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ADI acquired Test Motors of Barcelona for predictive maintenance of electric motors and generators 11/1/2019
The acquisition expands ADI’s portfolio of condition-based monitoring solutions capable of identifying equipment faults before downtime and catastrophic failure occur.
Samsung profit is 55.7% down 11/1/2019
It is a sharp 55.7% decline in operating profits from last year's record profit due to a continued downturn in the memory chip market that started late last year. Revenue for the quarter also fell 5.3% compared to last year.
MEMS and sensor trends to shape the next two decades 11/1/2019
“Academic research is a fountain of innovations for our industry. Most of today’s blockbuster MEMS products originated from academic research, and we expect that pattern to continue.”
Global SSD shipment on upswing 10/31/2019
Worldwide SSD unit shipments rose to 57.9 million units in the second quarter, up 9.7% from 52.8 million in the first.
Sony to build sensor fab. in Nagasaki 10/31/2019
The plant is to be built in Nagasaki Prefecture and is scheduled to come on-line in April 2021. The fab should increase Sony’s image sensor capacity from 100k 300mm wpm to 130k wpm.
AMD 3rd quarter revenue hits $1.8 billion 10/31/2019
AMD's third-quarter revenues were up 9% on year and 18% on quarter due to higher revenues in the Computing and Graphics segment, partially offset by lower revenues in the Enterprise, Embedded and Semi-Custom segment.
Google is engaged in quantum computing 10/31/2019
A new Google computing experiment published in Nature has ushered in a new era of computing. The publication is an experiment in theoretical computer science. Google scientists would demonstrate the ability of a quantum processor to solve a calculation that a traditional computer would perform in years and years.
Renesas adopts Microsoft Azure to deliver a 'chip-to-cloud' IoT solutions 10/30/2019
Renesas’ extensive secure embedded design experience will be combined with easy and seamless out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Azure RTOS across Renesas’ microcontroller (MCU) and microprocessor (MPU) portfolio. The company explains that this should simplify the device-to-cloud experience for IoT developers.
Amazon announced commitment to renewable energy projects 10/30/2019
The three new Amazon wind and solar projects – which are expected to be in operation in 2012 — will provide 265 MW of additional renewable capacity.
Regulator plans to put more restrictions on Chinese telecom companies 10/30/2019
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans to propose requiring those carriers to remove and replace equipment from such designated companies, FCC officials said on Monday.
TSMC and Globalfoundries settle litigation through cross license 10/30/2019
The companies said they have agreed to a broad life-of-patents cross-license to each other's worldwide existing semiconductor patents as well as those patents that will be filed during the next 10 years as both companies continue to invest significantly in semiconductor research and development.
U.K. allows Huawei to supply 5G components 10/29/2019
A decision to give 5G infrastructure contracts to Huawei will be announced before Christmas, The decision will be that Huawei switchgear can be used in “non-contentious” areas of the network.
Chinese government releases additional U$ 28.9 billion for chip industry support 10/29/2019
China's National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund (Big Fund) on October 22 set up a new fund of CNY204.15 billion (US$28.9 billion), marking the start of its second-phase support for domestic chipmakers, according to China company registration information.
Changing lanes at voice command 10/29/2019
Hi Auto has devised an “audio-visual” solution. It employs a driver-facing camera and a single microphone. By applying a deep learning algorithm that tracks lip movement, the combined audio-visual solution zooms in on the driver while clearing all other speakers and noise.
Encrypted acoustic wave may be more secure for data transfer 10/29/2019
The fundamental properties of sound can work to enable a seamless exchange of data payloads across a range of physical environments.
Micron Technology acquired Fwdnxt 10/28/2019
The acquisition will enable Micron to explore deep learning solutions required for data analytics, particularly with internet of things and edge computing.
ST gains production control on SIC by acquiring Norstel 10/28/2019
ST will complete the acquisition of the remaining 45% stake in Norstel in Q4 for around $60 million. Silicon carbide continues to be a key strategic part of ST’s business, with design wins for SiC MOSFETs and diodes in applications like on-board charging and DC-DC conversion; the company will supply high-efficiency SiC devices to Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi for advanced on-board chargers.
Low cost silicon III-V devices needed to enable 5G 10/28/2019
Some low-power IoT sensors will be combined with wireless RF, yet they must be cheap. That suggests combining silicon CMOS with III-V devices on the same chip. Easier said than done - though it IS being done.
Smart cities in India to take on LPWAN 10/28/2019
There would be at least eight billion connected devices in India by 2026, and highlighted the many different low power wide area networks (LPWAN) available in India to implement smart city projects. 2 MHz of spectrum was already available (865-867 MHz) and another 6 MHz has been approved (920-925 MHz).
Samsung brings out new 7nm Exynos 990 processor 10/25/2019
Built on Samsung’s 7nm process, and includes a Mali-G77 GPU that increases graphical performance or power efficiency compared to Samsung’s previous chip by up to 20 percent as well as an octa-core CPU that should be 20 percent faster.
Taiwan’s semiconductor industry growth affected by memory price dip 10/25/2019
Taiwan’s chip manufacturing segment, the biggest contributor to the semiconductor industry, would see its production value shrink 2.1 percent year-on-year to NT$1.45 trillion, mainly due to a 26 percent fall in memory chip manufacturing.
Paris-based medtech startup develops sensors to measure gait kinematics 10/25/2019
To improve diagnosis for the millions of patients with known or unknown walking difficulties, FeetMe developed a solution for ambulatory gait assessment that combines miniaturized pressure sensors, motion sensors and smart algorithms.
Europe based. startup raised additional funding for 'Organic AI' 10/25/2019
organic AI is a fundamentally different way of doing AI, close to how the human brain works, and goes beyond current mainstream AI based on deep learning.
Winbond increased subscription to Nuvoton Technology equity 10/24/2019
Nuvoton has as high as 70-80% of its total revenues generated from its MCU product line. Nuvoton also provides audio SoC solutions, speech ICs, and TPM (trusted platform module) and BMC (baseboard management controller) chips, and operates a 6-inch fab.
120-page report details China's ambition on memory chip manufacturing 10/24/2019
“They don’t have any sophistication from the standpoint of manufacturing capabilities and that’s [an area where] they have got a lot of learning to do.” While the country is recruiting talent to get up to speed.
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