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SSD prices will go up as much as 50% in 2024, reports say 1/9/2024
>It is highlighted by Chinese industry experts that the SSD market is ready to combat with negative financial results, that have been pouring in for the past several quarters. After an aggressive wave of production cutdowns, manufacturers have started to increase NAND flash memory pricing, and they have already taken into effect.
SK Group leader calls for chipmaker to adapt strategy 1/9/2024
SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won says the company's chipmaking division will need to adapt to succeed in "the rapidly changing cycles" of the chip industry. Chey pointed to AI memory chips and high bandwidth memory as growth drivers.
Siemens, sureCore, and Semiwise Collaborate on Cryogenic Semiconductor Designs 1/9/2024
Siemens, sureCore, and Semiwise are collaborating to develop cryogenic CMOS circuits capable of operating at temperatures near absolute zero.
MSI to Showcase Automotive and Industrial AIoT Solutions at CES 2024 1/9/2024
MSI will broaden its showcase at Westgate Las Vegas to feature electric vehicle (EV) charging, automotive, and industrial AIoT solutions.
Scientists in China to scale multi-chiplet to 1,600-core chips 1/8/2024
Scientists from the Institute of Computing Technology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced an advanced 256-core multi-chiplet and have plans to scale the design up to 1,600-core chips that employ an entire wafer as one compute device.
US chip industry seeks special visa to close talent gap 1/8/2024
The US semiconductor industry is aiming to attract talent from overseas by proposing the US adapt its H-1B visa system with an industry-specific "chipmaker's visa" to streamline the process. SEMI's Royal Kastens says, "The government recognizes there is a talent shortage specific to our industry, and that it is going to take a combination of both efficient immigration policy, as well as investing in STEM programs and other programs, to help grow a workforce.
Key Foundry Rebrands to ‘SK keyfoundry’ 1/8/2024
Key Foundry, an 8-inch pure-play foundry in Korea, has changed its corporate name to SK keyfoundry. The new name went into effect starting January 1, 2024.
Conquering Generative AI Bottlenecks 1/8/2024
A recent EE Times panel looks at optimizing efficiency and flexibility in generative AI applications.
China plans to build 18 fabs this year as global capacity surges 1/5/2024
China is predicted to lead the world in expanding semiconductor production, with a total of 18 new fabs expected to begin production in 2024.
Intel launches Articul8 AI entity with DigitalBridge 1/5/2024
Intel, backed by DigitalBridge, is spinning out Articul8 AI, a platform company focusing on enterprise generative AI software. The entity follows a collaboration between Intel and Boston Consulting Group last year that put Intel's AI system in BCG's data centers for security.
ST Eases Development on Single-core MPUs 1/5/2024
STMicroelectronics has launched a new software for migrating STM32 MCU code to more powerful STM32MP1 MPUs.
Technology forecast for 2024 1/5/2024
My look back at the past year, on the other hand, was more comprehensive than it had been before, thanks to the ordering flip-flop. And so, we’re continuing with the updated cadence again this year. Without further ado…
SK Hynix sets $1B target for bond deal 1/4/2024
SK Hynix aims to raise $1 billion in a bond deal after reporting operating losses of more than $6 billion in the first three quarters of last year. The memory chipmaker plans to unveil its ultra-high-performance memory technology, including its HBM3E chips, next week at CES.
Chip capacity on track for 30M wafers per month 1/4/2024
Global semiconductor capacity will likely exceed 30 million wafers per month this year, a 6.4% increase over 2023, according to SEMI's quarterly World Fab Forecast. The report points to market demand tied to high-performance computing, generative AI and government incentives for driving the surge.
Bourns: Leading Sensor Innovations 1/4/2024
Bourns' sensor stands as a testament to its commitment to engineering excellence, offering cutting-edge solutions that continue to revolutionize the sector.
Elevating the In-Car Experience: The Power of Automotive HMI Testing 1/4/2024
As the widespread rollout of fully autonomous vehicles comes ever closer, the accepted in-car setup is going to change beyond all recognition.
IDC predicts growth drivers for IC market 1/3/2024
IDC predicts the semiconductor sales market will improve this year with AI moving into personal devices and advanced driver-assistance system technology boosting the automotive chip market. Samsung Electronics, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Intel are expected to help increase the global semiconductor foundry industry, IDC says.
Global chip market may reach $588B this year 1/3/2024
The global semiconductor market in 2024 is expected to achieve a record $588.36 billion, or 13.1% growth over 2023, according to a forecast from the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics organization. The optimistic outlook follows last year's signs of recovery, which were powered by generative AI adoption and sales of smartphones and PCs.
ST Boosts Ranging Performance, Power Efficiency of ToF Sensor 1/3/2024
ST's VL53L8CX ToF ranging sensor delivers greater ambient-light immunity, lower power consumption, and enhanced optics.
Rambus Launches Gen4 DDR5 RCD 1/3/2024
Rambus' Gen4 RCD boosts the data rate to 7200MT/s, setting a new benchmark for performance and memory bandwidth.
Global Passenger BEV Sales Up 29% YoY in 3Q 2023 1/2/2024
Chinese brands successfully sold over 0.13 million BEVs abroad, marking a fourfold increase compared to 3Q 2022.
ST Eases Development on Single-core MPUs 1/2/2024
STMicroelectronics has launched a new software for migrating STM32 MCU code to more powerful STM32MP1 MPUs.
Taiwan Holds First 5G-ACIA General Assembly 1/2/2024
5G-ACIA and TAICS signed an MoU to align Taiwanese manufacturers with global 5G Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) standards.
Bosch, Infineon, Nordic, NXP, and Qualcomm Establish Quintauris to Advance Adoption of RISC-V 1/2/2024
Based in Germany, Quintauris aims to advance the adoption of RISC-V globally by enabling next-generation hardware development.
AMD exec outlines AM5's future, memory scaling plans 12/29/2023
In a recent interview with Overclockers UK, AMD's Corporate Vice President, David McAfee, further acknowledged how the long life of AM4 played a crucial role in how the product has been able to age gracefully. He also pointed out how support for AMD's newest AM5 platform, currently on Zen 4, will continue well into 2025.
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