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China's investigation into Micron Technology, raise the possibility of a product ban 5/5/2023
Chinese market would still be undermined if one of the three major DRAM suppliers in the world is prevented from selling its products there. There could be short supply and prices would go up.
SIA wants "clear rules of the road" for investments in China 5/5/2023
It isn't just US companies that are unhappy with strings attached to CHIPS Act funding. Semiconductor giant TSMC is said to be seeking up to $15 billion in subsidies to help build two chip fabrication plants in Arizona, but has expressed concerns about rules that may require it to share profits from the fabs with the US government as well as provide detailed information about its operations.
EV maker NIO Inc to leverage NXP Semiconductors’ automotive radar technology 5/5/2023
The cars will be able to detect and classify objects such as other vehicles and vulnerable road users in high-way and complex urban scenarios and at distances of up to 300m, bringing more safety to the roads and driving comfort for end users.
Infineon Breaks Ground for a new manufacturing plant in Dresden 5/5/2023
With an investment volume of €5 billion, the new plant is the largest single investment in Infineon’s history.
SpaceX cancels plan to impose a monthly high-speed data cap on subscribers 5/4/2023
The company today updated the official Starlink domain to delete mention of the high-speed data caps, which were previously a top listed topic in the FAQ(Opens in a new window)/support section of the site.
TDK, is investing in Novalith, a startup specializing in lithium extraction 5/4/2023
Novalith’s technological solutions capture and utilize carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to isolate and extract lithium of a higher quality from resource deposits, with no detrimental by-products, to produce a battery-grade, high-purity Li2CO3. The process uses less water, requires a smaller infrastructure and is more cost-effective than the current industry standard.
Bosch is expanding its semiconductor business with silicon carbide (SiC) chips 5/4/2023
Over the next years, Bosch intends to invest more than $1.5 billion in the Roseville site and convert the TSI Semiconductors manufacturing facilities to state-of-the-art processes. The company plans to start producing SiC chips on 200-millimeter wafers in 2026.
GUS Technology opens first battery gigafactory in Taiwan 5/4/2023
GUS Technology, which focuses on lithium titanate (LTO) and NCM material systems, has entered into the design, development, and manufacturing of battery modules for electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage since the end of 2019.
NXP gave bullish forecast for the current period and it said indicates a “cautious optimism,” 5/3/2023
Revenue will range from $3.1 billion to $3.3 billion in second quarter, the company said Monday in a statement. That compares with analysts’ average estimate of $3.03 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
Samsung and SK hynix are focusing on expanding the DDR5 memory market 5/3/2023
Analysts say that increasing the supply of DDR5 memory can expedite the chipmakers’ exit from a semiconductor market slump.
Keysight Highlights Challenges, Opportunities in Satellite Industry 5/3/2023
Emerging technologies are propelling established players and start-ups to disrupt the industry through an ever quickening design cycle for space-based products such as satellites, more sophisticated payloads, and upgradeable communications systems.
Synopsys Collaborates with TSMC and Ansys to Advance Multi-Die Systems 5/3/2023
The close collaboration addresses chip, package and system-level effects for designs on TSMC advanced technologies.
TSMC offer two new process notes for automotive-centric customers 5/2/2023
TSMC is gearing up to deliver a pair of new specialized process nodes for the market, N4AE and N3AE, which are aimed at delivering early versions of TSMC's forthcoming automotive-grade process nodes for use by clients who need to get an early start with design and/or production.
South Korean President and Joe Biden's summit paved the way for bilateral semiconductor partnership 5/2/2023
In one of the visit's major achievements, Seoul and Washington agreed to build a partnership in case of any disruptions in the global supply chains of the cutting-edge semiconductor industry.
onsemi has shipped its one billionth inductive sensor interface chip to automotive supplier HELLA 5/2/2023
The IC designed by onsemi is being used in HELLA’s Contactless Inductive Position Sensor (CIPOS) technology for automotive x-by-wire systems.
Infineon offers Bluetooth LE system on chip ready with the newly released Bluetooth 5.4 specification 5/2/2023
AIROC CYW20829 is designed to support the entire spectrum of Bluetooth LE use cases including smart home, sensors, medical healthcare, lighting, Bluetooth Mesh networks, remote controls, human interface devices (mouse, keyboard, VR and gaming controllers), industrial automation, and automotive.
Scientists successfully extracted oxygen from simulated lunar soil 5/1/2023
This marks the first time such extraction has been completed in a vacuum environment, paving the way for it to happen on the actual lunar surface.
Lawmakers have introduced legislation that would prevent AI from being used to launch a nuclear weapon 5/1/2023
Block Nuclear Launch by Autonomous AI Act seeks to codify current Pentagon rules for nuclear weapons, which already require human decision-making when it comes to their launch.
Lattice offers family of advanced system control FPGAs 5/1/2023
These latest low power FPGAs, which are based on the Lattice Nexus platform, feature advanced connectivity with PCIe, increased logic and memory resources, and enhanced security.
Japanese government to dund 2nm IC project 5/1/2023
The total project to get 2nm chips into volume production will cost $37 billion.
STMicroelectronics (STM.DE) beat first-quarter results forecasts 4/28/2023
STMicro reported first-quarter earnings per share (EPS) of $1.10 on a 20% increase in revenues to $4.25 billion. Analysts had expected EPS of $0.99 and revenues of $4.19 billion.
Semiconductor will be back with a bang in 2024 4/28/2023
"Some hoped for a recovery in the semiconductor market this year, but the weakness of the second half of last year has continued," Gordon told us, adding that the smartphone market is "saturated".
Samsung ups investment despite worst performance 4/28/2023
Despite suffering slumping demand and price declines, the company expects its business will rebound in the second half of the year as it has reduced output and customers' chip inventories will be normalized around that time.
Bosch to acquire U.S.TSI Semiconductors 4/28/2023
Bosch will acquire the assets of U.S. chipmaker TSI Semiconductors to expand its semiconductor business with silicon carbide chips (SiC). Bosch also said that following the acquisition, it will invest $1.5 billion over the next few years to upgrade TSI Semiconductors’ manufacturing.
Shanghai’s municipal government to provide100 million yuan investments in semiconductors, biomedicine, and AI 4/27/2023
Mega projects related to semiconductor equipment and materials including components, raw materials and high-end software such as electronic design automation (EDA), will be subsidised by up to 30 per cent of the total project investment, or a maximum of 100 million yuan, according to a policy announcement issued by the municipal government on its website on Tuesday.
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