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Can't Tell What Type of Module it is? Serial PD to the rescue.

Monday, May 5, 1997 There are just too many look-a-like memory modules floating around. With so many copycats out there, sometimes it takes an expert to figure out if a memory module is truly marked correctly. The Electronic Industry Standard Committee (JEDEC) has just standardized a way to distinguish memory module types. It is call the "Serial PD" method. This standard involves adding a serial access EEprom device on each module. This device is electronically engraved with information like address capacity, data width, fundamental memory type (Page mode, EDO, or SDRAM), refresh lines, refresh period, operating voltage and manufacturer idenfications. Since this is a serial device, it occupies very little real estate on the module and only requires two line connections - one for the clock "SCL" and one for the bi-directional data line "SDA".

Right now, these "Serial PD" modules are surfacing on the market and becoming the standard. It challenges DIMM memory tester manufacturers to provide Serial PD programming capability to module manufacturers. A method must also be provided to the dealers and end users to read out and interpret the Serial PD information programmed in each memory module.

By: CST Staff
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