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CST Offers Free DocMemory Memory Diagnostic Software

Sunday, November 14, 1999 CST Inc./ SIMMTESTER.COM has released version 1.0 of the innovative, user friendly PC Memory Diagnostic Software tool for the PC enthusiasts and professionals. “DocMemory” is an advance self-booting PC Memory Diagnostic Software. This user-friendly software is designed to capture all possible memory failures in a PC. Rigorous test pattern is exercised on both the PC Base and Extended Memory to locate defective memory. This is all done without the need to disassemble the memory from the PC.

During Boot up, DocMemory determines memory capacity in the PC with its Auto-Identification feature. It further displays easy to understand memory format information. Two operation modes selects either “Normal” or "Burnt-In ". Memory test patterns include complex algorithm like MATS, March B+ ,March C-, and Checkerboard…etc. Selecting "Burnt-In Mode", will capture 95% of PC System soft memory failures. Editing of test pattern and parameter functions are made simple through a mouse interface.

For Limited Time only - DocMemory diagnostic software (a $100 value) is available free-of-charge from the CST web site.

Founded in 1983, CST develops, markets, and supports computer memory tester software and hardware. CST pioneered the first low cost SIMM tester for computers in 1985. Since then, CST testers have become the standard for the computer industry, holding more than 70% of the market in memory testers for computer manufacturers and third party memory module manufacturers. With its product lines of SIMM/ DIMM memory tester and handler, CST prides itself for supplying a total memory test solution. CST has a comprehensive line of testers ranging from the low volume service tester to the high-volume production tester.

For further information, visit www.simmtester.com or call Jasmine Tan at (972) 241-2662. CST, Inc. is located at 2336 Lu Field Road, Dallas, Texas 75229, USA.

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