing a 0.2 percent increase.
Northrop Grumman to provide in orbit filling station for satellites 3/4/2020
Northrop Grumman said this week its MEV-1 spacecraft successfully linked up with the Intelsat 901 satellite to provide “life-extension services.” Besides refueling, the service includes on-orbit checkouts and relocation of the 18-year-old communications satellite that is part of an Intelsat constellation in geosynchronous orbit.
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