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Semtech's LoRa Solution Improves Farming in Malaysia 5/16/2023
LoRa-enabled sensors now give Malaysian farmers real-time data on the health of their farms every step of the growth cycle.
MSI SSD offers 7.4 GB/s sequential read speed and up to 1M random write 4KB IOPS 5/15/2023
The SSD uses 3D TLC NAND memory and is based on Phison's PS5018-E18.
China’s carbon emissions to hit a new record in 2023 5/15/2023
China, the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gas, saw its carbon dioxide emissions rise 4% in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2022, reaching more than 3 billion tons, That’s the highest first-quarter number on record.
Intel's Pat Gelsinger to meet with TSMC in Taiwan 5/15/2023
Gelsinger is expected to arrive in the week starting May 21, and one of the major focuses is to restore the supply chain's confidence in the company and another is when Intel's collaboration with TSMC for 3nm chip manufacturing will start, the sources said.
SMIC forecasts stronger Q2 with domestic chip boom 5/15/2023
A rush of orders tied to changes in supply chains are estimated to increase Q2 revenue up to 7%.
Nvidia ordered an additional 10,000 wafers for its artificial intelligence chips 5/12/2023
Nvidia has recently obtained TSMC's commitment to CoWoS support for an additional 10,000 wafers in 2023, the sources said, adding TSMC may have to give Nvidia extra CoWoS support for 1,000 to 2,000 wafers monthly throughout the rest of the year.
Huawei introduces “4T” technologies for clean, sustainable energy solution 5/12/2023
Huawei has commenced moves to deploy its ‘4T’ (WatT, HeaT, BatTery, and BiT) energy technologies to the African continent with a view to driving development.
Infineon Technologies AG, plans to expand its recruitment in Korea 5/12/2023
Infineon Technologies Korea will hire 1.5 times more employees here by 2030, doubling the number of career-beginners, and hire more mid-career experienced employees.
US semiconductor imports grew 13% over the first three months of this year 5/12/2023
Semiconductors, essential to everything from computers and smartphones to electric vehicle batteries and large-scale data centers, are now a point of focus for US lawmakers. Last year’s legislation to encourage TSMC and Samsung to increase their investment on American soil is just one part of its broader contest with economic rival China — whose semiconductor shipments to the US dropped nearly 11%.
TI offers features that enable EV powertrain to increase power density and reduce system design complexity 5/11/2023
Texas Instruments (TI) has unveiled a highly integrated, functional safety-compliant, isolated gate driver that enables engineers to design more efficient traction inverters so as to maximise electric vehicle (EV) driving range.
DDR4 oversupply pushed memory prices down 5/11/2023
Overall, the industry is expecting another 18% discount starting in Q2 2023, which will make DDR4 prices even cheaper for PC users. However, the storage discounts will only apply to the mobile and server markets.
India open fundings to lure prospective chipmakers 5/11/2023
New Delhi plans to reopen the application process for $10 billion in incentives and assistance intended to encourage local chipmaking, people familiar with the matter said. It’s also keeping the process open-ended, doing away with a previous 45-day requirement for submission.
Samsung Electronics Co. and SK hynix focus on production of higher value memory chips 5/11/2023
They are planning to capitalize on the market downturn by focusing on next-generation products, including high-value items such as Double Data Rate 5 (DDR5) and High Bandwidth Memory 3 (HBM3).
Intel reducing a portion of its workforce and make cuts to its budget 5/10/2023
"Intel is working to accelerate its strategy while navigating a challenging macro-economic environment. We are focused on identifying cost reductions and efficiency gains through multiple initiatives, including some business and function-specific workforce reductions in areas across the company
World’s first 3D NAND-like DRAM cell array that is targeted to solve DRAM’s capacity bottleneck 5/10/2023
Neo is becoming a clear leader in the 3D DRAM market. Our invention, compared to the other solutions in the market today, is very simple and less expensive to manufacture and scale. The industry can expect to achieve 8X density and capacity improvements per decade with our 3D X-DRAM.”
Porsche plans to offer automated assistance and navigate-on-pilot functions based on the Mobileye platform 5/10/2023
Porsche plans to offer automated assistance and navigate-on-pilot functions based on the Mobileye SuperVision technology platform.
Microchip's E-Fuse Board provides EV designers with faster, more reliable high-voltage protection solution 5/10/2023
Microchip Technology Inc. has launched the E-Fuse Demonstrator Board, enabled by silicon carbide (SiC) technology, available in six variants for 400–800V battery systems and with a current rating up to 30A.
TSMC garnered 30% of the global IC industry's total sales, excluding memory chips 5/9/2023
Revenue attributed to advanced technologies -- 7-nanometer process and beyond -- increased from 50% to 53% when compared to 2021.
Synopsys Delivers Optimized EDA Flows on TSMC's N2 Process 5/9/2023
Synopsys is collaborating with TSMC to deliver digital and custom design EDA flows on TSMC's most advanced N2 process.
Cadence collaborates with TSMC to optimize the Cadence Virtuoso platform for the 79GHz mmWave design 5/9/2023
With this latest development in Cadence and TSMC’s long history of collaboration, joint customers now have access to a complete 79GHz mmWave design reference flow on the N16 process for developing optimized, highly reliable, next-generation RFIC designs for use in radar, 5G and other wireless applications.
SICC will supply Infineon with high-quality 150mm wafers for the manufacturing of SiC semiconductors 5/9/2023
This will generally contribute to supply chain stability, in particular with regard to the growing demand for SiC semiconductor products for automotive, solar and EV charging applications
Teevee's plan is to give away TVs for free 5/8/2023
The TV includes a second display that's roughly the same height as a phone display and stretches the entire width of the TV—imagine having a news ticker screen for ads sat directly below your TV
Google trying to persuade people to ditch their old-school logins 5/8/2023
Google has released some rare data, showing that logging in with passkeys is much faster and efficient than typing in a password.
SK hynix plans to increase the share of its 21nm production lines to comply to U.S. China bans 5/8/2023
SK hynix had planned to transition its Wuxi fab’s mainstream process from 1Y nm to 1Z nm, decreasing the output of legacy processes. However, due to limitations imposed by the US ban, the company instead opted to increase the share of its 21 nm production lines, focusing on DDR3 and DDR4 4Gb products.
Jensen Huang will deliver the keynote address in person at COMPUTEX 2023 5/8/2023
The keynote will take place at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2 on Monday, May 29, at 11:00 AM (UTC+8), and cover advanced developments in the fields of accelerated computing and artificial intelligence.
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