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Dutch chip equipment maker ASML predicts 20% growth in the midst of shipment ban 1/26/2023
Semiconductor giant ASML sees 2023 sales surge; says China revenue to be steady despite U.S. chip restrictions
NASA Io have nuclear powered rocket by 2027 1/26/2023
NASA plans on building the next-generation propulsion system with the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The goal is to use the technology to send human-crewed missions to Mars, which the space agency is hoping to achieve during the 2030s.
China’s Yangtze Memory Technologies Co. (YMTC0 leads over 3D Nand 1/26/2023
Startup memory maker YMTC has leapt past the competition, according to a report by research firm TechInsights. That would fulfill a prediction that the company’s former acting chairman made two years ago to EE Times.
Taiwanese tech suppliers are increasing their production capacity in Mexico 1/25/2023
The moves by key iPhone assembler Foxconn and others are in response to changes in U.S. policy and requests from clients, which together are gradually shifting parts of the supply chain from East to West.
Nintendo is preparing to increase production of the existing Switch hardware 1/25/2023
As Everyone Waits for a Next-Gen Switch, Nintendo Increases Switch Production.
Amazon offers to provide Prime subscribers prescription medications for a flat flee of just $5 per month 1/25/2023
.The Prime add-on subscription is called RxPass and it's being offered through Amazon Pharmacy. Once subscribed, Amazon will deliver generic prescription medications either monthly or quarterly to treat more than 80 common conditions including high blood pressure, anxiety, or acid reflux.
Microsoft Experiments With 'Split Screen' Feature in Edge Browser 1/25/2023
With Split Screen enabled, a new icon appears to the right of the address bar. Clicking it will split the active tab in two, allowing you to view two web pages side-by-side.
White House: U.S. is making progress in Electrifying cars 1/24/2023
The resulting 500,000 new chargers will join what Berube said are 130,000 chargers already available for EV drivers to plug into.
Microsoft is running an update on Windows PCs that will silently check for old copies of Office 1/24/2023
"intended to help Microsoft identify the number of users running out-of-support (or soon to be out-of-support) versions of Office, including Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007."
Spotify to layoff 6% 1/24/2023
The Swedish streaming service today announced plans to terminate some 6% of workers across the company. In an effort to bring costs "more in line," the firm made the "difficult but necessary."
Microsoft could be investing as much as $10 billion in the San Francisco lab, 1/24/2023
Microsoft is pouring billions more into OpenAI, the lab behind ChatGPT, an AI program that could challenge Google’s search engine.
Researcher turns CD into biosensors.. 1/23/2023
tTe thin metallic layer can be used to monitor electrical activity in human hearts and muscles as well as lactose, glucose, pH and oxygen levels.
TrendForce; Foundry revenue to decline 4% this year 1/23/2023
Foundries are expected to maintain a less-than-ideal level of capacity utilization rate in the first two quarters of this year. Some nodes could experience a steeper demand drop in 2Q23.
Halo Microelectronics sold its AC-DC silicon controller IC joint venture to Navitas Semiconductor 1/23/2023
The deal, which is valued at $20 million, will see Navitas take full control of the joint venture which was set up by the two companies in 2021 to develop application-specific silicon controllers that are optimised to work in combination with GaN ICs in order to deliver higher efficiency, density, cost, and integration for a wide range of applications.
Apple Card Has Cost Goldman Sachs Over $1 Billion in Losses 1/23/2023
In a regulatory filing disclosed Friday, Goldman Sachs revealed that from the start of 2020 through the end of September 2022, Platform Solutions’ pretax losses amounted to $3.03 billion.
Efficient Power Conversion offers an 80V laser driver IC for lidar applications. 1/20/2023
The laser driver uses a 5V supply voltage and is controlled using 3.3V logic. It is capable of very high frequencies greater than 50 MHz and super short pulses down to 2 ns to modulate laser driving currents up to 15 A.
Taiwan’s ITRI signed agreement with Lithuanian to share semiconductor chip technology. 1/20/2023
The deal allows Teltonika to use the licenses for ITRI’s semiconductor chip manufacturing technologies and devices.
Microchip offers Rad-hard Power Management Device Suited to LEO Space Applications 1/20/2023
Building on its existing radiation-tolerant portfolio, Microchip Technology Inc. has launched its first commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) rad-tolerant power device with the MIC69303RT 3A low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator. The new high-current, low-voltage MIC69303RT is a power management solution targeting LEO and other space applications.
TrendForce Forecasts 4% YoY Drop in Foundry Revenue This Year 1/20/2023
Currently, foundries are expected to maintain a lower-than-ideal level of capacity utilization rate in the first two quarters of this year. Some nodes could experience a steeper demand drop in 2Q 2023 as there are still no signs of a significant rebound in wafer orders.
UK to require gigabit internet access to every new built home 1/11/2023
“The updated regulations mean that more people moving into new homes will have a gigabit-capable broadband connection ready when construction is completed, avoiding the need for costly and disruptive installation work after the home is built,”
Apple finally to place its own WiFi chips on iPhones 1/11/2023
Eventually, Apple is expected to combine Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular modem functionality into a single chip, which would free up space inside the iPhone and save on manufacturing costs.
MIH Consortium will establish an Innovation Hub near the Foxconn facility in Ohio 1/11/2023
The Innovation Hub will bring together global supply chain partners to share expertise and collaborate on electric vehicle (EV) and mobility projects, as well as new technologies and solutions for automakers. This effort aims to accelerate EV innovation and revitalize American manufacturing.
Lisa Su detailed the significant role high-performance and adaptive computing plays at CES 1/11/2023
“It is an honor to kick off CES 2023 and highlight all the ways AMD is pushing the envelope in high-performance and adaptive computing to help solve the world’s most important challenges,” said Dr. Su. “Together with our partners, we highlighted how AMD technology is advancing what is possible in AI, hybrid work, gaming, healthcare, aerospace and sustainable computing.
NXP adds 28nm radar sensing chip to is products 1/10/2023
The SAF85xx one-chip family combines NXP’s high performance radar sensing and processing technologies into a single device, offering tier ones and OEMs new flexibility in addressing short, medium and long range radar applications to serve ever more challenging NCAP safety requirements.
Worldwide used smartphones market is huge 1/10/2023
Officially refurbished and used smartphones, will reach 282.6 million units in 2022, according to International Data Corp. (IDC) estimates. The unit growth represents an 11.5% increase over the 253.4 million units shipped in 2021.
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