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Global top 10 foundries business rose by 6% in Q3 12/19/2022
Business rose by 6% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) to $35.21 billion for the third quarter (3Q 2022) as the release of the new iPhone series during the second half of the year generated significant stock-up activities across Apple’s supply chain,
Apacer and ADLINK are developing edge computing solutions to accelerate the expansion of AIoT 12/19/2022
The expansion of 5G and AI technology, coupled with the increasingly diverse application scenarios of edge computing, have created an opportunity for the transformation of various vertical application markets.
China Startup memory maker YMTC has leapt past the competition 12/19/2022
YMTC’s costly technology lead has made profitability for the company less attainable and increased the need to rely on the support of the Chinese government, according to Jim Handy, an analyst with Objective Analysis.
NXP Driving Carbon Reduction, Energy Savings in Automotive Industry 12/16/2022
NXP’s EV power management technology enabling automotive industry transformation
IBM plans 24-core Power 10 processor for Oracle's database server 12/16/2022
IBM intends to announce a high-density 24-core processor for the IBM Power S1014 system (MTM 9105-41B) to address application environments utilizing an Oracle Database with the Standard Edition 2 (SE2) licensing model.
Microsoft Bans Cryptocurrency Mining in Its Data Centers 12/16/2022
On Dec. 1, Microsoft quietly updated(Opens in a new window) the Acceptable Use Policy for its range of Azure Services and Dynamic 365 Services to make it clear cryptocurrency mining is prohibited.
Senate Votes Unanimously to Ban TikTok From Government Devices (Again) 12/16/2022
Sens. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Rick Scott (R-Fla.) originally introduced the legislation(Opens in a new window) in 2020, citing cybersecurity concerns and "possible spying" by the Chinese government.
China brought two complains before WTO for U.S. semiconductor curbs 12/15/2022
U.S. introduced rules that restricted chips made using American tools from being exported to China as well as any semiconductors designed for artificial intelligence applications. The move has effectively kneecapped China’s semiconductor industry.
STMicroelectronics' latest audio amplifiers are designed for audio messages at up to 10W. 12/15/2022
They are designed for automotive applications like eCall, telematics, and wherever an audio channel needs to reproduce human voice, music, or warning messages.
Future energy solution must start from cutting waste 12/15/2022
“Everybody talks about, ‘You need to go solar’,” he said. “How about first you reduce what you need so it’s not that expensive to offset it?”
Japan and the Netherlands are to only supply China with machines three generations behind 12/15/2022
China could be about to suffer another major blow to its chip manufacturing industry as both Japan and the Netherlands are expected to join the US in restricting the country's access to advanced chipmaking technology.
Rapidus announced joint development partnership with IBM to advance logic scaling technology 12/14/2022
This is part of Japan's initiatives to become a global leader in semiconductor research, development, and manufacturing.
Intel to fight back on the GPU battle 12/14/2022
Intel will continue to prioritize low-end and mid-range graphics products that deliver "higher performance at lower power" with energy consumption that maxes out at around 200 to 225 watts.
Q3 foundry revenue was up 6% q-o-q at $35 billion 12/14/2022
For 4Q22, TrendForce predicts a Q3 q-o-q decline for foundry revenues ending two years of uninterrupted quarterly growth.
M3 received award for Most Promising Product 12/14/2022
This year, the company is proud to announce two milestones: listing at the Taiwan Stock Exchange and winning a Most Promising Product accolade at EE Awards Asia 2022 for its MT2600 Supercapacitor Power Manager for Backup Power Applications.
enterprise SSD revenue to decline more than 20% in Q4 12/13/2022
ith supply glut rapidly worsening across the whole NAND Flash market, the overall average contract price (or the ASP) of enterprise SSDs is projected to fall by more than 20% QoQ for 4Q 2022. This, in turn, will also lead to a QoQ decline of more than 20% in enterprise SSD revenue.
Semiconductor industry projected to invest more than $500 billion in 84 volume chipmaking facilities 12/13/2022
Segments including automotive and high-performance computing fueling the spending increases, according to SEMI’s latest quarterly World Fab Forecast report.
UMC achieved top ranking among its semiconductor foundry peers in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices 12/13/2022
This year, UMC has been selected as a member of both the DJSI’s World Index and Emerging Markets Index.
Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) works with Vanguard on (GaN)-based power semiconductors 12/13/2022
The products manufactured at VIS, an Automotive IATF 16949 certified foundry, will meet the growing demand for GaN power devices in data centers, electric vehicles, solar inverters, robotics, and space systems.
Will be more demand in memory chips comes into 2023 12/12/2022
Like many markets now, those for our commodity memories like DRAM and NAND/NOR Flash are seeing turbulent conditions. On the other hand, we expect strong emerging trends to drive significant new demands for specialist memories such as Secure Flash. At the same time, the momentum behind automotive electrification – striving for sustainability – should provide an additional boost to demand.
Tektronix wins award for Best T & M company 12/12/2022
The company uncovered a number of unexpected customer wants and needs during the development process—with some of the most valuable insights resulting from pandemic-related hurdles, which is something no one expected.
Macronix received the Best Memory Product of the Year award at EE Awards Asia 12/12/2022
This is the second consecutive year that Macronix’s memory devices have been recognized at Asia’s leading awards program honors the best companies, solutions, and innovations in the semiconductor industry.
Apple offers Fitness+ subscription service 12/12/2022
Fitness+ workouts can be done from the comfort of your living room, with or without an Apple Watch. But for those moments when you need fresh air, Apple's subscription service also supports Audio Workouts like Time to Run and Time to Walk that can help you get moving outside.
SK hynix offers the fastest Data Center DRAM module 12/9/2022
Its new product operates at a data speed of minimum 8 Gigabits per second (Gbps), 80 percent faster than the previous models’ 4.8Gbps.
GaN and SiC power transistors are now praised as the new revolution in power management 12/9/2022
there are still challenges to be overcome, especially the high cost and, in many cases, low reliability.
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