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CST Eureka 2933 DDR4 Memory Tester is Available Now.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Eureka 2933 DDR4 Memory Tester

CST Inc., a Memory Tester Company has announced its New Eureka 2933 DDR4 Tester and has started deploying multiple units at several major OEM Memory Manufacturers world-wide.

The design of Eureka 2933 rides on the experience of Eureka 2400, one tester can test all type of DDR4 memory including UDIMM (ECC & NON-ECC), RDIMM (X4, X8), SODIMM (ECC & NON-ECC), comparing to the tester on the market, Eureka 2933 has its outstanding advantage:

1. All DDR4 IC configuration x4, x8,x16 supported

2. Real-frequency tester, fast test time, clock range 1866 – 2940Mhz

- 8GB UDIMM 2933 21-21-21 25 sec

- 32GB RDIMM 2933 21-21-21 1m 38 sec

3. X4, X8 Register DIMM 2933 21-21-21 supported

4. To test SODIMM with converter 2933 21-21-21 supported

5. 5-star SPD function

- Including Lock/Unlock Write Protect, SN increment

- Detail SPD Result Display

6. Full Register Control Word supported

7. Detail test result display

8. To work with CST Robo-Flex2 and Robo-Mini automation Hander

9. PC-Host via USB 3 connection, WIN10 supported

For further information, visit www.simmtester.com or call our Sales at (972)241-2662 x312.

Address: 2336 Lu Field Road , Dallas, Texas 75229 USA
Tel : (972)-241-2661, (972)-241-2662
Email : info@simmtester.com

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