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EZSPD DDR5 SPD Programmer available now 8/30/2021
CST Eureka 2933 DDR4 Memory Tester is Available Now. 7/29/2019
MS-100D DIE Sorting Tester 5/5/2017
CST Start to Deliver Eureka 2400 DDR4 Memory Tester 4/5/2016
CST Enables Memory Market with New DDR4 Tester 8/28/2014
CST launch Eureka2s Mobile Memory Tester for testing Multi-Chip-Package (MCP) memory. 12/16/2013
CST to unveil the Dual Test Socket 1866Mhz DDR3 DIMM/SODIMM Tester at the Semicon Taiwan Show. 8/13/2013
CST Inc first to ship DDR4 DIMM/SODIMM Memory Module SPD EEPROM Programmer 8/8/2013
CST launch Improved DDR4/DDR3 Server DIMM Memory Burn-in System at Semicon Taiwan 8/1/2013
CST unveil Dual Test Socket DDR3 DIMM/SODIMM Tester 2/20/2013
High-Performance Advantest Automatic Handler + CST DDR3 & Mobile DRAM Chip Testers for Total Testing Solution. 10/15/2012
CST unveil the DDR3 BGA Chip Test Handler at Semicon Taiwan 2012 10/15/2012
CST unveils Super-Fast DDR3 1700Mhz DIMM/SODIMM Memory Tester 4/27/2012
CST unveils Low Cost Tester for DDR3 LRDIMM testing 4/27/2012
CST to support LRDIMM Testing on the Eureka2 DDR3 1600Mhz Memory Tester 4/25/2012
CST ships RoboFlex3 Handler 11/7/2011
CST adds enhanced Soft-Landing Output Slider System to Robo-MiNi DIMM/SODIMM Memory Module Handler. 10/5/2011
CST to unveil the SP3000 DDR3 BGA Chip tester at Computex Show 5/17/2010
LRDIMM ,RDIMM Memory Module Burn-In Heater-Box System 9/18/2009
CST to deliver the DocMemory Pro PCI Memory Diagnostic Test Card 7/30/2009
CST to launch the Most Affordable RoboFlex-MiNi Memory Module Handler System 7/24/2009
CST to demonstrate DDR3 DIMM Open/Short Tester at the Computex Show 5/29/2009
RoboFlex3 Automatic Pick & Place Handler to Debut at Computex Show 5/7/2009
CST to launch Eureka2 1333Mhz DDR3 Memory Tester at Computex Show 4/20/2009
CST to unveil Rapid Burn-In Test System at Computex Show 4/15/2009
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