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U.S. to drop tarriff on Canadian aluminum 9/17/2020
Canada was preparing to impose retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products Tuesday.
Global economy is not doing as bad as previously expected 9/17/2020
The OECD projects world's gross domestic product to decline by 4.5% this year, down from its June forecast of a 6% plunge.
Company offers $20,000 for employees to move out of expensive urban areas 9/17/2020
The catch is each employee who takes the deal also gets a 10% pay cut.
U.S. industrial production slow to regain 9/16/2020
U.S. industrial production slowed to a modest increase of 0.4% in August, far weaker than the strong bounce back recorded in previous months when factories were coming back to life.
What is Oracle buying TikTok for ? 9/16/2020
Oracle is known for providing enterprise software including cloud computing services. So it could provide cloud services such as storing TikTok’s data in the U.S., or computing services for the app.
Walmart teams up with a company called Zipline to launch drone delivery program 9/16/2020
Zipline, founded in 2014, has the world's largest drone delivery network and began operating in late 2016 in Rwanda primarily focusing on-demand delivery of medical supplies. The California company has now delivered more than 200,0000 medical items to thousands of health facilities in numerous countries.
Tesla to replace robots with giant size casting machine 9/16/2020
This week, a person familiar with the plans for Tesla’s factory in Germany told Retuers that the new “Gigapress” represents a move toward assembling cars from just a handful of large modules rather than many different parts.
Amazon to hire additional 100,000 people 9/15/2020
The company already had to hire 175,000 people earlier this year to keep up with the rush of orders, and last week said it had 33,000 corporate and tech jobs it needed to fill.
TikTok to partner with Oracle instead of Microsoft 9/15/2020
Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison is unusual among tech executives for his public support of Trump, hosting a fundraiser for him in February at his Rancho Mirage, California, estate. The company also hired a former top aide to Vice President Mike Pence; its CEO, Safra Catz, also served on Trump’s transition team.
Lean manufacturing partially blamed for paper towel shortage 9/15/2020
They say Lean manufacturers maintaining low inventory levels were unable to respond adequately to the COVID-19 demand spike.
Nvidia make $40 billion offer to acquire ARM 9/15/2020
Being owned by a U.S. company could mean Arm is exposed to U.S. government export bans at a time when Washington is in a battle for tech supremacy with China.
MediaTek hit single month revenue record of US$1.12 billion 9/14/2020
MediaTek's revenue for August 2020 represented increases of 22.6% sequentially and nearly 42% on year, driven by a pull-in of orders for new 5G smartphones and gaming phones.
Samsung predicts Exynos chips to grow in 2021 9/14/2020
The South Korean tech giant has been trying to catch up to the industry leader Qualcomm Technologies Inc., which dominates the market with its Snapdragon processors.
USDA found a better way to inspect eggs 9/14/2020
“Requiring egg product plants to develop food safety systems and procedures similar to meat and poultry requirements is a significant milestone in modernizing our inspection system," FSIS Administrator Paul Kiecker said.
VW truck subsidiary to cut 9,500 jobs 9/14/2020
MAN said the planned package of measures is intended to improve the company's operating result by about $2 billion, and will involve a "fundamental restructuring" of all areas of its business.
New plant-based energy storage device can charge an EV battery in minutes 9/11/2020
While batteries can store large amounts of charge per unit volume, supercapacitors are much more efficient at generating a large quantity of electric current within a short duration. This burst of electricity helps supercapacitors to quickly charge up devices, unlike batteries that can take much longer.
Rising number of laid-off workers now say they regard their job loss as permanent 9/11/2020
Hiring has slowed since June, and a rising number of laid-off workers now say they regard their job loss as permanent. The number of people who are continuing to receive state unemployment benefits rose last week, after five weeks of declines, to 13.4 million, evidence that employers aren't hiring enough to offset layoffs.
Regulatory measures might have slow down teenage vaping 9/11/2020
Experts think last year's outbreak of vaping related illnesses and deaths may have scared off some kids, but they believe other factors contributed to the drop, including higher age limits and flavor bans.
U.S. ban on SMIC to create tight supply for foundry capacity 9/11/2020
TSMC, UMC and VIS have already seen their 8-inch fabrication lines run at full capacity utilization, and it remains to be seen whether these Taiwan-based foundries will be able to handle the additional orders transferred from China.
Amazon to host a total of 25,000 employees at the Seattle hub 9/10/2020
Since 2016, the company has been leasing space in the tony Eastside suburb about 10 miles east of downtown Seattle, just across Lake Washington. Amazon now hosts about 3,000 workers there and has been growing its presence steadily in Bellevue’s robust downtown corridor, which will soon be connected with a Link light-rail station.
Uber offers incentives for drivers to use electric vehicles 9/10/2020
To help drivers make the switch, Uber drivers will earn an extra 50 cents per ride for hybrid vehicles and $1.50 extra for fully-electric vehicles in more than 15 cities in the U.S. and Canada.
China successfully lands own reusable spacecraft 9/10/2020
The flight “marks an important breakthrough in our country’s research on reusable spacecraft” that promise a “more convenient and inexpensive way” to reach space, Xinhua said.
New flaw surfaced in Boeing 787 Dream Liners 9/10/2020
Boeing said Tuesday it is inspecting part of the tail of the two-aisle 787 after finding that pieces were clamped together too tightly, which could lead to premature fatigue of a part called the horizontal stabilizer.
Coronavirus pandemic affects landscape on Germany's machinery industry 9/9/2020
Orders for machinery, a major German export, were down 16% in this year's first seven months compared with a year earlier, while production declined 14%, the VDMA association said. It cited the effects of the pandemic, protectionism in international trade, and change affecting the auto industry — a key customer.
Samsung to develop 5G network infrastructure for Verizon 9/9/2020
“Samsung has demonstrated their commitment to collaborating with us to drive innovation in 5G,” New York-based Verizon said in a statement. “We are excited to expand our relationship with them and benefit from a long-term strategic agreement.”
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