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Simmtester.com Gone Wide Band

Friday, January 21, 2000 Due to the enormous increase in traffic, Simmtester.com has teamed up with PSINet and Corvad to go wide band and high speed on its Internet connection. CST, Inc. the operator of Simmtester.com Web site has successfully upgraded its network and tripled its bandwidth.

“Since our transformation from a memory tester company to an Online Memory Solution Company, we seemed to have hit the hot button. People from all over the world are browsing our Web site 24 hours a day. They like the daily memory news, the memory price index, and the knowledge base they can tap on memory subjects. This is indeed the only online memory information specific site in the world” said Cecil Ho, CEO of CST, Inc., owner of Simmeter.com. “We do appreciate our patrons. This network upgrade will allow them to surf our Web freely with faster access. We promise to continue enhancement of our Web site to better fit your needs. I am soliciting your comment and your help to allow us to better serve you. We will be adding new features in the near future, do bookmark our page for easy comeback.”

PSInet, a Virginia ISP is the fastest growing Web infrastructure company. It has heavy modern backbone networks throughout the globe. In the U.S. It’s main hub is in close vicinity with AOL, the largest consumer ISP. “Hooking up with PSINet gives us the broadest and most reliable network we can have” said Cecil Ho.

Corvad, a national company will be providing local network maintenance and support. “With a player like Corvad, we have a responsible local interface that we can talk to. That should minimize any down time” Cecil continued.

CST, Inc. is a manufacturer of memory module tester and test automations. It’s star line product included the Eureka Tester, the SP3000 Tester, and RoboFlex DIMM Handler. Visit www.simmtester.com for a test drive of our products and a download of DocMemory PC Memory Diagnostic software absolutely Free.

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