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Lowest Cost Stack DRAM Test Solution

Thursday, November 4, 1999 NEWS – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Lowest Cost Stack DRAM Test Solution

CST announces the new stack chip test adapter built on the low cost SP3000 tester platform.

As OEM computer manufacturers introduce their new generation server for Internet and Intranet, requirement for large size memory modules goes up with them. These large size modules are usually populated with 256Mbit or 512Mbit stack chips. These expensive stack chips consists of two normal TSOP DRAM chips stacking on top of one another through a chip scale substrate. This stacking has caused the chip size to swell beyond a regular TSOP test socket. Manufacturers are usually resolving to custom test sockets that cost over a thousand dollars.

This new adapter utilizes standard off-the-shelf test contact elements to guarantee low initial cost as well as low maintenance cost. The heavily gold plated contact elements provide over 5,000 cycles of testing. When the elements wear out, it can be easily replaced on the spot. Clamp-shell construction allows sure contact and high frequency test integrity.

The CST SP3000 tester together with the stack chip adapter allows at-frequency test of the high value stack chips. Operating frequencies are selectable at 133Mhz, 100Mhz and at 66Mhz. It can unveil stack assembly problems as well as functional problems on the DRAM.

This single socket stack DRAM adapter is priced at $995. It can also be purchased together with the SP3000 base tester for $2,295.

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