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144p SGRAM Test solution on SP3000

Wednesday, August 4, 1999 NEWS – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

CST Announces Low Cost Adapter for testing Synchronous Graphic RAM Modules

The most efficient graphic interface is AGP. The most efficient frame buffer memory for AGP is Synchronous Graphic RAM (SGRAM). Intel has standardized a new 144pin Small Outline DIMM module (SODIMM) specifically for this application. CST has designed a special test adapter for this special kind of memory modules.

With heavy-duty 144 pins SODIMM socket, this adapter tests SGRAM modules from 4MB up to 64MB. It is ideal for the memory module manufacturers as well as the system board manufacturers and integrators. This new adapter is built around the low cost CST SP3000 test platform. The entire tester is portable and suited for both in-house testing and field service applications. Test result can be printed out through the printer port on the SP3000 tester. Built-in RS-232 provides PC interface for optional PC screen display and future firmware upgrade.

The SP3-SGRAM Adapter is priced at only $1,250. Adapter with SP3000 base tester is also available at $2,495.

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