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QuickLogic works with Intrinsic ID to provide security options for devices incorporating embedded FPGA (eFPGA) 5/13/2022
These options range from secure key generation based on SRAM PUF to full security solutions including bitstream encryption, key wrapping, authentication tags, key verification, and data encryption/decryption for storage within the device or for board or system-level communications.
Western Digital to meet cloud challenges with HDD and SSD 5/13/2022
Western Digital Corp.’s (WD) latest batch of new storage products is a reminder that hard drive technology isn’t going anywhere as customers of all sizes grapple with exponential data growth and raise their performance expectations of storage media.
MIPS to focus on RISC-V based multiprocessor IP core products 5/13/2022
The company said its new eVocore family of IP cores are highly scalable and configurable, enabling customers to blend coherent clusters of multi-threaded, multi-core CPUs in unique combinations to meet their exact power and performance requirements.
Future Horizons chief predicts semi-market to down 22% next year 5/12/2022
“The slowdown is inevitable, the magnitude of it depends on the timing,” said Penn, “unit shipments will plummet first then ASPs will collapse”
Startup DEEPX, to offer Edge AI Solution at 2022 Embedded Vision Summit 5/12/2022
DEEPX will be introducing the DEEPX series (DX-L1, DX-L2, DX-M1, and DX-H1), an SoC product line with the world’s highest performance NPU in energy efficiency and processing performance that can compute cutting-edge.
India's ISMC is getting closer to build a new IC fab 5/12/2022
The project would invest about $3 billion in a 65–nm analog chip fab, according to a statement by India’s Next Orbit Ventures, a fund management firm that aims to kickstart the effort. Israel’s Tower Semiconductor said it will be a technology provider for the project.
Infineon offers Coreless Current Sensor Ideal for EV Applications 5/12/2022
The coreless open loop current sensor offers an accurate and stable current measurement – provided as an analog output voltage. Based on Infineon’s market-proven temperature and stress compensation the measurement error is very low with proper calibration. TLE4972 adopts differential measurement concept which suppresses common mode magnetic interferences and is suitable to operate precisely in a magnetically noisy environment.
Western Digital is releasing two new solid-state drives with a focus towards gamers 5/11/2022
thanks to Western Digital, buying storage devices designed to hold way more than a standard console could.
Samsung offers first DRAM memory module in CXL format 5/11/2022
The new CXL DRAM is built with an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) CXL controller and is the first to pack 512GB of DDR5 DRAM, featuring four times the memory capacity and one-fifth the system latency over the previous Samsung CXL offering.
TI offers new solid-state relays safer for EV 5/11/2022
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has launched a new portfolio of solid-state relays, including automotive-qualified isolated drivers and switches, that deliver industry-leading reliability to help make electric vehicles (EVs) safer. The new isolated solid-state relays also provide the smallest solution size while reducing the bill-of-materials (BOM) cost of powertrain and 800-V battery-management systems.
300mm fabs are being built for analog and power semiconductors 5/11/2022
Among the 10 300-mm fabs scheduled to begin operations in 2022, two will be focused on producing non-IC products like power semiconductors. One is a CR Micro fab in Chongqing, China for power semiconductors, and the other fab in Xiamen, China.
Semiconductor Chip Bill moves ahead 5/10/2022
Members of Congress will meet Thursday to open negotiations on a compromise measure that would fund $52 billion in semiconductor manufacturing subsidies and boost U.S. competitiveness with Chinese technology.
Nvidia agreed to pay $5.5 million to settle disclosure law suite 5/10/2022
Nvidia Corporation (NVDA.O) has agreed to pay $5.5 million to settle civil charges that the technology firm did not properly disclose the impact of cryptomining on its gaming business, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) .
9% spending growth predicted for R& D 5/10/2022
Research and development (R&D) spending by semiconductor companies worldwide is forecast to grow by 9% in 2022 to $80.5 billion after climbing by an above average 13% in 2021 to a record-high $71.4 billion,
Lisa Su to keynote at COMPUTEX 2022 5/10/2022
Dr. Lisa Su, Chair and CEO of AMD, will be the first speaker of the COMPUTEX 2022 CEO Keynote series. The digital keynote will take place on May 23, at 2:00 PM (UTC+8), with the keynote theme “AMD Advancing the High-Performance Computing Experience.”
Kyocera to build $500M IC packaging factory 5/9/2022
Kyocera has announced a plan to build a $500m manufacturing facility, the largest it has ever operated in Japan, expanding production capacity for components including organic semiconductor packages and crystal device packages.
Apple Hires 31-Year Ford Veteran to Ramp Up Electric-Car Work 5/9/2022
The tech giant hired Desi Ujkashevic for the car project, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Ujkashevic had worked at Ford since 1991, most recently serving as its global director of automotive safety engineering. Before that, she helped oversee engineering of interiors, exteriors, chassis and electrical components for many Ford models.
Kubos is working on improving its cubic GaN technology to make more efficient LEDs 5/9/2022
Kubos Semiconductors Ltd., a developer of LEDs based on cubic gallium nitride, has identified in collaboration with researchers at Manchester and Cambridge Universities the potential for Kubos’s proprietary material to deliver LEDs capable of switching at faster speeds than those produced in the hexagonal crystal phase.
Commodity shortages and cost increases will persist into the first half of 2023 5/9/2022
Continuing category challenges at the beginning of this quarter suggest that there will only be pockets of relief through the remainder of 2022 and into 2023 for many commodities.
GlobalFoundries announced a US$117 million agreement with DoD 5/6/2022
GlobalFoundries has announced a US$117 million agreement with the US Department of Defense (DoD) to provide a strategic supply of US-made semiconductors that are critical to national security systems. Securely manufactured at GF's Fab 8 in Malta, New York.
A power struggle at Arm China 5/6/2022
Wu, Arm China and its British parent Arm Ltd have been embroiled in a two-year-long dispute and the latest development shows a resolution is not imminent.
Apple is going after engineers for steaing SOC design 5/6/2022
Apple’s lawsuit claims that Rivos, which has hired over 40 former Apple employees in the past year, has committed trade secret theft of its homegrown chip designs. The lawsuit especially names two former Apple engineers as defendants in this case:
Online sales days Does not necessary offer athe best prices for cellphone 5/6/2022
According to iPrice Group’s latest study, which gathered the price data of 80,000 smartphone prices across Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia from July 16 to December 31, 2021, online sales days actually do not offer the cheapest prices for smartphones. In fact, the study shows that there were price markups within two weeks before each online sales day.
Samsung to mass produce UFS4 in Q3 5/5/2022
Samsung will be mass producing its UFS 4.0 in Q3 in a variety of capacities up to 1TB. Samsung UFS 4.0 will provide speed of up to 23.2 Gbps per lane. That’s double the previous leading UFS solution (UFS 3.1).
Elliott Management wants to take Western Digital and split off memories 5/5/2022
Western Digital makes hard drives, USB drives and memory cards. If it reverts to concentrate on its hard drives businesses, its stock price could surge to at least $100 a share by the end of next year, Elliott forecast. A "full separation of the Flash business can allow both HDD and Flash to be more successful and unlock significant value,"
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