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Sun Sparc Memory Tester for ISP Technicians

Saturday, September 4, 1999 NEWS – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Sun Sparc Memory Tester for ISP Technicians

Today, CST announces the availability of the new test adapter built for the Sun Sparc 200pin memory modules. This covers memory modules for the Sparc 10 Station, the Sparc 20 Station as well as the Ultra and Supper Sparc Stations. ISP technicians can now troubleshoot their memory problems with certainty.

This new adapter is built around the low cost CST SP3000 test platform. The entire tester is portable and suited for both in-house testing and field service applications. Test result can be printed out through the printer port on the SP3000 tester. Built-in RS-232 provides PC interface for optional PC screen display and future firmware upgrade.

The SP3-Sparc Adapter is priced at only $1,250. Adapter with SP3000 base tester is also available at $2,495.

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