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PC-100 Memory Testing Now Available

Wednesday, April 1, 1998 PC-100 Memory Testing Now Available!

CST Inc. (Dallas, TX) is now shipping the 100MHz test adapter with its bench top SP3000 SIMM/DIMM memory tester. With its selectable 100MHz and 66Mhz, this unit offers the fastest SDRAM test cycles for the new 100MHz memory modules. True 100MHz clock frequency and 6nsec. access time measurement conforms to the most stringent Intel memory requirements. Built-in SPD programmer allows the user to engrave module information onto the EEPROM chip on board. This SPD content informs the Bios how to configure the computer for the DIMM memory module.

The SP3000 with 100MHz testing capability is available now. Prices begin at US$1,595.00 for the Standard SP3000 Tester.

Founded in 1983, CST designs, markets and supports computer memory tester software and hardware. CST pioneered the first low cost SIMM tester for computers in 1985. Since then, CST testers have become the standard for computer manufacturing industry, holding more than 70% of the market in memory module testers for computer manufacturers and third party memory module manufacturers. With its product lines of SIMM and DIMM memory testers and handlers, CST is equipped to handle all aspects of memory module testing. The company has a comprehensive line of testers ranging from the low-volume service tester to the high-end, high-volume tester. In addition, CST also provides customization for proprietary module test fixtures.

For more information, please visit www.simmtester.com or contact Angie Leong at (972) 241-2662.

By: CST Staff
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